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What Is A Marijuana Tolerance Break And Should You Take One?

marijuana tolerance break

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There a handful of reasons why people take a break from consuming marijuana. The most likely reason is that you need to get a job, and that your desired employer drug tests. The second most common reason is that the break from consuming marijuana is court ordered do to forced rehab or probation or some other unfair reason. But another reason is what many refer to as a ‘marijuana tolerance break.’ A marijuana tolerance break is a good idea if you are not getting as high as you used to, and wish to get more out of the experience of consuming marijuana.

Most veteran marijuana consumers have been there one time or another. You puff and puff and puff, but you don’t seem to get that super baked feeling anymore. The quality of nugs or oil you are consuming likely isn’t the problem. The problem is likely that your tolerance is through the roof. This is becoming more and more prevalent as dabs grow in popularity. Most of the people I know that consume a large amount of dabs day in day out complain that they don’t get as high as they used to, and there’s just no way they can get high off of flower anymore, no matter what the quality is.

If this is you, maybe you should consider taking a marijuana tolerance break so your body’s tolerance level can go down. I know, taking a break from consuming marijuana doesn’t sound that appealing. I personally consume marijuana mainly to relax from stressful, work-filled days, and without marijuana I would probably go off on a person or two daily for being stupid. But, if you can handle the off days, I assure you it will be worth it. I took a few marijuana tolerance breaks during the last twenty plus years I’ve been consuming marijuana, and I can say first hand that the high you get when you start consuming again is well worth it. It felt like the first time all over again with the giggles and whatnot.

How long of a marijuana tolerance break one should consider taking depends on the individual. If you consume like Jay Smoker, you may want to take a week or two off (he smokes like a broken chimney). If you are like me, and work all day most days and can’t consume, a few days should be enough to get your tolerance level back in line. Of course, realize that once you start consuming again, your tolerance will go up again, so revisit the marijuana tolerance break approach again from time to time.

Realize that I’m saying take a break, not quit altogether. You would be taking a break in order to get higher in the future. Remember, quitters never prosper! Have you ever taken a marijuana tolerance break? If so, how did it go? Do you have any tips? How long did you go in between sessions? Leave a comment so that other readers can benefit from your experiences.


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  1. You need to get educated. It’s called research. THC help rejuvenate the lungs after smoking. But if you use a hemp wick, weed doesn’t even combust. Combustion is what causes tar. The worse that could happen is your lungs would get irritated, and that’s only if you don’t use hemp wick. Don’t spread propaganda like this. Whatever you read was propaganda and you would know this if you looked at the sources. You have to make sure it’s a scientific claim. People like CBS and CNN are already spreading bs.

  2. I’m pretty young and just started out smoking pot been here for a few months now and have had it, I noticed it had gone up. A lot, I used to be such a lightweight just one bowl and i’d be off my face, Now i’m standing up to 3 and i’m still fine, I tested this with a full hot box of my blankets, Lots of fun if i could get high. I hope this works haha, I’m gonna see if i can make it through 2 weeks

  3. WombRaider702 on

    That’s all you can do. My tolerance is higher than a Martian fart. I even tried to “overdose”on Edibles, blunts, Bong rips, but I get a mild high and that’s with some hand made quality sh!t. A week off was good for me. When I did burn again the song ” it feels like the first time” by foreigner randomly played in my mind. Hope this helps. #animalcookies

  4. Last year i wanted to quit marijuana for good but that ended up being a tolerance break. I just couldn’t resist the sweet power of Mary J lol. I stopped for what seemed like years but only 2 months. I noticed that my focusing and memory skills Improved a lot. I also started to have vivid dreams more often, like seriously I couldn’t tell if it was real or not. After I finally told myself (it’s time) In a determined tone, I sparked one. Pulling and inhaling just waiting for the Big Bang theory to happen. Before I knew it I was high asf to the point that I didn’t want to finish the J.
    It was all fun, trippy, scary just all in one. I recommend anyone to try a tolerance break if you want a bigger better long lasting high…..To all the stoners out there ( enjoy your Buds )

  5. Raphael Krausz on

    All you guys need to remember to be respectful to each other…

    Facts based on studies are subject to change with time – especially with Marijuana as there isn’t a great deal of study that has been done due to its legal status.


    So, whilst it may have more tar – you smoke far less.

    I’ve been an on and off again smoker for quite some time now. I find that when I smoke Jays, I smoke cigarettes far less… but I still need to quit smoking, and I wonder if I shouldn’t try to switch to edibles… I find I quite smoking, but then still roll joints with tobacco… the end result, I end up smoking cigarettes again when my current stash runs out…

  6. My pattern is like this. I buy a bag that lasts about 8-10 days then I take the following 8-10 days as a tolerance break which seems to get my levels back to where I can get super baked on resumption of smoking. I am sometimes tempted to give my connection a ring before the 8-10 days is up but I usually last the break period no problem. I’ve got a pretty busy life so there’s not really room to be smoking all day and night anyway.

  7. I’ve smoked every day after work for the last 3 months and it’s been making me feel hazy (at least more than usual) so I took a short break for a few days. The high was much nicer once I decided to toke up again. The guy talking about lung health is right though, even though smoking weed once a day isn’t as bad as a pack of cigarettes it’d be a good idea to switch to edibles now and then just in case. It also is fun to switch things up a bit!

  8. You must be really stupid, anything you burn produces tar…
    Marijuana actually produces 4x the amount of tar build up than what tobacco does. Hahaha, get educated.

  9. Kamil Wojtaś on

    I’m not too sure TanchoRed, the whole reason why tolerances build up because our body needs more to produce the same effect. Now i’m not 100% positive on what chemical in the cannabis is actually having the most effect on pain relief with your migraines (to could be largely attributed to CBD or THC, or both in combination), but maybe, just maybe, If you were able to get a strain with a low to high (respectively) thc:cbd ratio and you still get the same amount or close to the same amount of relief, then I don’t think smoking to get rid of a migraine would necessarily render your tolerance break useless.

    If you know that smoking high THC stains rids you of your migraines, then I guess all this is useless to you ): look into BHO alternatives (wax,oil,dabs, whatever you want to call it), it is immensely difficult to build up a tolerance quick, and you will still feel it no matter what. Even if you dab 30 times in one day, that 30th dab will still give you a good high, not to mention the ‘cleaner’ smoke has less effects on your lungs and heart.

  10. Stop being a little bitch, take a 2 day break from weed, and smoke a single bowl for every half hour or hour of work you do

  11. Who in the jesus told you this load of garbage? Weed has no tar, and if it does, find someone who actually sells normal weed and not an idiot.
    just saying. The only thing that is bad i the weed is usually the smome itself.

    Weed is not bad and dont you dare let anyone say otherwise.

  12. Of course one twelfth of a gram wouldn’t get you high. It’s probably not sucky weed; he just does a pinch at a time.
    No clue why, though.

  13. I am taking a break from marijuana smoking because I am drug tested frequently and because maybe even it’s lent season before Easter. But I think Overall the main bennifit of taking a marijuana smoking break is not just for your tolerance to feel good from it, it’s because marijuana smoke i read deposits four times as much tar into your lungs than smoking the same ammount of tobacco, don’t get me wrong, Because I believe the reason behind the lungs containing more tar from marijuana than tobacco is because the lungs don’t fully absorb the marijuana tar which is good if we take a smokers break we can expell more marijuana tar by coughing up the additional plem marijuana causes which is more mixable even with the marijuana tar to a certain degree so we can cough it out thee way it came in, in the first place. This marijuana tar can be explelled easily 1. The lungs contain more marijuana tar. 2. The marijuana tar stays issolated in the lungs so it doesn’t spread this tar “toxin” through the rest of the body. 3. If we take a smokers break wecan cough that crap out. 4. If your immune system is comprised from a virus or chronic bronchitus, I am not a Doctor, Although I would suggest that if your having trouble coughing up your plem during a smokers break, you might want to ask your MD doctor to see if they agree to prescribe a steriod like prednisone or an arbutural inhaler (steriod I believe) So on that your lumgs become stronger in the muscles so you’re able to couph up that marijuana resin or reburn in the plem during a smokers break especially if you’re sick or for whatever reason why you’re taking a marijuana smokers break.

  14. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    okay why are you taking a break? from what? OH you folks use cannabis to masturbate your brain …..yeah that is the difference I use cannabis to calm my hypersensitivity to the every encroaching population of idiots and dumbasss and I struggle intensely with the frustration of not being legally able to strangle the morons.

  15. I recently had to take one to avoid failing a drug test for my hs hockey team. It was randomly announced and would b randomly given by my coach. Prior to it, I was consuming daily (spending $60/week – I know that is a lot but whne you don’t buy much else and you’re employed while having finances under control, it becomes easier to incorporate) and once this was announced I thought it would be impossible to get thru. For 2 whole months of hell I pulled thru and on the test date I passed with flying colors. That first hit I took that night was so sentimental it was like the 1st time.

    If you have to do this, it doesn’t matter how long. The most important thing is to stay calm, stock up (I saved up 35g during that time) and most importantly, be patient and think positively.

  16. Trevor Evenson on

    I don’t get high period, and I only smoke 2 times a month. One gram is a 6 month supply for me.

  17. I’m also in college and I have started smoking my freshman year of high school. However it was spaced out by months due to things like sports and parents and things of that nature and in high school I really didn’t care enough to school work. Now in college and smoking Dailey and it’s easier then ever for me to find the motivation to do homework or go get a lift in. It’s a mindset in all honesty. Force yourself to go out and interact with the world while you’re high. If you get in the HABIT of sitting around and being lazy you will. That’s how it is. It sounds to me like you’re just still learning how to balance life on your own without your parents watching over you. It’s all about habits.

  18. So I smoke for pain pretty much daily – I try to make an eighth last 2 weeks, but I don’t always make it. I’m trying to go on a 4 week t-break that will end in a cabin in Estes Park with that sweet sweet Colorado weed and the altitude making you even higher. My question is this – I’ve stored ten emergency nugs in different places throughout the house for if I have one of those migraines where it’s “smoke a bowl or spend a half ounce worth of money on the copay when they won’t even give you morphine anymore”, the decision seems obvious. So if, during these next 4 weeks, I smoke the occasional emergency bowl, will that just completely defeat the purpose of the t-break?

  19. Damn, that may explain my constant headaches. I thought i could convince my body to use thc instead of oxygen.

  20. She’s lost to the world, never to return. Rumor has it that she’s still high off that smoke session…

  21. Her high was probably so rad; she forgot her own identity, and is not able to return back and post an update to the thread.

