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What Are Dabs And The Dab Phenomenon?


The dabs phenomenon has taken over the Western United States and is moving eastward at a rapid pace. If you live on the West Coast or Colorado, chances are you’ve taken dab hits with friends in recent years. If you haven’t, you really need to get out more.

Whenever I talk about it on social media high times bay area cannabis cup entries 2013 dabsor with my family that live off the West Coast, people often ask me, ‘what are dabs?’

I don’t know that there is an ‘official’ definition yet. I’m waiting for it to turn up on one of those ‘new words of the year’ lists and then maybe an ‘official’ definition will finally be out there. I look at the definition of dabs like the the former Supreme Court Justice Stewart looks at the definition of obscenity – I don’t have an official definition, but I know it when I see it.

What are Dabs?

old school hash

This is the hash your dad used to smoke in the 70s. This is not a dab.

To oversimplify things, dabs are various forms of high-grade hash, usually made with a process involving butane. Urban Dictionary defines it as “bho (butane hash oil), a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil. also an adjective to describe the mind state of those who smoke bho or ‘dabs'”.

I don’t really like the Urban Dictionary definition because it doesn’t necessarily have to be for medicinal purposes. I personally smoke them to get as recreationally high as I possible can! Realize, we are not talking about the hash that your dad used to smoke in the 1970’s.

The butane hash oil (BHO) made these days is far stronger and purer than the hash pictured above. Below is a picture of what I’m talking about:


This is BHO or a dab!

I posted the question ‘what is the best answer to the question what are dabs’ on my Facebook, and below are some of the responses:

“concentrated cannabis extracts that get you really high really fast.”

“essential concentrated extracted particles from the cannabis buds and leaf’s”

“pandora’s box”





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  1. That seems a crackhead wasteful way to make this “DAb” which somebody asked me about… I appreciate its basically a way of making “Hash” though a Jedi Master wouldn’t waste anything so there is a better method… Which might make something that ponder if is akin to what they call “Wax” only better… Basically something along the lines of what the call Pollen or powder type substances… Takes technique which is like something out of BReaking Bad hahah… BAsically if strain with metal right after making the vape then should easily have something along lines of a Dab/Hash/Wax if use VG purely not Glycol or other poisons. Let it sit a day or so it wont dry out will stay moist… Can even sorta press it together if wanted or eat it probably if hungry :). Metal on Metal is the way to go like an Oster Blender… Though it can take 5/6 hours keeping at right temp so most are probably too lazy to do it ;). It is interesting to see what kids to these days… Remember in HS usually stuff would be like brick hard then later it was more like a sugar for baking cookies or whatever people do. There would be different colors or styles like a light brown or a dark black. I remember people telling me they smoked it on a pin or shit like that. Seen an interesting video where they like burn pollen into hash folding it in a foil or so maybe there a machine can’t remember… Seen a pollen press though not sure how to use that just know they have the screams for grinders mentioning that. The video is poor quality for what exists these days it should be clearer and list a step by step method before to know what to have etc.

    Bothers me some idiotic way of portraying people who smoke pot like drunken idiots… IF its pure enough should almost feel like normal or aware not like a bad B movie character… People should want to aspire to be like Breaking Bad having the best quality like his special color or so… I never really watched the show only the finale yet the pride in cooking perfect is how anything from cookies to dab should be done. Hash has always been processed one way or another making it difficult to nail down an exact type or method.

    How things are extracted what products can be used or substituted… Seen claims of Grape Seed Alcohol to strip or help make vape from pollen or what not… Never tried it since probably is expensive anyways haha… Many seem to be going to pure VG since PG dehydrates a person besides other problems. Interesting how all this is evolving its confusing to know what would work best with “wax” or to vape “dab” if its soft VG style hash very sweet tasting. If something is toxic to eat then smoking it probably is not a good idea nor vaping ;). Used to have dreams about bringing a bong around places though always ended badly :).

  2. http://thehash.org/2015/10/the-trippy-untold-40-year-history-of-dabs/
    Honey oil, kids. That’s what it was dubbed originally. Been around for 46 years, in that form. Always use 5 times refined(filtered). Never do it near an ignition source – open flame or electronics.
    I’ve seen an old head make some on youtube so the electronics would have to have a significant power source to cause combustion. Nevertheless, don’t take any chances. Always do it in a secluded area away from others and other peoples property!! Well ventilated(DO NOT USE FANS!!)
    Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll add this for the haters referring to cannabis as a ‘weed’. When you weed a garden or pull a weed in your lawn, what happens most of the time? It grows back. It’s a nuisance plant. If someone found a cannabis plant growing in their yard, deemed it unwanted, and then yanked it from the ground – guess what? It doesn’t grow back.
    Now I’m not a religious person, however I offer this to people who think cannabis is ‘the devils weed’. It’s not. The ancient Hebrew term for it is Kaneh Bosm. It’s in the bible. One of the main ingredients of Christianity’s holy oil. That’s right. The plant you haters that love Jesus (cough – Cesare Borgia) gave Yahweh his ‘magical’ powers. Let that sink in for a moment.
    The devils weed is actually a variant slang term which refers to Datura. Very potent and dangerous hallucinogenic flower which can kill people who are foolish enough to consume the seeds after they’ve matured inside a pod that looks like an apple had sex with a porcupine and then had a baby.
    Don’t believe it? Do your own research. Turn off the boob tube and learn something. Stop letting MSM fill your heads with manure. It’s getting stinky in there.
    Peace and wellness to those who accept it. For those who won’t – evolve already, damn it!

  3. Would you endorse your 12 uear old to hang around people even family that did this weed or other drugs? How do you rate parents that do this around their kids?

  4. t.j.g16@alabama on

    wish i could try this. but this sorta stuff isn’t very easy to come by where i’m from. maybe one day. then maybe i can stop taking these physically addictive opiate pain killers & just smoke! thanks for the look into a possible future for a free world.

  5. you all smoke marihuana and still fighting? what’s the purpose at the end of the day… doesn’t matter if you smoke “dab” or “hash” or a simple and non-sofisticated joint… make peace!!

  6. Just send him a bible and he’ll be O.K. !!! Or we could kidnap him and get him stoned then let the dice fall where they may !! :)

  7. I hear ya Painkills2, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, and can’t afford the stuff that is covered by insurance, I want to get some MMJ but My Mormon controlled state won’t allow it !! Gasp…After all MMJ isn’t about getting high Just because you can ! It’s about the debilitating daily pain that never goes away, Regardless ! I’d give kidney right now to have a years supply of CBD Oil !! BTW Freeloader isn’t in the definition “Disabled” esp. when the disability comes as no fault of your own…Peace!

  8. Captain Sarcasm on

    Or… you could just instill some discipline in your son?

    Nah, that’s crazy talk. We should totally legislate morality for the rest of the world. Also, news flash, even where it is recreationally legal, the drug is not intended for minors. Especially not 14 year-olds, who of COURSE are not going to medicate responsibly. You should be the one controlling that! Not me and the rest of the electorate. Listen, Susan, if you do not want a “free for all,” how about starting that policy in your home?

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, my six year-old is into the Alprazolam again. She started using it for her anxiety when she was 2 (she is a very rambunctious little free spirit), and all the other kids at her playdates are trying to turn her on to Special K. They really need to regulate this stuff, for crying out loud! I know it serves a legitimate purpose for millions of grown-ups, but how long is D.C. going to be asleep at the wheel here?!

  9. Captain Sarcasm on

    You look like the paragon of success. Maybe someday I can grow up to be a sexual Tyrannosaurus and homo-superior like you.

    Were you able to defeat Bowser and save the Princess finally?

  10. Claus Terkildsen on

    to me it seems like a waste of perfectly good cannabis….all that burns or are exhaled are waste…like pouring liqor on the ground to some….

  11. Princess Libby on

    Nice try. You have control over your emotional state. When you come down, the depression remains so…. weed is no cure. Just be real and admit you like to smoke. Nobody is hating on you because you get high. Anyone could go buy some useless recreational drugs and make excuses to avoid the responsibility of facing reality and solving actual life problems.

  12. ICsMouse InvertedCow on

    You need to do research before you go judging people who use anything organic for medicine! Cannabis oil is used to treat things like Epilepsy!! Get off your Holier than thou pedestal you’ve put yourself on & get informed & stop buying to what the media tells you to believe. Find out the truth for yourself. I did. I know the real truth. Get your nickers out of the twist they’re in & inform yourself. Judgmental attitudes only cause people who need the help that this MEDICINE provides & are being denied it by big Pharma & the UN! Get informed & leave honest working people alone. You do NOT have first hand experience with this obviously.
    As far as dabs go, I don’t believe I’ve ever done one. From what I’m seeing here, My system would find dabbing too powerful. Thanks Johnny Green for the information. Information = knowledge = power.

  13. never heard this. I was looking for the dance thing. Why does this article assume anyone who doesn’t smoke weed is worthless. Seriosly you guys are looked down apon not avg. people. Get a job and have a family this is depressing that all you do all day is sit in a chair staring at the sky going “wooohoooo”

  14. You sorry ass hipster mother fuckers always think you invented something new.
    I was smoking thai-stick, lambs bread, blonde lebonese, & black opiated hash, before you were a sperm in your daddy’s nutsack.
    Dab this!!

  15. Terry viljoen on

    How meany times can u put butane throw the weed befor you can’t use it any more?

  16. Jeff Gabriel on

    Theyre the exact type of people who give people who just smoke a bad name. Not everyone is an idiot like this dude. So for you concerned parents that stumble across this dumbed downed version of learning please don’t worry. Some of us run million dollar business and just smoke. Like having a beer.

  17. Jeff Gabriel on

    Not hating at all just recognizing idiocy. I smoke weed but I sure don’t talk like this idiot “like totally bro we chillaxing over here with my brain and your brain and wait a minute? What’s a brain?” You may have a bachelor degree but you probly needed a masters. Do people actually talk like this dude? What a toolbag

  18. Still a free country? Daaiy-ummh. Why you niggas wanna bitch about each ‘other all the time then. Greenings from Amsterdam

  19. Im from Pakistan. We onlyy have that black hash and its the best thing ever. I’ve tried weed but nothing beats the hash!

  20. Please look up the word “disabled” and let me know if the definition includes “freeloader.” And since you seem ignorant of how hard it is to pay for an expensive medication when it’s not covered by insurance, maybe you should look that shit up too.

  21. You must be proud of your vast vocabulary. How long did it take you to come up with this useless comment?

    Since this is still a free country, I can whine and bitch whenever I feel like it. And although I would love to relax, I’m currently out of bud, with no money to buy any more. So, unless you want to mail me some free bud, methinks it’s you who should just STFU.

  22. Lori Bryant Custer on

    you mean by running the butane thru the pipe over the pot, you just pour it over? Your way sounds so much easier! How much would I use? Several cups?

