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Washington Medical Marijuana Bill To End Dispensaries, Reduce Rights, Passes Senate


washington state marijuana regulationsWashington’s Senate voted late last week to pass a bill that would drastically change the state’s medical marijuana law. The bill would instantly call for the halting of operations by all medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, and would make some big changes to the rules that currently apply to patients. This of course has drawn quite a bit of feedback from Washington’s medical marijuana community. Per The Joint Blog:

Senate Bill 5052 would combine the medical and recreational cannabis systems by shutting down all currently operating dispensaries in the state, renaming the Liquor Control Board the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, and by allowing recreational cannabis retail outlets to apply for a medical cannabis endorsement indicating they’re knowledgeable in the medical use of cannabis.

The proposal, which is opposed adamantly by activists groups such as Sensible Washignton, would also establish a mandatory patient registry, forcing individuals to put their name on a list admitting to committing a federal crime in order to receive state-level legal protections.

Senate Bill 5052, without any legitimate reason, would also drastically reduce the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate, from 24 ounces to 3, and from 15 plants to 6.

It’s hard to tell what the chances are of a House version of Senate Bill 5052 passing. There will likely be some tweaks in the House version, which will delay the process. There is a different bill currently working its way around the Washington Legislature, which is a much better approach. House Bill 2058 was introduced last week, and is currently assigned to the House Commerce and Gaming Committee. Hopefully members of the Washington House latch onto it and reject the Senate bill that is coming their way.


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  1. dr.tony.antonio on

    did you take a survey of medical patients to come up with your statistic?
    no. you are full of bull.

  2. AnonymousHemanwomanhater on

    The legalization was a historic time and was short lived. Washington is going to destroy it on its first attempt. Very long story short. Washington wants more money from cannabis that they have complete control over. Med patients can’t be taxed to death like the barely staying afloat recreational shops here that are already suffering and fighting tooth and nail. Colorado is BOOMING and Washington doesn’t want to join in apparently. Anyhow- I’m a first year med patient, I only did it for topical’s and CBD access and occasional edibles since ingestion is the polar opposite of inhalation. And now that will all end. As long as people like Chris Christie exist, cannabis will forever criminalized. Where’s all our lottery money here in Washington? Why break, I mean “fix” what isn’t broken!? For all of its liberties, this place SUCKS!

  3. I think its called using your eyes. Every person i know with there card except for mabey one has no medical conditions. The one that does smokes about 10 times less then the rest of them.

  4. Funny thing rec store weed is cheaper than the BS Sarich was seling.

    “But detectives, in their affidavits, paint a picture of Sarich’s business as a lucrative pot-selling enterprise.

    According to the warrants, up to 200 people would pay $200 each to attend a Saturday seminar on Sarich’s property, meet with a doctor and receive a state authorization to use medical marijuana. They then pay $15 a plant and between $9 and $15 for a gram of processed marijuana.

    “Sarich dispenses the marijuana and makes a large cash profit,” one affidavit says.”

  5. From a health standpoint…using cannabis, in any form, to not only help with disease, but PREVENT disease.

  6. Well, aren’t you special now… wearing that 6 pointed star on your shoulder to show that you approve of Adolph and your fatherland.

  7. YES! Absolutely! Or if you go to the cops to get a concealed carry permit or buy a gun….oooops! You’re using a federally illegal drug. Or you’re applying for a job that requires a background check…ooops!

    There are a lot of great reasons we have federal HIPAA laws protecting our medical privacy. Should our legislators have to register if they’re using Prozac? I can make an argument for the public’s right to know about a legislator who may be mentally unstable or severely depressed….determining what our state laws should be.

    All of this data gathering our private data must STOP! If they can get your medical data, you are really screwed. Do you want a potential employer being able to check to see what your medical conditions are and using that as a screening method? If you’re the employer, wouldn’t you limit your hiring to those with perfect health? Wouldn’t your insurance carrier give you preferential treatment for that?

    There is no GOOD reason to give up your right to medical privacy and thousand of good reason not to. No more patient registries!

  8. A point no one seems to take into account with Washington establishing a patient registry is our *hitty DUID law.
    LEO’s will have access to this data base, and just having a medical marijuana authorization is automatic probable cause for a police officer to stop a driver on suspicion of DUID. Then if and when you meet one of their awful “possible indicators of impairment”, you get the draw. Look tired? Get the draw. Red eyes? Get the draw. Any Tshirts, hats, bumper stickers about weed? Get the draw. Dry mouth? Get the draw. Ashes in the ashtray? Get the draw. He sees a lighter or matches anywhere in the vehicle? Get the draw. If you open your wallet for your license and he sees a dispensary card or business card with a pot leaf on it? Get the draw.

    So if you have a prescription and this bill passes, anytime you drive past a police officer, ANYWHERE in the entire field of vision of his automated plate cam, it will grab your plate number and transmit your plate number and location to the LEO automated plate cam clearinghouse of all americans movements. Oh wait it already does that…but if this passes it will also make an audible noise to let them know they have another DUID victim, just like as if you dont have insurance or have a suspended license. DUID is gonna become the states new cash cow, its easy money for a captive audience.


  9. No, the rest of the country might want to try something along the lines of Colorado’s retail structure, but Washington recreational laws have been a complete joke. Now WA’s medical system, you’re damn right.