  22. I’ve blazed straight for 8 years. I’m 25 now. During July I decided it was time to take a lengthy break from smoking herb. I went all of July & August. It was killing me to have my best friend blazing away but I controlled myself. Boy did I get high when I smoked that first time after two months this most def helps you. Now since September I’m back to smoking regularly and am contemplating a herb fast maybe for a week just because I have a party coming up and want to smoke with some of my cousins. Salute, Dee from Brooklyn

  23. The THC metabolites (byproducts from ingestion) are what your body gets rid of and is what drug tests check for, but these are not actually water soluble meaning the vast majority of THC metabolites are actually shit out. Very little, if any, would be in your sweat glands and only trace amounts (but detectable) are in urine. I have been on probation where I was taking daily tests and saw the process of getting clean first hand multiple times. Cranberry juice and green tea will help some to speed up excretion of byproducts (both via urine and shit), but nothing will help as much as just exercising a lot and trying to lower body fat a little by boosting your metabolism. I went from smoking good weed everyday for 30 days to being clean over a single weekend just from being extremely active and drinking lots of fluid for 3 days. If you are not in good shape, it is likely to take more than 2-3 days of hard exercise to get clean. Avoid fatty/salty foods and alcohol and you get clean even faster.

  24. I am studying in the Netherlands so smoke literally all day every day, first thing I do in the morning is smoke a spliff. I went back to my home city in Ireland for Christmas and make a point of not knowing any dealers at home so I can get a tolerance break. I just came back from 3 weeks at home, which is the longest I’ve gone in 2 and a half years without smoking. Rolled a fat spliff 20 minutes ago, am 3 drags in and already feel like it’s my first time smoking weed again. 10/10 would recommend a tolerance break! (P.S. it took me 19 of those minutes to write this post – happy blazing)

  25. Gigantipithecus on

    I’m a 29, 30 days a month user. More limited durning work week. My tolerance is at an all time high and it sucks. I find that a few day t breaks help a lot for that first high or so but the tolerance returns quick.

    My unscientific tips: don’t take that 3rd hit if your already high. You’re just building your tolerance with no related benefit. Indulge after a workout, and if your stomach is relatively empty you will feel it even more.

    2-3 day tbreaks are a big help but my guess is you need to go a couple weeks to have a longer term benefit.

    I had my last vapor at 1am last night. I avoided the 4am vapor and got up and worked out and am drinking a lot of water. Taking our dogs on long walk later. Even though I’ve indulged the last 3 weeks straight, I will catch a nice high tonight if I keep to this plan.

    Keep on keepn on everyone.

  26. Y’all need to read this: http://www.marijuanalibrary.org/brain2.html

    THE MOST RELEVANT BITS (by Jon Gettman High Times, July 1995):



    The NIMH tolerance study confirms what most marijuana smokers have already discovered for themselves: The more often you smoke, the less high you get.

    The dose of THC used in the study was 10 mg per kilogram of body weight, a dose frequently used in clinical research. What is the equivalent of 10 mg/kg of THC in terms of human consumption?

    While most users are familiar with varying potencies of marijuana, many are only vaguely aware of differences in the efficiency of various ways to smoke it. Clinical studies indicate that only 10 to 20% of the available THC is transferred from a joint cigarette to the body. A pipe is better, allowing for 45% of the available THC to be consumed. A bong is a very efficient delivery system for marijuana; in ideal conditions the only THC lost is in the exhaled smoke.

    The minimum dose of THC required to get a person high is 10 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. For a 165-pound person, this would be 750 micrograms of THC, about what is delivered by one bong hit.

    The THC doses used on the NIMH rats were proportionately ten times greater than what a heavy human marijuana user would consume in a day. Assuming use of good-quality, 7.5% THC sinsemilla, it would take something like 670 bong hits or 100 joints to give a 165-pound person a 10 mg-per-kg dose of THC.

    Obviously, the doses used are excessive. But the study indicates that the body itself imposes an unbeatable equilibrium on cannabis use, a ceiling to every high.

    According to Herkenham’s team: “The result [of the study] has implications for the consequences of chronic high levels of drug use in humans, suggesting diminishing effects with greater levels of consumption.”

    Tolerance and the quality of the marijuana both affect the balance between the two tiers of effects: the coordination problems, short-term memory loss and disorientation associated with the term “stoned” and the pleasurable sensations and cognitive stimulation associated with the word “high.”

    The distinction between the two states is nothing unique. Alcohol, nicotine and heroin can all produce nausea when first used; this symptom also disappears as tolerance to the drug develops. To conclude that marijuana users consume the drug to get “stoned” would be as accurate as asserting that alcohol drinkers drink in order to vomit.

    One result of the NIMH study is that there is now a clinical basis for characterizing the differences between these two tiers of effects. In clinical terms, the effects of one-time (or occasional) exposure are referred to as the acute effects of marijuana. Repeated use or exposure is referred to as chronic use.

    In addition to the now-disproved claims of dependence, opponents of marijuana-law reform always refer to the acute effects of the drug as proof of its dangers. Prohibitionists believe that tolerance is evidence that marijuana users have to increase their consumption to maintain the acute effects of the drug. No wonder they think marijuana is dangerous!

    Marijuana-law reform advocates, more familiar with actual use patterns and effects, always consider the effects of chronic use as their baseline for describing the drug. “Chronic use” is just regular use, and there is nothing sinister about regular marijuana use.

    Most marijuana users regulate their use to achieve specific effects. The main technique for regulating the effects of marijuana is manipulating tolerance. Some people who like to get “stoned” on pot, which (unlike the initial side effects of other drugs) can be enjoyable. These people smoke only occasionally.

    People who like to get “high” tend to smoke more often, and maintain modest tolerance to the depressant effects. But this is not an indefinite continuum. Just as joggers encounter limits, regular users of marijuana eventually confront the wall of receptor down-regulation. Smoking more pot doesn’t increase the effects of the drug; it diminishes them.

    The ideal state is right between the two tiers of effects. One of the great ironies of prohibition is that most marijuana users are left to figure this out for themselves. Most do, and strive for the middle ground. Some just don’t figure it out, and this explains two behaviors which are identified as marijuana abuse.

    First is binge smoking, often but not exclusively exhibited by young or inexperienced users who mistakenly believe that they can compensate for tolerance with excessive consumption. The second behavior these new findings on tolerance explain is the stereotype of the stoned, confused hippie. According to this NIMH study, tolerance develops faster with high-potency cannabinoids. People who have irregular access to marijuana, and to low-quality marijuana at that, do not have the opportunity to develop sufficient tolerance to overcome the acute effects of the drug.

    Another popular misconception this study contradicts is that higher-potency marijuana is more dangerous. In fact, the use of higher-potency marijuana allows for the rapid development of tolerance. Earlier research by Herkenham established why large doses of THC are not life-threatening. Marijuana’s minimal effects on heart rate are still mysterious, but there are no cannabinoid receptors in the areas of the brain which control heart function and breathing. This research further establishes that the brain can safely handle large, potent doses of THC.

    Like responsible alcohol drinkers, most marijuana users adjust the amount of marijuana they consume – they “titrate” it – according to its potency. In the course of a single day, for example, the equilibrium is between the amount consumed and the potency of the herb. Tolerance achieves the same equilibrium; over time the body compensates for prolonged exposure to THC by reducing the number of receptors available for binding. The body itself titrates the THC dose.

  27. This is pretty much exactly my experience as well, and a quick squint through some of the more reputable academic articles points to the reason why. High doses of cannabis over extended periods of time actually cause your brain to cut down the number of THC receptors in the brain. In other words, the more you smoke, and specifically the more you smoke GOOD weed, the fewer actual receptors you will have, which means that less of the THC goodiness is getting into your system.

    Most of the papers I’ve read so far are behind pay walls, so I can’t link them to you, but here’s a link to a fairly accessible (easy-ish to read) summary of what I’ve found from the reputable studies:


  28. I take regular breaks for another reason. I use it for physical workouts and becoming more aware of what I do and how I think, finding all the ‘third ways’. Like weight lifting, the actual strengthening happens on the off days. 48 hours does it for me.

  29. get your work done and smoke. being successful is a sick kick but if your reasons for smoking are to enter another level of understanding you muddily must toke a time or two million. lol. school is really cool and learning is sick, but there is definitely a way to do both. look into why you feel guilty and decide who you are. (why does it matter what people look like??? lol just a sporadic question not dealing with your comment) good luck and happy times <3

  30. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    yes it is very important to take in normal atmospheric air….. so yes every other breath at least if not a few more should not be cannabis smoke .

  31. So I’m an occasional every day smoker been smoking almost a year now, been 3 days without it and have been drinking green tea everyday about 2 cups a day. When I smoke tomorrow out of my bong , will I get that first time high after maybe say the first hit ? Or so. Also I lift weights 5 days a week, competitive power lifter. Thanks ! Would be appreciated

  32. You sound like you know what you’re doing!

    While I don’t choke when I do that, it gets my ass coughing like crazy, and like my friends and I always say, gotta cough to get off. The more I cough, the more I feel that stupid high feeling, which is amazing.

  33. If you have a few scheduled moments in your day that you smoke, you can actually help in lowering your tolerance by skipping just one. Cut out a mid-day/evening session and smoke later at night, or perhaps cut down on the wake and bake to once or twice a week – as much as that sucks.

    Considering you’re a 5’2″ female who is small (I’m guessing you meant in weight and not in height), so it shouldn’t be too hard or take too long to get your tolerance in order. I’d say cut out one planned session a day and see what it does for you. If you’re still having no luck in getting back to that real high feeling, then give yourself a bare minimum of 72 hours. I know it sucks (I’m on my 48th hour right now), but trust me, the pay off will be worth it.

  34. Read your comment and then realized that it was one month ago when you posted this. I hope your high was incredibly fucking mind-blowing!

  35. I’d say just force yourself to take a tolerance break, but considering the fact that you take it medically for (is that PTSD? If so…) PTSD and pain, that may be hard. As much as tolerance breaks suck, there’s nothing better than taking one and reaping the benefits of getting that super warm, bubbly feeling after smoking again. I’m only on my 48th hour of not smoking; I usually smoke once an evening, doing a few waterfalls to myself, but I, too, know that I don’t have that overly giggly, bubbly, totally-out-of-my-mind high feeling like I used to. Could be the weed, could be that I smoke a bunch, who knows. I usually take 72 hour tolerance breaks and get nice and ripped, but I feel a week/two week long break will be necessary in the near future. Just try one, keep your mind off of it with work, hobbies, surrounding yourself with friends, and physical activity, and it’ll truly pay off.

  36. hey guys, I’ve got a question. I’m smoking almost everyday. Typically I smoke on Mondays and Thursdays which when i get the money and I spend around $20 sometimes 35 rarely 40+ but when I BUY THE $20 it lasts me for about 2 days and I seem to unable to get high anymore, I’ve started smoking Not long ago around In April 24th 2014 So basically almost a year and I don’t feel the giggling or going nuts or going silly Like I used too Still does give me a warmth kinda feeling and energy but i can’t laugh or act silly I’m sitting there with a Grin on my face and all I feel from it is well Warmth and energy

    I smoke It for medical Reasons mostly not for fun I use It for Anxiety. P STD, ADD,STRESS AND Pain/Sleep and Eating
    and I can truly say weed is a life savior because without It I won’t eat for about BTW 2 weeks up to sometimes 3 months same goes for sleeping i have horrible Habit (I don’t if you’d call that a habit) but that issues comes from my alcohol Syndrome Effect so yeah weed Is a God to me ROFL It has saved me so many times I’d probably be dead right now if not for weed cause of not eating or sleeping ROFL.

