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What Is A Saliva Test And How Do I Pass One?


Could A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

As a lifelong marijuana user, one of the biggest challenges I face is pre-employment drug testing. I have ranted before about how many types of tests unfairly target marijuana smokers so I will not get into that. My focus is specifically on saliva or spit tests. They are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace since they can be administered by an employer at the job site. The best thing about this test is it is very easy for marijuana smokers to pass!
Saliva (oral fluid-based) drug tests can are set up to detect use during the previous few days. Saliva tests, for the most part, are very difficult to adulterate. On-site oral based tests in enable the employer to randomly test employees, which is recognized to be the most effective type of drug screening. Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. Saliva test provide results similar to the results of a blood test and is favorite for detecting on-the-job drug use or in post-accident testing.


Detection in saliva tests begins almost immediately after smoking and can be detected in the system for 12-24 hours after use. Compare this to other common drugs:

Marijuana and hash: 12-24 hours

Cocaine: 1 day
Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days.
Alcohol: 6-12 hours

Wow! A drug test that is easier for weed smokers to pass then it is for a meth addict!

I’ve heard cases where people can smoke the same day and still pass! As a general rule, the easiest way to pass a saliva test is to stop smoking for a day or two prior to taking the test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily to clean out the potential toxins.

Of all the drug testing solutions employers use, the saliva test is the most weed friendly and the easiest to pass. If you have anymore tips or tricks, feel free to post them here for all to read and benefit from.


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  1. Tbh I’ve passed all saliva test and I smoke everyday before my saliva test I’ll wash my mouth out regular with tooth paste and mouthy wash than banking soda and vinger and you finish it off with a mouth wash of peroxide and your good to go hope that helps

  2. Hey Dummies, stop posting what you did before the test if you haven’t gotten the RESULTS back yet. People are interested in your results to see what actually works. I had to sift through tons of posts like that, it’s a waste of time and space.

  3. I have a oral drug test Thursday march 3 2017 & I smoked Tuesday February 28,2017 Do I have a chance of passing

  4. Drink 1tbsp of vinegar and 1/4 cup of bleach to pass for anything on any saliva/under tongue/ swab test. Try not to drink any more or any less. I smoked some meth the night before as well as a blunt in the parking lot of my job interview. Washed down the solution with some 7up and passed just fine!!

  5. So i smoked 6 hours ago and just had a random saliva test i drank some dr pepper and ate a few fries but thats it? Am i screwed?

  6. Is there any excuses I could use for showing up positive for an oral swab test like I take an oriental herb equivalent to ephedra or my thyroid is way out of wack( truth) shows up drugs three weeks after the fact. Or alcohol from the night before. I used fake urine and passed that test then they did this swab. What can I say or do?

  7. Put water in your mouth keep it at the front of your mouth at the bottom and put the saliva stick into it and you will pass you dummys it’s that simple

  8. I just smoked a blunt of Kush and I have a swab test in the morning…ill let u guys know if I passed the test.

  9. It’s not all sunshine & rainbows. I had a saliva test 15 hours after I smoked and failed. I was ill prepared (I only brushed my teeth) and had I known I was going to be receiving the test I would have stopped a few days before. Use caution!!

  10. Ive been smoking heavily for the pass 4+ months, I stopped for about 4 days, than I smoked the past two recnt days. I have to take a swab test time at 10:30. It’s now 7:22pm. So bye 10:30 tmr I will have quite for 22 hours, will I pass? I’ve been brushing my teeth, mouthwash, and eating a couple vitamin c drops. Help me!

  11. I was genuinely concerned about my drug test. I had smoked about 4 or 5 days earlier. The night that I smoked, I was told I was getting tested the coming Saturday. My friend told me to drink a lot of water, and vinegar as well. Then the day came and it was a saliva test instead of urine. I was scared because I didn’t know how effective it would be. This really lifted my spirits and brought my hopes up.

  12. Smoked around 12 hours before a swab test during and interview. Heard different things can throw it off. And I was told not to eat anything 30 mins before. So I used mouthwash and brushed an hour before the test. Ate half a giant ass burrito and then used mouth wash in the parking lot, and finished up the rest of the burrito. Ended up having the interview before the test so I was kinda trippin. Took it around 45 mins in and passed just fine. Heavy smoker. Just wait a day. Or buy a Listerine pocket pack. The really strong ones that just resolve. I’m sure that will mask anything the related in yo mouth!

  13. I just stoped smoking due to a cps case on my ex for my girls but had to do a swab test at the social services office last night but I had smoked two days prior till this incident pop up out the blue will I be ok an pass with low traces of thc. I am quitting for the safety of my girls

  14. They called me off my job today too take a random. I took like two hits off a joint. They didn’t swab my mouth, they put this strip like thing on my tounge and and said leave it there for five seconds and it would take four minutes for the results. It changes colors I guess? Then sent me back to work! They didn’t say if I failed or passed? Figured if I failed they wouldn’t have sent me back to work. Is this test I mentioned the same kinda test? Please respond! Thanks!

  15. OK. I have an interview tomorrow for a job that pays very well. Its Tuesday and I haven’t smoked all day, which means Ive been about 24 hours clean. Do you think I could pass of I brush my teeth real good and wash my mouth out with mouthwash and peroxide I would have a chance of passing. If u can help please tell me what to do and if not I will post what happens tomorrow after the interview thanks.
    Please help

  16. I smoked meth a few hours ago and I got called for a job they said sometime this week I’ll come in for orientation I don’t know if they drug test or not please tell me how to pass the saliva test If they give me one. Please help. And I would appreciate no rude comments on my drug of choice all I’m asking if for some help on how to pass if I do get tested. Really need this job. Thank you for any positive feedback

  17. OK. I have an interview tomorrow for a job that pays very well. Its Tuesday and I haven’t smoked all day, which means Ive been about 24 hours clean. Do you think I could pass of I brush my teeth real good and wash my mouth out with mouthwash and peroxide I would have a chance of passing. If u can help please tell me what to do and if not I will post what happens tomorrow after the interview thanks.

  18. Ok if I smoked weed about 4 days ago and today I a saliva drug test will it show up in my system

  19. I’m going for a job interview today at 3pm. I smoke about an oz a week and the last time I smoked was at midnight last night. I have been told that a saliva drug test will be administered. Today I have brushed my teeth and flossed like I do every day. I plan to brush again just before the interview and use listerine mouth wash just before also. I can’t wait for this interview to be behind me so I can show again.
    Anyway. I’ll post my results when I know how it goes.

  20. Saliva testing, like blood testing, detects the presence of parent drugs – not their inactive metabolites. Consumers take heart: THC is highly difficult to identify in oral fluids, as only a minute amount of the drug is excreted into the saliva. As a result, most current saliva testing technology typically only detects the presence of cannabis for a period of approximately one to two hours following drug ingestion, and sometimes not at all.

  21. I had a mouth swab today. The nurse wasn’t paying attention. I held it in my mouth for ten minutes, in between my teeth with my tongue held up. The test never turned blue. Is this test readable?

  22. What I’m about to tell you guys will not seem true but it just hbut it just took test I smoke daily I dab feel me I’m prescribed 10 325 norms and 2 MG bars I answered a job post,came in just to see what was up it did not say drug test or anything anyway dude likes my resume called the owner hires me on the spot and he says now we just finish up ppwk and drug test I said wtf in my head,so I’m now fucked Cuzco it’s a huge comany pay good so p what do I do I have a pocket full of jolly ranchers a grip I start until wrapping them as I’m filling out i9 then I forgot I had a water bottle with me so long story short when he took the ppwk turned around I put like 5 jolly ranchers in my mouth and took a swig of my where he turned around and handed me the swab test I stacked it in where and candy and it fucked worked I start Aug 15 lmfao so it can be done I’m still tripping so are all my friends

  23. I quit smoking a month ago. I do no other substances besides marijuana. Reading yalls comments sure puts me at ease! I have a saliva test next week.

  24. I smoked the day of my interview because it was at 3pm and I still passed just mouthwash and brush your teeth it’s not that big of a deal I have done this three time already mouth swab is the easiest to pass mouthwash and brush your teeth. Keep cool guys!

  25. I smoked the day of my interview because it was at 3pm and I still passed just mouthwash and brush your teeth it’s not that big of a deal I have done this three time already mouth swab is the easiest to pass mouthwash and brush your teeth. Keep cool guys! You will be fine

  26. A guy who has tested this on

    Hey all,
    To any weed smokers who read this (anyone using any other drug, this may very well not help you in the slightest but I don’t know as I have only tested this with weed (home grown skunk No.1).

    I work for a company that makes oral drugs tests that are used in Europe (Germany in my case) and have pocketed a few from my in my time there and have done lots of different tests with them to see how I can beat it.

    NOTE: Tests in Germany involved the swab being run over ONLY the surface of your toung. Not cheeks!

    I have done control tests and spaced all my tests 48 hours apart. This is my Process.

    1. Swab myself before smoking a joint. Test passes.
    2. Smoke a standard length rolled Joint that is about 30% weed. Test, Pass Fails.
    3. Scrape Toung with top teath and wash mouth with water. Test Fails.

    As tests are good up to 24 hours I take my next test 4 hours later.

    In this time I do the following things

    1. Drink about 1.5L of lemonade (Americans call it soda Pop)
    2. Chew very strong menthol gum for most of this time (about 1 to 2 hours of chewing in total).
    3. I smoke an eCig using 100% VG 3mg/ml on a 120Watt tank during this time, I use it at least one every 10 min or so.

    Before I take the test, I hit the eCig for 2 big hits making sure the steam hits my toung directly as I inhale hard and deep to the point where I can really taste the flavour.
    Without cleaning my toung off, I take a test and pass.
    I take the test again and pass.
    I wash my mouth with water and do another test 5 min later and fail the test. It seem the eliquid used in 100%VG eliquid fucks up the test equipment as it get subjected the almost oily liquid that your coating your toung with as you inhale.

    I took a few more big hits of my ecig and did a test again, pass!!!!!

    It seems the tests are very sensitive to your mouth chemistry and eliquids mess that up.