  23. oh please i been making this shit for over 20 years. new zealand beats yous again hahahahahaha (an i call em spotz not dabz) named 20 years earlyr

  24. Captain Sarcasm on

    Not trying to be a dick, but I never buy this “marijuana turned my church acolyte into Mr. Hyde” narrative. It is used by parents/significant others of people (usually male) who act like irresponsible and insensitive a-holes. Even around the people’s friends, until the friends quit coming around. And it’s always, “Oh, there’s a side to him though, that nobody ever sees but me!” And that is just textbook denial that a person is in abuse. I find in such situations, there’s not usually very much you can tell a person until she wants to open up her eyes. So don’t be so sure “Boo” is the one in denial. One thing I will say, though, is that I have never seen marijuana change a leopard’s spots. I think it’s much more likely that you tolerated a bunch of sh*t you wouldn’t have otherwise, because love turned on the blinders. Your man has an addictive personality and clearly takes the dab stuff too far, but you know, it’s not a chemical changing him, that’s just a convenient excuse. Just being real, I’m not trying to be insensitive to the situation you’re in, but try to give yourself some objective distance and be honest with what you see. There are patterns of abuse, and nobody should have to deal with that.

  25. Right. It like how masturbation was so fun it led to intercourse, and that intercourse eventually turned into sodomy, which in turn felt so good the next logical step was to rape people. If only humanity was more careful about pleasure and altered states of mind….

  26. Lloyd Kennedy on

    The Russians invaded Afghanistan. That’s what happened to the black hash . Just the same as when Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 . After that the only Lebanese you could get was PLO Leb but it was a lot rarer after that . Blame it on the warmongers ?

  27. really the milk and soda comparison? Has anyone ever wrecked or killed anyone under the influence of mt. dew or dr. pepper or smoking a cigarette. obesity only hurts the person who over eats and indulges too much they hurt themselves and maybe people who love them when they die from it. A person high on any drug or alcohol, thc whatever have made bad decisions while under the influence when they choose to be out and in public or do things under the influence. I am just saying. if you want to smoke or drink stay home by yourself and don’t put anyone at risk for your choices.

  28. Nicole Gleason on

    Yes you can become addicted to Pott dumb ass! At worst it is the gateway to more drugs because once you alter your state of mind and enjoy it then it leads you to try something else I know been there done that! Because now your past the fear of what it can do is gone and your mindset is now wanting to change your state of mind and you will try other things to see what they do so you don’t have to deal with reality!!! I agree that weed grown with no added chemicals that grows from the ground is not harmful but is illegal! The Indians smoked weed from a peace pipe but it was that “weed”not altered! So FYI any thing added to any substance changes the chemical components of what you are trying to alter its simply Physics people get off drugs and learn something before you end up dead from being stupid!

  29. My boyfriend turns into an asshole when he’s done too many dabs. He thinks he’s being funny, but his remarks border on sarcastic and slightly mean. I’ve tried to talk to him about how much he does, but he either gets mad or says he does small dabs. I’m about ready to leave. I wish he had never found this shit. I’ve tried it, but it makes me cough like crazy and my chest hurts. No thanks, I’ll stick to green.

  30. Yah, I didn’t read that. Because you said something in an earlier post that I’m going to refute. Earlier, you pointed out that hes a respected lawyer. Just because he is respected, DOES NOT MEAN HES RIGHT.

    Would you like to know some other names who are respected by millions of people on our planet?
    Donald Trump (bigot and an astounding racist)
    Vladimir Putin (an undiagnosed Psychopath)
    Kim Jong-il (Murderer, plain and simple)
    Kim Kardashian (…………………….)

    Now, the top 3 do have followers due to fear/intimidation yes, but they also have millions that believe in them and stand behind them.
    I wouldn’t however, consider a single word that comes out of their mouths, a valid reason or argument for anything.

    So simply being respected, does not mean that everything one says is true, or should even be acknowledged.

    Now shut your fucking mouth moron. Stop being such a sheep and learn to think for yourself.

  31. Cristy Vandenhende on

    Heyy maaann. . . . what ever happened to black hash? In a square shape, maan. I paid $10 for one in High School. In fact bought it right at the High School, before class man. Got us reaally fried maan.

  32. You are a fucking idiot I’m sorry about your son but just because one person who uses it is a fucking idiot doesn’t make the rest of us and you sound like one. Of those idiots who doesn’t know shit about it so you should shut the fuck up

  33. I dont use any drugs but I would rather deal with someone smoking this that someone injecting heroin, or a nasty drunk. Most people. I know many people who do use cannabis in some form or another and all I have seen behaviour wise is some very chilled out people. And by the way I am not some silly teenager I an 50 years old,very rarely drink and as i say i do not use drugs at all.. Your statement beggars belief . I would rather they locked up murders,child offenders and the addicts ( whether it be “hard drugs or booze) that cause harm and suffering to others.

  34. weed is not that bad of a drug!! I only smoke one blunt every other day!!! so I never used crack!!! And never will!!

  35. Ahh…. Its pretty simple. I’ll explain it to you. Your argument was based on a felony having to involve violence. I’m sorry but that one word makes your entire claim invalid. As far as the respected lawyer, he made the claim, and he has proven it repeatedly. So you have opinion, he has proof. Yet you call me a moron……….smh.

    As fr as the carcinogens in cannabis, I would refer you to the 1974 study at MCV in Richmond VA. THC kills cancer cells. Additionally, there are many ways to ingest the THC and CBD’s that do not involve smoking. So try again.

    Go back and READ the study. These were people who were using anyway. It was run in a different country and the person doing the study was actually expecting different results. You want to destroy families because of a choice someone makes. I’ve been following the research on this subject for years, you have “Reefer Madness” arguments.

    And lastly, I notice with your last statement that you seem to have anger and control issues. I suggest you seek help before you end up with a VIOLENT felony on your record.

  36. And with that, I’m done here. I’m muting this post so I don’t have to see your replies. So say whatever you want about me, I wont see it. I’m exhausted from arguing with an idiot such as yourself. Referencing moronic lawyers and foolish case studies that endangered newborns before the effects were truly known, did not help your case. It just makes you look like a fool that will believe anything he reads online. I’m done.

  37. Wow you are a god damned clown… That ONE WORD in a single dictionary snippet I chose is what you chose to go off on me for? Pathetic. Well, lets try this one then

    “The term felony, in some common law countries, means a serious crime. The word originates from English common law (from the French medieval word ” félonie “), where felonies were originally crimes that involved confiscation of a convicted person’s land and goods. Other crimes were called misdemeanors. Many common law countries have now abolished the felony/misdemeanor distinction and replaced it with other distinctions, such as between indictable offences and summary offences.

    ***** A felony is generally considered a crime of high seriousness, while a misdemeanor is not.

    ***** A person convicted in a court of law of a felony crime is known as a felon.

    In the United States, where the felony/misdemeanor distinction is still widely applied, the federal government

    *****defines a felony as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year.

    If punishable by exactly one year or less, it is classified as a misdemeanor.[1] The individual states may differ in this definition, using other categories as seriousness or context.”

    So again, you might want to take a moment and think for yourself instead of being a sheep. Either this “respected lawyer” is an idiot for saying this, or you’re an idiot for mis-reading it and using it as your only strong argument ;-)

    Would you like to hear about other people in this world that are respected by millions? Putin for instance (un-diagnosed psychopath), Kim Jong-un (murderer), Donald Trump (bigot, racist, sexist, etc), Ann Coulter (non-closeted white supremacist)…. Need I go on? Just because someone is respected, does not mean that every word that comes out of their mouth is true, or should even be acknowledged.. (Ann Coulter might not be respected by all but she sure has a following otherwise she wouldnt be interviewed on live TV)

    And you referenced free speech so you know what, go ahead, uphold that right and speak freely! But know this, the only goal your accomplishing, is making yourself sound like a fool who’s argument has no leg to stand on. So Speak Freely my friend, I’m going to go show my friends this thread so they can see what an idiot embracing free speech looks like lol :-)

    PS – I apologize in advance, Im not going to be reserved here. FUCK YOU YOU MORON. Inhaling ANY kind of smoke which is full of Carcinogens (anything that burns, contains or releases carcinogens. Even a Steak), is bad for both the smoker, and the gestating human inside. I would bet my life that whoever was running those studies either isn’t against the legalization of pot (which I’m not either) and took great care to ensure the results came out clean (Yes, Im even suggesting fraud) or they were just lucky in the turnout. Whatever inbred morons agreed to that case study should have their children taken from their custody for smoking ANYTHING while pregnant. I believe any parent should have their children taken away at birth if they smoked, drank, or did any drugs while pregnant. That is fucking disgustingly poor judgement and I would bitch slap every single mother I see with a cigarette or joint in their hands if I could.

  38. Again, since you seem to have trouble understanding the English language. Typically DOES NOT MEAN ALWAYS. Do you get it yet, or are you still living on the Egyptian River? The only clear point you have made is that you are so self-righteous that you cannot be dissuaded from continuing to make asinine statements, broad generalizations, and insults to those whom you disagree with. BTW, you do realize that there s at least one study that indicates that mothers who smoke cannabis during pregnancy actually have babies that are more sociable, happier, and no noticable difference in the progression of their pregnancies.

    No, I will not shut up. I don’t have to. See there is this thing called freedom of speech and I use that right at any and all opportunities. That crackpot lawyer, who incidentally is quite respected, has proven it time and again. Now if you want to debate exactly what constitutes a felony, I would refer you to ANY law library, where I would suggest you look up the statutes. So, before you blab and beat your gums at me anymore, go forth and educate yourself because you have absolutely no clue about the actual definition of words. Come back when you clean the egg off of your face, its embarrassing for you.

  39. Nice reasoning, but if the law says its a felony its a felony. “Typically” does not equate to “always”, so your reasoning, conclusion, and argument are all invalid.

    For Example. I will post this page for your consideration. Since when are half of these VIOLENT felonies.


    As for the lawyer, he can point out the statutes.

    Seriously if she isn’t the person to be the face of a movement, she wont be. No sense being smug and condesending, but I see by your response it is natural.

    One last question. Where did you graduate law school?

  40. Well if she wasn’t an absolute criminal/moron, one who argued AGAINST smoking pot while pregnant, instead of defending it, I wouldn’t be trying to tear her down.
    And I’m sorry, but you and that lawyer are idiots. There is a huge difference between legal infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Learn your shit before you open your mouth again.
    My not getting a speeding ticket, is nowhere near holding up in a grocery store bathroom with a needle in my arm, or mugging a senior to get my next fix. (not accusing Heidi of mugging, just making a clear point)
    “Felony – defined as a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death.”
    So, according to you and this crackpot lawyer, every person goes out and commits 3 acts of violence every day? Just shut up because you’re embarrassing yourself.

