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What Are ‘Plant Growth Regulators’?


The Dangers of Plant Growth Regulators

To be honest, I had no idea what plant growth regulators were until I saw this video. It makes me wonder how much cannabis I have consumed over the years with plant growth regulators in it…troubling to say the least. Be responsible, and know what you are putting into your plants. Patients like me will appreciate it!


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  • that is why you should be able to grow your own,if you need it

  • Joanw53

    I had never heard of plant growth regulators before. Very informative film! Thanks

  • I have seen some SCARY stuff in grows, both commercial and personal. That is why I grow my own. MMCs tout “organic soil” etc, and the growers in these places I have talked to say not a chance in hell. 

    Learn to GROW YOUR OWN.

  • People will do what ever to make money, even hurt people that are already sick.

  • Johnny oneye

    scary, reading the labels wont protect you.

  • Yes amazing video i have ever seen, This is what we call it as perfection.Thank you sir.

  • Mark

    Thank you for this information. these are substances I will not use then.
    Question: does Miricle Grow potting soil have thes chemecls in them too?