    (I Apologies for my lame and Horrible English Please Comment on this If you do not Understand anything I’ve said and I’ll try to Correct That >.<)

  37. Hey guys, so i’ve been smoking for like 3 past years in my highschool (from age 16) but it wasnt regular or anything because of being afraid that my parents would catch me or sth. And now im a first year student in the university in another country which means a lot of freedom and i’ve been toking for the last two months almost daily. Although my tolerance is still low (i can’t even smoke half a g through the evening) and money is not the problem but i find it really hard to control my smoking (whenever i buy some buds i just have to smoke it immediately, doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend). And that’s just not fun i mean it affects my studies (i really dont want to mess up my studies now just because of smoking too much weed…) and i feel guilty whenever im hitting a bowl.

    So i am kind of in between of thoughts now : Should i continue smoking and just stop being a pussy worrying about how bad and irresponisble i am?
    Or take “a tolerance break” not really for tolerance but to get my shit together and smoke only on vacations like christmas or easter?

    P.S. Last one doesn’t sound too appealing cuz i really like to smoke lol.

  38. Chiming in :) the whole point of a tolerance break is to flush weed out of your system. If you want to lower the amount.of time for your tolerance break I have a.few tips. Firstly 2-3 cups of green tea a day will help remove any oxidants from your system which allows your body to remove the weed (think it’s called thc) easier.
    weed is expelled from the body through sweat too. So really hot baths and exercise will speed up.the process. Cranberry juice works as well but in my experience green tea is more efficient. Almost forgot, drinking about 6 pints of water a day also helps flush the thc from.your system faster. Hope this helps

  39. I smoke mostly everyday, usually it was at night after work and on weekends, but when school started I started smoking here and there throughout my day to help me focus (1-2 puff here and there) I have ADD so weed helps a lot since I’m not taking any medication. but every 2-3 months i take a good 48-96 h break to get back in control of my weed consumption as well as my tolerance. (because over time I get less high and some side effects starts coming out from smoking more and more)
    BE IN CONTROL! there’s nothing worse than waking up and needing the high, you need to be able to function without weed and when you can’t anymore you need to take a break to get control over your consumption.
    Weed is awesome and it is so beneficial on many levels, but it can become a double-edged knife if you’re not careful.

  40. Honestly if you want just use like 250mg benadryl. It is a slight high in its own right and it will really help you sleep. Some people take like 900mgs of it to go on a massive hallucinogenic trip but at that dose it’s very dangerous to do. At 250 you should be very tired and hear a few voices in your head. Oh and cotton mouth. Big cotton mouth.

  41. The high after the tolerance break is amazing! Getting those good giggle vibes i never get anymore

  42. I took a 2 week break last a few months ago, and am ready to take another, I agree with the article that it is well worth it to chill for a week or two, that high you get is fantastic, I’m probably going for a 1 week t-break, just because it’s been about 2 months and not as long as the last stretch of time.

  43. I started smoking regularly about 3 months ago. I’ve smoked before but this was the first time I am smoking every day. I noticed my tolerance was way too high within a month of smoking every day. I would only be stoned for less than 30 mins IF I even felt it at all. I wanted to take a week off but only lasted a day before a friend called me for a party where there was weed.

    Anyway – That was the first night I actually got stoned and remained stoned for longer than 30 mins. I smoke at least 3 times a day while working. (All I do is answer emails, so its not like anyone is getting hurt from my smoking. LOL) Those hits are just minimal just to feel slightly stoned. After work I smoke again and I ALWAYS do a Wake and Bake. I’ve been told that’s about an average smoker, and one day was enough to help me out. Maybe one day a week I’ll take a tolerance break or skip one of my work hits?

    IDK. I’ll update when I get my smoking schedule in order. Haha.
    (Future questions: I don’t know the strains we get here or what kind of quality they are. We don’t have the luxury here of knowing what we get. It could be dirt but you’re still paying the same price. I’m a small woman, 5’2. No idea if height makes a difference on anything. I can’t think of anything else that might be a future question so I’ll update as needed.)

  44. Novice smoker on

    I went a month. I was even higher than the first time cuz I know how to smoke right now.

  45. As one anon said, exercise helps. I usually just tough it out, usually takes 4-6 days before I can fall asleep normally again

  46. Maybe your not talking the hit right. I’ve been smoking for 5 years now and the way you take the hit from the bowel really makes a difference in how high you’ll get.
    I usually burn the bowel till its cherry hot. Then inhale till i cant and then take in some oxygen and try to inhale more smoke, hold it till you cant then exhale amd control it or youll choke

  47. I think you may need more time, I’ve smoked daily, 2 to 3 times a day for the last year consistently and before that maybe one a day for two years and I took a 5 day break hoping it’d do something and nothing. I’m currently on day 3 I’m aiming for 10 days.

  48. Hey I just started smoking about half a year ago but I’ve smoked quite a few times before just for fun. but now I use it as a Medicine and I’ve only been smoking for about half a year. and now every time I smoke my high is not as close to what it used to be. I barely feel high anymore and all I get is top shelf club weed. but I smoke about 4 times everyday and I’ve never took t brake but do you guys think about 3 days would work.

    And it bugs me because my friend has been smoking longer and he smokes wax all the time but smokes weed on the daily with me but he takes like 2 bowls and he’s faded af and I take 2 bowls and get pissed I don’t feel it yet

    BTW I rarely dab

  49. If I smoked regularly every day for the past month.. Quit for three days.. Would it still be in my system if I smoked one bowl and had a piss test on Monday?.. Today is Thursday.. Or should I buy a clean out kit?

  50. I’m also on my T break atm, haven’t smoked in 3 weeks. I really smoked a lot during the summer so it really fucked with my tolerance. Another reason why I’m taking this break is because my school starts again and I wanna be able to fully focus on this. I’ll try to keep the break going for another month, which I think I will be able to do. I do get some cravings to marijuana but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Good luck to everybody who is on their T break!

  51. Nikola Avalon on

    I’ve been considering taking one myself when I make my move from LA to the bay soon but as a medicinal user its incredibly hard to stop.

    I need a break to keep costs down but without weed I have panic attacks, my hands get stiff along with my hips and other joints, my back gets bad, I get headaches…moving to California changed my life in the sense that I had access to my meds.

    I’ve smoked daily since about March 2014. Forst time I smoked was a Volcano and the second time was a dab rig. I probably go through about an eighth of flower if its a blunt day or a half g of wax if I’m dabbing.

    I do find making sure to mix the two helps a lot. They set each other off.

  52. I am in a fairly similar situation, have been smoking all day every day since Oct 2014 till 10 days ago.

    I thought my days of getting high were over. I haven’t been high all year! The effects went down to a very VERY mild buzz and that’s if I smoked 2g of CHRONIC. I was smoking up to 10g a day of the highest quality weed you can imagine…

    Imagine how shocked I was when after a 1 week break, I got as high as I used to when I FIRST started. I am in a state of shock that one week was all I needed this whole time. And I’ve smoked about 6 times over the weekend and each time is a few hour psychadelic journey. It’s just madness

    So I wanted to say to you to be careful when you start again and don’t smoke as much as you were! I’m really excited for you. I have also dreaded a break and didn’t think I could do it, and then after 2 days it was easy and I didn’t even want to smoke that bad.

    I believe that something funny goes on with thc tolerance.. making it ultra powerful for the regular user after a break. After 6 smokes my tolerance is still non existent so I’m hoping people are wrong about it coming back fast. I’m just going to smoke a lot less often :)

  53. Hey Guys, just thought I’d add to this discussion and keep it alive. So the first time I smoked weed was when I was 15 (19 now), up until I started university (college) I was never really a proper stoner, I only ever smoked it if my friends had it. Anyway fast forward to late 2014-present day and as I sought to get it myself I started to smoke it more. Obviously at the end of term when lectures are over and most people have gone home I started smoking more since there wasn’t that much to keep me occupied. Started smoking over the summer from when I left university to come back home and over a few months (4 months). My started noticing that my highs weren’t as great as when I started smoking and they weren’t lasting as long either, I’d start to sober up after an hour and a half, however my friend told me, by the way you can look this up, eating mangos before or after) doesn’t seem to make a difference) made my highs much better and last longer too, at least twice as long!!! so yeah thank me later haha. By now it was mid August and my money situation wasn’t looking to good either. So I decided to go on a ‘cleanse’ or T break. I call it a cleanse because after watching one of my favourite stoner movies ‘This is the end’ with Seth Rogan and James Franco. Been going 9 days strong now and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Sure I think about it sometimes when I was bored but never when I was busy or occupied which is good btw since it shows I’m not really addicted. Heading back to uni in 4 days so my cleanse will be 2 weeks strong. Hopefully my tolereance will have gone down by then. Hope this was an interesting read, sorry for the essay, I just wanted to make it as detailed and intersting as possible (history student here so I guess it’s a habit) Happy smoking to those who read this :)

  54. Thanks! But you sure? Its just that I took a 2 week break once and once I started again I didnt even feel a difference..maybe a little. It could be due to it was just a bowl pack but idk.

  55. lmao yah youll be high as a kite bro toke on. I smoke much more then you and took a week off due to vacation in cuba and when i cam home i was most ripped ive been in years.

  56. Hey guys so just wanted to get your opinion. I’ve been toking for probably everyday the last year and a half with some off days here and there. I usually do gravity bongs which get you really high (I love showing it to new people lol) and some bowls. I usually smoke twice or 3 times a day so Im a heavy smoker. I’ve recently taken a month and a half break (a lot of willpower). Do you guys think my tolerance is completely gone or should I continue to completely rid my tolerence. Thats my goal is to have 0 tolerance, I want to get murked again like I used to. Thanks!

  57. I smoke about 4 bowls a day everyday and I’ve been noticing whenever I get high now my buzz goes away within 20 minutes so I have to smoke more and more and more . Ugh ?. So I recently bought a few edibles so I’ve been eating those every other night so I just alternate between edibles and smoking it’s working for me ?

  58. medicinal user on

    Look for a hobby to take your mind off it. Also I recommend at least 10mg of melatonin. It will help with your sleep. I have a script of xanax to help me out.

  59. grasswhisker on

    Valerian Root is a great sleep aid, I find it works better than melatonin. you might also be able to get generic ambien from your doc, that’s what I use when I don’t have bud. it works really well and is like $10 for a month’s worth

  60. I’m in the same boat. I’m also 19, and have been smoking for two years, and my tolerance level is through the roof.
    If I wake and bake, or wait all day, then smoke at night, I’ll feel it. but most days I smoke all day long, so it never really works out anyway. Sadly in the past two years, the only T Break i’ve managed was 3 days, but the next I smoked I got really high, however after a couple days of smoking again, my tolerance shot right back up. I’m currently going into my 6th day sober (which is a record for me) and I’d like to make to 2-3 weeks off. It’s been really hard, but exercising at night has really helped keep my focus away from smoking.