    I have not checked on lower settings, just 120watts so I will not commit to saying this is going to work with all setups or eliquids but it seems to mess with the European tests.

    I repeated this test 48 hours later as I couldn’t believe it. Same method, same results for each scenario.

    If you must drive or use the drugs, this might help you.

    It is possible the tests are detecting CBD and THC, in Europe CBD is not illiegal, so get some CBD powder and keep it on you. If you fail the test, tell them that you smoke CBD powder for the health benefits and sometimes you mix it into your lunch. You can show them the bottle and they will probably accept that it is a faulse positive (if it indeed can detect CBD and not just THC.

    Good Luck.

  27. Floss!!! My employer made me bite down saying that weed can be hidden in plaque buildup. Floss, brush, mouthwash, repeat!

  28. Wash mout

    h with peroxide right before and you’ll pass … speaking from experience.

  29. I smoked a mix of Sour Diesel, Purple Mr.Nice and Bubba Kush at 11pm. The next day I was suppose to take a urine drug test but got changed to a saliva test. Which was administered at 11:15 am and passed. Didn’t do anything special just brushed my teeth as normal.

  30. I have to take random weekly swabs and I find that if I abstain for 24 hours I generally pass. I’ve even had many times that I have smoked the night before and passed in the morning. My counselor has also told me that he has many patients who admittedly smoke marijuana and do not come up positive. I don’t do anything fancy for mouth care. There have been times that I was so rushed in the early morning that I didn’t have time to brush my teeth and still pass. As far as I know it’s really just a time thing with saliva testing for marijuana. I got info from Quest laboratories website and they say maximum detection time for marijuana is 24-48 hours

  31. So ladies and gentlemen I got this I information directly from the quest labs website-
    What is the detection window for drugs in oral fluid?
    While every drug and donor is different, oral fluid is widely regarded as the most reliable specimen type for detecting recent use. Oral fluid is able to detect most drugs starting soon after ingestion and extending out for 24-48 hours after use.

  32. No hunny peppermints do not work and just a time thing with saliva tests. Maximum detection of all drugs 4 days

  33. I’ve taken two of these tests now, the first one years ago I had smoked the previous day and came out clean. Just today I took another one and I had just smoked a dirty bowl the hour before. I didn’t even brush my teeth before hand, (maybe the tobacco covered up the ganja?) because I was expecting a piss test and I brought clean pee with me. I was pretty nervous when they gave me the mouth swab but, hey, I’m starting the job tomorrow

  34. I got pulled over by the cops about 48hours after smoking quite a lot. The test came out negative.

  35. ian veneration on

    I smoke weed last month and here in our school will be having drug test next week wednesday ..do you think ill past the drug test

  36. You can buy saliva and urine drug test kits on Amazon etc (CVS etc. also) and test yourself fyi…good way to test supposed remedies, procedures etc

  37. Hey guys I thought I’d just share my experience with everyone and hopefully it’ll ease some people’s minds. I smoked a bowl and took a few hits from a blunt roughly 60 hours before my drug test. I had no idea I was going to get tested that day so I did nothing other than my regular routine of just brushing my teeth. I did not chug an insane amount of water (I probably barely drank any), brush my gums or cheeks, use mouthwash, listerine strips, gum, or anything like that. When I took my drug test it was one of long sticks that you keep in your mouth. I had it in there for 10 minutes, it touched my cheek and took a lot of saliva. Questlab was where my company sent my swab test to and it came back negative. In short, I looked up questlab and even on their site they claim that it will detect drugs up to the 48 hour window. It seems that the safest bet is to be 72 hours clean and at the very least brush your teeth. Hope this helps guys!

  38. I stopped smoking on June 30th and I had a mouth swab on July 13th the stick didn’t turn blue tho… I think it’s because of the lack of salvia I had at the time. Do you think I passed?

  39. Congrats girlie. I have a mouth swab test tomorrow at 10am and the last time I smoked was Thursday around 9pm. I’ll be 72+ hours clean. Do u think I’ll pass.

  40. Please no one read this comment, there are ways to pass drug tests and get rid of the THC in your system ^^ don’t listen to dumby

  41. Being only 15, this is really great news! I just got back from my saliva test for my new job and I haven’t smoked in over a week. I was worried to death that I would test positive. This sure would be a shitty way for my mother to find out i smoked pot…

  42. Patricia Roe on

    I smoke every day but have only smoked on at about noon today and got a call for a job today and have to go in tomorrow. . what should i do to be able to pass this test its for a good job

  43. I smoked last night and took the oral drug test today at 12:40 i had a friend do the same and passed but everyone is different will this be a problem ?

  44. I just smoked saturday night. It wasnt much just a few hits. But i went in monday around 3pm and a couple hours after being at work they called me in for a random saliva drug test. Do you think i will pass or should i be worried? Cause it was only a day in a half between the time i smoked and the time i took the test.

  45. She’s str8888 I’ve taken many mouth swabs I usually stop 3 days before

  46. It’s you we are worried about if she hasn’t smoked in ssseeevvvennn days,,,,,,,,,l,o,l,. A little light humor.

  47. Hi all,
    I’m a heavy smoker, who hasn’t smoked in 2weeks, n had take a oral mouth swab today, waiting for results. You guys think I have any chance to pass?

    All I did was brush my teeth n flossed before test


  48. Hey guys I recently posted on here pre drug test and I promised that I would post a post-drug test post so here it is. I had a Silvia drug test that I took on Saturday 21st of May. I was an avid smoker everyday until cinco de mayo when i burned my last tree, so a little over 2 weeks bud-free before I took the test. I passed the Silvia test for Publix and my preparation was drinking a lot of water within the last week leading up to the test. I read somewhere that if you drink a gallon of water the day of the test it helps dilute the results if you need to postpone the drug test (cause maybe they will let you come back and take it cause the results come back as diluted.) I did this shit and passed and now enjoying a fat bleezy to myself and my gf that I’m about to go have some fun with. good luck to all on future tests, and stay blazing.

  49. Perla Villa on

    Ugh help! I havent smoked since friday night , its now tuesday, i had a saliva drugbtest done todayy. Will i passbit ? I only took one hit from my pipe and that was it. Since the last time i smoked

  50. I think he was talking about when you said ” At 90 days post last use, you have a better than 75 percent chance of failing either a urine or cheek test”…. Because more than 75% of people on this post say they passed a cheek test after 5 days… So you pulled that information from what journal? The one you keep under your pillow…. Read the other posts they are not telling people its harmless just that they passed after quiting smoking for five days… 90 days thats crazy you are the propagandist!

  51. I feel you, I took one hit of a bowl before my second interview, got the job and BOOM “oh yea before you go take this saliva drug test”.

  52. EastCoastINC on

    I’m 6’1 and weigh about 160LBS. Very high metabolism. Definitely skinny but, I doubt that has much to do with anything on a mouth swab. A piss test? Different story. I stopped smoking bud for 2 solid weeks to pass a piss test. Had to of drank 5 gallons of water during those 2 weeks. Day before the test I bought a home drug test from Walmart and failed miserably! So I used fake piss. So 2 weeks of constant water and a high metabolism and I still failed a home drug test. 2 days of not smoking mixed with brushing my teeth and I pass a mouth swab. Sp like I said before, with a mouth swab I don’t think weight plays much into results…

  53. I never smoke. I had a celebration once about 2 and half weeks ago, but I weigh about 40lbs overweight by doctors standards. I have a salvia test Monday Morning. Due to having less than half a joint should I be okay with this test. The time before that was around February or March.

  54. Does it have anything to due with weight? For the people who passed only after 5 days, are you fit and healthy or due you have some fat on you that the marijuana can be stored in. That is all it takes. People are different due to the percentage of fat on each human body.

  55. I have a drug test for Publix too, I’ve been clean since Cinco De Mayo. I should be okay, I’ve been drinking water the past couple days to help cleanup the system

  56. WilliamBOBTHORTON on

    I thought I was going in for a drug urine test. Had my friends clean pee and of course when I get to the appointment, I find out it is a saliva test. My past 24-48hrs have been some cigs with wax on them. oh boi get my results back in 2 weeks. pray for me

  57. If it’s an oral test you will pass,but the hair tests are rather tricky… you might want to get a haircut because your body turns what u take in into nutrients etc… to help the body grow and function so thc could go into the process of your hair growing… so I’d suggest getting a haircut in order to eliminate any hair that grew during the time you smoke. At least thats a logical thing to do.

  58. Pablo Hernandez on

    Hey guys so I’m not a heavy smoker, usually only smoke bowls at night after work so I can sleep right. Anyways after work I hit a bowl around 5:30 am Monday morning, went into work that same Monday at 8:00 pm and got a random saliva test as soon as I walked in. So it’s been about 14-15 hours after my last hit, didn’t know I was having one so I didn’t really prepare, just brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash before work. Any ideas on the outcome? Until I get my results and I’ll make sure to post

  59. Steve Dunigan on

    I have been clean for 90+ days.. Have passed numerous home urine tests and just recently failed a 5 panel hair test… I was a heavy smoker.. About 7-10 grams a day plus dabbing.. I weigh about 230… I have a swab test coming up next week.. Should I pass?

  60. So today (Tuesday) I had a oral test taken at 8am.. What I did to prepare was brush my teeth throughly twice before leaving the house, on my way there I kept eating Altoid mints, once I got there I rinsed my mouth out with the brown colored listerine about 3 times then popped a few listerine strips, I would say they gave me the test about 30 mins after doing that. I smoke everyday but prior to the test I stopped Sunday around 3am, so I was 52 hours clean prior to the test. The swab definitely touched my cheek (which has me nervous) and was in my mouth for about 8 mins.. I should get the results by the end of the weekend, I’ll post my results.

  61. I just blazed up with a buddy this morning and cleared up by lunchtime to go to an interview. Lady interviewing says they give on site cotton swab drug tests so obviously I was immediately alarmed but kept my cool because luckily I have other jobs lined up. Tried once and she said I didn’t have enough saliva so she gave me a second swab and I got it soaked enough for her to try it. Somehow that test came back negative. I have been smoking ten years and just smoked this morning but still clean. WOW.