  41. Carolyn Ceruti on

    So, bho isn’t anything more than essential oil of canibus, a highly concentrated extract, therefore it is no more harmful to your health than its garden variety component. At face value this is accurate. Here is my story: I love a bho junkie. Boo and I have enjoyed the ‘garden variety’ for most of our lives, we’ve been together for 13 years and we enjoyed enjoying it together. As of the past several years though Boo has moved on to hash oil. It should be noted that Boo takes most things to the extreme and excess, he even refused to drink normal coffee for awhile after getting an espresso percolator– espresso or nothing! It should also be noted that I am not down with bho, i enjoy the ‘garden variety’ very much but bho just makes me cough until I pee a little, and to me the payoff isn’t worth it. So he got into this shit on the daily, spent a ton of money on it and became perpetually broke. Furthermore he still partook in my garden variety but didn’t throw down anymore! One night we were fighting about the chedda being spent on his bho and he told me that it was more important to him than me! His love for bho caused me to break off our engagement and take a 3 month hiatus. No bueno. So at some point we reconciled and got back together, even got re-engaged, but dat bho is still present– now I know I’m dealing with a personality quirk here and not a drug, but goddamn! Boo’s gotten better at balancing his expenses, but every day he comes home and dabs before doing anything else. He dabs every hour or so. He gets bho all over every friggin thing: the rug, the hardwood, all of my ash trays, placemats and tablecloths, even the cat– we’ve had to cut the dabber out of her belly fur ?! He wakes up very early for work and sometimes I do too. As of late I’ve been noticing that he’s been vomiting every morning. Either I find the vomit later in the day (he doesn’t wash it off our patio, smh) or I witness it myself. He wakes up, feels nauseous, dabs, and then coughs until he pukes. Now, he’s ok with this, he chalks it up to eating too late at night. At first I was just totally grossed out and pissed that I had to clean up crusty vomit from my flagstones and grass (and sometimes the bathroom floor), but I’ve been getting pretty concerned, so I googled ‘male morning sickness’ *lol* and came up with something called chs– cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome– apparently it’s a little known barely researched condition that causes early morning vomiting… So i tell boo this, he’s in total denial. What to do! Aside from consigning myself to a lifetime of cleaning everything with rubbing alcohol and hosing off vomit from my backyard, boo will have tooth problems, esophageal erosion, and ulcers just from the consistent vomiting alone, much less why he is vomiting so consistently. Moral of my story– don’t be a reckless dick, and everything in moderation.

  42. The difference between a criminal and you is that no one has caught you, yet. With the staggering number of laws, no one knows them all. There is at least one lawyer who has proven he can follow anyone for 1 day and be able to show that they have committed at least 3 felonies. I know of felonies that I’ve managed to avoid being caught for committing. Legally speaking, I’m not a criminal however. That’s beside the point though.

    My point is that no matter someones past, they have not only the right to their opinion but the right to also voice that opinion. To go about belittling someone for bad choices in the past and saying they have no voice now, however is a douchebag move. If the person is eloquent and right, how does a bad decision some years ago affect what they are speaking about now? No, your right. No one else is hereby allowed to voice their opinion without your approval. Good luck with that.

  43. Michael Walker on

    Honestly can’t give a direct definition of dabs. There’s different types of extraction methods and different solvents used. Grain alcohol, iso alcohol, butane, vacuum and heat, etcetera. There’s also a difference between shatter and wax. It got the nickname dabs because that’s all that’s needed to get to a comfortably stoned state. “Just a dab”. So technically a dab is the small piece of hash oil or wax that has been prepared for ingestion whether it be eaten or vaporizer and inhaled.

  44. Yup I’m a douchebag, cause I don’t want junkies/criminals being the face of the fight for legalization. Call me what you want. I’m right and you know it.
    And PS – I don’t have a past to drag out cause I’m not a god damned criminal!
    Have a lovely day! ;-)

  45. Wow, aren’t you just the ever-so-fucking-righteous one. Instead of dragging out something that has nothing to do with the subject at hand, and attacking people with insults, maybe you should shut your fucking mouth and learn to listen. No matter someones past, they can still be right. How would like someone to go online and spill out all your life’s darkest moments. I’m pretty sure you would have a kitten over how you were being treated. You sir have entered a new low in the arts of douchebaggery.

  46. Milk, the NEW gateway drug. 100% of heroin users drink water, therefor water is a gateway drug too.

  47. Actually, yeah some of the research does indicate that while their brains are developing, teens may suffer some damage. Its not solid proof but I still think people should wait until they are at least 18. I am an advocate for making it fully legal for whatever purpose you choose to use it for. The science is still out, but I’d rather not run the risk for the kids until it is settled.

  48. Brant Handford on

    Wait, I thought legalizing marijuana was for medical purposes, not to get “high really fast”

  49. Wow. You’re a moron. I never said the two were connected. But that woman has been in and out of prison for theft and drug crimes. Therefore her argument about it being for pain is bullshit. Learn to read idiot.

  50. How the hell does being a heron addict make someone a psychopath? Of course anyone who does anything other than smoke weed is less than you, in your eyes, you hypocrite.

  51. Maggie Riddle on


  52. Its called honey oil in Canada, because of the honey colour. You its made by filling a PVC pipe with marijuana, placing a filter on one end, like a very thin coffee filter, then running butane through the other. The butane extracts the THC and other chemicals into a concentrated liquid. It drips through the filter, and comes out a beautiful shade of honey. It is very concentrated, and more expensive, but worth it.

  53. I haven’t even smoked in 5 or 6 years and for someone to refer to a person that does is an ignorant dumbass. I guess everyone that smokes a cigarette is a junkie that’s not human. Let’s not forget all those people who drink they are some messed up J’s right there they need life in prison. O talking about drinking coffee not alcohol which caffeine is an addictive substance more than THC. So if your a soda drinker, smoke I guess you should really sicken yourself. Hell if you drink alcohol you might as well just put yourself on death row cause that’s where you belong right. For someone to judge others like you oh I’m sorry I must be replying to the Son of God. Educate yourself before you make yourself look even more stupid sir.

  54. Get over yourself and get a fucking life! Weed isnt bad for you and no one gets addicted to it for crying out loud! You cant become a junkie from pot lol.

  55. LarryM792Nato on

    I was responding to a nasty twerp in here trying to troll everyone. I’m not going to a NA forum pushing marijuana lol But show some science behind your assertions. You’re the one trying to make a point now right? Show some real studies that prove marijuana adversely affects brains while their still “developing”. And not any government “studies”. They obviously aren’t ready to be completely honest about marijuana. They still like to use it to keep everyone enslaved (incarcerated).

    Like here is an article saying our brains don’t mature until they’re 25 http://www.quora.com/Until-what-age-does-the-brain-develop

    So I guess you need to adjust your argument to include anyone under 25.

  56. But you shouldn’t have to do that 5-6 times a day . If you are older and THC helps depression then medically approved daily about is good but I have a 17 year old that started self medicating at 14, using because of depression, now just likes the feeling of being high and would smoke that often and more if possible, now has friends trying to turn him on to dabs because the weed they gets not strong enough now.! So not everyone uses it properly so that’s why is should be regulated for medical use not a free for all

  57. and so its safe for a person that smokes 5-6 times a day and they are young so brain is still developing for the next couple of years. Just because its medically safe for some doesn’t make it safe for all!

  58. You do realize that there are no physical or mentally addicting properties to this right? You also realize that your argumentative approach will taint any good you try to accomplish? My guess is you are a troll looking for attention b/c mommy and daddy like your siblings better. I appreciate you feel you’re trying to do good but your approach sucks. If you think people who elect to use marijuana have done zero good in this world, I suggest you do a little research. And by research, no Wikipedia or bible quotes. Any 4 yr old can edit it and the bible can’t be fully verified for accuracy. Try academic research articles. Then try saving the world with knowledge, not a vicious, hate-filled, uneducated diatribe. Maybe even gain a little better command of the English language too, keyboard tough guy.

  59. djskagnetti on

    You don’t need to drink milk to feel normal. You need to smoke reefers to feel normal.

  60. djskagnetti on

    You don’t need to drink milk to feel normal. You need to smoke reefers to feel normal.

  61. djskagnetti on

    John is the perfect example at how reefer addicts, who are all idiots, argue. Just silly, asinine, and childish quips because they are too stupid to think of anything worthwhile.

  62. djskagnetti on

    John is the perfect example at how reefer addicts, who are all idiots, argue. Just silly, asinine, and childish quips because they are too stupid to think of anything worthwhile.

  63. djskagnetti on

    Except all the reefer addicts that have to smoke weed every single day, all day, just so they can function.

  64. djskagnetti on

    Except all the reefer addicts that have to smoke weed every single day, all day, just so they can function.

  65. djskagnetti on

    Doctors whose pockets are lined with money from by Big ‘Juana, maybe, but not real, credible doctors.

  66. djskagnetti on

    Doctors whose pockets are lined with money from by Big ‘Juana, maybe, but not real, credible doctors.

  67. djskagnetti on

    Just because you need reefers to make it through day-to-day life doesn’t mean everybody who doesn’t do reefers is addicted to something else. That’s pure junkie logic right there.

  68. djskagnetti on

    Just because you need reefers to make it through day-to-day life doesn’t mean everybody who doesn’t do reefers is addicted to something else. That’s pure junkie logic right there.

  69. Brad Harvey on

    Kind of reluctant to dab, I’m afraid it might make me as annoying as Master Bong.

  70. Running your mouth about things you don’t know about is NOT good for the world.

  71. So let me get this right if you do something often because you like it you are addicted….HOLY SHIT I’M ADDICTED TO MILK!!!!

  72. There is no such thing as a reefer “addict” you need to do some research you pathetic reject. Go play in heavy traffic

  73. In your fucked up opinion but Doctors seem to think so and guess what? Your opinion and $2 will buy you a cup of coffee!!

  74. djskagnetti on

    If you think reefers do any good whatsoever then you are the ignorant fool, junkie.

  75. djskagnetti on

    You junkie scumlords need to go to rehab or prison. Or even back to school – it’s “judgmental”, moron.

  76. djskagnetti on

    What do you call somebody who needs to smoke/eat/inject their drug all the time? A reefer-addicted junkie.

  77. djskagnetti on

    Because, unlike reefer addicts, I’m trying to do some good in this world.

  78. Marine34thdinfan on

    If you use THC for it’s medicinal properties like I do for anxiety/depression, you’ll discover that people use weed for many reasons. Not because they are addicted to it. I’ve smoked weed for many years to put a blanket of calmness and tranquility over my soul throughout my daily life. I believe there is nothing wrong with using drugs for what they are intended for. Smoking a little weed, or ingesting a little is way easier than struggling with an emotional/ psychological hinderance that was bestowed upon you at birth. So before judging another person, please consider tolerance and empathy.

  79. LarryM792Nato on

    Hi, Are you one of those Narcotics Anonymous (NA) cult members? Because that’s exactly what you sound like. A former addict that’s terrified at what he’d become in life and then got off the drugs with help from NA and was then indoctrinated with the fundamental teachings propagated through reefer madness dupes. You then lumped cannabis in with all the junk you used and was addicted to because that’s what NA taught you. Regardless, you look like a child and you couldn’t even make a valid argument. What you did is what a troll sockpuppet would do. Now please get educated about what you’re saying because people are stuck taking pharmaceuticals that can kill them and destroy their minds. Marijuana which is safe, can take the place of these dangerous drugs that doctors prescribe for chronic pain and a host of other issues. People like you only show how ignorant they are when they talk. I’m just saying this for your own good. You’re the one that looks like a total ignorant fool, not me.

