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What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?


marijuana seeds autoflowering cannabisMy cousin recently asked me what ‘autoflowering cannabis seeds’ are and how are they different than ‘regular’ cannabis seeds. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure since I have always used the cloning method for my gardens in the past. I haven’t researched seeds all that much as a result, but figured this would be a good time to do so.

Based on my research, autoflowering cannabis seeds are ones that automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase as time goes by (usually two to four weeks). This is different from ‘regular’ cannabis seeds which require changing the amount of light the plant gets in a given day to trigger the change in phase (photoperiod).

At the end of the day, the real question is ‘why are autoflowering cannabis seeds better than regular cannabis seeds?’ There seems to be many benefits according to what I’ve read. The obvious benefit is that the plant will change to flowering automatically, which can be a good thing for a newbie grower that doesn’t really know when to change their light cycle. People that have used autoflowering cannabis seeds have reported that their harvest comes sooner, which is significant.

Something that was pointed out to me from a friend on Facebook who lives in a non-medical marijuana state was that the plants that come from autoflowering cannabis seeds are shorter in size, which is better for ninja gardens that need to be kept secret. This isn’t as big of a deal for a legal garden, but definitely has it’s benefits for some recreational gardens in many parts of the country.

It seems to me like the biggest benefits would come from using autoflowering cannabis seeds in a sun grown garden setting (outdoor). So many sun grown harvests that I have seen over the years look like they were in the veg stage for too long and therefore didn’t get enough time in the flowering stage. The finished nugs are airy and ‘larfy’ as I always describe them. This is largely due to cold climates and short summers, which would be mitigated with plants that originate from autoflowering cannabis seeds. Many people have reported that they were able to do two harvests in the same summer using autoflowering cannabis seeds, which should sound good to any grower out there!

Have you used autoflowering cannabis seeds? If so, would you recommend them to someone else? Is there anything that you would like to add that I didn’t find in my research? Please post your comments in the comments section so that others can benefit from your knowledge and experience!

If you are looking to purchase some autoflowering cannabis seeds, make sure to check out Gorilla Seeds, they have an amazing selection!


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  1. Autoflowers are great because they flower automatically, and you can harvest multiple crops each year. There plants also are more pest and mold resistant and they go really fast – you can get from seed to harvest in two months!

  2. Florian Dubrana on

    I tried two years autoflo seeds and results were worse than little regular indica plant. Harvest is not so fast than it said ( and that was not my fault ), quality was very good but taste and odor were a little too light, but it was ok. So personnaly i don’t recommand autoflo except if we need a little plant not too strong with a correct short flowering.

  3. I believe the Auto Flower Seed came from the 3rd species of Marijuana, the Ruderalis when crossed with a Sativa or Indica.

  4. They are also pretty good to harvest early and have something to blaze on while waiting for the rest of your regular harvest to finish up

  5. Probably due to the low amount of bud produced. Your not gonna get several lbs. or nething but you can end up with a few ounces of some good quality green and quickly and with lower noticeability if your an outdoor guerilla style guy.

  6. P.S. Don’t try cloning, it doesn’t work with AF strains, if you did all you would have is weeny sticks with little pieces of bud on it, they aren’t genetically set up to handle cloning.

  7. They are prone to seeding, they are remarkably prolific, as long as you have a male present to pollinate the female, you will get lots of seeds. Especially if you get a strain from a good seed company.

  8. They are as advertised. They take almost 3 weeks exactly to hit flowering, depending on the strain, and they produce very well. Breeders know what they’re doing. They are great for the guerilla grower especially because you can harvest multiple times a year, there is enough time to have more than one crop. Purple Jems or Roadrunner is a great starter strain.

  9. Kyvetformedicalmarijuana on

    The problem comes from cloning. If you want to keep a strain going it’s very hard to clone these plants because they go to flower so fast. At least that’s what I found but the yield was good. It produced one seed that kept the strain going. Does anyone know if they are prone to produce seeds as well?


    last two years I use autos only..in and out door….some strains like f1 I do outdoor and f2 indoor….high quality of harvest of f1 is good,quantity is not that good..but we do all prefer quality instead of quantity…f2 are good indoor for both…so good strains of f2 can reach up to 5 -8 ounces per plant indoor in 56-60 days with good and resin full harvest and dense buds…and also I get 2 harvest outdoor of f1 strains,usually I do buy afghan kush ryder or paki ryder from WOS…and get like 2 ounces a plant…

  11. The autoflowering trait comes from the breed of cannabis known as ruderalis (not as well known as sativa and indica). Ruderalis contained very low thc and grew in harsh conditions in parts of asia and was basically just ditchweed. However because of desirable traits such as the autoflower, quick, stealthy growths, and it’s ability to naturally fight off disease, breeders started to cross-breed it with sativa and indica to bring up the thc to make it desirable for consumers. Any strain that auto-flowers contains ruderalis in its genetics. it’s inferior in quality to sativa and indica, but has those advantages previously stated, especially for beginner growers.

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  13. Johnny Bloomington on

    What about how it smokes? Thc levels? If they were so great, why are they not the gold standard?

  14. i tend to grow auto sativas cause of the time full sativas take to flower, so i have them next to my kush collection

  15. Eric Mc Cullough on

    Yes they work and you don’t have to wait as long for results! Plus if you have a male to make your own seeds your pretty much good forever.

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