  61. Michael Mclaughlin on

    I’ve felt the same, it sucks. Try exercising, I take a 3 mile jog before sunset and I pass out at night.

  62. “If you’re a daily smoker simply staying sober for 1 month will get rid of the THC out of your system, but if you’re a daily smoker that period of time will also be impossible for you to stay sober., my recommendation is to stay sober while drinking energy drink every day, and taking Niacin (it’s a vitamin that flushes your body, gets rid of bad shit etc) for a week, I’ve passed drug tests when I smoked weed every day for months, had to do an unexpected drug test in 5 days, and drinking energy drinks twice a day with niacin diet enables me to pass the test.

    Believe it or not those sober drinks that are very overpriced and sold online are basically half energy drinks because when you’re on energy drinks you sweat a lot which helps your body get rid of impurities, and piss a lot too.” I’m going be trying this method; exercise would help a tremendous amount as well!

  63. In the past year, I have barely been sober a week. My main issue with a tolerance break is once I go to take one, I have major issues falling asleep. My brain may be tired but I’ll get Restless once I lay down for a few minutes. A couple of times I even popped some PM medications, or Benedril and it even keeps me awake through that. Anybody have any tips as far as this goes? It’s difficult to make it through a full day of work without sleep, haha.

  64. Those are questions and thoughts that you should share with a professional. Anti-anxiety smoker on/off for 17 years, pills for anxiety and depression ruined my late teens (Low Sex drive, weight gain, memory loss, serotonin inbalance) and went back to MMJ and am convinced it’s the lesser of the evils.

    Take a break and see how you feel, but serious tho: talk with a professional (and be honest, damnit) and get that depression you feel under control! Good luck!

  65. Dodge the Rodge on

    I feel you dawg, wish I could help tho. I’ve attempting a tolerance break for the past two week, but each time lasts me a few hours at the most. I haven’t smoked in the past 5 hours, which is a new record, and I’m itching to pack a bowl.

  66. You got low body fat I’m guessing. So either stick to eating 0.3g twice a day or smoke with a greasy burger and fries.

  67. Whats good man? really off topic but I’ve been smoking daily since I was 14 also (now 18) you notice anything off or different because of it? Like in a mental sort of way? if it wasn’t for the herb i probably would have offed my self by now but at the same time I kind of regret smoking it in the first place, I feel like I could have gone so much farther without it and now I feel like I rely on it.

  68. Michael Logan on

    I was kind of the same. I never really truly felt I needed to smoke, I just kinda did. The past 10 months I’ve smoked basically everyday with only a few off days here and there. Just recently I decided to take a break and I’m currently going into my 5th day without any smoking. I thought it would be a lot harder but the way I’ve gotten through it is by basically just doing a lot of productive stuff. Keep yourself busy with other activities and you’ll get through it. I also suggest exercising if you’re into that. I’ve been running at night rather than smoking and it’s actually felt pretty good. All in all I think it mainly comes down to the fact that you have to be determined to slow down/stop. Good luck with it!

  69. Ross Campbell on

    Sup guys, could do with some advice from those who have it. Basically I’ve been considering taking a tolerance break for a while but with any previous attempts within the past year or so I’ve found myself lighting up within a day or two. I smoke daily but usually only one or two joints after work and its just become part of my daily routine, its not like I actually crave it when I go without, I may think of it once or twice but I just seem to end up having a bit anyway. You seasoned breakers got any tips for breaking the habit?

  70. Ive been smoking since i was 14 and let me tell you i have smoked just about everything there is when it comes to weed and a tolerance break is a bomb idea every once in a while you get so baked after not smoking for like a week or 2 trust thats where its at

  71. Hey guys, what’s up! So lately I’ve noticed that my tolerance is beyond crazy! I only get high if I wake n’ bake. Throughout the day, when I blaze, I only get to a certain level of high. It’s almost like a mental barrier that I can’t get past. I had a fat bong sesh with my friend a couple days ago and I barely got high. I don’t want to say weed’s not doing it, but honestly it’s not. I’m hoping a tolerance break will help, it’s just be hard to stay sober after smoking daily. I just think it’s weird that I have a high tolerance because I’ve only been smoking for 2 years and I’m 19. Crazy .-.

  72. Brett Lovejoy on

    That’s how I’ve spent my summer: some weeks it’s all I think about (mostly because I have the same issue – I can’t sleep – and hey, weed is fantastic) and I smoke every other day, but this past week, I went four days and then ripped three homemade waterfall bong rips, and wow, that did me in real nice. I was fried.

    Smoked last night after not having done it in three days, and that was also very nice, so that’s what I’m trying to do: spread my smoking out every three to five days, so when I do, I get to smoke a good bit, and I get real high.

  73. Brett Lovejoy on

    That’s how I’ve spent my summer: some weeks it’s all I think about (mostly because I have the same issue – I can’t sleep – and hey, weed is fantastic) and I smoke every other day, but this past week, I went four days and then ripped three homemade waterfall bong rips, and wow, that did me in real nice. I was fried.

    Smoked last night after not having done it in three days, and that was also very nice, so that’s what I’m trying to do: spread my smoking out every three to five days, so when I do, I get to smoke a good bit, and I get real high.

  74. Johnny Federal Motor Carrier c on

    Don’t do it enough anymore. Quarter sack will last over a year.

  75. 25 years here & you get tolerance to a strain some more easily than others just change strain when you need & don’t confuse tolerance with shity pot .

  76. I have smoked for about 15 yrs. For the last 3 yrs it’s be high grade pot two-three times every day. I started slowing down the last four months and have pretty much quit and still can’t get high. After slowing down I quit altogether for bout a month & half and still can’t really get high. Am I damaged to never get a good high orbuzz again ? Help

  77. Just do it like this. Just smoke like you normally do. It you start getting less high with the same amount of week. Just take a one week break. And smoke it up again. Simple.

  78. Hell yes bro. You’d be surprised what even a couple days will do. When I used to smoke like 2-3 times a day, I could take 3 days off and when I came back be real toasted good. When I was at 4-5x daily yeah I takes about a week to get that good high, 2 weeks is my sweet spot. At that point I’ve probably lost 85% tolerance, and it aint really worth the extra wait. The only crap thing about taking a break (for me) is trying to get sleep, I cannot sleep without weed. I’ve realized for a while now that moderation is key, if I just smoked like 2-3 times a week I’d be super high every time and save a lot of money. But those off days really do get boring.

    Also when I smoked non stop I felt like I would be residually high from the day before or from earlier in the day, so I didn’t really notice the high when I smoked because there wasn’t really a sober experience to contrast it with. I feel like even if tolerance didn’t go up with smoking, we’d still need to take breaks from being residually high, so that’s a factor too imo

  79. Hell yes bro. You’d be surprised what even a couple days will do. When I used to smoke like 2-3 times a day, I could take 3 days off and when I came back be real toasted good. When I was at 4-5x daily yeah I takes about a week to get that good high, 2 weeks is my sweet spot. At that point I’ve probably lost 85% tolerance, and it aint really worth the extra wait. The only crap thing about taking a break (for me) is trying to get sleep, I cannot sleep without weed. I’ve realized for a while now that moderation is key, if I just smoked like 2-3 times a week I’d be super high every time and save a lot of money. But those off days really do get boring.

    Also when I smoked non stop I felt like I would be residually high from the day before or from earlier in the day, so I didn’t really notice the high when I smoked because there wasn’t really a sober experience to contrast it with. I feel like even if tolerance didn’t go up with smoking, we’d still need to take breaks from being residually high, so that’s a factor too imo

  80. Wow man, sorry to be so direct but I think what you got is a case of no will power whatsoever, I’ve smoked for ten years, whenever I want to take a break for a few days I do it no problem, yes, I miss it, but having the security and will power of being able to say no when offered a puff, that’s something you can only make yourself, a therapist would help a lot or if you have access to yagé (ayahuasca) in the correct set and setting, even better. What I haven’t done so far is a long t break, I’m gonna start one as soon as I run out of the half joint I’m smoking now, I’m aiming to perfect my oil recipe and my sis and mom are willing to test it.

  81. Henrykushinger on

    When I have weed, I smoke like a dragon. Right now I’m on a week long T break between getting back from a semester abroad in Europe and getting to my college campus for work this summer. The quality of the weed I got in EU just doesn’t compare to what I can get in the U.S. (Aside from a week long side-trip to Amsterdam, holy s–t), and usually I get pretty baked from a half-week T break. So I’m looking forward to getting absolutely ripped on Sunday. :)

  82. must just be better weed bro, over the 7 years youv obvs built up a tolerance and so now after that your starting all over again but with probably way better stuff than 10 years ago! take it easy and let your tolerance build up a tiny bit more (obviously in moderation haha)

  83. Brett Lovejoy on

    Good old college. Took myself a proper week long tolerance break about two weeks ago, because a buddy planned on coming up and we were going to get super ripped and go catch a movie at the cinemas. Well we smoked at least three or four times a day up at my college, and so the waterfall bong rips I was doing at home weren’t doing much for me.

    Let me tell you, a six day tolerance break is exactly what I needed. The first few days of the break sucked, but knowing that I was going to (possibly) be super high at the end of it was what kept me going. Sure enough, the day he came over, he packed me up a fat hit and fuckmerunningwow was I high. I was baked like a cake, stoned out of my mind.

    If you smoke on a regular basis and you feel like your weed is magically getting worse somehow, don’t worry, it’s not: it’s you. Take a few days to recuperate and I promise that first-time high you have is more than worth it.

  84. I smoke pretty regularly and last time I was smoking, it was pretty much everyday, maybe every other day. I decided to stay sober after I noticed that me smoking 8 grams between me and a friend didn’t get me the high I thought I should be. I usually like to space out smoking sessions to keep my tolerance but lately that wasn’t the case so I decided to stop smoking for a bit. I’ve been sober for about 3 weeks and will probably continue on until prom which is in two weeks. I find that after taking tolerance breaks, I get extremely keyed and love it, I also feel better and although I may cough more from not smoking as often, it’s worth it for the high I get. Definitely recommend taking tolerance breaks every once in a while.

  85. Completely agreed with you, it will never be like the first time, or maybe as you say so after a f-ing long break, a break of some good years, I have stopped smoking for periods of 8 months and even a year, and after going back to smoke, well yeah the buzz is fantasic, but nothing compared to those heights from the beggning, there must be a cap, maybe you could recover up to 80% of your original high, but you will hardly get back to 100%, there’s gonna be some tolerance you may never never get rid of.

  86. I know this was a while ago and not many people will see this but I’m gonna say it anyways. I smoked for my first time about six months ago and for the past four months I’ve been smoking every day sometimes more than once a day and I completly agree with you. The past few weeks I haven’t been getting very high and I only took a two day break and after that it was almost like my first time again. I’ve been taking a break this week and I have also noticed that I remember my dreams now.