  80. Dude much love for what you do as a fellow oregonian From Portland thank you and keep up the good work

  81. Self righteous. You need to get off your soapbox. Stop being so judge mental.

  82. Overweight people disgust me too I guess chocolate and carbs must be addictive as well

  83. Nice. And ironic since I used cannabis to dry out from all the opiates the doctors give me. I’ll take cannabis any day. You should give it a try before spewing forth all the propaganda you swallowed without question.

  84. Addicts? Funny… I don’t go through withdraws and itch for bud. It helps maintain my Crohn’s Disease but please point fingers and judge like you’re better than any one else. You’re disgusting for coming on this site just to talk down to people you don’t know on the Internet. Grow up and worry about yourself. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. And you sound like you might need a little pot in your life to chill the fuck out!! P.S. even if someone is a junkie they’re still human just like you’re an asshole for this immature, uneducated comment but still human :-)
    Read up on something before you try to label potheads as junkies. They don’t smoke because they feel like they have to they smoke because they want to!

  85. How sad of you, to hate budlovers so intensely, but still seek them out online… such a pathetic life for you to have nothing better to do. I’m not a smoker anymore, but I know a few and they are far more chill to be around than people like you. For the record, every single one I kknow, have good jobs and maintain a decent living standard. They just happen to refer bud over alcohol. Stop being a brat.

  86. Iʻm an avid smoker of the green stuff. I just want you to know that all the choices you make in life are “YOUR” choices and nobody can force you to do anything.


  87. Then why are you stalking the blog. Considering all these people disgust you. Anything positive to say? My mom always told me if its not positive then keep it to yourself.

  88. Anybody who does this is a disgusting scumlord who belongs in prison. Reefer addicts sicken me. You junkies can’t even be considered human.

  89. You have been smoking too much nostalgia bro.

    First the average MJ potency (THC content) has gone through the roof because for the past 30yrs humans have been intensively genetically modifying the plant through selective breeding for specifically that purpose. So the medical grade stuff at dispensaries is already 1.5-2x stronger than the top grade (which was random, and lowered by wild pollination) that came out of Afghani/Paki fields 40yrs ago.

    Also BHO/CO2 is just a scientifically purer extract than the handmade hash that came from a dirty Paki field because it would be contaminated with microscopic particles of dirt, grass, pollen, rocks, animal fur, etc, etc, etc. The hash you got in the 70s was probably 25-35% THC, which yeah is powerful but bubble hash these days can hit the 60% range of purity and BHO/CO2 extraction can consistently hit 75-80% purity given potent enough starting material.

    Not trying to kill your nostalgia bro, but the stuff you were smoking 40yrs ago cant even come close to the concentrates being produced today in terms of potency, not even remotely close.

  90. Sounds a lot like spots. In New Zealand, oil has been real common on the streets since at least the 80’s. Extracted from (most commonly) leaf. You can put a pound of leaf wrapped in mutton cloth over a cooking pot, and pour 4 litres of isopropyl over it, once it has all filtered through, you boil it down (must be on an electric element, iso is highly flammable) once it is boiled down to a tacky gold coloured oil, you can smoke it. You can do what is called a “second rinse” but the oil comes out a dirty black colour, and is more chemical than thc. The butane method, you get an empty coke bottle, punch holes in the bottom, and drill a hole in the lid and attach a socket . Pack the bottle full of leaf, get about 6 cannisters of butane and spray them through the socket in the top of the lid, the butane runs through the leaf in the bottle and filters out the holes in the bottom into a cooking pot, boil it down until you get your tacky gold oil. To smoke, put a butter knife on a stove top element until its glowing hot, and dip a pin into the oil and drop it on the knife, inhale smoke through a hooter.

  91. Michael Meradith on

    when on a med cruise we got African black it kicked us to the curb lol and some killer from Morroco really cheap but that was the 70’s

  92. you have no idea what the long term effects are so you should abstain for safety. would you rather a fucked up kid or missing out on weed for 9 months. unbelievable

  93. I agree, its fucking pathetic people’s mentalities today. Like really? Can’t endure for 9 months?
    We live in a society of pussies, when even every tiny little pain needs to be medicated or smoked away. Sometimes pregnancy is rough and you just have to deal with it. Im so sick of pregnant mothers that drink, smoke, whatever that isn’t healthy for their baby.
    How fucking selfish can you be?

  94. Yah the multiple news stories prove otherwise. Now bugger off you lying manipulative psychopath! You will find no understanding nor further interaction from me.

  95. Heidi Porter on

    Iam not convicted of nothing to do with drugs, thank you very much, just because I was dating some guy who had been involved in that shot doesn’t mean I was, so get ur shit straight, even another cop agreed that what said didn’t happen, aswell as auto of the cop talking to store manager, just because its on someone’s record doesn’t mean that there convicted hints why there trying to pass a law saying that if cases on people’s record are dismissed that it needs to be taken off because of people like u blabbing peoples names to the whole world! How many cops screw people over? A lot, if I was convicted of shit how come there’s no auto of me gettin arrested nor where my maranda rights ever given, hints why it’s been dismissed, oh and u know that there is more then one Heidi porter thank you

  96. Heidi Porter on

    Excuse me? I haven’t been convected of shit, I stole once when I was 18, i am having the current case dismisted because of my ex , I didn’t do shit in any bathroom and had another officer say that what the cop did was illegal, so get ur shit straight, before u blab my name like that, I spent 6 days in jail for something I didn’t do, and have proof for it, I have never been in jail before that at all, I don’t even smoke pot, doesn’t mean I don’t think that it’s bad, there’s study’s that show that it can help with cancer, for the pain, that was what I was saying, how in the hell does that have to do with me being in jail? Iam clean and proud of it, thank you very much!

  97. Steve D'Agostino on

    No, I really am waiting for the moderators to approve it (much like the last one I posted, it took a while). I’m sorry you don’t like what studies actually show (or that I actually show you studies that support my assertions, unlike you), but that doesn’t make me an asshole. I would venture to say that judging by the comments coming from the two sides of this debate, it’s clear who the asshole is.

  98. You are an asshole. Just scouring the web to find random shit to support your lunatic theories. Either get a brain or fuck off.

  99. Steve D'Agostino on

    Ok, here’s another.


    To make a simple point from it, I’ll quote it: “While cannabis smoke has been implicated in respiratory dysfunction, including the conversion of respiratory cells to what appears to be a pre-cancerous state [5], it has not been causally linked with tobacco related cancers [6] such as lung, colon or rectal cancers. Recently, Hashibe et al [7] carried out an epidemiological analysis of marijuana smoking and cancer. A connection between marijuana smoking and lung or colorectal cancer was not observed. These conclusions are reinforced by the recent work of Tashkin and coworkers [8] who were unable to demonstrate a cannabis smoke and lung cancer link, despite clearly demonstrating cannabis smoke-induced cellular damage.

    Furthermore, compounds found in cannabis have been shown to kill numerous cancer types including: lung cancer [9], breast and prostate [10], leukemia and lymphoma [11], glioma [12], skin cancer [13], and pheochromocytoma [14]. The effects of cannabinoids are complex and sometimes contradicting, often exhibiting biphasic responses. For example, in contrast to the tumor killing properties mentioned above, low doses of THC may stimulate the growth of lung cancer cells in vitro [15].”

  100. WHY WONT YOU HEAR THIS!!!!! ????????
    You never stated this entire time that you were ONLY talking about LUNG health. I have been talking about carcinogens and their potential effect on the ENTIRE human body. NOT ONE SENTENCE in that report says anything about their cancer rates. Are you really that blind?

  101. Steve D'Agostino on

    You’re welcome to come try, bud. And I guess you’re right, silly me. Here I thought lung cancer was part of adversely affected lung health. What an insane assumption. I’m a real moron, Einstein.

    You are a fucking MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I could choke you till your eyeballs popped out of your head right now……
    After all that arguing, and all that BULLSHIT YOU STILL MISSED MY POINT!!!!

    ———–Where in that study, is cancer mentioned?————
    *(anywhere in the body, not just lung cancer, thats not how it works)*

  103. Everyone! Please STOP listening to the “Crusade” of Heidi Porter. She wants us to believe that her support of Marijuana and Dabs is for health reasons and pain. She is however, a convicted drug felon. With priors involving Heroin. And convictions for theft.
    Shes been arrested for shooting up in a public grocery store *(with families inside I’m sure)* and has admitted on other pages of her stints inside jail cells.
    Heidis comments should not be acknowledged in any fashion as she is clearly a lying manipulative sociopath most likely trying to make the bad decisions she’s made in her life legal or something else to that effect.

    Newspaper article regarding her store arrest for public heroin use and reference to prior theft charges – http://goo.gl/JGoNrS
    News Story – its comment section contains comments from Heidi confirming time in Jail. – http://goo.gl/qnoYEk

  104. *(I am NOT sexist, I hate stupid people equally regardless of race or gender)*

    Everyone! Please STOP listening to the “Crusade” of Heidi Porter. She wants us to believe that her support of Marijuana and Dabs is for health reasons and pain. She is however, a convicted drug felon. With priors involving Heroin. And convictions for theft.
    Shes been arrested for shooting up in a public grocery store *(with families inside I’m sure)* and has admitted on other pages of her stints inside jail cells.
    Heidis comments should not be acknowledged in any fashion as she is clearly a lying manipulative sociopath most likely trying to make the bad decisions she’s made in her life legal or something else to that effect.

    Newspaper article regarding her store arrest for public heroin use and reference to prior theft charges – http://goo.gl/JGoNrS
    News Story – its comment section contains comments from Heidi confirming time in Jail. – http://goo.gl/qnoYEk

  105. Dabbs: the action of smoking bho or wax or any form of extract/oil/butter.

    I see dabbs as speakin about consuming any of those

  106. disqus_a1DA2INHSi on

    Thank you bro,I am an old hippy from the 60’s,I remember the best,blonde,Lebanese hash.

  107. Heidi Porter on

    Oh let me guess men are smarter than women? I have a feeling that you are sexist and it’s funny how you say that your IQ psychopaths ability to win an argument with insults is pretty funny to me lmfao!! Good luck with that!! Just the fact that you call women names shows that you don’t have an IQ and that you probably beat women aswell!! That is an abusive behavior not a man, thanks for the conversation though!!

  108. Steve D'Agostino on

    1) Sorry your husband has a problem with both of them
    2) No, they don’t
    3) Are you suggesting that your husband’s problems are grounds to control other adults’ decisions?

  109. You know what, I’m not engaging in further conversation with a convicted drug felon such as yourself. Especially one that has her head so deep in the sand she can see chinese feet. So Goodbye.

  110. Look, you seem like a nice person but with my IQ a Psychopaths ability to win an argument. You should just, Shhh if you don’t want to be walking away with your vestigial tail between your legs :)

  111. Heidi Porter on

    For one i dont chew grass and then spit it back out so there for iam not a cow!! But thank you

  112. Examples of product he’s selling, but not really? I believe that’s false advertising. And I didn’t say it was a big deal, I just said it was tacky.