  10. I think the end of prohibition of people’s constitutional rights that use cannabis can be had more quickly, if we try doing this-

    I was looking for a map of all the prisons in the united
    states where people are held for possessing or selling or growing
    cannabis flowers, and have not found it yet, surly it is out there, but I
    thought it would be interesting to go around and make a documentary of
    the innocent people being enslaved by a corrupt government that steals
    their constitutional rights to exist, and while evil people around the
    globe lop off peoples heads, the evil scum in the usa lops off peoples
    connection to God through cannabis, and lies to the world, saying they
    are for freedom, and i believe they should all pay, of course, but a
    documentary of every prison needs to be made, so that people will see
    that which is apparently hidden, due to the shame that apparently the
    politicians have for truth, “truth embargo”

    or, there are 52
    weeks in a year, and even though the spirits seemed kind the other day
    after posting this, it still seems in everyone’s’ interest to do a sort
    of a myth busters type of thing, if we were in prison, we would want people to free us, it seems only right that we free them, as long as they are not violent, it would be interesting just see if the feds are truly evil
    or not, cause if they are, i believe everyone would agree that all evil
    people should at least be fired, but there are 52 weeks in a year, so
    why couldn’t there be a weekly show each week and each week could show a
    different state with the worst abuses of authority, that way in a years
    time, all states could be covered, the worst stories could be spoken
    of, if the myth is true, take this scenario, a family is happily going
    along with their life, the parents happen to grow, and use cannabis, for
    this scenario, the parents own a family business, and they own several
    cars and trucks, and real estate, only to be, and this is what needs to
    be found out if true, only to be raided, by thugs dressed in body
    armor, and thrown in to some prison camp where they are forced top do
    labor, all their family possessions they worked for have been stolen in
    the name of confiscation, the courts are told they are not allowed to
    mention the word medical marijuana if the family uses it for medical
    “truth embargo”, and the courts in d.c. already have told the usa that
    no one has the right to use cannabis for any spiritual reasons, their
    peers are not allowed on the jury, only the prosecution’s peers, showing
    a kangaroo court, so there you go, how many cases like this are there?
    or is that just a myth?

    I believe it would be in everyone’s
    interests to have a weekly show analyzing each state each week, so that
    we can all just see what is really going on, cause if the feds are
    really guilty, then they need to be thrown in prison, or at least fired

  11. So since no data is there we can go on pretending mmj shops don’t have mostly recreational consumers as customers. – How convenient.

  12. pot helps my health & I will argue with anybody who says different. i’d also argue that rec users passed prop 215 in cali not just med users. if this not true than why after 20 years & 4 states & Dc passed rec & cali cant seem to pass? it seems to me rec users turned all of a sudden into med users & turned there back on rec & rest of country. seems to me they don’t want the competition. still I wouldn’t call them fucksticks or idiots or tell them that they are tunnel-vision greed heads that need to be weeded out! Id use words like shellfish & greedy.{yes I used greedy not greedy heads, sounds like something a 5 year old would say} last time I checked cali was the 8th largest economy IN THE WORLD they should be leaders! what ever happened to as cali go’s soon the rest will follow? have to give them credit though, they’re not afraid to vote! don’t use jury duty as a excuse to not vote because there smart enough to get out of it if need be! we don’t need to get rid of med because of a few button pushers, what we need from them is support so we can get mj rescheduled, that’s the most important thing wright now. if you can grow your own your lucky no matter how many plants your aloud! I’m stuck in ne till spring, meanwhile have to listen to people in legal states argue with each other, jeesh talk about divide & councer! why don’t you button pushers go give your plants some love & stop hating! cant be leave you can get anything to grow with all the bad vibes! why you insist on living up to all the old stereotypes instead of building new is beyond me! I support all legal access. acting like drunks not stoners. support all stoners!!!!!

  13. There is no “data”. The Director of the LCB, Rick Garza, admitted in a televised legislative hearing that he got those figures from law enforcement….he never saw any proof of it, he just took their word for it. And he admitted that.

    There’s your “data”. Of course, if they could get a patient registry passed, then they would have a lot more “data”, wouldn’t they.

  14. I have already stated I have visited many dispensaries and have observed what customers are looking for and why.

    This is not a new revelation, of course. It is understood this “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” system operates all over the country. There is a booming business in providing doctors who will make sure you get a “recommendation.”

    Are you really going to deny it?

  15. I’m curious where you have seen for yourself or have been told by a reliable source that “Most patrons of medical marijuana stores are there for recreational purposes”. I don’t recall any data being published about it.

  16. The winners and losers constantly change in American capitalism.

    Many reformers have also been prosecuted for speaking out or being simple consumers. Indeed, every marijuana consumer is a protestor helping to bring down the fraudulent prohibition.

    The movement is NOT about the growers and sellers. It’s about the consumers, 20 million of which have been made permanent second-class citizens because of an arrest for simple marijuana possession.

  17. Again, consider some states have government alcohol stores, and consumers aren’t allowed to distill their own whiskey. But alcohol consumers don’t consider themselves not free because of that.

    Plus, marijuana reform is a process, not an event. ALL progress is good.

    Consumers in most of the country would give anything to have Washington’s recreational system.

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