  62. I have an interview for Publix and I’m suppose to take a swab test. I haven’t smoked since mother’s day it’s been 9 days should I be okay.

  63. Well I had a swab test at 915 this morning and smoked last night. the only precautions I took were brushing my teeth in the morning and pounding a Powerade before my interview. the last time a smoked before last night was two nights prior and I basically smoke all the time. If I come out okay the lord is on my side but only time will tell. I was an idiot and fell into peer pressure to smoke because I thought there was no way I would pass but I should have looked online earlier and learned that I would have been fine. FML

  64. EaveryDay Smoker on

    I Have The Swab Test in 2 To 3 Days Please Give Me Answers I Really Need This Job You Guys

  65. EaveryDay Smoker on

    I Have a Swab Test in Days I Plan On Brushing My Teeth , Gums , Tongue Atleast 4 Times a Day I Will Also Rinse My Mouth Out 4 Times With Concentrate Mouthwash & Peroxide Eatch 5 Minutes With Out Using Drugs and I’m a EaveryDay Weed Smoker
    Will I Be Able To Pass My Mouth Swab Test ? Some One Who Knows How If I Can Pass Give Me A Answer I’m Nervous : (

  66. Kasandra Tuma on

    The last time I smoked was going on about 3 weeks weeks now I have a oral mouth swab coming up on Saturday, today is thursday Should I be safe to pass?

  67. Seektoamaze on

    Taking a test today (Thursday),last time I smoked was Tuesday at 8am my test is at 3pm I have brushed my teeth then swished 3% hydrogen peroxide,then used listirne so hopefully I pass I’ll lyk


  68. Hey I smoked the night before a drug test for a temp service and passed I took one for a home heath care place I washed my mouth out super good with mouth wash peroxide and I ate some hot chips and rinsed my mouth again and ate a few pieces of candy do you guys think I passed and me and the old lady’s both turned blue and they sent them to quest what yal think

  69. If i do cocaine today will i pass my swab test sat today Thursday an 2days make sat will i pass it

  70. Michael Howard on

    If i passed a urine drug test taken last tuesday, should I be able to pass a saliva test? Ive only smoked occasionally, and the last time I smoked anything was on March 26th.

  71. I have to go and take a swab test , I’m wondering if opiates show. What can I do to pass this test? I’ve heard peppermints. Appreciate any feedback. Thank you

  72. You should be okay, man. A “puff” isn’t nearly enough to last more than a few days in the average person, especially if you weren’t smoking for a bit prior. I did the same thing and passed a urine test (granted, the simple kind) after about 3 days.

  73. So I have to retake my drug test at ikea. I stopped smoking for 12 days prior to my first test. I smoked two days after for two days only taking 2-4 hits out of a bowl each day I did. So basically I have a five-day window to take my test again. I’m brushing my teeth, flossing, mouthwashing 3x a day, and drinking hella water everyday until the test. Are there any other precautions I should take? And what are my chances at passing? I also don’t think I was a heavy smoker before I quit for those twelve days but I did smoke daily for the past year mostly to put me to sleep. My test is in 3 days! Pls help.

  74. Secretlove69 on

    So I stopped smoking for over a month. 2 weeks ago I puffed a joint twice for a lil buzz. I haven’t smoked since. Should I be ok to pass a urine or swab test? Not sure which I’ll be givin for pre employment .

  75. I stopped smoking for 30 hrs also use mouthwash brushed my teeth three times also use Listerine strips when I went in for my swab test and I smoke every day for the pass 18 yes and I passed when flying color’s. I was so dam nervous since this was my first swab test.

  76. Lain Nellim on

    In the same boat as you. Just need to know if I’m straight after a week

  77. Please respond. I’m nervous as hell and I will answer back if I got the job or not

  78. If I smoked pot 6 days ago and just had my test today.. how likely am I to pass/fail?

  79. Lain Nellim on

    Hello All fellow plant lovers!
    Recently accepted a position with Lowe’s and am relocating to the great State of Colorado! The interview was over the phone, and I was asked to go to my local Lowe’s for the drug screen. I’m just a few hours over a week clean. It’s been hell due to the family being so against the move. Stopped token 7 days prior, brushed and rinsed with listerine and peroxide on a daily basis, multiple times the last couple of days. Rinsed with biotene and coke (the cola lol), smoked a cig immediately prior to test. My concern is the lady administering the test placed that quest labs swab right against my cheek. I maneuver the thing to my teeth however it was touching cheek almost constantly. Detection times say up to 72 hours, but I’m still concerned. I am a very heavy smoker, both in amount (1 oz of Mexican swag a week) and general body size (bout 300). Everyone think I’m good? Really want to get this job as I already have an apartment and my girlfriend is already transferred. Any response would be appreciated and I’ll try and remember to post results! Stay high my friends!

  80. OK well I smoke a half of a joint of weed with a small amount of weed Cuz it was mixed with tabacco but I smoke on a Wednesday at about 12 pm and had a saliva drug test at about 2 pm on saturday i am an occasional user and I also have a fast metabolism and also I had a piece of gum in during my test will i pass please I need an answer or a great opinion fats I am desperate!!!!!!

  81. EastCoastINC on

    The first test I did for my job I have was within 24 hours of smoking. I did another test for another job with 48 hours of no smoking and passed once again. Man that’s like, 6 hours lol I don’t know. Did they tell you if you passed or not?

  82. I had a swab test for the Marriott today, didn’t realize they drug tested (should’ve paid attention when I filled out the app) I smoked this morning about 6 hours before the interview and didn’t do anything other than brush my teeth. I didn’t put the swab between my teeth. Do I have a chance of passing? I really need this job.

  83. I have not smoked since Monday morning, it’s Thursday can I pass an oral swab?

    I passed!

  84. You said 24 hours though not 48 lol I fkn smoked at 4:30 in the morning took the swab at around 10 in the morning washed really good with toothpaste and listerine 6 -7 times think I’ll be alright?

  85. EastCoastINC on

    Yes! I pretty much did the exact same thing as I stated above and it worked. I’m a heavy smoker and I passed with about 48 hours of no smoking. This was a mouth swab with the blue cap they put on the end…

  86. I have a mouth swab tomorrow and I snorted a hydrocodone yesterday am I gonna pass I need tips

  87. Anything is possible. Poor specimen handling, poor lab work, poorly maintained equipment and assay chemicals, the use of old or out of date test kits (several companies have been caught using expired kits)..mere good fortune, luck of the draw? The list of possibilities is a large one. I never claimed they work every time, but they do work better than 95 % of the time. For every anecdote about someone that managed to slide by and have a negative drug test result there are a hundred that tested and came up positive. If the tests did not work most of the time or they could be beat regularly , nobody would bother giving them considering the expense For folks that seem to think that I am making a moral judgement on smoking pot – I am not. I am simply telling it like it is. If you come up positive on a pre-employment test you will not be hired. If you fail a random testwhile employed they almost always fire you. Hiring a lawyer will do nothing as the case law on the matter is against you. The smart move is to refrain from using while seeking employment not trying to beat the odds hoping to beat the test. I lean a bit libertarian and feel that weed is probably less harmful than alcohol and that people should be able to within reason do what they want privately. But employers lose billions in lost time and liability to drugs and tests cant tell when the drugs were taken. The other thing to consider is that if seeking a job that has a health or safety component such as an equipment operator or a nurse it would be wise to consider that if you make a mistake while you are high you can be held civilly as well as criminally liable. Those are facts, not judgements. I understand folks that smoke kind of poo-poo those things but it is what it is.

  88. Me too. I smoke 2 days before my drug test ate a peppermint right before the test and passed. Of course back then I wasn’t smoking everyday’ buy none the less I passed. I believe it is different for everyone. I’ve watched my brother (who smokes everyday) take 2 niacin pills the day before and pass a piss test so I don’t know. Everyone’s different I agree.

  89. These tests are mostly targeting opiate users, as opiates have a high addiction rate and can dramatically influence behavior and fine motor skills with side effects such as twitching, nausea, anxiety disorders very long term usage. It does detect thc, however due to medical applications of thc at present, the employer has the right to set the threshold standards for each substance detected, and may choose to enforce a tion only way not high toxicity rates for thc, which is often the case in decriminalized areas.

  90. Glazeitdonut on

    Husband is taking a swab test now. Smoked a couple bows last night (latest at 12am) and it’s now 8:30am. He didn’t brush his teeth before we left (shitty time management). We thought it would be a piss test and had pee lined up accordingly. Pretty sure he’s going to fail, but I will post the update if he manages to somehow not.

  91. Justin Beaver on

    I passed a mouth swab I didn’t even know I would have. But last time I have smoked was 10pm before went to sleep test was at 4pm next day 16 hours later. I got up brushed once like normal (didn’t know of test), went to work at 6 am got off found out about a job went in had interview and did swab I passed and smoke half ounce a day. Thought when they gave me test I was done but passed and got hired.

  92. Jake Woodruff on

    I’ve officially passed two mouth swabs after smoking the night before and doing nothing to prepare other than brushing my teeth normally in the morning. I’m a very fit and active person and I typically always drink a good amount of water and go to the gym a lot. I have a great metabolism also. Hopefully that’s helpful to someone.

  93. I took a test this morning at 10 am. I smoked a bowl at around 4:30 am. I brushed my mouth / teeth several times with toothpaste and also used listerine 5 to 6 times rinsing my mouth. Took the test 5 mins after I spit out listerine.. do you guys think I’ll be alright?

  94. How could u pass mouth swab test and use drugs right be for u take your test

  95. I Passed my mouth swab my results came back Friday everything was great ! ?

  96. EastCoastINC on

    I smoke almost a half ounce a week of loud. I smoked a day prior to taking a mouth swab and I passed. Care to explain that?