  113. Heidi Porter on

    Pot isn’t about the high its about how it helps you, getting a buzz is just the process but don’t just smoke bowl after bowl because that’s when it’s more mind altering then using it for the medical benefits like god intended

  114. Heidi Porter on

    That happens here a lot were cops will say shit and it didn’t happen but jails don’t care about ur health phiscial or mentally the jails here do not contain any doctors they just have nurses well one one for the week and then they switch from other jails in the state!! No doctors though

  115. Heidi Porter on

    Up here in Alaska when ur in jail u do not get meds for pain cancer what ever so yea

  116. Heidi Porter on

    Wow dude do you know that I would have given anything to not get hit or Fucking Rapped by my dad all thru my child life? Maybe if they smoked pot that would have happened

  117. You, my lady, are an ignorant effing cow. I never once said that marijuana didn’t have useful properties did I?
    All I wanted that ass-hat to admit was that well established rule of matter that burns and releases smoke, releases hydrocarbons, which are known to cause cancer.
    What else Heidi? :-)

  118. Heidi Porter on

    Pot isn’t a drug it was naturally grown in the ground just like he intended it to be

  119. Heidi Porter on

    That’s funny I know a shit load of people who smoke pot and go to college and go to work have a family and have a 4.0 grade level!!
    They give kids retalin to come them down so they can focuse and complete school well in my opinion pots better then any pill

  120. Heidi Porter on

    Why is he an idiot for believing in god and smoking weed?
    I do recall that he smoked it aswell as preaching his good ways and back then you didn’t have a such thing as cancer I wonder why maybe because it cures it

  121. Heidi Porter on

    See when you have HDD or or other things like that it does effect everyone in a different way hints why there’s different strands of pot for different kids of issues so maybe she needs to find the right strand

  122. Heidi Porter on

    Wow you have never fallen asleep in the middle of the day because of ur kids?
    How many times have you cleaned one room to go to next and then come back and its messy all over agian? You know some of use didn’t have help to raise our children when we needed sleep or help watch kids so u can clean

  123. Wow do you know how many people have cancer that have kids? Pot helps with it all i know
    Just don’t do it around ur kid

  124. Wow what would you have ur kid doing? Pot or hard core drugs and sticking needless in there arms?

  125. That’s not true!! Heavy smokers when they quite the THC comes out thru ur pores and you feel crappy for awhile intill ur body detoxes it self

  126. You don’t loss people because of weed u desided to not be around her pot doesn’t do that to people!!

  127. Wow you have no idea what some women go thru in being pregnant!! It actually makes u eat witch in return makes ur baby weigh more when born!!

  128. Spot on bro, the Nepalese Hash that was imported into New Zealand in the late 70s was better than anything I have had since. Mind you, had some great Lebonese blond in the 80s that was close.

  129. the butane method is being phased out in LA…using a CO2 based solution instead…Butane? really? uck

  130. the hash from the 70’s in Europe ( shipped in from the middleeast) was far more potent than any Dab I have taken I live in SoCal where dabs are in every dispensory…so I’ve been smoking for over 43 years amd I’m telling you the hash , the real hash from Pakistan, Lebenon, etc was far more potent than any pot or dab I’ve ever smoked…the pot now a days is far better, but the old school middleastern hash is and was the best in my opinion…old freak

  131. If it has been made correctly then no maybe very small traces of butane but you would be using a butane lighter to light your cone or joint so no more than that.

  132. Don’t dab at all while you’re pregnant there’s butane in all dabs no matter how yu smoke it or whatever an it’ll FUCK yo baby up

  133. Personally, I do smoke recreationally, but there are all these people out there who are so against weed just because they are uneducated. The effects of using marijuana for medicinal purposes far surpass any effect or kind of relief that any man-made pill or syrup could suppress. If my child was to ever be hurt or sick, I would want whatever was going to be the best medical treatment for him that could be provided and if that means it’s medicinal marijuana, then by all means give it to him! I don’t think there is anybody out there who if a doctor told them that their [insert somebody you love more than life itself here] would need medical marijuana, I don’t think anybody would be opposed to that kind of treatment. You cannot get addicted to THC itself. It is the high that people get addicted to.

  134. If you’re using a rig and heat your nail too hot, your dabs will combust which creates toxins. If you’re vaporizing, maybe you could try a high-grade bubble hash (solvent-less), and even then, go light. Even though the vapor is better for you and baby, the more you vape, the less “clean” oxygen baby will get which can lead to other problems down the line.

    Good luck, mama!

  135. That’s not fair. You don’t know how this pregnancy is treating her. Some pregnancies are very difficult — nausea, pain, sleeplessness — and any woman growing a person inside of her needs relief from these things (if she can’t eat, baby can’t eat; if she is in pain and stressed, baby is stressed; if she can’t sleep, she won’t have the energy needed to effectively grow the baby in the first place.

    She never said anything about toking all day everyday. She’s just curious about the best way to get relief from cannabis and wants to know if dabs are less toxic than other options. Give her a break.

  136. Dabs are the method on which you smoke your oil. It’s all oil in a dif form. Made with a different method. When you dab it on your little dab bong then your smoking dabs of oil. I’ve been making and smoking these extracts for years and years now. I only heard of dabs about 2 years ago. It’s a form of smoking not a form of cannabis.

  137. Don’t listen to these people. Let’s keep waiting for constructive beings to answer your question.

  138. very true. the woman sounds like an awful person. You cant stop smoking for 9months to save your own child from having problems? What kind of a person ARE you?

  139. Its fucking infuriating when guys like this cant see that THEY ARE BEING ASSHOLES TOO.
    Hydrocarbons cause cancer, smoke contains hydrocarbons, therefore, SMOKE WILL NEVER BE HEALTHY. This is 200 year old sciece that I will discuss with you two retards no further.
    Because you will NOT see reason,

  140. Wow, glad you two have a buddy system. Being insane must be a heavy burden, Im glad you two have eachother,. Pathetic assholes…

  141. Steve D'Agostino on

    That’s what I like about you. Plus you recognize the difference between a well-supported argument and a juvenile rant.

  142. Steve D'Agostino on

    Why would I need to ask someone to finish my arguments for me? You had already fallen apart on your own. Gimlet just likes to stir the puddin’.

  143. NOW THAT is a narcissist who cant take criticism. Get a clue bud (from a guest profile too, Impartial observer my ass)

  144. No he didn’t. I just like messing with arrogant *holes. The woods – and weeds- are full of them. : )

  145. Impartial observer my ass, I already checked and you and Steve are followers.
    He just came to you and asked you to say the last word for him. FFS people…..

  146. As an impartial observer, I’d say you are more than a little dysfunctional, dude. You remind me of a narcissist I know who can’t take criticism.

  147. And you’re a man child who needs to have the last word as well, I knew I was right about you in the beginning.

  148. Steve D'Agostino on

    Ha, like you can talk. You can’t even get over your pride long enough to CONSIDER something beyond what you’ve already made up your mind about – just because you might be wrong. And I’m the arrogant one. Got it.

  149. fuck you are so arrogant. I’m done. Say whatever snide comment you want them just be on your way.

  150. Steve D'Agostino on

    The discussion wasn’t about hydrocarbons; it was about the effects of marijuana smoke specifically. You don’t like to be proven wrong, so you discount a long-term study by PEOPLE WHOSE ENTIRE LIVING IS BASED ON CONDUCTING SUCH STUDIES (and are very highly regarded as experts in the field). I have a feeling they know how to do it right. The entire sample population they used for the researched fluked out? Yes, this discussion is pointless. Please do try and keep up with the latest findings instead of sticking to tired theories when they are proven incorrect. You do realize that theory and reality don’t always match up when the rubber meets the road, don’t you?
    EDIT: If more information comes out down the road that refutes this (which is the same as other studies have found, such as through UCSF), then I will gladly change my view. Until then, I’ll rely on what the latest findings show. We call that “growth”.

  151. The effects of hydrocarbons and human health are already well established. If their results show differently then they were either wrong, or their subjects just fluked out and the results showed what they were trying to prove so no one is second guessing them. I don’t care if it was a 100 year trial, hydrocarbons cause cancer in those susceptible to it and I’m not discussing this any further with you.

  152. Steve D'Agostino on

    Of course you’re not going to read it. A twenty-year study done by the National Institute of Health in collaboration with Emory University isn’t nearly as legitimate as a rant that begins with “as a heavy smoker, I can say…”
    Yes, your “infallible truths” are much more reliable, I’m sure.

  153. I’m not going to read any of that. If it doesn’t mention the infallible truth about hydrocarbons then it isn’t a legitimate study in the first place.

  154. Steve D'Agostino on

    I’ve spread the awesome with a couple of links that debunk the lung danger myth. The links are awaiting moderation apparently. I guess it’s an anti-spam measure. When the comments go live, you can see for yourself. The medical study was done by Emory U and published by NIH.

  155. were can i buy bho or oil online , im in tasmania ,and have made oil but want to try bho before i try making it

  156. My best cleaning is done high :-)
    OOPS missed a spot!! Wait? Whats that on the other side of the room? a Piece of dust? NOOOOOOOOOOO

  157. The other Debunked myth is that pot isn’t addictive. I just want to meet the person that started that and kick them in the balls. lol
    Because when people say that, they don’t clue in. Its not the compound thats addictive, its how you feel on it thats addictive.
    So if you only smoke now and then, then absolutely pot is a no worry. But if you smoke everyday to manage pain, anxiety, depression, or for me to help keep in check an offensively high metabolism, then you will most likely become addicted to what it does rather than the drug itself.
    I experience withdrawal and anxiety symptoms for a couple hours when I run out (sure its short but it still sucks)

    So to sum up, I’m not sure where you got your information about the lungs, but if you could start spreading the truth instead, that would be awesome :-)

  158. Well, as a heavy smoker. I can say that this is one of the largest misconceptions about pot. Anything that burns, releases hydrocarbons. And hydrocarbons (most anyway) are confidently known to cause cancer in lab animals and people. Hell, you can raise your risk for cancer just by eating a char-broiled steak :-P
    See I use a 3 stage bong, so my smoke is as filtered as possible but I’m still at risk, because no matter how you want to look at it, you’re inhaling smoke, smoke contains hydrocarbons.
    Only way to avoid any any and all health risks, is to use a Vape. That way the plant material never burns, you just ‘realease’ the thc from its grip and breathe it in :-)

  159. Well, we have more in common than I previously thought. Me a child of the 60’s, and all. : )….. Won’t go into that, though. Just one more cautionary note : You- know-who was leader of a choom gang. And we all know how HE turned out. : ) …this is the ‘leader’ of the free world. Don’t be that guy. ( See you in the neighborhood ! )

  160. Steve D'Agostino on

    Hey, my friend. I know who you are. But while we see eye to eye 99% of the time, I split from you on this one. I will venture one of two things regarding this guy: either he was into much heavier stuff, or he had other issues that may have been exacerbated by heavy use. Looking at his place, I’m guessing he was very depressed. I was a daily user for about 16 years and have run in all sorts of circles with all sorts of drug users. I’ve been addicted to crack and powder, and I’ve heavily used psychotropics like LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin (generally mushrooms, but sometimes extracts). I’ve done it all – ecstasy, heroin, meth, ketamine, pills, and huffed anything that emitted fumes. Believe it or not, that was me. What I’ve learned in my experiences is that users of any form of pot that end up like this guy are not just dabbing or toking up (dabbing isn’t a new thing; it’s just called something different. We called it hash oil, but it was extracted the same way and looked the same. One toke would do the trick.). They’re into other stuff or have severe psychological issues. I’ll admit that if you’re lazy, it will make you much lazier. No doubt about that. But study after study shows that any health effects (in adults who ONLY smoke pot) are negligible. Now an underdeveloped brain is a different story. Teens shouldn’t be toking. It can stunt the physical development of the brain. But an adult has already developed in that sense. Does that mean that everybody is exactly the same or that it’s never dangerous to anyone ever? Well, no, I’ll never make that claim, but generally speaking, to an adult who partakes responsibly, it is pretty much benign. Certainly more so than the truly deadly yet socially accepted alcohol. I’ll admit that all my friends ended up different from me, (I did this through college and graduated 3.6 in finance and now lead analysis and portfolio development at an investment firm, I build websites and do SEO, speak 3 languages as an American, and now lead the teen version of Celebrate Recovery) but they didn’t just smoke pot, either. I think that’s what throws people. It’s not pot that makes you try harder stuff; it’s the desire to try stuff that leads to pot use. And most who end up badly off are not staying exclusive to the green stuff or even hash or dab.