  87. Jefferey Burnside on

    I take forced breaks at least once a month for about 3 weeks due to cost ometimes longer due to availability

  88. I literally cracked the fuck up reading this. Twice.

    Ok phew… trying to recover and comment on the subject.

    I have smoked everyday for 10+ years, with the exception of a 1 1/2 year break. I agree with others that the high of that “first” hit again after a 1 year+ break can be comparable in many ways to the real first time of getting high. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it captures the magic that we all felt and can unfortunately only experience one time ever.

    Honestly though, every single decent narcotic that’s worth a shit in some way carries this same caveat. ESPECIALLY if you(your brain) actually liked it.

    (insert drug)+the first time our brain “got off” on it= A once in a lifetime unique experience that is never able to be replicated no matter how high you get off the drug after that. I would argue that this is the closest to real “magic” that you can ever hope to get if you live in the land of science and not sky daddy.

    And that leads to my last comment which is a t break is almost completely for the mental aspect. To put it as basic as possible, after that first high in which our brains had never had enough contact with the drug to be intoxicating, we start consciously, and mostly unconsciously. processing and learning how to work and function within this mental state with everytime we use after that. So after your brain going in and out of this state 100s/1000s of times, on the surface we feel like we aren’t “high” for the simple fact that our minds have learned to handle being in that state, too well in fact. And this especially sucks when applied to weed cause it doesn’t have the insane tolerance issues that are naturally inherent with other harder drugs.

  89. I smoked at least $20+ worth of weed a day of regular and nugs(if I could get my hands on the nugs) every single day for over 7 years. I was mentally addicted. I went to rehab self willing and stayed sober for over 3 years. I just picked up smoking again. And … I hate to say it but as much as I still enjoy the smell the smoke ect.. I can’t handel it! I take 2 hits of regular weed NOT nugs and I am way too high. It sucks. I feel like I can’t focus on anything I feel like my mind is slipping. I encounterd the same feeling in my past heavily smoking days once when I ate like 3 slices of pot cake and smoked a blunt. I get tooooo high. I am continuing to smoke one hit at a time but hope I get past this so I can enjoy smoking as I did before. Has anyone else struggled like this? Even when I first smoked weed I never had this experience or got this high. Can I get some feed back?

  90. Longest break I went on since I started blazing every day was about 2 weeks but I smoked waaaaaaaay too much and lost my shit. But even after that I still wasn’t feeling the giggles or trippin. Most people don’t realise that tolerance is a mental thing as well as physical, your mind is used to being high which is why for some it doesn’t ever seem as good as when you first started. My mate said if that’s you its about a 3 month break before you can get back to that state and if you want to keep it that way you should smoke up only once every 2 weeks, like a special occasion. I’m 3 days in on my 3 month break, wish me luck :)))

  91. that high guy on

    The first time for me is crazy, I basically hallucinate (I don’t see things but I might as well the way I act and think and feel)… I didn’t say this in past tense because I’ve taken a year’s break and the first time after the break was exactly the same. I’m not sure how long of a break it takes for it to be like this, but a couple weeks doesn’t cut it. Sure I get super high, but it’s never like the two separate first times I’ve smoked. I just breaked a few days because some “dank ass weed” didn’t get me that high, and smoking it again (one tiny pipe hit) after those few days got may way more ripped than the 2 Js I hotboxed just before the break. Take a T-Break every chance you get! you’ll not regret it!

  92. Ive tried taking many tolerance breaks, but since all of my friends/cousins smoke daily, its hard as hell lol. My one cousin who lives right behind me is a drug dealer, and so is my bestfriend. Literally whatever I do, I cannot get away from weed (usuaully not a bad thing?) But smoking everyday for the past year or 2, I realized im just not getting stoned anymore. Recently me and my family went on a vacation to a resort in Mexico, and for whatever reason there was no bud to be found down there. All I can say is, when I got back after that week and smoked for the first time, I was STONED. Spacing out, giggling at nothing, etc. If you smoke everyday try taking a week off, its well worth it!

    side note: when you stop smoking you start remembering your dreams and its actually pretty cool lol

  93. I beg to differ, while you can again feel stoned and sometimes giggle, and, depending on the situation and the quality of the weed, you may get quite trippy, itll never be as the first time, not if you havent taken a loooong ass break and smoked or ate brownies like a motherfucker.

    The first time (if anyone remembers), for me, was a space high trip, i just smoked like 3 times out of a pipe and didnst stopped laughing for hours, and still felt high the next day, and like the 4th time i smoked purple kush, just once, and got so badly tripped i started running around my college thinking the cops were at every corner, hahaha!

    Now THAT is getting high as fuck.

  94. I dab about everyday, and have for years. recently I wasn’t able to find any oil so I had to smoke flower. The day I took my last dab the flower did nothing for me, but after sleeping and coming back down all the way and that morning and ever since one bong rip has got me stoned. Makes me think tolerance isn’t really a thing with bud. I at least feel the same high off of every bowl, just as long a I haven’t taken a dab that day.

  95. masterbongkush on

    Damn ima try nd take t break. save some money up im still young so ya but ive been smoking half my lifetime from 8 till now 16 it wasnt everyday until i reached 12 but ya since then its been everyday blunts and dabs and bong tokes and its gotten to the point where i only fuck with this one dealer cuz he has the bud i like cuz its always super potent and when i show my friends they freak out other than that i cant smoke any lower quality and its not like i have to take a break or stop i just wanna try the t break see how it goes. geez i expect me to be grumpy x) oh well here it goes

  96. I’m currently in my 2nd week (about to enter week 3) of my 4 week T-break, I’ve smoked everyday for the past 8 months so naturally i thought it was time for a break. I’m not gonna lie it was difficult at first but after you get through the first week its not so bad just don’t let your friends and your mind tempt you! easier said than done i know but its quite manageable. I also live in the Netherlands which didn’t make things easier(Koffieshops everywhere) but still it’ll be worth it when i light up again on 4/20 :P.

  97. what did the stoner say on

    I took a 2 day break to go to California. When I came back and smoked again I was ridiculously baked. I think a ten day break will be in order soon though. I only consume flower and I dab rarely.

  98. I was your typical everyday stoner. And i decided to “quit” because my life was starting to go down the drain because i couldn’t stay sober long enough to go to my college courses.

    The quitting never truly resulted in me banishing weed. I just became able to control myself. I smoke in spurts now. I might smoke 4 times in one week and not smoke again for months.

    Recently i had been completely smoke free for 3 months (more as a precaution for getting a job than wanting to be completely sober).

    Than one night, after band practice, one of my bandmates/buddies asked if i wanted to hit a water fall with him…

    I thought, i’ve been out of the game for a while.. Why not. I kinda miss it.

    Worst decision ever.

    I was so stoned, just off of one hit of a normal water bottle size waterfall, that i ended up texting my buddy, asking him, “WTF IS THIS SHIT”.

    I thought i had taken some pcp.

    My heart was thumping out of my chest to point that i could feel every little artery and vein getting ready to burst. I was SOOO uncomfortable.

    Moral of the story; if you take a long break.. be careful about how hard you go when you start smoking again.. If you take months off (maybe even weeks), don’t go in doing dabs or hug bong rips. Unless you’ve always been comfortable with being incredibly high.

    I definitely would not recommend that with people that experience anxiety while smoking.. Like I.

  99. So I have a question I’m have to take a drug test and I don’t know if I’m a chronic user or not because I only smoke once a day every 2 or 3 days . so idk how long it will stay in my system help me out ?

  100. Taking a one hit shouldn’t hurt, it might even reduce the tension. After that take a break for about 2 weeks and everything g should b back to normal. Don’t think of taking one hit as a slip up, but give yourself a couple of weeks to flush out

  101. Yes i have taken many tea breaks my pattern is different …i do it for about 3 to 4 weeks after finishing all my work during my evenings and off days continuously then i take a break for about 5 to 6 months ,,,then i do it again ..it has help me alot i m successful in my career and my social life is awesome. This high periods of my life stimulate my capacities and intuitive nature .. Its very empowering to be in control

  102. Try cigarettes or binge watch tv or spend time on a hobby. Idk anything mindless and time consuming takes my mind off the weed if I’m trying to go without it got a while.

  103. Dude I did the same thing for the last 3 years and then got high as fuck right after church on Easter. I go to the sunrise service so I get that shit out of the way quicker. It’s like the best fucking day of the year. Plus you got all the chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs. Totally worth it dude.

  104. I’m the smoke like the chimney kinda stoner and I’m on a tolerance break and I’m only on day 2 and its just not working! I know it will be worth it by the end of this week or so but its really hard! Any tips to keep myself together without smoking????

  105. gluten-free-poo on

    So I’ve been smoking daily for about half a year. I’m in college so I tend to smoke a bowl once after classes are done (if I don’t have homework) by the afternoon then maybe one or two more bowls by the time I fall asleep. Obviously days or certain weekends where I’m busy I slow down. Others I speed up. So I don’t smoke too terribly much I guess, but I just had my spring break and I smoked so much that my high hardly lasts 45 minutes. For the past few months I’ve been only able to get Indica strands and it was bothering me that I wasn’t getting my mind high as much. So I got Sativa over the break but it is still hardly doing the trick for as long as it used to.

    Now I’m just wondering how long of a tolerance break would be most appropriate. I’ve seen people mention try just taking only one hit instead of entire bowls n what not. Is this effective you think for my case? I haven’t smoked since two nights ago and I wasn’t sure if just taking a small normal hit from my one-hitter would essentially ruin my attempts to go on a tolerance break. I’m shooting for a 5 day or more long tolerance break but I wasn’t sure if one hit on this particular evening would hurt.

    So I guess my question is if you are on a tolerance break, will smoking even the slightest bit ruin your break?

  106. Feel you bro. My roommates won’t slow down at all and i need to take a break for financial reasons (buds expensive!) In my experience getting my more stubborn friends on board with a good idea, and a tolerance break is a great one is to lead by example. It may mean taking some time from your buddies but when they see how baked you get off just a bit they’ll be so jealous they might join you the NEXT time you need to take a break.

  107. You need to fill that void with Jesus Christ. In His name everything is possible. I’ve been where you are and let me tell you it feels good to have control over bud

  108. Me la Chuparon on

    haha dude that was me, I started smoking at least 4 to 5 times a day which basically turned me into a lazy sleeping machine, but ever since I lowered my cannabis intake to 3 times a week, I’ve been doing better in college as well, unfortunatley 4/20 is right around the corner haha xD

  109. blackwidowbaby on

    Started today with my break. Got to last a while as I am in a drug and alcohol program for a dui. Going to miss the green, but excited for the dark circles under the eyes to go, to have dreams again, no munchies, and increased lung capacity. Also looking forward to starting again this summer. That first blunt while I’m lying on a towel in the sun, is going to be magical.

  110. wow that takes some balls man. its hard to give up something like that. I gave up being as lazy so i naturally decided to smoke less since smoking makes me a couch potato. I have actually lost a bit of weight and im doing a little better in school. engineering is a bitch

  111. Man up and do the right thing for your health and enjoyment. Your real friends will be there when it’s done, and you don’t really want to stay friends with people that try to sabotage your self control.