  97. EastCoastINC on

    I’ve had the luck of passing a mouth swab test within 24 hours of smoking. I brushed my teeth like, 5, 6, 7 times, rinsed with mouth wash about the same annnnd before I went in I hit a cigarette a couple times, not inhaling because I actually don’t smoke but I heard it stops the mouth from salivating. That was all the day of the test. Also, when I took the test I tried my best to bite down on the swab and suck the spit out as much as I could. Instant result. Passed. I now have another mouth swab to do on a Wednesday and it’s Monday morning now. I smoked a couple blunts last night and hit a roach once or twice this morning, stupidly. We’ll see how this one goes in a couple days!

  98. I’m certain she should pass, seven days is more than enough. I’m a heavy smoker (smoke daily and hourly) and last year I took two of these tests for the same job. the first one I took I only gave myself about 24 hours before the test and I failed. Second test was a few months later and I stopped for about 5 days just to be safe and I passed. I’m currently on day 3 again trying to get another job. 5 days should be more than enough for anyone that is skeptical about these tests.
    Good luck

  99. Hey bud are you all absolutely certain about this? My wife is taking a mouth swab today for pre employment and hasn’t smoked in about seven days,is she going to be ok?

  100. I don’t believe this is necessarily true.. I smoke everyday I stopped for a day did I 1:00 long rinse of mouthwash mixed with peroxide right before I went in and kept a sugar daddy candy under my tongue.. I passed and the swab was in my mouth for 10 minutes

  101. Thanks I really hope I pass I should find out in a couple days just waiting on my background check and drug screening to come back I will let you and everyone know my results ! ?

  102. It takes 12-24 hours of not smoking to pass a swab test so 720 hours should be enough. smdh

  103. I smoked weed 4/19 this is my first time in a couple months I done smoked it was just one b and a couple hits I did a mouth swab 4/21 at 1 something I brushed my teeth 2 twice and used mouth wash , breath strips and chewed gum do you think I will pass ?

  104. Hey guys my friend gave me a medical brown brown about 5 weeks ago he said I’d be alright after a few days would I be able pass the mouth saliva test with the two columns representing things under the brush?

  105. Hey Paul, I’ve been clean for two months. I want to smoke today 4/21 i could have a swab test on tuesday the 26th or tuesday may 3rd. from what everyone is saying i should be okay, i only intend on smoking one joint. I used to smoke an 8th a day. and it only took me 25 days to pass a urine test. drinking lots of water. any info would be helpful. thanks

  106. My fiance got switched to swab, and after reading this post I told him he should be fine as long as he stops smoking a few days before, he stopped 6 days ago, now the only line that didn’t appear on his test was the thc line, which to him makes him think he failed, guy said he was good to go, I guess we will find out if he failed. I hope not, will keep u posted.

  107. AyyLmao4200000 on

    So after about 80 days of not smoking I took a mouth swab test 9 days ago. Took the test on a Monday, smoked a little bit that night, the following Wednesday, and again on Thursday. The next morning (Friday) I get an email to come in and interview/swab test for an even better job. Abstained from that Friday til today, which coincidentally is 4/20. So I was clean for about 133 hours give or take before my test today. The morning I got the email I did an extra vigorous brush job on my teeth and swished some mouth wash for about a minute but other that I didn’t do anything crazy cuz I assumed the 5 (almost 6) days without smoking would be enough. Now, of course, it’s 2AM and I’m paranoid and can’t sleep. I should be hearing back from this second drug test in 7 – 14 days according to them and still haven’t heard anything back from the first test I mentioned. I’ll be sure to post when I get results cuz god damn do I hate all these people asking if you think they passed and then never bothering to say whether they actually did pass or not.

  108. I haven’t smoked going on 10 days now. And I have a saliva drug test to do by the end of the month. Will I be clean to take the test by then? Please help

  109. HowisthisIllegal on

    Nice man that makes me feel a lot better since we’re similar in our preps.

  110. Alright so I went in for an interview at a call center, I wasn’t sure if they were gonna drug test me right then but I had my synthetic pee ready to go just in case. Well I’m there filling out paper work and they’re like once you’re done we’ll have you come back and do a mouth swab. I freaked the fuck out because I had smoked a little bit on my way there, so there was no way I would pass it. I managed to get out of there by saying that I had anticipated the appt. Would only take 30 min and I had already been there for 30 and there were still people ahead of me and I needed to go to class. I know they thought it was weird but they were like sure come back tomorrow at 12. So my last hit (which was very little) was at 10 am on Monday. However at around 10pm on Monday night I put a tiny bit of pain cream with 10mg THC (in the whole bottle) on my finger for inflammation. Although it was very little THC could that have fucked me over? I brushed my teeth about 5 times that day along with mouthwash. Brushed my teeth twice and used mouthwash Tuesday morning when I woke up. Then before I left to the site I used 1/2 the bottle of INGology mouthwash and then before going in I parked and used the rest. withing 15 minutes i did the mouthswab which they told me to put under my tounge. I mainly held it b/w my teeth but it def touched my tounge. Is this better then doing the cheek? Im freaking out, what are the chances ill pass? I smoke and eat edibles daily. Im a pretty small female, im 5″1 and weigh 110. They also sent it off to a lab which is making me so nervous, is it harder to pass that kind of test compared to a rapid test? I’ll let you guys know if I get the job!

  111. I passed! I smoked, vaped and ate within about 6 hours of my 6 panel spit test. The last thing I did was use ‘DR. Greens cool rinse mouthwash’ 2x less than 10 minutes prior to my test. An hour or so before I went in I brushed, flossed, brushed, flossed, brushed, flossed and brushed again. Then I alternated mouthwash and peroxide while I got ready and on my way. I think I may have gone a little overboard, but hey, I really wanted this job. And now I have it! I hope this helps.

  112. HowisthisIllegal on

    Hey guys great blog! So I just had to take my first ever oral fluid test on Friday, it was of course the fancy intercept i2 one and yes it was sent to the lovely lab. So anyways I’m super nervous and I’m hoping y’all can help a brother settle down. So my last actual toke of greens was Thursday at 4pm. Then I hit a very small res hit out of a pipe at 9am Friday morning the interview was at 10. Now I got to the interview and they actually offer me the job and tel me they need me to go do an oral test the same day. Now keep in mind the lab closes at 7, so from 3 to 6ish my routine was every 30 minutes as folllows:

    Swish mouthwash for 1minute
    Brush intensely all over mouth for 5ish minutes
    Swish mouth wash for 1minute
    Swish peroxide for 1minute.

    So right after I finished my last sesh of oral destruction and headed to the lab. Now right before I got to the lab in the parking lot I used a bottle of the ultraklean mouthwash, followed the instructions perfectly and my window was also to the point of the instructions. I got in gave my sample damn thing was rebellious with turning blue and then left. Guys I am so nervous what are my chances???

  113. Bianca Christine Clark on

    I just took a drug test using different pee today but it was under temp and my boss thinks he can have them do a drug test right there idk if its gonna be oral or piss but im a very heavy smoker ! I smoke like 3 blunts a day and i have very little fat on me!! I need to pass this, i desperately need a job! Idk if its gonna be tomorrow or what! Whats the best thing to do???

  114. I stopped smoking on 4/12/16 (Tue) at 8PM and took a saliva test today (4/14/16, Thur) at 9:15AM. I will let you guys know whether I passed or failed the test.

  115. I stopped smoking for a week now and took a mouth test today 4/13/2016 .. Will let you know if I pass or not and all that when I get results

  116. Yep I passed mine 36 hours it was out I used mouth wash and peroxide 2 times in that time period and brushed my teeth and cheeks and under my tongue and my tongue
    Got a job and still getting high ?????

  117. I’m very confused. I smoked last night and then today went in for a “walk-in interview”. (I know, why would I smoke the night before? Dumb) anyways, they did an oral test right then and there which I was not expecting and the whole time I’m swabbing my mouth I’m thinking of the text I’m going to send my friend, asking her why the hell she didn’t warn me. I’m also thinking of what I’m going to do when the lady inevitably tells me I failed. Well, I fucking passed it. Either that or she let it slide? Idfk bc I didn’t do anything other than brush my teeth like I do every morning.

  118. I have a swab test Saturday and been clean for almost a month (it’s killing me) I should be good right?!!!!

  119. wedge Antilles on

    I’m a heavy smoker, been for 15+ years smoking nothing but high end and most recently concentrates. I gave myself 13 days to be clean. Peroxide, brushed, and listerene everyday. I did normal brushing. I drank a gallon of water a day as well as a cranberry juice a day. I passed! The longer you can go without smoking, the better!! Also lots of water is important! Those 13 days of not smoking were tough, but that getting that news that I passed was well worth it! Good luck man.

  120. Alright, so I have a swab test coming up on Monday the 11th. By the time I take the test I will have been clean for 4 days. I have been brushing my teeth, gums, cheek, and tongue 3 times a day, and I have been using a peroxide based mouth was 3 times a day. I also plan to rinse out my mouth with peroxide a couple times right before the test. I have been a moderate user for about a year and a half. Smoking at least once a day, sometimes more. Should I pass? And is there anything else anyone would recommend I do to help me pass. Thanks a lot!

  121. It’s well know weed was illegalized with alcohol during prohibition and the gov pushed with propaganda and some people eat it right up nom nom nom a 100 years later

  122. Reefer madness? Ok sport. Because you say it it must be so. I get my information from peer reviewed papers and journals. Research that has proved pretty conclusively what I stated. Marijuana has legitimate medical purposes. But I have no dog in this hunt and I have no problem with the legalization of pot for medical purposes. Reefer Madness was a funny movie but was obviously based on conjecture with no regard to reality. You are going the other direction. You want to make folks (and yourself) believe that marijuana is completely harmless and and a totally benevolent substance that never caused anybody any harm and has absolutely no ill effects. That it is only ever good for you. THAT is propaganda.