  161. Thepastorteddy on

    I agree marijuana has nothing to do with Jesus, I have no essay on marijuana, the word I present is the word of the Living God Jesus the Christ.

  162. I agree it should be decriminalized. But is it benign ? My friend, I say no – at least as far a ‘dabs’ are concerned. Why do I say this ? Here’s an anecdote : My son was living in CA up until a few weeks ago, when I providentially brought him home because of the conditions he was living in- a situation that existed prior to his arrival, btw.. Two days ago, his erstwhile room-mate died. He was a heavy dabs user, which probably didn’t kill him, but certainly contributed to his ill-health. Here’s a photo of the late room-mate’s bedroom. ( btw, you know me, but for obvious reasons I choose to post as a ‘guest’

  163. Steve D'Agostino on

    Even the lung argument has recently been debunked. So there’s not even that anymore. Basically pot is harmless to an adult who uses it responsibly.

  164. Steve D'Agostino on

    It’s not about getting high for most of us. It’s about getting free so we can make our own decisions. The vast majority of Americans support legalization but claim to still be unlikely to use it. Should we outlaw alcohol again? It makes you far, far stupider than pot.

  165. Back in the day, this was known as ‘getting stupid’ – I’m awed to see the progress made by the yoot of ‘Merica toward the goal of total imbecility. Way to go, dudes.

  166. Get an abortion. You sound like a horrible person, incapable of making even the smallest common sense decisions, and in no way, shape or form should be raising a child.

  167. I just need to ask what may seem like a stupid question, as i am not very educated on marijuana and its products any more. I have been smoking synthetic weed for the last 7 years (chemically made)(dangerous i understand) however i have recently stopped using the synthetic drugs(i found out i was pregnant) and am starting to be able to feel the effects of thc again. I realize that the use of thc during pregnancy is still not totally accepted how ever that is what i am choosing to do. My question is.. does “dabs” have ANY chemicals in it that does not come from the plant?

  168. dabs is not smoke its vapor, its the process of heating up a nail rather then use a direct flame so the kids will be fine. the girlfriend is probably on a little more then weed. I smoke dabs daily and am a hard working, productive member of society and i take care of my business and family. The girlfriend sounds like she is on other drugs (opiates) or is a lazy person and its when lazy people smoke, and get lazier, thats what give pot smokers a bad name. good luck

  169. you pack up a glass or plastic tube that looks like a dildo with raw material, you can use flower or trim, you need a heat source plate and a pyrex container to blast into. you cant get it hotter then 170degrees. Put a coffee filter on the end of the tube, on the tip of the tube there is a place to put the butaine nozzle. blast the butaine through the tube, the butaine comes out as a ice cold gas, then liquifies the THC through the coffee filter ontop the hot pyrex which then burns off the butaine and you are left with the wax or oil.; to make shatter you need a vaccume.

  170. It is impossible to die of weed. Except you jump off a bridge or so, but if you’re high you usually just chill and have fun. Doing stupid stuff is for coke, alc, or speed or shit. But nothin can happen with weed. Except that you use your lungs, so they get kinda fucked but nothin else.

  171. youdontevenknow on

    you think drugs is all good and cool until someone you love has their lives ruined by them. You all need to feel that kind of loss

  172. Michael D Dempsey on

    Sounds to me more like a lack of life skills than the use of the substance. I know a lot of people who get high and clean. The problem is lazy slob bad parents who give marijuana users a bad name.

  173. CaliforniaGreenThumb on

    Been doing this for years. Used to get shatter occasionally and Harborside used to sell this ‘gold oil’ which was like 98% THC. Dabs before they called them dabs :D

  174. CaliforniaGreenThumb on

    I assure you my use of marijuana and being drawn to God have nothing to do with each other. I attend church every Sunday, sometimes more than once. I have a very strong faith. Oh, and I smoke daily and dab a few times a week. I participate in multiple volunteer ministries and follow the Wesleyan principals. I feel your essay is quite wrong and the verse incorrectly interpreted. I will say that I do have to appreciate how much work that must have taken, even if incorrect.

  175. With the rise of temperature of water solubility of solids rises and at the same time its ability to solute gases lessens. And other way around: colder the water gets less soluble it is for solids and more for gases. Cannabis vapors are gases so cold water is absorbing more active substances and catches less tar and other solid particles from smoke. The only reason why it feels good is because smoke is colder.

    Use ice bong with warm water and ice in a bong pipe. So then you get a smoke more filtered of harmful tar, containing more of THC, CBD, CBV and so on AND in addition containing steam which at the same time because of ice is cold, not warm, like steam usually is. I tried it, when smoke and steam passes ice it gets super-milky (remember how it looks when you open a freezer in a hot day?) and you can feel that you inhaled something only after couple of seconds, that’s how mild and clean this smoke is.

  176. I don’t think you should really worry. Its just the same as smoking weed but it has a higher THC potency and it gets you high more quickly.

  177. Doing dabs is smoking the very best and the strongest of THC that you can. If you are making BHO shatter then you are geting the very best out of marijuana you are pass bying the other molecules that makes up marijuana and the butane strips the marijuana and leaves pure THC and butane. Then you cook it till the butane is evaporated then you put the pure THC shatter on wax paper and put that in a vacum chamber to take the air out of the pure THC shatter and after all is done you will have 80 to 90% pure THC!!!! You will need very good DANK to start with to do this. If you are planning to do this then EVERY TIME YOU DO IT, DO IT OUT SIDE WHERE IT’S SAFE AND SO YOU WILL NOT BLOW UP YOUR SELF OR YOUR HOUSE!!!!

  178. how concerned should i be of an adult child with a son of her own….I’m not comfortable with her posting the “dab” word on facebook

  179. Ya but once you explain you can get ripped from one hoot they are all ears. :) #BuyWeedToronto

  180. why do people drink 90 proof? why do people want the best anything? not to mention the tolerance factor.

  181. I honestly don’t know anything about dabs, but from this it sounds almost like the essential oil of pot

  182. Then you already had a propensity to depression. If you had taken the antibiotic cirpo or the acne medicine accutane, you’d have been in the same boat. Definitely don’t smoke, but most people who smoke pot do not fall into depression.

  183. Actually read what he said. He’s concerned about his GRANDCHILDREN. His kids are ADULTS and are the ones smoking. Don’t be an ignorant turd. Anyway, with the limited knowledge I have of dabs, I think the bigger concern would be the lack of attention to their children than the exposure to weed.

  184. so whats your excuse for being retarded ? notice i said retarDED not retarTED…cuz well, i’m not stoopyd….correct me, I dare ya…

  185. idk about the warm water man….the colder the water, the smoother the hit and less coughing…thats why they give u ice chambers in some pieces, for an even colder feel in addition to your cold water…works the same way with hookah too

  186. Lol. A chore. And they say pot isn’t addictive? Lazy fuckers complaining about smoking pot like it’s too hard. Take out the garbage and do the dishes unless that’s too much of a chore also. Choke on your own filth.

  187. betterlivingthruchemicals on

    This is fine for some, and dangerous for others. I came here to find out what dabs, or dabbing, is. My reason? Well I have 2 young grandchildren that spend half time with each parent. I have provided transpo for them to and from school. Many times I have dropped them at their dad’s and found his girlfriend sleeping…middle of the afternoon with two other small children basically left on their own while their mom sleeps off her recent high. I have to wake her up to take care of the kids. No she doesn’t work outside the home,,,and not much inside either based on the filthy conditions of said home. She and my son are now into dabs. If this is a quicker and more intense high, then the crash can only be just as intense. So my question is, what happens to these 4 kids ages 5-9? They are exposed to the smoke daily, also the lack of cleanliness in the home. They say they are “recreational” users….on a daily basis. I have nothing against marijuana, but I do have a problem with people’s irresponsible use of it…

  188. Did you even read the post? He used pot for back pain, and found it to eventually be a demotivater, found himself to be too complacent with the crappy things instead of trying to better himself. I’m an avid smoker but I understand completely what he’s saying, pot stops me from stressing, but sometimes stress and panic is an excellent means of motivating oneself.

  189. here in the uk. Its only growers who get ‘Dabs’, usually. They make it off the head leaf they trim off the Bud. If they do sell it, you pay a premium for it. My advive, grow a few plants yourself, an then you can keep your own trim to make your Dabs (honey oil,UK name)

  190. we call it honey oil in Liverpool. Also cal the Hash you make off the head leaf, Scuff or Isolator weed. Knot for the faint hearted

  191. I kinda took offense to that too. I choose not to smoke because I won’t risk my job (I have a family and house to take care of) but I am a long time marijuana advocate. Apart from being carefree enough to be an all day user, I have always been interested in the fact that its medicinal properties haven’t been exploited.

  192. Bruh you need to chill. Thats just stuff people say all the time. Dont get offended over one line out of that whole post. Obviously this site is for stoners thats why the writer said that and if you dont do it then why the fuck are you on here anyway? Lol

  193. Lol you’re username says it all, for people that smoke weed all day every day, the process of smoking throughout the day can be a chore, or you can just take a couple dabs and be set for the rest of the day

  194. Yes, but what about smoking it. You only need to take 1 toke to get where you need to go. Say you just buy your thc extracts, it takes you literally 40 seconds to get the entire effect that rolling and smoking an entire joint does. So, if you are a busy person, dabs is going to save you tones of time, you wont get stinkey clothes or fingers and you wont get munchies like smoking a joint. So not to argue, but with my busy life style, dabs are the way to go for the most part.

