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What Is ‘710’ And How Did 7/10 Become A Stoner Holiday?


dabs dabbing concentrates butane hash oil medical marijuanaHappy 7/10 from The Weed Blog! If you consume a lot of dabs, then I’m sure you are already aware that today is 7/10, and that 7/10 is a stoner holiday. However, I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads wondering what 7/10, or 710, means. You will see 710 come up a lot today, because after all, it’s July 10th, the ‘mostly official’ stoner dab holiday. Below are my thoughts about the holiday. Of course, if you are a dab historian, and you have exact dates (with proof!) of who started 710 and who declared it a holiday and when, feel free to put it in the comments section:

What Is ‘710’?

710 is the stoner term used to describe and celebrate marijuana concentrates, similar to how 420 is used. For a very long time 420 was used to describe and celebrate all forms of marijuana, but sometime fairly recently someone decided that marijuana concentrates needed their own holiday and numerical term, and 710 was chosen. 710 was chosen because if you turn the number upside down, it spells ‘OIL’ which is a term often used when referring to marijuana concentrates like wax, shatter, etc.

What Are Dabs?

I actually wrote an entire article on this topic, but in a nutshell, dabs are concentrated forms of marijuana (hash). The most common forms are made with a solvent like butane or CO2, but there are other ways of making dabs. To read my article that is conveniently titled ‘what are dabs’ click this link here.

Who ‘Invented 710’?

As with most things in marijuana culture, there’s no way to know for sure who coined the term 710 and applied it to marijuana concentrates. There are no doubt many, many people out there that claim that they were the ones that started it, or know the person that did. Such things are nearly impossible to prove, so rather than even try, we will just say that someone, sometime in the last handful of years started using the phrase and it stuck.

When Did ‘710’ Become A Stoner Holiday?

Again, such things are very hard to prove. However, I didn’t start hearing about 710 celebrations and it being referred to as a stoner holiday until 2013. Does that mean that that’s when it started? I doubt it. I’m sure there are people that have been celebrating it longer than that. If someone has been celebrating on 7/10 prior to that, feel free to state so in the comments (which I’m sure there will be many!)

Below is a sweet infographic that WeedMaps put out a couple of years ago and sent over for TWB to use. I think it’s a good visual for today’s holiday:

What are dabs





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  1. I really want someone to contact me saying the earliest they have ever heard the term 710 used in relation to thc oils. As I am not claiming to have created it but I am defiitely a pioneer of it. Back in late 2008 (october-December) my father had given me some marijuana oil for chores (I was 15 at the time, life was kinda different as a kid for me). I wanted to tell my friends but my dad always told me to be smart and not talk about anything illegal over the phone with my friends so I was thinking of a way I could tell them before I got back to town (father lived in a small town about half an hour away). As I was cleaning the garage I found a can of motor oil, it was upside down from my point of view and it clicked in my head. I pulled out my phone and texted my friend immediately saying I had 710! He texted me back. “What the fucks 710?” I told him to read it upside down and we started using it alot between just our group of friends. As time went on I had gotten alot more oil. I mean ALOT. I brought it around school to make a few extra bucks sometimes, sold it really cheap to cause I wanted to spread the word. I told people if they want oil from me to always ask for 710 to keep it somewhat discreet but while also create a brand for oil like how weed has 420. Some people thought it was clever cause they never heard something like that before and other people just thought it was a code to text me for oil not realizing what it really was lol. The day 710 I never conceived. I do remember a friend saying to me once “yo you should celebrate 710, like smoke only oil that day like it’s 420” I pretty much said that’s cool but I pretty much do that already lol. But last year a friend of a friend of mine invited us to a 710 party when I was chilling with him and I was astounded that people were celebrating it like 420. It has been 8 years since I started saying it, and word of mouth does travel. It’s just since July of 2015 I’ve been doing heavy heavy research on where people first heard 710. And after asking around 100 people, few local and many online throughout different areas of the western world the earliest someone has stated was in 2011 on a smokers blog that lived somewhere in Ontario Canada. Well thats really intriguing because I live in southern ontario canada, but I myself never had a blog. I had a ton of friends who had heard and knew about 710 as I was getting out of high school in 2011. All I’m saying is word of mouth travels fast. And word of mouth travels faster through the Internet.

  2. Why are stoners hating on dabbing? Sometimes concentrates are the only way people get help. Plus stoners have been smoking hash oil for ever its just a new way to smoke it. If they invented a new bong would you shun that too? People burn down their own homes growing bud too,lets shun them too. Them colored people smoke blunts,shun them too. 710 is a holiday just as much as 420, hell in colorado OIL has taken over.

  3. I don’t agree. I never used concentrated before a couple of months ago. Now I know that they certainly have their place as medicine. I know some folks who can’t live normally without it. I used to think differently before meeting these people in my medical cannabis circles. I have learned to be more compassionate. Besides that, cannabis users shouldn’t look down on others for their choices. We are better than that, aren’t we?

  4. Its a good marketing gimmick…are they on Facebook yet?

    Maybe its because 4/20 is hitlers b-day.

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  6. I totally agree with Ron G. Dabs are to buds as 200 proof hard liquor is to beer…and pictures of dudes dabbing into a catatonic state and houses blowing up from butane explosions will help the Prohibitionists keep Cannabis illegal. And while we are at it, get off my fucking lawn…

  7. How did 7-10 become a stoner holiday?

    Well, it didn’t, and it won’t. We already have a holiday; you don’t get two birthdays or a couple of Halloweens per annum, so why would you want to dilute the significance of 4-20 with a half-assed nod to a particular consumption technique?

    4-20 will always be a great reminder of how stoner culture evolved. With its backstory of a group of friends scheduling a session, it speaks to weed’s clandestine history and how that underground status created a social network strong enough to end prohibition. There were so many of us gathering into little bands to share our sacrament in special places that we became a movement.

    This 7-10 idea, on the other hand, is more like a bad stoner cliche. A bunch of guys (it has to be guys–this reeks of bro-down) are sitting around, fully couch-locked, and one has a fantastic revelation. “Duuude–if you turn OIL upside down and backward, it says 7-10.” Everyone in the room agrees that this is hilariously significant. (And, according to the infographic, they also agree that OIL is an acronym for dabs, which might make sense after enough of them.)

    The 4-20 scenario is why 56 percent of Oregonians voted to legalize; the 7-10 picture is what convinced 44 percent to vote the other way.

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