  123. So i took a swab test this past tuesday for amazon and passed it all I did was stay clean for a little over 72 hours brushed my teeth atleasts 3 times a day throughly across my gums, tounge And teeth and mouthwashed afterwards …also garrgled some hydrogen peroxide twice the day before the test …held the test between my teeth.. I was pretty scared cause it got sent to the lab but got a email today saying i passed…the swab test i took was quest diagnogatics …ohh yea and i been been smoking for almost 7 years I smoke everyday

  124. mind you i dont need a job … i want one … i found one that i want to apply to and can get just they do either piss or swab … i can pass a piss test and smoke that day … just need to be able to pass the swab test … and i smoke atleast 3-7g top grade bud a day and .25-1g top grade concentrate a day

  125. ok so i see the brushing frequent and getting your mouth super clean and hold it in teeth works on instant tests … but so far most ive seen that passed that was is a quarter a week smoker … has any like 3-7 grams a day smokers have any input on if this has worked for them ??? i dont want to quit for days to get the job as i have severe anxiety and digestive issues and a job isnt worth the trouble id go through to stop for multiple days … so basically has any real heavy smokers have any good results from these methods and only like a 24hr max span without smoking?

  126. I very rarely smoke weed, I smoked a couple of joints early Monday night, got swab tested at work Friday morning and failed.
    I have very little body fat and I’m very active. So beware, results will be different for each person.

  127. Mysterious0601 on

    Yes just brush your teeth and use listerine use it as much as you can it should be cleared out by than

  128. I have a swab test on the 8th I smoked early this morning do u think I’d pass if I stopped smoking u til the day of the test?

  129. another.head on

    i failed saliva test after 3 days clean. was passing @ 4 days. however, i did smoke heavy daily !

  130. wedge Antilles on

    I have heard they are a bit tougher to pass. I take my test in a few days and they send it off as well!! Good luck and keep us informed!

  131. Mysterious0601 on

    I feel like no one is going to answer. I didn’t know it was a oral test and homestly did not know that there was a oral test. So I did not rinse with anything however it’s been maybe more than 12 hours since I smoked. (Obviously I’m not to bright because I had no idea there was other ways to test other than blood and urine)

  132. Kenneth Allen on

    i smoked last night about 10-11 o’clock and today i have to take a swab test i used peroxide and mouth wash like 10 times today and i have the interview at 7pm tonight do you think im good?

  133. Mysterious0601 on

    Ok so I had a drug test at around 10:30 AM today. I really thought it was a urine test but come to find out it was saliva… I smoked yesterday evening. I would say around maybe 3 PM. I haven’t smoked ever since. When I got the saliva swab I held it between my teeth didn’t put it on my cheek but it may have touched my tongue. It’s basically been almost 24 hours since I smoked. Will I pass? (I have read other comments and have seen some people being rude. Just to be clear if it was urine I would have passed it. In this case it was not.) any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  134. Niggachinkspicbitch on

    Yeah i passed and i smoked the.morning of the interview 5 hours before to be exact and i literally didn’t do none of the.peroxide or other shit people say worked i just brushed and mouthwash rinse that’s it ohhhh and gum alot of gum and like you said held it between my teeth thanks for the great advice

  135. Just a helpful tip to anyone using peroxide…… DO NOT LET SWALLOW ONE DROP. That could make you vomit slightly. Then you need to brush and rinse with mouth wash again. But as long as nothing slips down your throat you should be good! Well except for the taste, that’s just awful.

  136. i had the exact same thing happen to me and i held it between my teeth as well and passed! good luck to ya!

  137. Oh boy here’s someone who has bit into the propaganda from reefer madness and seeks to spread the info as much as possible

  138. Hey that’s my birthday !! Fuck I quit smoking 48 hours in advance well I may of took a hit the last night when the gf was bitching at me around 6 pm but my test is at 1:00 pm tomorrow ?????wish me luck

  139. Leandra Lovee on

    I went to a job interview at 10am today, thought I was going to take a piss test and instead they gave the a saliva test. I smoked a couple bowls last night around 9, then I woke up late so I only had time to get dressed and drive to the interview. I took the test around 12pm. Will I pass? It’s a good paying job and I need it.

  140. Oona Shaw Rhoades on

    No, I passed after holding it against my dentures. I failed holding iit against my cheek.

  141. Stickenit2ya on

    Do you think the dentures may have had an effect on the test. Being of a plastic substance maybe they will hold the THC longer than a natural set of teeth would? Just a thought.

  142. wedge Antilles on

    Hey keep us informed!! Hoping you passed! In taking mine in a few days and supposedly mine gets mailed out as well. Would love to see how you do!

  143. Yea your going too past. I had a friend who smoked the same day of the oral test and he rinsed it out with vinegar he passed and is now making $12 a hour and this was recently

  144. Blake Boswell on

    Id say you should be ok. First mouth swab i took i was 18 and doing more than just marijuana. The night before the test i took ecstasy and smoked a lot of marijuana. washed my mouth out a lot and chewed strong minty gum all the way up to my test. I was sure i failed but to my surprise i passed and got the job.

  145. Kennie Jacobs on

    hi i took a mouth swab today for a job i haven’t smoked for over 18 hours i brushed my teeth twice then rinsed with peroxide, i then swished vinigar in my mouth i waited a few hours and repeated the process i have to wait for my results should i pass mind you i used toothpaste peroxide vinegar and listerine

  146. So I got called in for an interview yesterday at 9a.m. I had smoked a couple of bowls with my lady at three in the morning and the person interviewing me says there’s a saliva test at the end of my interview…luckily he needed me to pay him for it and I had no money…so I left to get money and look up how to pass the exam and many here were helpful…I decided brushing me cheeks gums and tongue thoroughly, rinsing with peroxide and just before walking in spraying the Listerine pocket mist in my mouth three times and voilà UR BOY GOT HISSELF A JERRRB.

  147. Tamakia Jones on

    I smoked 3hits off of a blunt on sat at about 2:00 and I have a mouth swab test on tues been brishing and using peroxide rinse and haven’t smoked since ehat are my chances of passing

  148. I have a interview tomorrow(Monday) with a Temp agency. The last time I smoked was Saturday. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a swab test tomorrow. I’ve been brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day since Saturday. And using the brown Listerine. I also just bought some peppermint altoids. I’m going to use peroxide tonight and tomorrow before I leave. Wish me luck fellow potheads. I pray that I get this Job.

  149. wedge Antilles on

    Did you get results right away? I just found out mine will be sent to a lab and I’d get results in 2-3 days

  150. wedge Antilles on

    So I got a swab test in about a week. Just found out they send it off to a lab, instead of immediate results. Are these any harder to pass? I will have abstained for about 2 weeks and have been using peroxide and mouthwash every day. I’ve been a daily smoker for about 15 years. Any help will be appreciated!

  151. I did for part of it because with the kind of test they used it was like a high tech mouth swab and it only worked well if it was in your cheek. I held it there for a few min with just my tongue on it and it wouldnot absorb enough, so then I moved it to my cheek for a little bit and kept switching between my tongue and cheek to give it just enough moisture but to also not let it touch my cheek too much.

  152. wedge Antilles on

    Awesome! I have a swab test in 2 weeks. I’m taking a 2 week break because I really want this job, and have been smoking for about 15 years. Did you let the swab touch the cheek?

  153. Niggachinkspicbitch on

    You fucking Idiot had it been a pissed test i would have passed because i had a donor sample which i would have used and passed with flying colors so keep your fucking opinions to yourself unless you’re gonna share something helpful shut the fuck up

  154. If you thought you had to take a piss test , and knew about it beforehand, then why in the hell would you smoke the same day of it?? That’s just being an idiot, for one. Two, you might not get that lucky with a swab test either seeing as how close the hours between the test and smoking are. Maybe you shouldn’t be trying to get this job if what you had said is seriously true lol just saying. You go sober for however long you need and then DONT smoke the day of the test. You may have more luck that way.

  155. I had a mouth swab test today 3/25/16 for a pretty big company. I knew about the swab test two weeks in advance. I’m a very avid and regular smoker. I smoke about an eighth of kush/week, and I’ve cut back a lot recently from a quarter/week. Im 25, I weigh 137 pounds, and im 5’5″. I stopped smoking about 22 hours before going to take the screening, brushed my teeth immediately after the last time I smoked and didn’t smoke the rest of the day or the day of the test. The morning of the test I brushed my teeth, gums, and tongue like normal and then swished about a teaspoon of peroxide afterwards, then I rinsed really well with cold water after that cause it tasted like absolute shit lol and then afterwards I ate some Greek yogurt. Didnt do any mints or anything like that. I’m not sure if the combo of the peroxide rinse and then the yogurt afterwards actually had any effect whatsoever, so I don’t want to steer anybody wrong with that, but I’m just taking any details from my experience just in case the extra steps did happen to help at all. Long story short….*drum roll* THIS GIRL PASSED!!!! :D I got a temporary position(hopefully to hire)at a really good company today and I was extremely nervous going into it, I won’t even lie. With how much I smoke and the quality that I smoke, I was relieved when it came back negative. So just to maybe perk some people up and throw out some positive vibes for us innocent stoners that just love to enjoy an incredible plant, thought I’d share my experience. :) happy 420 my friends

  156. Bill Bennett on

    I was clean for 6 months. Filled out many applications. Just as I figured that no one was interested in hiring me, I took one hit off a jay. The next day I rec’d a call to set up an interview. Shit. I didn’t smoke again and my oral swab test was 15 days after my 1 hit. The test was yesterday, I get the results on or around Tuesday of next week. It was an oral swab, placed in mouth for 10 min. It was then placed in a vial of liquid and sealed. From there it was placed in a FedEx bag to be sent to a lab to be analyzied. After discovering this site and reading up, I am somewhat less nerve wracked…

  157. Niggachinkspicbitch on

    I got surprised i thought I’d be taking a pee test but today the marriot surprised me with the swab i smoked at like 7 in the morning but i took the test like at 11:30 most of the test i held it between my teeth do i have any chance in hell of passing ??????????

  158. Trxscendentxl. on

    Yo I just took one of these today for the Mariott, last smoked last night at about at 12 am. There is a god.