  195. “Maybe some people can still do these things with pot, I could not.”

    You knowingly began to use marijuana to suppress or ignore issues in your life. If you were prone to depression, and “panic” before you used marijuana, how do rationalize attributing your problems to prolonged use?

  196. Ever hear of hard alcohol? Well, dabs is the hard alcohol version of marijuana only its better for you because it has less carcinogens. So quit thinking like you are from Ontario… Or are you, cause that’s what you sound like you know.

  197. What are dabs, and why should we switch to dabs instead of smoking flowers?
    Dabs are the way to go if you are into efficiency. You can smoke an entire joints worth the THC in one hit that only takes about 30 seconds. Saving the 20 minutes it takes to roll and smoke a joint is way too much for me now that I’ve found dabs. A little hint too, everyone uses cold water in their bongs right? Do you find your self coughing a lot? Try using warm-hot water in your bong. Its weird, the smoke actually feels much more humid their for not causing you to cough as much. #McChronalds is a great place for Canadian’s to get their thc extracts for dabs.

  198. I live in a small town of central-west coast of Fl jus recently started “researching” dabs but cannot find sum newhere out here! Plzzz Help

  199. occasional toker on

    Why do people want the strongest weed possible? How do you even enjoy yourself if you cant even move and with stuff strong enough to make you paranoid? Take a break from weed and let your tolerance let you enjoy mids again.

  200. “You really need to get out more?” What’s with you idiots constantly bashing those who choose not to take a hit or do it in general..? If they don’t judge your choices to do it, what gives you the right to pass judgment on those who chose not to? Talk about closed minded.

  201. Personally to me dabs and weed they just a good ass combination I hit em both up In the same bong get fucked up with freinds and I have had a good day

  202. You are both ignorant on

    Fuck you are both too damn retarded I’m valedictorian and can go to any damn college I want and I smoke every damn day

  203. Dead end pothead losers? I work a full time job and attend college full time where I have kept a 4.0 GPA the entire time I have been in school, which is over 3 years. I have a wonderful life and live every facet of my life. Tell me again how I fall under your pathetic argument.

  204. i totally agree, some of these products are a bit much. I did try the shatter mixed with glycol in a vape pen from a site called bc medi pens and it was def tasty but a bit expensive.

  205. I agree with you! They get more retarted with each hit ! Jus pure ignorance with all of these drug addicts! Enjoy life in a healthy way people

  206. That’s exactly what a lot of us think. Well said. That said, I’m like most, a supporter of Medicinal Cannabis and am myself. I do not mess with BHO. I tried a Cloud V pen and Blackberry Shatter but it tasted like burnt plastic and gave the affect of multiple edibles. I do prefer ingestion over inhalation though, simply because it’s far less cerebral. I suffer insomnia, anxiety, PTSD and cramps thanks to genetics. And Cannabis helps me sleep like a baby. Oh also I have prostate issues and cannabis actually relaxes muscles so well that I empty bladder completely and don’t have to wake every hour to use toilet. Anyways. What you said is true. When having to get so high actually make people notice it’s being abused just like a drug and a dependency. Best example is that guy on youtube mixing multiple dry herb with multiple concentrates. It’s too much. Cannabis is amazing but should be treated with respect and people need to calm down about smoking in public and getting as high as you possibly can. It’s demonized reputation is barely changing because of this. PS where I live the County put a moratorium on rec shops. And continue extending it because of these negative reasons. Thanks for reading.

  207. Thats exactly what Im saying! Weed is weed. Don’t try to change it into something “better” it’s supposed to be natural. That’s what makes it different from all the other recreational drugs. And why the hell do you need to feel like your in “pandoras box”?? There is such thing as too high.

  208. I’m from the west coast and that’s what we’ve called it for decades too… Just a new name for those who wanna be cool and sound like they’ve come up with a new fad, when all they’ve done is coined a new term lol.

  209. I cant help but wonder how high one needs to be and at what point does weed become the drug we all defend it not to be?

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  211. Aggression & verbal abuse – Just another form of fear control used by wacko right wingers to cope with the fact that their parents didn’t give them any hugs when they were young & can’t enjoy the frequent abuse of their children because they’ve run away from home. Scream away you ignorant bible thumper & keep giving $ to the Catholic Church to defend another child molester.

  212. I used marijuana recreational for 4 years. The initial reason for back pain. I began to enjoy the relaxation it produces and mind opening experience that comes with it. I experienced music differently, it altered my perception of life and life situations. After prolonged use, I started to lose my inherited thought process and perception of my life. I took things less seriously, depression was easier to fall into and harder to get out of and lasted for months at a time. I lost ambition/motivation to achieving and progress in my life. I was going backwards and weed was making me complacent with how I was living my life. Haven’t smoked in 2 years and looking back on the experience made me realize that the “open mindedness” I thought weed was creating for me, was not reality. In actuality, it was taking me further away from realities of life allowing me to think that everything is fine. For me, I figured out that marijuana suppressed that innate “panic button” I once had, the thing that made me recognize that something wasn’t ok and that I had to be proactive in making some sort of a change to get a different result. Instead of the pot response, “everything will be fine”, “I need to relax”. Sometimes stress is good, it forces you realize you need to make a change.
    Maybe some people can still do these things with pot, I could not. I don’t believe it “opens your mind” to realities of life, I think it opens up your mind to escape the realities you don’t want to deal with.

  213. Lifeishortbutsweet on

    My lower back and hips are reinforced with metal. My spine is fused from T2-S1 (from the top 1/3rd of my back to the bottom) then my spine is fused to my hips. Pot, hash and dabs have made me able to function without getting hooked on pain killers. Remember that everyone who smokes or takes pain pills and has an addiction aren’t all taking them for recreation. Also pot doesn’t make u dumb, it opens your mind.

  214. basically its honey oil which is not new its been around the east coast for years just new names for it.

  215. Some people like beer some people like weed some like coffee or cigarettes. all of them would be illegal if found today but thank God none of them are where I live. everybody has a vice whether it be nicotine caffeine drugs or even religion. I have a little piece of paper from the state saying I am legal to consume marijuana so if I’m not breaking any laws and I’m not hurting anyone else I guess no one has any right to judge me. I won’t judge the guy next to me who play is illegal poker once a month with his friends in his basement or the person who goes to a strip club after a hard day at work or even a person who goes to church every Sunday morning. I know I’m going to catch some hell calling religion a vice but it is to everyone who doesn’t believe in the religion

  216. I would love for you to call a sick chemotherapy patient a dead end pot head loser for being sick……
    Dabs may be the next big thing, but is not for everyone. However, it should not matter what any person chooses to do with their life.
    Im sorry for you. I will pray good energy be sent your way. Hopefully in the future you do not choose to reach out in a negative way.
    Remember this person has every right to share their feelings, and please send your positive energy their way. Maybe with enough love this person will have a better day and will not pass negative vibes to the world.
    Peace and love

  217. I think the word “dab” just refers to the point that you only need a little amount of bho to get really high. Does anyone know who actually invented dabbing? They should give it a official name, and a crown lol

  218. Just because you don’t like it or perhaps you are scared of doing it doesn’t warrant you ripping on it. Have you ever tried pot? I kinda think not. But I’ll bet you smoke tobacco. Don’t knock it if you never tried it!

  219. If you actually went through this you would not be so callous. It is highly likely, that if this is his daughter, he is aware, from the Dr. himself exactly what he said. So it’s not the daughter making it up. As a lawyer you would understand that under oath saying”Her Dr. Is aware that she smokes and has told her to use it to help for anxiety” is a completely different statement than “Her Dr. Is aware that she smokes and she told me has told her to use it to help for anxiety” The first intimates First hand knowledge while the second would certainly be referred to as hearsay. Your statement was nothing more than uneducated rhetoric based on no known facts of the situation or at least not making a comment based on what information was given.

  220. Im guessing you are not one of the millions of losers who find an excuse to get hammered off of alcohol and pretend that you are better than your counterpart because the substance you choose to ingest is not illegal???

  221. Clear head and lungs on

    Dabs – just another form of cannibis used by dead end pot head losers to cope with the fact that they cant enjoy life without the frequent ingestion of sometype of mind altering substance. Dab away u fucking losers – get more ignorant with each hit.

  222. NOT Hash, oil from LOTS of Budz! Ppl think it isn’t strong because they sometimes don’t appreciate the higher THC buzz, some prefer a CBD higher content.

    I lived/worked in Amsterdam, Netherlands for years, and travelled there 30+ times in ten years. As it was only legal place to scientifically grow weed en masse, they had a superb network. NOW the USA will take over, as more/bigger legal growers. Buzz on America, hard to live in UK with illegal weed, when it is American govt oppression made drugs illegal, so CIA etc could make Billions dealing drugs.

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  224. Butane can be toxic. But first off, not all dabs are made using butane; some are made with more dangerous gases, like oxygen or CO2. But most medicines are made with toxic extracts, that is why it is important that it is done right… to pull all of it out.

  225. To suggest that outdoor has greater potential than indoor is absurd. The problem is, most indoor growers focus on the feeding regimen and lighting, while neglecting atmospheric conditions… a knowledgable botonist will mimic the best natural environment for each strain and cycle, thus producing marijuana at its highest potential.
    Also, marijuana as a medicine needs to be produced/harvested/cured under controlled environment, or else the medicine, and treatment, will not be consistant.

  226. Charles millers bubble hash may have been stronger, he used LSD instead of water.
    But seriously, the only way he could have reached the 90% Mark would have been a potassium hydroxide method, that being said, it would have taken almost a qp to get a gram with the most potent flowers of that era.
    Now, I don’t get that high from BHO or any other method of dabs… I require a high CBD content which cold extracts don’t provide. Although, I do have a method of pre-decarboxelating prior, so that I can acheive higher CBD.. so, I can understand why someone may find dabs to be weak.

  227. yeah no, to make BHO you evaporate all harmful traces of the butane, bout the same as if you were smoking a bowl, whats the gas in your lighter? thats right butane

  228. Considering that the hash in the 70’s was made from naturally grown, low THC plants, and the current hash oil is made from engineered, high potency plants, there is a massive difference. I made oil when I lived in Austin from the best stuff I could get my hands on, but that was 13 years ago. The stuff today blows it out of the water. Go ahead, do a comparison.

  229. iknowhatimtalkingabout on

    not entirely true. petro-chemicals remain behind after a butane extraction. not enough to do any significant damage, but they still there. best product comes from C02 extraction, which unfortunately requires some pretty expensive machinary. much more pure. much tastier.

  230. Is it just me or did he take a couple hours off? Before 7:00 it was light out. then BOOM dusk.

  231. Felipe Siqueira on

    Search for SCFE process, Supercritical Carbon-Dioxide Fluid Extraction, the results are incomparably better than a normal butane extraction, of course you’ll have a high first time investment, but the results compensate every cent, i’ve never seen any BHO like my last batch, i’ve achieved a yeld of 96%.

