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Waking Up To A New Marijuana Reality Today


Waking Up To Legalized Marijuana In Washington State Is Amazing

Loyal readers know that I currently live in Portland, Oregon, which is just a hop across the Columbia River from Washington State. Although Oregon did not legalize marijuana during the 2012 Election, as you know, Washington did. Despite the fact that I didn’t wake up in Washington this morning, it’s still crazy to think that I’m just a small drive away from where marijuana is now legal. There were times of my life when I didn’t think I was ever going to see that happen; I’m glad I was wrong during those times! FYI – I looked at the sky this morning, and it is still in place…

Below are videos from the legendary Radical Russ Belville celebrating this historic moment:


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  1. Have fun, guys!! Sure do wish I lived there. YOU DON’T HAVE TO HIDE ANYMORE!! *Big smiles*

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