    Marijuana isn’t addictive, but humans are habit-forming creatures. As a heavy smoker, you may not see any substantial benefits from a break shorter than 48 complete hours. I know you can do it! And when it gets hard, just remember why you wanted the break, and how great it will be when you can enjoy marijuana again in ALL of its glory – not a crappy shadow of a former high. I believe in you!

  112. I’ve been trying to take a tolerance break for the pass 2 weeks and I seem to fail everyday. If it’s not my love for any form of THC stopping me, it’s my friends sparking me up to weed just so I can smoke. I started smoking 5 years ago and since then I became a heavy smoker. A few grams a day, dabs, vapes, edibles, tincture, anything you can name really. But lately I feel sluggish and depended on marijuana. The only way I want to do anything is to get high before. And after. I’ve tried talking to my friends that I want to take a break and they honestly spark me up on purpose so I don’t stop smoking, It’s hard to deny free weed from your friends. I don’t want to go on a tolerance break if it means I have to a break from my friends as well. Anyone have any tips on what I should do?

  113. DeliciousTriscuits on

    Bahahahjah that one wins. Breaks are for shakes are for lakes, have a tangerine.

  114. I’ve been on a t-break for over 2 weeks, have 4 weeks left. The reason? Well it’s lent, I’m catholic, and decided that weed would be the thing I’d miss the most, and also my tolerance was just a bit too high. Before peeps start hating on me because I’m even mentioning religion, I just want yal to relax, I’m not about to preach. As a daily smoker it’s been pretty tough, as smoking was something fun to come home to after a shitty day at work… lol or even after a good day. Hardest has been the weekends, where I’d pretty much wake and bake. But I plan on having an awesome Easter weekend of wake and bake and weed buffets. Lol get excited just thinking about it.

  115. misses hunny on

    Dear everyone, it’s been approximately 2 hours since I’ve smoka the ganga and i just caint caint caint handle it. i love thinking of little creatures and lollipops all the time it makes me feel like i have some worth in this world of danger and alcoholics. I’m not sure why you fools are taking a tolerance break because my oh my isn’t that weed delicious. I can taste every single nectar filled droplet of that sticky icky. I have begun to feel sober… What is this strange and unwanted feeling? I’m usually quite serene and… ooh what a pretty butterfly… Wait is that a joint I see.. with my wide open, sober eyes? well i shall snatch it after i cross the muddy mote of the crazy castle where i shall see sire and admiral jenkins holding a misses meeper.

  116. Curly E Wait on

    Im on my third day. Im shooting for 2 more. These night sweats and not being able to eat and sleep at all is getting too me..Does your high actually get better? And When did you start smoking again?

  117. Hit a bong yesterday and it felt like I just finished a cigarette.. Banned 2 weeks

  118. Not true. I tried that and eventually started going to the gym high. Im on my 1st week off it and im shooting for 2 months hopefully. I used to get high all the time to avoid this reality. Like seriously who wants to be in this world full of corruption and elites who follow a demonic agenda. Jesus Christ helped me with His truth and i can see that i don’t need bud ALL the time. I will go back and do it occasionally but not how i used to. It literally clouded my thoughts. Btw i have 2 pax vaporizers and i was going through 14gs a week. I was getting wrecked every day with the potency of a vape. Ive been in your shoes so i understand. Anywho, i hope you don’t fall into a void brother and prayer is power! God bless.

  119. Jefferey Burnside on

    I make my own BHO maybe twice a year, I can’t afford to get used to it. Switching up strains occasionally helps with tolerance as well. I have never smoked so much that it stops getting me high unless it’s some low grade bunk, that catches me a headache. I would be considered a chronic smoker of the chronic. I can’t say that I am addicted, I go without more often than I would like due to cost and availability. It’s the only medication that I have found that has no adverse side effects I have been prescribed more than a few over the years and it seemed like a forced addiction to man made drugs that alter brain chemistry. I was living a life of chemical suppression and without cannabis I would not have pulled through. I have my moments but they pass and life goes on.

  120. Beginning tomorrow…I’ll be taking a nice long “tolerance break”. I’m shooting for 1-3 months. Gonna start riding the stationary bike, drinking tons of water and eating as clean as I can. I figure…..why not take advantage of the break, since I won’t be craving shit food. AND…losing the body fat will help speed up the “cleanse”. Peace!

  121. scarolspectacle on

    I take breaks but not always because I want to. It’s usually because I can’t find any green. So every few months, especially in winter time, I take around 2 weeks to a month worth of a break. And because of that I don’t think I have ever gotten to the point where I can’t get stoned.

  122. After two years of continuous smoking I decided to take a break for couple days. After that I started feeling like a brand new person. My eyes had finally opened wide, I have no struggle waking up early in the morning and i feel so much better in overall. Anyhow, I am not saying I am planing to quit it,NO WAY. Now I am only having a spliff every other day, and it makes soooooo damn high, like one of those first times. Its DEFO worth smoking less, even if you love being high round the clock. You only invest in yourself by doing that.

  123. medicated marine on

    Don’t worry it gets better. I don’t worry about a tolerance break because I have PTSD. The high isn’t there anymore like it use to be but it still works for my condition. If it gets too rough then just take a single hit and that should help

  124. ohheyitsmissjen on

    I’ve been smoking every day for the past 5 yrs. The only times I haven’t were when I’m on vacation.

    Currently doing my first TB, on day 3. Those night sweats are no joke… also have noticed I barely any appetite, my stomach is kinda in knots, and have been sleeping like shit. Hope it goes away soon.

    I think once I start again in a few days I will lighten up a bit. Being sober has made me feel more aware during the day. But sleeping though…not good.

  125. Why are you so hostile, and why do you make effeminate little observations about misspellings? Moreover, is your improper capitalization a lesser error than a misspelling?

  126. Got sick and got forced to break, Honestly Its the 1st day thats so hard for me but if you can get by then its pre ez

  127. What in the hell is wrong with you people? Why are you commenting on this thread? Rambling about Antidepressants that you can’t spell correctly and Damiana tea. Lol, get the fuck out of here

  128. Does welbutrin still work for cutting down on marijuana? With marijuana you shouldn’t feel withdrawal symptoms besides slight aggravation and sometimes lack of appetite. I personally drink damiana tea daily to help with the aggravation. It’s pretty cheap and works wonders on your mood. If you’re taking SSRI’s though I’d suggest minimal dosage on the damiana.

  129. just take about 5 days or a week off, then smoked a blunt myself, one of the best weed highs.of my life

  130. If you read, Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome is an anxiety disorder like PTSD with cannabis as a med for relief. CHS isnt the same and is a bogus unscientific diagnosis and why the previous posters had to go to the internet to self diagnose since no legitimate doctor that considers them-self a scientist would diagnose unless they want to face malpractice and laughter in a court room.

  131. Perhaps you should think about not using weed altogether. If it brings you this stress you shouldn’t really do it in my opinion, at least I don’t see a point in it.

    If its the ACT of smoking you enjoy doing, not just getting high (that’s how I am sometimes, I just want to smoke something) then maybe you should consider ecigs without nicotine. I’ve used hookah pens before and it’s pretty relaxing just creating clouds.

    That’s my two cents at least! I believe people should be able to do what they want but I also don’t enjoy seeing people suffer.

  132. I have smoked off and on for years. When I quit its due to unavailability and hate it when that happens-lol. WELBUTRON is a common, non-habit forming med perscribed to assist people with quitting tobacco. I was perscribed it and it all but eliminated the hideous withdrawls. I never told the doctor it was for pot- he assumed it was for tobacco so its easy to avoid issues.

  133. 2nd day of my tolerance break! Been living in that haze that some of you describe. Days blending together, not really high or at least don’t feel high. When I smoke I don’t get high at all…it’s more of just habit at this point. I want it to be fun again…that is why I’m taking a tolerance break. I miss giggling and just feeling amazing. I don’t miss the intense munchies because I’m also into fitness and health. It is so hard not to buy bad shit when you are at the grocery store and high! I’m looking forward to smoking on 4/20 though!

  134. Try smoking like you did when you first stared; smaller joints, lighter tokes, more time between tokes. Take it easy and ease yourself into it… Like a latex gimp suit…..

  135. I’ve been smoking for a good 2 years straight with only 2 day breaks every three months or so and I’m recently in the middle of a t break. It’s been one week and so far it’s been really cool. I think I’m going to let up on how much I used to smoke and really enjoy being sober more often. I can’t wait until I hit that gravity bong again in another week.

  136. I have no self control with weed. When I have some, I smoke it all. It’s getting pretty expensive too you know. I feel like shit, but taking a break is the best thing for me at the moment. I spend way too much, smoke way too much. I sucks because there are moments when I really miss it, for example smoking a joint while cooking, after dinner, before watching a movie, after watching a movie, before bed, after waking up etc.

  137. This is my fifth day of taking a break. Been smoking 10 years almost non stop. Took a few breaks. The first day was hell. Waking up and falling asleep is hell. I feel like shit. But during the day I feel ok. Wen night comes I start missing weed because of the smoking rituals and relaxation. I noticed I started to drink alcohol to replace the feeling during nighttime. Not to get fully wasted, but just to relax. I experience every break as different. Sometimes its ok, sometimes I just wanna die. I think this break is going allright. But the insomnia is really bad and when I fall finally asleep, waking up just hurts. My head feels very weird like there is a permanent cloud. I can only take it away with coffee. The last time I took a break I became very moody and angry and sensitive for everything. Felt like crying, screaming and fighting with people all the time. And another time when I took a break I felt totally ok, without having problems at all. I donbt know why its so different every time. Maybe it depends on what kind of weed or hash I’m smoking. Living in the Netherlands makes it so tempting to smoke every day. This time I am taking a break because I want to give my lungs a rest, I can feel they are cleaning up and taking a rest.

  138. Dawg kennel kush on

    I smoke for 60 days and take off for 30, I don’t get that giggly high anymore, but after I stop and start up again, I do get a little paranoid!!!!!!!

  139. It’s been like 2 weeks since I last smoke weed, there’s been times I was so stressed I just wanna smoke a fat blunt, sticking with it still though, going to be a long 2 months till aprix but hey its gonna be worth, just keeping myself busy wit my fitens, I’m still hittin the gym. Been working out since Nov. 18, I weigh about 210 lbs then, I weigh 195lb now, 2 more months till my tolerance break ends & I’ll start up again, so excited, oh yea 2 more months to lose another 20lbs ;) my goalla looking more reachable everyday.

  140. I would love to take a break, but being that I am a medical patient and have got off of 8 other very destructive meds, and a full time college student and disabled combat vet I think that the lack of a high is worth the plus of being off all that other crap. Granted I do grind and keif all of my medication, either vape, or more often just pack a bowl of flower. Then I will press the keif and puck it, or just press it into a wax vape pen and enjoy.
    I am looking forward to getting to grow my own, I will have enough plant mater to make both bubble hash, and shatter. Looking at a Co2 rig in the next 1-2 years for extraction, not that there is anything wrong with BHO, just if I am doing it in my house, I will choose Co2 any day in a closed loop system.

