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What Are The Best LED Grow Lights For Growing Cannabis?


led cannabis grow lightsFor a long time LED grow lights that were on the market for growing cannabis left a lot to be desired. They were very expensive, and weren’t very well designed. Yes, they were LED grow lights, but they were not specifically designed and engineered for the needs of cannabis growers. That has changed in recent years, with more and more top quality lights being introduced to the market. All of the growers that I know that have been using LED grow lights by Heliospectra have been ranting and raving about how well their gardens have been doing.

A lot of people will focus on just yield, and therefore prefer HPS and MH lighting. However, those growers are failing to see the big picture. If you have a garden and you are growing for profit, then the thing that matters most is profit. That’s different than yield. If you HPS and MH lights are eating up electricity like it’s going out of style, and pumping large amounts of heat into your garden requiring a lot of AC, then you are likely not making as much profit as you could be when you add up how much you are spending to maintain your garden versus your yield. Yes, your yield is bigger, but you spent much more money than you needed to. The cost input per yield is better with LED grow lights, and specifically Heliospectra grow lights. I know many growers that will attest to this.

They say that their plants are healthier too. LED lights allow a level of flexibility in a garden that other lights don’t. They require less ducting than other lights since they don’t run as hot, which makes life much easier when you need to reconfigure your garden, or just need to move a section of your garden around. LED grow lights can be closer to the plants too, which is important. I have seen a lot of people have underdeveloped plants and/or burned tops because of HPS and MH lighting. LED grow lights help with that problem, and plants are thankful for it.

Profit shouldn’t be the only motivation for cannabis growers. Every grower should consider their carbon footprint, which can be huge for some gardens. Using LED grow lights not only lowers your garden’s costs, it also lowers the garden’s carbon footprint, which is very, very important. Below is a video about Pink House Blooms LLC’s, which is a cultivation company based in Colorado. They recently switched all of their lighting over to Heliospectra LED grow lights and haven’t looked back. I think it’s a powerful testimonial to the quality of LED grow lights by Heliospectra:

Below is more information about Pink House Blooms LLC’s decision to go all in with Heliospectra LED grow lights:

Pink House Blooms LLC., a leading cannabis cultivation and dispensary operation focused on high quality product development, strain diversity, energy efficiency and overall operational sustainability, has replaced all of their archaic lighting with Heliospectra’s LED luminaires. Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technologies for plant research and greenhouse cultivation is honored to be working with Pink House Blooms – a premium brand with tight quality and product control criteria.-

Pink House Blooms LLC has replaced all of its high intensity discharge (HID) / high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps with Heliospectra’s industry disrupting LX601C intelligent lighting. Both the vegetative and flowering grow rooms have been upgraded, allowing the facility more lighting control through the LX601C’s intelligent software. The retrofit has been accomplished in stages, further indicating Pink House’s methodical approach to technology adoption.

“Like most smart growers, Pink House is focused on the quality of their grown product. We have worked with Elliott, Ryan, Nick and the rest of the awesome staff at this Denver based, home-grown company to ensure that they see real, tangible results when implementing our technology. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see Pink House succeeding.” -Chris Walker, General Manager, Heliospectra AB.

With net revenue being the ultimate metric of a vertically oriented cannabis business, where lamp choice can make or break the overall sustainability of a business model, the choice of lighting is crucial. Pink House Blooms has reputation for seeking out technology to reduce its environmental impact and lower the cost of goods sold. The Heliospectra LX601C delivers on light intensity, variable spectrum software, reduced electricity costs and heat dissipation.

“Pink House tested our lamps alongside other lighting technologies and found what other growers are beginning to discover – the Heliospectra LX601C provides significant operational differentiations. Aside from obvious energy efficiency, when used in conjunction with our intelligent software, the lamp can cut multiple days off flowering, provide yields that are as good or better than traditional lighting and it can be ducted, further improving a grow operation’s electricity load.” -Chris Walker, General Manager, Heliospectra AB

“Heliospectra is selling a very different LED grow light – truly a game changer for the industry. We’ve heard many claims and promises from LED manufacturers over the years and it feels as though the industry has finally arrived. We approach technology testing as a survival tactic, so when we find something that works we tread carefully. Heliospectra has been nothing but educational, generous, professional and excited to work with Pink House. The lamp’s software provides my growers with new found flexibility, a competitive advantage in my revenue model and most importantly, our product array is as diverse as ever with chemical profiles only continuing to improve as we lock our genetics into appropriate Light Recipes.” -Elliott Klug, Owner, Pink House Blooms LLC


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  1. This cheap grow light for indoor have the most flexible design used sometimes in multi layer vertical systems and inter lighting designs between plants. They are also designed in a multitude of customizable options depending on some number of factors as like energy saving consideration, spacing considerations etc.

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  3. So I have a friend wanting to grow no more than 6 plants. What size of LED light is needed and good brands? Doesn’t wanna go over $300

  4. I bought the Kind led systems I would do it again, they are balanced and flawless. they are past their warranty and not a single led has failed. (4 years in) I would question the mean time before failure on the chinese stuff.
    (do you really want to cut corners on your babies) :-)

  5. oldergrower420 on

    While they do seem to have a great product, so does Lumigrow and Kind and a few others. My only problem with LED’s is MARS2 1600 pulls 700 watts at the wall and is capable of growing a 4×4 foot footprint for around 600 US dollars but is made in China. Granted Lumigrow and Kind are made in America, they also cost like 1,300 to 1,700 dollars to grow the same footprint. Why is it no American companies are offering a low end LED fixture that has coverage.I could swing 1200 to cover a 4×8′ area but 3,400 to get the same coverage seems a bit .. well greedy. Why won’t American LED manufactures offer a low end version of say the Mars 2 for say 8 or 900. I would pay more to have American made.. just not short of triple.

  6. Attic/Dungeon Flowers on

    All in all an advertisement for heliospectra which is another very expencive LED light set up i know this an havent even looked at their site yet but i do pay attention to price as a consumer jus like any other an ive noticed that the more LED systems that come out price fiesnt go down as with other products its just been goin up if i was to make the jump from MH/HPS to LEDs im gonna still have to go with Mars they have great prices as well as sales on multiple light systems i also noticed the sq footage these LED systems cover due to the price of making them with quality parts they dont make ones that cover a huge area so now u need to buy multiple systems to cover about the same sq footage as 1 MH/HPS some might come close tho another thing is replacement parts if u should ever need em will be very expencive. So the only argument LEDs have is cheaper cost to run em. Thats my 2 cents! KEEP GROWIN ON

  7. •o•o·O°O◊O°O·o•o• on

    So, is this actually an article or just a very thinly-veiled ad for Heliospectra?

  8. Pretty sweet setup. I’d go the extra step and outright purchase my commercial building and run a full solar setup.

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