  232. Felipe Siqueira on

    My last batch using scf, or Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, as a yeld of 96%, i sincerely doubt that what your hash could be better than mine

  233. Since that comment was deleted, what are you looking at (before passing judgment)?

  234. dabs are like oilcaps right ? just like liquid weed lol its not a new thing just someone tryna rename shit again, like twerk was booty pop…..

  235. Weelious_225 on

    So, she got arrested for having an illegal substance? She might take it for anxiety or whatever, but it’s still illegal. Boo Hoo

  236. The way I’ve done it is to put the extract in a toaster over at a lowish tempreture to make sure all the butane evaporates from the concentrate.

  237. Unless you were producing yeilds of 70%-90%, the stuff you made back in the day doesn’t compare.

  238. Your do realize Marijauana and Marijuana products are Schedule I Controlled Substances in MN right?

  239. hilarious. This has been around for ages, at least since the early ’80s. Referred to as ‘butter’ until this renaming as ‘dabs’.

  240. thanks, serious, i was like wtf butane weed?
    describing the process better in the article would be good

  241. hey you there. yeah, you. stop saying stupid things. butane is only a liquid under pressure. butane is also cold as fuck. you spray the butane through the weed in a tube. this separates the thc from the weed really well. since it’s not under pressure, the butane becomes a gas and evaporates. there’s no butane left in the finished product.

  242. Dr. Frajiano on

    Your daughter is just a mess up and is constantly gonna give excuses, this might be the start and it will only get worse. I was the same way. I needed more than a slap on the wrist to get somewhere in life, now im a corporate attorney for at&t. Just suck it up and stop believing everything they say. They make stuff up. They’re kids. Just hope she learns from it, and is sneaky and smart about everything.

  243. Zen Rebeldiva on

    Sounds like they found a way to make the CRACK version of weed. If anyone wants butane ANYTHING going through their bodies….more power to ya. Faster off this planet, more for the rest of us.

  244. learnmegood on

    She was in front of a judge over the weekend? If so she should of been released due to the insignificance of her offense. I guess it is possible for a small police dept to not possess the resources of the larger ones and need to get the substance in question tested by a lab. Although I find that odd, the tests are fairly simple to do on the spot and later are usually lab tested. It is not likely they will give her meds at all. What is her bail amount? A lot of this seems odd. You can only be held 48 hours without being formally charged. I find it hard to believe that one can be charged with ” a controlled substance but we dont know what the substance is” which make it impossible to say if the substance was indeed controlled.

  245. Well as of yesterday the judge charged her with possession of a controlled substances unknown, no bail court tuesday and no meds still. J

  246. Fellow MN, and medical MJ knowledgable. Firstly, the truth of the drug will be determined through testing and should of been done at the time of processing. Secondly, Im not sure what her bail amount is but should be considered if she is in harms way for any reason. Anxiety medications can have severe withdrawal and should never be quit cold turkey without a physicians approval. Unfortunately MN has no MMJ status and this will not be a legal defense within the courtroom. She will not be charged with heroin unless she actually had heroin. God bless

  247. Hello, My daughter is being unlawfully in jail never read her rights in wright County,Mn for having a dabs pen with small amount in it.
    They told her the car smelt funny and that it was heroine and processed to check everyone for tracks.She has admitted it was marijuana and offered to give a UA and they told they couldn’t take the UA till a judge says so.
    Her Dr. Is aware that she smokes and has told her to use it to help for anxiety, My daughter also uses prescribtion meds for anxiety and is being told she can’t have the medication till she see a medical personnel which is there on weekends. So this Wright County, Mn jail is telling that if they have any medical problems on weekends there is No medical personnel avalible.
    I’m a beyond scared and worried mother.

  248. Charles_Miller on

    I seriously doubt that dabs can be even REMOTELY as strong as the hash I used to make in the 70s.

  249. Patrick Zarrelli on

    If you like dabs check out hipstermarketplace.com for the coolest dab tshirts on the planet!

  250. Miss Behaven on

    Alot of people place a pan inside another pan or an electric skillet that’s filled with water and fill the inner one with the crystals and gently boil it to release the butane, leaving the cleaned oil. Unfortunatiely, people decide to do it near an open flame and blow themselves up.

  251. Ive been doing this on the east coast of canada for 10+ years.. a friend and I decided we would use butane to make what we were calling honey oil… we hadnt read about it or anything it was just a natural progression of experimentation..

  252. I don’t even smoke weed. I came across your comment and though to myself “what a god damn moron” The point of legalizing is to empty prisons and tax the shit out of it. No one cares why they buy it.

  253. Just moved to SF from Boulder, Colorado and was dabbing some 70% shatter today from the clubs. Concentrate life truly has treated me well <3

  254. So, you decided to be tacky, and whine about my whining — gee, thanks for the informative contribution. I think we’ve both really learned something here.

  255. Actually, it’s called “sharing” and it’s a wide-spread accepted practice on the internet. The only thing tacky, here, is your pointless whining!

  256. You shouldn’t steal pictures of strangers off the internet, and then post them like they are your own. That’s just tacky.

  257. I do believe, That “extremeoils” has it’s uses.
    This Guy was pedaling some icewaterhash to me, “best, great, monster and so on” i Cant deny the strenght of it, but it had no fuckin spirit what so ever, and to me the spirit is everything.

    Best smoke is grown outdoors att Grand altitudes by very knowing and skilled People. It is not comparable to “highgrade” weeds hydro basement jackberry xtra haze. Believe me When i say That a piece of high quality morrocan hash makes me feel way better than oilydoilys ultra extraktion. No joke

  258. Christine Alling on

    In Colorado, concentrate processors must use a closed loop extraction to filter out butane. The other alternative is solvent-less wax (extracted with water) or hash oil or wax that’s been extracted with Co2.

  259. Here’s the process from my oversimplified knowledge. Blast weed with butane, THC attaches to butane. Next butane is filtered out somehow and a honey looking wax is left which you smoke.

  260. I’ve been a highly functional smoker for years. I LOVE WEED. I’d give up my sense of smell before I quit smoking. Peoples opinions/experiences on getting high will always vary. In my opinion, Dabs (and like weed, quality matters) is a superior high. It does hit fast and strong so slow and steady is the way. But as a social smoker, I’ve yet come across someone who hasn’t enjoyed the high. I spend my time between B.C. and Washington State and it’s getting more common to meet people vaping it. It’s perfect to maintain a steady state of being throughout the day.

  261. Misty Weaver Powell on

    already happening. news had on a cop and he said it was to marijuana as crack was to cocaine, what parents need to know.

  262. My definition when someone asks what dabs are-
    You know the stuff in weed that gets you high, THC? basically that stuff is extracted and processed into an oil. So its pure thc. “Dabs” is the term used to describe taking a hit, which is done by heating a glass or titanium “nail” till glowing, which a small peice of the oil is placed onto, creating smoke. The smoke is drawn down into the neck of the peice (comparable to the downstem of a bong), guided by a “dome” which is kindof like a glass funnel. Ex. “Me and my buddies were doing some dabs over at joe’s crib.”

  263. Fair enough. Again, oil doesn’t really get me “blasted”, just makes the day better. Some really dank herb or bubble hash will get me just as good. I like it for how “standardized” it is. It is a better medicinal product and it is much safer for people to use compared to marijuana, since good oil doesn’t hurt the lungs. If people took a few basic precautions when making it, e.g. doing it outside being the most important one, hash oil wouldn’t be an issue. Everyone who has a car knows not to turn it on inside a closed garage. The same should be known about making oil, but since it’s not legal, nobody is informed of basic safety precautions. In my opinion, all “problems” associated with oil are due to illegality.

  264. Well put, Matt, an intelligent and well spoken response (unlike our friend Zukor’s “Fuck you”)… I wasn’t trying to portray dabs as “bad” , in fact I’m sure I’ll enjoy it someday, I was just trying to say how the press is reporting it and how some critical voters may perceive it before the election. Hell, I was smoking hash oil back in ’72… That was MILD compared to today’s dabs… There’s always the danger of getting really blasted and playing with fire and cans of butane…. Let’s get this shit LEGALIZED, and then it’s PAR-TAY !!!

  265. Why is oil “bad”? Isn’t it just a step up? There is nothing bad about oil, and I don’t think it is about getting “fucked up fast” or “wasted”. For me, it’s so I don’t ruin my lungs and I find it to be the best way to medicate most efficiently. It’s got the best flavor, as there is no plant material left over. Oil is somewhat standardized by appearance, unlike marijuana, and you can look at it and always judge the relative potency just by looking at it. It’s not something different, it’s not even acceptable to compare it to crack, and it is not even a fair comparison to compare it to Everclear. There is no overdose on hash oil, like marijuana. It is just 1 puff, instead of taking 3. I can smoke dabs all day long. If I have 3 drinks, I am infinitely more fucked up than dabs. Not to mention this oil is more effective at treating disease. So don’t peddle your hysterical nonsense because you’re scared of something that’s new and out of the norm to you.

  266. You have a point. My concern is once the type and strength of various cannabis products comes into the discussion, hash and very-high-THC buds may be subject to some sort of regulation too. Personally, the stuff makes me too high.

  267. Vaped Vaporizers on

    It’s too bad that there are so many people in our government that don’t understand the difference between

  268. … Called BHO (Butane Hash Oil). Hash is a vague term. There are many ways to make it, and it comes out differently. You can extract oil with CO2 or alcohol, too, but it is still called hash oil.

  269. No, I don’t want to prohibit it. I’m just saying don’t PROMOTE it and GLORIFY it until after we get legalization…. I’m afraid stories like this may sway the undecided and swing voters. Legalize first, then dab your fuckin’ brains out if you want, like our troglodyte homunculus little friend Alan Zukor….

  270. That is just plain silly. It is the same as making Everclear (pure grain alcohol) illegal but allowing vodka to be sold. If it’s really strong, don’t use so much, or avoid it altogether if you don’t like the effect. But don’t prohibit it because some folks think it has anything to do with crack, which it obviously does not.

  271. OK… you waste-oids are gonna give the legalization movement a REAL bad name… pot should be about gettin’ HIGH. Dabs is about getting FUCKED UP FAST ! The opposition will pick up on this and say “See ! We don’t want our kids doing marijuana crack !”… JOHNNY GREEN… don’t give this any undeserving publicity…. We want legalization in California in this year’s election. This ISN’T gonna help !

  272. One of the definitions of “dab” is “a small amount.” As in, a dab of jelly. — thefreedictionary.com
    So, a dab would be a small amount of concentrated cannabis extract (CCE).

  273. Vitor Bitoqes Carvalho on

    dude that’s paquistan. to my country it cames from marrocos. we call it ‘bulota’. it’s the best i love it. i don’t by anything else to smoke normaly. ;)

  274. That was a shitty as vid. Not only did he not explain thoroughly, his camera man was a retard and used a stupid ass cam.

  275. Yeah seriously this ^^^^.

    You can throw some oil on a bowl and you wouldn’t call that dabbing.

    People have been dabbing forever, even in the 1970’s… oldest method is hot knifing.

    Americans at the end of prohibition are finally making really good hash products, and are now coming out with appropriate paraphernalia for consumption.

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