  141. Ive been smoking for about 3 years now, on and off. I took an 8 month break about 6 months ago and that was when i was out of the country. I tend to smoke at night on the weekdays and all day on the weekends. Since i usually just hit a one hitter a couple times and get high, how many days would suffice for a T-break?

  142. For me a TB is nearly impossible as all I do is think about getting high when I am not. Hate the mental addiction aspect of pot.

  143. Well the whole reason i am taking a break from weed is cause to me it got boring getting the same high, Im doing this to get that easy-bake feeling again. Im on my 3rd day, i plan to keep this going for 91 days, 4/20, i was a stoner, smoked everyday for about 3 years, im 18 years old. In the mean time I keep myself busy with looking for a job, going to school and most importantly going to the gym, when i smoke again I plan to be ripped :D right now i got some chub. Im looking forward to the intense high i’ll be getting when I ripped that bong in 91 days :D

  144. When I smoke before and after work like I used to, my days tended to blend together and I’d tend to make inattention mistakes at work. My interpersonal relationships were almost non-existent, especially with family as they would know I was high and I get really quiet when high. Since taking a break, I spend much more time with my mom and sister, and have a much more involved family life. I smoked my first toke in almost 5 weeks the other day and it wasn’t as scary or intense and I thought it would be, though it was very pleasurable. I’ll start smoking again but I don’t wanna lose what my break has given me so I’ll watch how much and when I smoke for sure.
    Micheal, I think if you’re curious as to what a break would do for you, it never hurts right? For the longest time I was really weary about it but I’m happy I did. :)


  145. NoReallyIAmHuman on

    I am the same. Weekdays I don’t consume at all between 7:30am and 5:00pm, but I can’t get a fun high at all when I do smoke/vape. I’ve taken long-ish t-breaks (last one was five weeks; some have been two months), and as others have said the high is great upon returning–but only for a few days, and then my tolerance jets right back up to a level at which a bowl does this to me: I *might* feel a little bit high for a few minutes, then just foggy and unmotivated–maybe even grouchy and depressed (in truth probably disappointed in the lack of high and my wasting of weed). Then I’m just too tired to go to bed. I’ve never had a middle ground; I am either fresh off a t-break, or my tolerance is fucked. I only smoke and vape, so I’m sure dabbing would get me high–but again, probably only for a few days with a few sessions per day, then my tolerance would be sky-high again.

    So I’ve just recently accepted that I can’t smoke the amounts I do now, and I just need to deal with it and adjust my habits, beginning with a break, of course. I’m vaping the last of my current supply today, and I won’t have a chance to get more for a week, so I know this break will be at least that long. I’ll keep it fairly short but will probably go at least two weeks, maybe a month.

    After my break, I will strictly limit myself to very, very small amounts per session, and I will make that easier by being careful to stop vaping as soon as I’m high. I have a bad habit of continuing to vape once I’m already high if I’m sitting around–a waste of weed and a real tolerance fucker, I’m sure–so I will probably start keeping the vape up on a shelf so that I have to be standing to use it and won’t get stuck to my recliner anymore. That will increase my activity, and I’ve noticed that activity makes me consume less, because I’m more aware of how high I already am, and because I am more likely to keep putting off my next session until I’m both done with whatever I’m doing and truly don’t feel high anymore. I may start taking random days off too, which I really don’t do now unless I’m visiting family or otherwise don’t have much of a choice.

    I hope that with these new habits I can still have a short session in the morning, after work, and before bed on weekdays as well as multiple sessions per day when I am home on the weekends. If that’s not how it goes, I will just cut my number of sessions per day, maybe only smoking before bed on weekdays and still allowing myself multiple sessions on weekend days. We’ll see. It’s definitely stupid for me to continue my current habits. They’re a waste of money, time, energy, and mind–which means they’re a waste of my life. If I find that I need to cut it to weekends-only to keep my tolerance in check, I will, but I really enjoy smoking before bed. (I enjoy coffee all morning and into the afternoon, so the weed is great for helping me sleep. I justify these habits by repeating in my mind: “There are worse substances to be addicted to than weed and coffee, and I know myself better than to try them.”)

  146. DefinitelyNotARobot on

    I am the same. Weekdays I don’t consume at all between 7:30am and 5:00pm, but I can’t get a fun high at all when I do smoke/vape. I’ve taken long-ish t-breaks (last one was five weeks; some have been two months), and as others have said the high is great upon returning–but only for a few days, and then my tolerance jets right back up to a level at which a bowl does this to me: I *might* feel a little bit high for a few minutes, then just foggy and unmotivated–maybe even grouchy and depressed (in truth probably disappointed in the lack of high and my wasting of weed). Then I’m just too tired to go to bed. I’ve never had a middle ground; I am either fresh off a t-break, or my tolerance is fucked. I only smoke and vape, so I’m sure dabbing would get me high–but again, probably only for a few days with a few sessions per day, then my tolerance would be sky-high again.

    So I’ve just recently accepted that I can’t smoke the amounts I do now, and I just need to deal with it and adjust my habits, beginning with a break, of course. I’m vaping the last of my current supply today, and I won’t have a chance to get more for a week, so I know this break will be at least that long. I’ll keep it fairly short but will probably go at least two weeks, maybe a month.

    After my break, I will strictly limit myself to very, very small amounts per session, and I will make that easier by being careful to stop vaping as soon as I’m high. I have a bad habit of continuing to vape once I’m already high if I’m sitting around–a waste of weed and a real tolerance fucker, I’m sure–so I will probably start keeping the vape up on a shelf so that I have to be standing to use it and won’t get stuck to my recliner anymore. That will increase my activity, and I’ve noticed that activity makes me consume less, because I’m more aware of how high I already am, and because I am more likely to keep putting off my next session until I’m both done with whatever I’m doing and truly don’t feel high anymore. I may start taking random days off too, which I really don’t do now unless I’m visiting family or otherwise don’t have much of a choice.

    I hope that with these new habits I can still have a short session in the morning, after work, and before bed on weekdays as well as multiple sessions per day when I am home on the weekends. If that’s not how it goes, I will just cut my number of sessions per day, maybe only smoking before bed on weekdays and still allowing myself multiple sessions on weekend days. We’ll see. It’s definitely stupid for me to continue my current habits. They’re a waste of money, time, energy, and mind–which means they’re a waste of my life. If I find that I need to cut it to weekends-only to keep my tolerance in check, I will, but I really enjoy smoking before bed. (I enjoy coffee all morning and into the afternoon, so the weed is great for helping me sleep. I justify these habits by repeating in my mind: “There are worse substances to be addicted to than weed and coffee, and I know myself better than to try them.”)

  147. I think it is worth it even if marijuana is the only thing that helps. I have experienced nowhere near the level of trauma you have, but marijuana helps me function every day. I hope you get a better supply.

  148. I smoke only morning and night, with all-day work-induced tbreak during weekdays… but don’t/can’t get baked mornings or nights. high thc good quality buds, guess it’s just my physiology?

    I have tried taking weeks-long tbreaks before but it’s just not worth it.

  149. curious what your haze was like…

    I have been a regular smoker, day-in/day-out, for abt 4-5 yrs now. 1st thing in the AM, last thing at night, etc. etc. not entirely sure what it’s like to not be high any more, and also not entirely sure what people mean when they say “living in a daze”: my habit also corresponds with a high-paying professional job and successful personal relationships (my point is not to boast but to detail), but I don’t have many/any stoner friends, and my professional stonerfriends definitely don’t smoke at the level I do.

    but at the same time I definitely notice my attitude to some things is not the same and sometimes in a way I’m not sure if I like or not… if you would be willing to go into more detail I would be curious to hear

  150. The Don of Ghazaliya on

    Not looking for your respect. Just a Veteran that grows his own Weed, makes his own concentrates and has a Mycology hobby. Weed just doesn’t have a noticeable psychotropic effect on me, it did when I was young however.

  151. lol not so much. Being in the army doesn’t instantly earn my respect. Anyone can join the army, mate. anyone can shoot a gun, anyone can do a job

  152. The Don of Ghazaliya on

    The only gang i have ever been apart of was the US Army, and I suppose that might be in line with what you were saying.

  153. sheeeeeet, you must be a pretty badass guy. I bet you’re in a gang and you kill people for cash.

  154. I’m two weeks into a lack-of-funds induced t-break and it sucks dick. Saying that, being stoned all the time wasn’t exactly great either. But I cannot wait for 5 days time when I get some cash and then some dank nugs. Being sober all the time makes you realise just how stupid people truly are.

  155. I’m one month into a break, I was at the point where I felt compelled to smoke anytime I wasn’t at work, so before and after. I didn’t like how I wasn’t deciding when I smoked anymore, as I’d tell myself “no need before work”, then 5 minutes later i’d be taking a hit.. I’m not 100% confident in trying it again soon… I’m afraid my tolerance will go up quickly and I’ll end up the same as I was, living life in a haze…

  156. tommy faulkner on

    Wish I could but my job keeps me here. If you know any good paying jobs then let me know. I love the mtns, got em here in VA. All I wish would happen is to keep me with a steady supply so I don’t have to go through these damn symptom’s. Maybe VA will get on board one of these days. Also my fear, being a retired marine, is that the govt will take my gun rights away as I have many for personal protection and sport shooting. Believe it or not sport shooting also helps my condition. (Have to concentrate down range)

  157. Take smaller hits: draw a bit of smoke into your mouth, inhale it with a bunch of air…..wait before taking another.

  158. I just quit for seven months and I am scared to start up again. I had one toke a couple months ago and got so high that it scared me but I want to start back up. What’s the easiest way for my tolerance to get better without being scared?

  159. Captain Obvious on

    It’s all good, and thank you for the kind words :-). I think Donnie is just frustrated with the lack of research, common sense, and care for nausea patients from our health ‘professionals’. Basically with CVS if you stop using cannabis for a few months/weeks, the symptoms are still prevalent/triggered so most people know the cannabis is a med not the cause. You would think researching the nature of nausea would open up lots of knowledge on how organic disease works since it is the most fundamental life threatening pain you will have at a hospital.

    I think it is interesting that you are having issues like this recently despite previous years of heavy use. (that is what Donnie was implying) It appears that this could be a more recent phenomenon with the first cases reported from 2004, the exact time synthetic spice hit the market. (luckily I never touch that with a 10ft pole and vape w/ my own piece anyway) I certainly dont accept the arguments that cannabis is stronger today than the 60s and that is why. They still had high strength kush and hash since the beginning of time and hippies got pretty high. I would think this would have been something easy to find in the 60s for any prohibitionist if it was a problem. Though, it is rare and maybe a sign of something else since we dont know people’s preexisting med use(has skyrocketed since the 60s adding toxins)/spice use/disease histories that report. .