  159. I dont smoke. But my exs did. N Ik the smoke easy way to pass n they smoked 20 mins before they went n to take the sylvia test n that’s using witch hazel like mouth wash. But I support weed all the way…

  160. Well I’ve got a saliva drug test today! And I’m a daily smoker and have been for years. I haven’t smoked anything since Saturday night.
    And today’s Tuesday! I have been brushing my teeth every day and using mouthwash as I always do.
    I also went and bought some high-voltage saliva mouthwash which I will be using before I take the drug test. I’ll update everybody on the results once I get them hoping I pass…

  161. Smoked a bowl at around 4pm on 3/1. Got a call the next morning for an oral swab the morning of 3/2, went in and took it at noon. Did not brush teeth in the time between smoking and taking the test, but did eat about 3 meals. This job lets you work asap as long as you sign a waiver stating they can fire you if your results come back negative. So it’s been 20 days and I still haven’t heard anything about failing. In biology my freshman year of high school we learned that your saliva is essentially just a trash can for things that go into your mouth, almost everything recent is present. That’s why you want clean saliva. As for the people who had stopped smoking a few weeks beforehand and still failed, it was probably because the traces of marijuana are still coursing through your system. If you don’t smoke for months and then take a hit the day before your test, it probably doesn’t have enough time to go through your system and end up in your cheek tissues (Hence why holding the swab with your teeth tends to be a helpful method).

  162. I need to know because there are two types of oral tests. I thought I had a urine test before and it was a surprise oral test. Like one of those home test kits. I smoked the night before and only brushed my teeth once but I went to the restroom out of desperation and used paper towels to scrub teeth and gums and put some liquid soap around my mouth. I passed. Fast forward to my job now and a coworker told me it’s a swab test I’m like cool but this one they send to lab Corp. is it the same cut off time to pass or what? How does that work?

  163. Just wanted to share. I had a swab test today for pre employment. I stopped smoking yesterday at 11 am (interview was at 1 they did the test around 1:30). I didn’t do anything crazy just stopped smoking and brushed my teeth as I usually do. This morning brushed my teeth and skipped mouthwash (alcohol). I did use a few Listerine strips prior to going Into the interview. The first one they gave me was bunk. I sat there for 10 minutes and the thing didn’t collect anything. The second one took a while too. I finally was getting impatient and just spit directly on the collection swab and it started making the strip change. The lines are similar to a pregnancy test as well. There are two windows with lettering down the sides. I’m not too sure what they were all about but I PASSED. I’m a tall and thick girl and I smoke about a quarter of Danks a week. Don’t know if this helps anyone but hopefully it will!

  164. Thank you guys for posting. I just had a oral drug test today. I smoke sometime in Feb & 3/5. I just moved back from out of town. I thought the drug test will be urine so I prepared for the urine test. The company called me 3/15 to take the drug test onsite oral on 3/17. So I panic…I google oral test and came up with this site. After reading everyone post, I did exactly what the majority said to do. Which is: Brush your teeth every few hours, rinse your mouth out with peroxide, and rinse out with water. Today I repeat everything but I did not wash my mouth out with water, instead I put like 5 altoids in my mouth until it was completely dissolved. I never used mouth wash or listerine strips. The test I stuck in between my teeth only touching my tongue. I passed!!!!!! Thank you guys for posting. It was Very helpful.

  165. I smoked yesterday have a mouth swab on Saturday if i brush and use peroxide will I be okay ? Kinda feeling nervous I don’t want to go to jail

  166. I rarely smoke weed but i got tested at this job interview the other day and the night before i had a bite of a purely CBD oil chocolate bar. I’m wondering if that will pop up in the saliva test they gave me?

  167. Naya Coleman on

    I just found out I have to take one tomorrow at 1 I just put out my blunt 2secs ago. I’m going to try your method Buddy. I’ll let you know.

  168. Last week I applied for a job that I really wanted but doubted I would get, after that on Tuesday around 11am I ate half a weed brownie and before this I’ve never smoked or eaten an edible and the next day got a call back from the job. Monday morning aka yesterday a day short from a week since I ate the brownie I had an interview, got the job but they surprise drug test me. All my friends are telling me I’m going to fail what do you think my chances of passing are? I’m a nervous wreck please help

  169. James Serrano on

    So I read this discussion yesterday..Because I had to take a swab test today..Thanks to you guys here I passed.I didn’t smoke 24 hours prior to the test.. I brush my teeth like five times the night before. the next day I brush my teeth like five times before also.. I took the test at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.. Oh I also used scope mouthwash..So thanks guys for all the helpful tips..

  170. smoked around 7pm yesterday. had a mouth swab the following day (today) @3:30. Between that time I brushed my teeth , gums and tongue 5 times. I used some generic mouthwash 2 times, flossed 1 time. Swished around hydrogen peroxide 1 time. I Chewed gum, drank water, and popped 4 altoid mints about 20 minutes before my test. Hoping for a positive outcome!

  171. Where did u pull out that so called “fact”? A 14 year old who smoked once could tell you that weed smoking cost employers 0 in losses each forever. And if we’really talking about a business like taco bell, it only MAKES them money.

  172. Shatterhead710 on

    Ok guys so I wanna start by saying thank you to everyone that posted something helpful, (I am I very heavy smoker, and I was in Colorado for 3 weeks I came back to Miami on March 9th.) so on March 10th I went to a job agency and I applied for a job while I was there I over heard the drug test screening process. So right after I I finished the interview with the agent that will be helping me i start to look up how to beat an oral drug test, I had failed one years ago for Publix because I tried to use a detox I was young and naive so that’s what lead me to this forum. Sorry when I left the office I had an interview with for customer service job in March 11th the next day where my agent informed me that if I got the job I would have to do the drug test the sameday. So with that knowledge and the information I got here I stopped smoking that day at 1pm March 10th I took my last dab, forward to March 11th I nailed the interview so I went on my way to the agency to do the drug test I stopped at a windixe and I brushed my teeth twice as I had brought my toothbrush and toothpaste I bought listetine strips and I also bought hydrogen peroxide I rinsed my mouth twice with it for 30-60 seconds boths times and I didn’t not rinse with water I know it’s gonna be a little nasty in your mouth but either use mouthwash or the strips and make sure you spit as much as possible before hand, so I walked into the office after that process and i talked to my agent told him how the interview went for a bit and he confirmed with the job that everything went well so he started my drug test I held the swab on my tongue for what seemed forever maybe 10 mins and I passed. So I hope this is helpful in anyway to someone all I did was not smoke for a whole 24 hours and follow the suggestion of the ones that passed and avoid doing what the ppl that failed did lol and you’ll pass.

  173. Seeing as people come here to get information that’s important to them it gets me mad when I see someone talk with such certainty when they are wrong but I’m not the only one on here that wrote down something in the way I did did u ask everyone or just me?

  174. Well seeing as people come here to get information about something important I hate when people talk out of their ass without having all the facts. But my question is why are you interested in what I had to say at all I’m not the only person with a comment like that.

  175. Hi Paul, Just curious about why you responded so angrily?? You could have made your point and even been more effective if you would have just commented without so much hostility. This is a forum and people speak on their own experiences… no need to be so harsh. Sheeesh…

  176. bernie sanders on

    I smokes today around 4pm and i have a drug test for a job tomorrow.my sister made me paranoid because its at a senior living facility and she said it could or might be a swap test.i already have my clean urine on hand.please help me!!!

  177. I have a swab test on Monday (03/07/16) and I have not smoked since (02/19/16). I occasionally smoke but I have had to cut back since I moved away to school (broke college student lol). I’ve read a lot of the comments and it says I should be fine, is this true? I work out 5 days a week and drink a lot of water.

  178. Hi i have a swab test on Saturday morning around 10am for a new job. I had my last smoke last night around 11pm, I’m not a heavy smoker just of an evening maybe two or three joints each night, do you think I will pass it?

  179. I took a surprise oral test a around 5pm Friday and I had smoked that morning at around 9am and I smoke heavily. It was the one that looks like a pregnancy test for your mouth. Brushed my teeth like normal after I smoked and ate a shit ton. During the test I held it against my teeth with the swab facing away from my cheek. I passed

  180. You sir are one stupid FUCK talking like you know everything I have been smoking for 15 years almost everyday I brush my teeth twice a day and I only stopped smoking for two days and surprise surprise I passed the swab test I did rinse my mouth with peroxide water that day so stfu and stop misleading people you uneducated bitch!

  181. KillahCurvez92 on

    I have an interview with an oral swab test on Wednesday March 2nd. Today of course is February 29th. From reading through the comments i have chosen to use the listerine strip method along with my usual oral hygiene routine. I smoke everyday during the week mostly at night then of course the weekends very heavily. I was thinking of stopping tonight so no smoking for me on Tuesday and Wednesday until after 12 pm est of course . I’m 23, 186 lbs. I will let you guys know how everything turns out for me on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone for all of the useful information.

  182. Micheala Greene on

    If I eat a weed brownie tomorrow February 27th and take a oral test March 8th will I pass?

  183. I’m in the same situation. Brush your teeth very regularly and use mouthwash religiously. Be sure not to shred your gums by brushing too hard. If the tester is observant enough they may notice and request a retest. Other than that you are in the clear.

  184. So I have a swab test on Wednesday @11am the last time I smoked was Monday night around 6 or 7ish pm. What are the chances of me passing??

  185. They said they would call that Friday on Monday. So I didn’t smoke for 4 days. They never called, I was bummed, I took one one-hit Friday night, they called Saturday morning and I hadn’t smoked since that one one-hit and after 2 1/2 more days of not smoking and after taking what I thought would be enough precautions, I still failed.

  186. Oona Shaw Rhoades on

    I went a week without smoking and then took an oral and failed. I just went about 2 weeks and had another one and don’t know if I’m gonna pass. I held it against my teeth this time (I wear dentures) and am hoping. The last time, I knew and brushed and mouthwashed 2x’s a day and still failed. I brush and mouthwash on a normal basis and dddn’t expect this one so here’s hoping. Will post results once I find out!!!

  187. I smoked a little On Tuesday i took maybe 10 hits out of a blunt. i got a swab test tommorow and i don’t know if ill pass or not this will be my first job and i really want to pass what do i do?

  188. I smoked last Friday, got the call Saturday morning, set up test for Monday. Did not smoke one time after the call. Used damn near a whole bottle of mouthwash, scrubbed my teeth 3 times a day to the point my gums were bleeding, gargled with peroxide twice, and even mouthwashed 20 minutes before the drug test.
    Got a call from the lab today, tested positive for marijuana. Now how in the hell is that even possible??

  189. If it was a saliva test they give results immediately. If they didn’t say you failed, you passed. You should be good.

  190. I smoked this past Sunday and Monday I had a job interview Thursday I ended up doing an on the spot oral test. Do you think I’ll pass? I’ve been trying out detoxes for urine cause that what I thought I was gunna do. Do you think that would help me pass?

  191. Well its to late now, but for the most part 24 hours is good for a swab. That is for weed users. Other drugs can take up to 2 to 4 days to clear. I have to deal with randoms my self. Also some people can pass a swab 12 hours after use but i wouldn’t push your luck. 24 hours aint that bad people.

  192. HELP! So I do not really smoke weed like that. I’ll go months without smoking.
    I went to a party on Sunday. I said I didn’t want to smoke but because of pare pressure I had one puff from a gravity bong. Then on Tuesday I got a call for a job interview for a job that I really need. (If I don’t save enough in two month I could be homeless.) So today which is Wednesday I went in for the interview at 9am. I got the job! But wait they they drug tested me it was a siliva test and I had to hold this stick in my mouth for ten minutes. And now I’m afraid I’ll fail the test and won’t get the job. Ugh I’m panicking right now. Is there even a possibility that I won’t fail the test? I only had one puff ???

  193. I had to take a drug test to get my job on Friday & they did the mouth swab test…I knew a couple of days ahead of time! I stopped for 68 hours & I came up clean!!! Thank God!! I was a nervous wreck cause the results are instant lol but I passed! That was so much better than taking someone else’s pee!! Oh I did brush everything in my mouth, scrubbed with a tongue brush, rinsed with mouthwash & peroxide twice a day & swigged mouthwash up the road before my test!! Hope this helps!!

  194. I had to take a dug test to get my job & they did the mouth swab test…I knew a couple of days ahead of time! I stopped for 68 hours & I came up clean!!! Thank God!! I was a nervous wreck cause the results are instant lol but I passed! That was so much better than taking someone else’s pee!!

  195. Travis Bucheral on

    I have been smoking weed daily for quite a while now and This was the only place I came for info on my saliva drug test the day of. Read around and someone on here said to brush teeth and tongue two times thoroughly and then rinse twice with mouthwash. Then I also followed his instructions to use mouthwash again at the site before testing, without water afterward. To my amazement I did pass… The test itself for me was just a swab that I was asked to put in my mouth, under my tongue, and on my cheek. I was asked to get a lot of spit on it (I did so carefully as I was not being monitored. I put it across the top of my tongue and tried to reuse the saliva I was putting on it. Basically I tried not to salivate too much and swallowed what was being produced regularly) Worked like a charm for my first test like this, Good luck fellow Plant Medicine Users!!

  196. OnehundredPercent Silk on

    My brother said 2 in the cheeks but he said nothing abt on top and under the tongue… But that does v sound logical thx sweetie

  197. OnehundredPercent Silk on

    My niece told me she gargled with peroxide and she passed. Although my brother said it doesn’t work, he told me 2 use Listerine strips

  198. Thalia Vazquez on

    Okay so I smoked Sunday morning and before that I didn’t smoke for about a week or more and I had a surprise drug test Wednesday afternoon and I brushed my teeth that same morning but didn’t do anything extra like some of you guys did and I just wanted to know if I’m most likely to pass or fail because reading all these comments kind of got me paranoid. So for anyone that really knows and has gone through it could you please let me know, thanks!

  199. Thalia Vazquez on

    Okay so I have a question. I smoke Sunday morning and had an oral drug test Wednesday afternoon. I had brushed my teeth that same morning but didn’t do anything extra. Do you believe I will pass because I’m strong really paranoid just by reading all these comments and would like a real answer from someone who knows.

  200. Smoked last night around midnight, passed the swab test at noon today. Not sure my results are typical, but hey, I got the job! I just tried my best to not cover it in saliva and didn’t allow an airtight seal when I screwed it in the base. (Not sure if that last bit matters or not)

  201. I’m pretty sure the people commenting that they think they passed don’t understand that the test isn’t instant, they send it off to a lab and it takes 3-7 days to come back. The one I took was mislabeled and I got tested again today, I brushed and rinsed and will hear the results by friday. But after reading the comment by the guy that said he had stopped smoking 3 mos before and still failed, I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail. :/ fmfl

  202. I smoked Monday night and got tested Wednesday at noon but only brushed my teeth the day after smoking. What do you think the chances are of me passing? They said my swab was being sent to a lab I’m super nervous because I hadn’t smoked in years and just smoked that night while drinking alcohol. :/

  203. I smoked last night, and had to take a swab test today. I brushed my teeth and tounge EXTREMELY THOROUGH twice, and mouthwashed afterwards. Then i brushed and mouthwashed again for good measure. Then right before i walked in the building i mouthwashed again. I took the test and passed. I start work 2mmr. If you smoke and you fail this test it’s honestly your fault, get that mouth clean and your golden ?

  204. You could try eating peanut butter as you smoke so the crystals attach to the lipids in the peanut butter rather than your cheeks. Idk just an idea, haven’t tested it or heard of it.

  205. There is a God, bible says clearly that God rains on the just as well as the unjust. Just because you’re not religious now doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you. Good luck with your new gigs!!!

  206. had an interview today and took a drug test, i smoked last night but i think ill be okay. Send me good vibes!!!!

  207. I smoked last night and had a mouth test today and im so scared right now, i washed and brushed lastnight and this morning and my mouth was also quite dry when i did the test

  208. I had a drug test and physical for a job today. I assumed it was gonna be a urine test so I was all prepared wiith my bottle of urine. I got there and they pulled out the oral drug test thing. I had smoked two blunts and a joint just last night , seeing as how I wasnt using my own pee. I was positive that I was going to fail ! But by some miracle I passed ! I also mostly bit the thing and let my tongue touch it rather than collecting spit in my mouth or letting it touch my cheeks , not sure if that made a difference or not. But wait….i don’t think you should put bleach in your mouth…lol. It was about 12 maybe 13 hours before the test that I smoked..but I smoked quite a bit and didn’t prepare for an oral drug test at all !

  209. I smoked maybe half a blunt this morning and job just called me, but said I needed to come in today for a swab test. I just brushed my teeth twice & my boyfriend said rubbing bleach inside my jaws will work! Wish me luck!

  210. Boy I hope thats true because I’m sweating bullets right now. I have a saliva test in a few minutes and I smoked last night. I need a God damn miracle. I rinsed my mouth out with water, soap, and hand sanitizer. Basically anything I had access too. I even prayed and I’m not religious smh. I should’ve just took a break from smoking until this deal was sealed.

  211. I smoked a fatty last night and started a new job today they tested me with mouth swab and I passed I been smoking weed since I was 12 im 24 now I couldn’t get alot of saliva out my mouth so was just biting it maybe this helped I dnt no. LEGALISE DA HERB

  212. Edward Guajardo on

    I smoke a lot everyday… Might have a test tomorrow Monday around lunch time.. Is it safe to smoke one more

  213. Edward Guajardo on

    I smoke everyday like 1-2 grams a day.. I might have a test tomorrow like around lunch time.. Is it safe to smoke one more time ?

  214. Edward Guajardo on

    Ok so it is possible I may have a swab test Monday.. Its 24,hours away. Is it safe to smoke once more and stop after that??

  215. Hey sport-
    I didnt talk to anybody like they were stupid. I simply pointed out what should be obvious. The flawed thinking of applying for employment with a company or in a profession that has a no drug policy when you get high. The original poster is studying nursing. Since there is extensive contact with patients most facilities have aggressive random testing programs. The comment about rescheduling is the gospel truth. Drug tests are not rescheduled in most cases so the testee cant beat the test. That’s why its called “random” . Finally that someone who knew they were going to be tested in advance and decided that they would smoke anyway even knowing they had the test coming up is the the very definition of – if not stupid, certainly poor judgement. It has NOTHING to do with negativity, only reality I have not put forward that smoking weed is bad for you or that you should not do it and I have made no moral judgements

  216. Sure thing skippy. I’ll go away all because YOU told me too. Seeing as I give a fuck what you think.
    Grow up – my comments are not negative but merely honest.

  217. You don’t have to talk to people like they are stupid just because they smoke so why don’t you just stay off this site if all your going to do is pass judgement thank you

  218. It IS your decision what goes into your body. Just as it is the employers decision as to whether they want to employ you while you have drugs in your body. Choice is a 2 way street. You get to make a choice and so do they Facts bear out that employee drug use cost employers billions in losses each year.

  219. The answer is simple. THC is one of longest persisting drug chemicals there is. It stores in fat cells and takes around 6 months to fully clear from the body. At 90 days post last use, you have a better than 75 percent chance of failing either a urine or cheek test. The newer hair tests can detect ALL drug use up to a year from last use. The swab is actually drawing fluid from the fatty cells of the cheek not saliva and it is nigh impossible to beat. All; of the myths about adulterants like pennies, peroxide or whatever are just that – myths. The only way to pass the test is abstinence combined with time.

  220. Shooting Starr on

    Okay so I’m a daily pot user. I smoke twice a day & have a job. My job does random drug testing & they don’t give a notice. All they tell you is “Hey they need you at the office right now.” So I would not have a chance to go home & brush my teeth. The last time I smoke weed is before I go to bed around 11pm & I start work at 8:30am. What are my chances of passing a random swab test the next day if I brush & use mouthwash before bed & work? Some advice? (Don’t say stop smoking ._.)

  221. Ummmm… You knew you had a test and decided to smoke anyway? And you’re gonna whine about failing? Not a moral judgement but if you cant (or simply will not) conform to the standards required for your chosen profession (one of them being drug free) perhaps you need to rethink things.. They are refusing to reschedule for the very reason you want to do that. People who know they will probably fail want more time to get the drugs out of their system. Refusing to test is the same as failing. .FYI Weed is detectable for months through urine and saliva tests. THC stores itself in fat cells and clears very slowly. I know people who failed a drug test several months after their last use. .