    Good luck with your detox and consider experimenting around with vaping/high cbd options/juicing veggies and clean/throw out your pieces if you share them with yahoos that are not smart that leave spice resin.


  160. I hate it for you but…….if you’ve only got 6 months left on parole, you don’t take stupid chances! We may not agree with the laws, but they ARE still the laws, and you just shouldn’t gamble your freedom like that.

  161. Thanks, Cap’n!

    I really appreciate all your thoughtful info. I know my comments might seem a bit ignorant, but I was responding to to “donni’s” comment which I took as being a bit insulting by writing, “people like you (me) who dont know anything”
    I’m used to people tearing me apart if
    I suggest any negative effect from weed. I learned a lot from your intelligent words and i thank you for not being mean to me. I plan to smoke again after I finish detoxing, hopefully
    a can experience inner peace and happiness while sober so that I can enjoy a few delicious tokes without smoking every 15 minutes 24/7 for another 30-40 years! If I get the feeling that being sober is a yucky feeling, l’ll never be able to stop heavy smoking.
    Thanks again. Your a great person.

  162. I just quit for 10 days, I was smoking daily and not getting a fun high, almost didn’t make much dinference at all this is my first high in 10 days and it’s awesome. I don’t know how many days can i smoke and maintain this fine feeling? Does anyone have a formula? Days on… days off?

  163. I’m a daily smoker and have problems with my tolerance as well. What i do is i’ll smoke in the mornings and stop around noon, then have my tbreak during the day and start smoking again around nine or ten at night till i go to bed. its pretty hard not smoking all day everyday like i used too but its totally worth it when i get super baked in the mornings and nights

  164. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    well folks it all depends on what your smoking not how much your smoking separate your strains save the roaches and sugar leaf shift your intake with CBD instead of THC’s but then I blend my medicine according to an old family recipe smoke plenty good for you Honest Kickapoo Indian medicine man.

  165. Captain Obvious on

    I guess I was trying to point out CVS (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome) is rarely diagnosed properly and they assume everyone in pain is a drug addict since they are required to profile/objectify by law. The current protocol in most states for drug addiction is anti-depressants and doctors can get harassed for helping pain patients with traditional pain killers(opiates). Most states do not have cannabis available at the moment. What that means is patients go crazy with pain and get put on anxiety medication for that mysterious anxiety issue and increase chances of disability since the original pain issue was not properly managed via needed narcotics. With CVS, it can be life or death since you cant stop vomiting b/c of stress/anxiety/triggers, and it is impossible to manage the pain without proper diagnosis.
    What you are describing is referred to as CHS(cannabinoid hypermeisis syndrome) which is rare and much less likely to have than CVS or other organic diseases. The concern is every physician will use that as a crutch to throw CVS and other patients under the bus when they get frustrated trying to figure out a legitimate complex medical issue. Most likely a CVS patient will already be using cannabis if they are older (CVS usually starts in childhood) so every CVS patient knows these things happen everywhere all the time, sadly.

    And, yes I did fire that doctor and found a better one trained in integrative medicine which is much more relevant to my needs.

  166. Captain Obvious on

    CVS is triggered by stress. It is DIFFERENT than CHS which is hypothesized to be triggered by cannabis or it’s impurities from lack of regulation. (west coast has less CHS prevalence than prohibitive east coast despite greater cannabis use rates out west, also synthetic spice isnt separated in most anecdotal studies with vague, sparse, and missing data) People dont understand what they are talking about and it causes harm to patients and absolute hell. Significant PTSD is caused by this medical neglect and why Tommy says their needs to be a support group. It is relieved by opiates/cannabis which forces doctors to think you have a drug problem like opiate withdrawal from their useless drug war training. When in fact you have CVS and just need relief from hell. It is more of an anxiety attack with endless vomiting with drugs needed to stop vomiting peacefully just like an anxiety attack. War vets can get it too or anyone with PTSD. It is painful, it is real, and frustrating trying to tell someone who has never experienced it.
    I relieved most of mine with probiotics (also potential cure for anxiety/obesity/IBD/acne) since it was caused by antibiotics destroying my gut ecosystem, but everyone is different and the cause isn’t well known yet but wouldn’t surprise me if it is caused by big pharma pumping us full of antibiotics every chance they get. That would make sense why it is still a mystery like other antibiotic caused illness’ have been for so many decades. Though, that is just my anecdotal experience.

    Check out:

  167. No, the problem is many people suffer and waste hospital time trying to figure out what’s wrong and being too much of wimp to take a break from excessive smoking. I was wondering why I had a nasty stomach bug 6 times since Feb, 5 office visits, chest xray, blood tests, etc. No doctor is going to tell you your a weed addict and prescibe opiates if they think taking a break from weed is the cure. I was freaking out and thought my immune system was not working. I was so happy to discover this on the internet. After a 2 week pot break, I feel 1000% better. If a doctor misdiagnosed you and falsely blamed the weed, why the heck would he prescribe pharmaceuticals?? You must have a quack doctor. For all you heavy smokers who, after decades of smoking, feel sick too much of the time, just lay off for a while and see how you feel. If not, call it stress and deal with it. There’s no magic pill for it.

  168. The broken Chimney: One day creates the “Ah I needed that” feeling. Two or three days can make a huge difference. One week would be optimal time element. Consumption requirement is drastically reduced. Not like the first time again but a profound improvement in sensation. Not always that easy though for the broken chimney to practice that restraint.

  169. Is your husband cured now or just getting sick still. I hope he’s not wasting hospital visits because he is unable to tak e a break for a few weeks.

  170. Captain Obvious on

    I know what you mean. Opiates are a standard treatment for CVS b/c the pain is that great, but the majority of CVS patients never get properly diagnosed and get thrown under the bus for being a ‘drug addict’. Apparently ‘drug addicts’ need counseling and physically addicting psych meds that cause nausea, have no proven long term efficacy, and cause cravings for drugs/alcohol to ensure the medical prophecy is true.

  171. I agree with this tolerance break.Im on one now.weed that was getting me stoned, dont do much anymore.thats when I decided to take a break.Ive been doing this for years now.I do snap easyer, and for less reason when im not smoking.

  172. tommy faulkner on

    I feel for you pain. There needs to be a group of people like us that need to stand up for this issue. With PTSD sometimes it feels like I don’t wanna go on another day but when I vape weed is suppresses that feeling. Anybody know where any goods are in VA?. IF SO PLEASE FILL ME IN

  173. say what? my husband has cvs (cyclic vomiting syndrome-had it since he was a child. he was in ‘remission’ for most of his young adult life, but it came back with the stresses of life, when he reached his late 30’s. he’s smoked weed since he was a young teen. some try and say it is the ’cause’ of his cvs (like you), but we know better.

  174. tommy faulkner on

    I feel your pain Patricia. With my PTSD and explosive mood disorder sometimes I wander if this life is useless. Marijuana is the only thing that helps. I have been placed on 5 different meds and they don’t hold a candle to the relief I feel when I consume marijuana. I just wish I could keep my supply steady. I am a retired marine who has experienced many bad things. This is the only way I can function everyday. Thanks for your response.

  175. I totally agree with your theory and have seen the benefits of the break either by my choice or forced by the feds. I am a 61 yr old Caucasian female and have smoked since 1970. At this point in my life, I have an educated opinion on the subject of weed. Right? All drugs are like that with the tolerance levels. But with Rx drugs, people can’t quit without major withdrawals. And alcohol is the worst of it all. So we are living in prohibition again. I did 6 years in federal prison for a drug conspiracy. I had no drugs in my posession, but conspiracy is such that the spectrum is so wide, that most people would fall in those parameters. It’s all about the money. You all know that. I’m preaching to the choir, right? I am out from under the governments’ rule since 2012. They have no right to tell us what we can ungest. PERIOD! Now, on top of all of this, I had pancreatic cancer, but my income oncologist found it so early, and I had the Whipple procedure 2 years ago. Smoking has really helped with pain and nausea from the surgery. But I would still be waking and baking everyday, anyhow. Fuck them! Sorry, but that’s how I feel. During my stay at the mandatory half-way house, I met a man, and let me just say that we have been married since2010. He was also federal, and had done 20 years for armed robbery. Long story short, we adore each other and we are caregivers for an 81 year old man. My husband is a wonderful man, with a life story that’s unbelievable. But guess what? He is right now in jail, because his very young female parole officer violated him for a positive drug screen for weed. What the fuck? They will no it leave him or us alone. We do nothing wrong. But he was never really a point smoker, like I have been. But he smoked just a few bowls with me, and this girl locks him up. He had 6 months left on parole.Now I have the full responsibility of caregiver for thus man. My husband and I shared in the work, but with him sitting in jail, well, out gets difficult at times. The man is 81, 300 lbs, with a prosthetic leg.
    I have thought many times that in was born way too early. Marijuana reform has come a long way, thank God, but it’s still all uphill for a while. I have so much more to say, and to tell, but I must go fix Joe’s snack, and lunch.

  176. tommy faulkner on

    Yes I think k everyone should take a marijuana break from time to time. As my tolerance grows it gets to the point that I don’t get the necessary effects that i need for my condition. ( PTSD and exosive mood disorder). Also what causes me to have to take a break because I live in VA where it is still illegal. When this happens my symptoms get worse. As a retired marine I feel that the govt. should mind their business. All in all. Taking a little break does help with getting the original feeling I need to surpress my problems. I just wish I could find a steady supply so I don’thave these issues again.. I wish VA would get on the band wagon.

  177. Feeling sick often and dont know why? You might have Marijuana HYPERMESIS syndrome. Take a tolerance break. Nausea goes away.

  178. I have to take marijuana breaks at least once a month. When I do this the feeling, like you said, is awesome. I suffer from PTSD and explosive mood disorder and when I have “pot block” as I call it, it doesn’t work too well with me. I usually take a break once a week. Also sometimes I have no choice because weed is not available. Its hard to find good sticky here in VA.

  179. I’m probably an outlier but I enjoy having a bit of a tolerance because I don’t like feeling ultra baked and sluggish, but I like smoking every day and like the way it makes my body feel physically.

  180. I do not take any weed at least 2 days per week. I used to have the same rule for alcohol (which I replaced with weed 6 years ago). I think it is a healthy check to ensure you can do without, if you want/have to. Plus it prevents getting a high tolerance. The few times I have taken daily for 2 or more weeks, the “benefit” really used to get so much less, it’s just not worthwhile anymore.

    Of course, holiday abroad (european, many borders here) often is an easy opportunity to be 2 weeks sober, and to look forward to being back home :).

  181. Yes, been smoking 30 years and have taken many small breaks I can think of from herb, yet two “long” periods were for jobs. The others were from just not getting high anymore. People think I’m nuts when I tell them I’ve smoked myself sober one day out on the river – well one of many. The two long breaks I took were for 2 years and once for 6 months. Some would freak out but really in the grand scheme of things it is a rather short period of time.

    Smoke responsibly, Get shit done.

  182. A couple weeks at a time for travel. The return is something to look forward to, making the break far more tolerable to endure.

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