  222. So your saying if I smoked at 6 am and got tested at 12 pm 6 hrs later that you will pass?

  223. I take saliva tests regularely at my work. 5 hours max, and it is undetectable. If i smoke up till late, say 11 pm, i will easily pass if i get tested at 6am. Must of done it a dozen times. Same goes on the roads, same saliva test. There is a 4-6 hour window where it is detectable.

    Urine can be detected for months, i think some people have it confused.

  224. somethingsomething420 on

    smoked a bowl of meds and 3-4 hits of black hash around 4 am. swab test around 10 am. came up negative in all 4 little areas. started with listerine at 8. then brush 2-3 min after. then peroxide (3%) 10-15 mine later. then brush 15 min after that. repeat until 930. peroxide in the parking lot, rinse with water. and no I didn’t have anything to drink in the last 10 mins , why do you ask sir?

  225. MiamiNYandBackAgain on

    For the record, I passed. Don’t be a risk taker. Soon as they call for an interview, STOP SMOKING!

  226. MiamiNYandBackAgain on

    No sugar coating. I go by the name of…well, that’s really irrelevant. What it relevant is this. Its the year 2016, and I wanted to ditch my former job as a line cook for better, more lucrative, opportunities in the field of hospitality. I applied for a position that ensures an annual salary of 40,000 to 42,000 dollars a year. This position, of course, required several interviews and last, but not least, a drug test, to which I was not sure on what method would be administered. So, I prepared for both urine and swab. Urine, I paid a neighbor for and a mouth swab test that I simple prepared for. It turned out to be a mouth swab test. Basically, I took the initiative and stopped smoking a total of (6) days. Yes people, six. If you tell me (3) days will suffice, then I doubled that because the stakes were high. That stretch of time allowed me to, brush mouth and teeth, gargle with mouth wash, hydrate with water/cranberry juice mixtures. I didn’t even need to buy anything out the norm, nor did I use peroxide at all. You need 6-7 days of NO SMOKING, between that time brush, scrub and rinse. You’ll be fine, if you’re disciplined. Please, don’t smoke 24 hours before your test. Its weed not crack ladies and gentleman. Smoke on!

  227. I smoked last night at 11pm and took a salvia test today around 345pm I was super nervous. Salvia test never crossed my mind so I didn’t use mouth wash or peroxide. Do you guys believe I’ll pass

  228. Nate Shelmadine on

    My experience for a FAST detox is use niacin. Not the time released capsules but the regular caps. Take 10-15 caps 24-48 hours before hand. It will suck HORRIBLY, flushed skin itching feeling warm constantly. Drink several gallons of water until you pee clear. Then drink more water, NOTHING BUT WATER during the process. Drink original flavor gatorade before you pee. Granted I havent used this method for saliva but I stopped smoking for a year and failed a saliva test for reefer. Didnt touch anything else and was told I failed my saliva test I raised hell with HR over it and got an observed pee test and passed. I am proof that these saliva tests arent 100%

  229. Nate Shelmadine on

    And you should have had a back up plan in case this might become an issuse. As far as my information goes cocaine only stays in your system for 7 days. And you were playing with karma when you smoked 14 hours before you tested

  230. Nate Shelmadine on

    Sounds like you need to take accountability for YOURSELF bud. The INTERNET didnt stick that straw in your nose and MAKE you start snorting

  231. NcShadowRider on

    Right there with you, very unfortunate, but the risk just doesn’t outweigh the reward. Just took mine today, last indulgence was end of November, nothing since, been working out regularly but am heavier at 260.

  232. NcShadowRider on

    What’s your results? Took mine today, haven’t done anything in over a month. I’m on the heavier side, around 260. Crossing my fingers…

  233. Thanks I’ll need it but I feel pretty confident but dont wanna get my hopes up too much

  234. Yeah I’m glad but there would be nasty crap in it from where I just had him so it’s gotta be mouth swab. Luckily. I haven’t smoked smoked since the night of the 20 before I went into labor and last he tested me he said I didn’t have any in my system

  235. I think you’ll be ok. I was really worried too and just quit for a couple days and was good. I didn’t do anything special so I think you’ll be ok. Your lucky it’s not a piss test. That’s a lot harder cuz they watch.

  236. And I hardly packed the bowl at that. Enough to get a buzz. It wasn’t even half full. It was fingertip usage not pinches. It was maybe just a pinch maybe a pinch in a half

  237. Uh yeah it’s cps and it involves my son. Just smoked to take the ease off and shouldn’t have did It lol I’ve brushed and peroxide and mothwashed like crazy lol my gums has been hurting for a day in a half now. They tested me and him when I had him on the 20. Dumb shit for real.

  238. The cheek is where most of the thc is stored so theyre gonna make you put it there. But 133 hours you should be good. I would Just rinse some mouthwash before you go to be safe cuz its a lot more important then just a job.

  239. So it doesn’t matter where I put the swab?? I’ll pass either way?? Its been 96 hrs already and by Monday it’ll be 133 hours and I read that a lab can only go back 72 hrs or even 96

  240. It took only four days for me. So I assume you’ll be good. And its not so much your gums as the inside of your cheek. I didn’t do any thing special these tests arnt the most accurate. Good luck

  241. Thelonelystoner on

    Ok so a year ago I told you all how I was on probation and got drug tested in a 36hrs notice and I smoked about 2-3 grams of hydro a day for the last 5-6 yrs. I weigh about 175 and I’m in my late 20’s.. anyways I quit smoking 30hrs before taking the test. I rinsed with peroxide 2-3 times night before and before I went in. I also brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouth wash and drank soda before I went in.. well I passed. And I got tested 4 times.. passed everyone doing same process.. towards the end my lawyer told me I would be given a pissed test rather than saliva so I took these pills called “quick caps”. In order for quick caps to work I’ll tell you the secret. You must stop smoking at least 3 days before and try to drink at least a few cups of water in those 3 days. I passed once quitting only 2 days before but I do not recommend cause that was some scary shit. Anyways stop smoking for 3 days.. the day of I suggest 3-4 hrs prior start drinking water till you pee clear, keep that up until hr before going to see your p.o. then take the quick caps follow instructions and do not drink any more water that is recommended after taking pills…make sure you pee 2-3 more times u til you start to see the color come back Into your urine the you know they are working and you are good for about hr-2..
    Enjoy I hope I helped my fellow stoners!

  242. What’s a couple days lol. I’ve been clean for 72 hours and my system was cleaned out before I smoked and I didn’t smoke a whole lot. Maybe 9 or 10 hits and it’s gonna get sent to lab. I’ve drank a gallon of water plus some and brushed the heck outta my gums and peroxed and mothwashed. I’m getting mouth swabbed either Tom or Monday. Is 72 hours enough time to get fully outta my system

  243. Shanny Lamonte on

    I haven’t smoke in 2 weeks and I have a drug test (swab test) tomorrow for a job that I desperately need. I am a heavy smoker but I don’t smoke as much as a gram a day. I am a bit chubby and I don’t work out or do much physical activity but I’ve done a detox a few days ago and I drink water and green tea regularly. Do I have a chance at passing this drug test?

  244. I know for a fact if they don’t send the test off to a lab you can pass a swab test by using blue Listerine strips. You place two strips on each side of the inside of your cheeks and one on top of and below the tongue. It’s not exactly comfortable and if you breathe on the person testing you they are gonna smell Listerine like crazy. But I know this works bcuz my ex used to do this religious before each pre-trial drug test he took and if he had failed it he would have gone to jail. He passed like 10 tests like this and smoked every day all day. Good luck!

  245. So I took a saliva test today, but it was not a swab test. I had to spit in a vile until it reach about 2 tbs of spit< that's a guess but it was a lot if spit. I last smoked yesterday morning. This test was a big surprise! Has anyone else taken this type of test?

  246. This is all BS. I did some cocaine on Friday night. Cleaned my mouth vary well with tooth paste, mouth wash, floss, and hydrogen peroxide. Got tested on the following Wednesday morning (5 days later) and the cocaine showed up. Along with the weed I smoked about 14 hours prior. So don’t believe all this stuff about how it’s so easy to pass. If I could do it all over again I just wouldn’t have shown up on testing day. Oh and it took a week to get my results back. And I found out at my Christmas party that I tested positive. What a crappy way to go into the Christmas holiday. Thanks internet. ;(

  247. It really depends on ur weight n how much u smoke. I know sumone who cant get clean for 4 months. They have been smoking for a veryy long time.

  248. Not true I haven’t smoked Marijuana in 3 months and just failed saliva test. I can’t wrap my head around it. I literally have not even smelled weed in 3 months

  249. I smoked weed last week and i had to take a swab test today, i should be getting my results sometime next week.

  250. I had one of the saliva sponge tests just yesterday and took a bong toke right before I left my house to the interview. Some way some how I passed without even preparing for a test. Talk about whipping up a miracle. P.S. And SUPER SOAKED that swab. It came out my mouth dripping because the bad taste made my mouth watery.

  251. I got a test today afterwork
    I shared a blunt wit my boy Monday
    I put da test in my mouth and dey take it out when it’s soggy
    I drink water eryday
    Do I not put it under my tongue?

  252. I have a oral test today after work
    Dey put a pad on ur mouth an it stays there still its soggy
    Do I put it on top or under tongue

  253. Unfortunately they decided to go with another applicant. A friend told me a few days ago tho that he smoked with his friend and cousin on the way to a mouth swab test and passed it using Listerine strips. All 3 of them passed it using Listerine strips. Haven’t been able to test this myself tho, I was going to try them along with not smoking for 4 days, brushing my teeth & gums & cheeks at least twice a day, rinsing my mouth out with peroxide, and spitting alot, for my Lowes test. Lol now that it’s all said, thats aa good bit of prep just for a swab test. Why can the make synthetic spit or something lmao.

  254. Better look for different employer. Lowes does random testing. Unless you give it up your toast..

  255. Has anyone read anything about the best place to keep the swab in your mouth? I’ve got mine tomorrow morning. I’ve passed a urine one after 7 days with lots of tea and exercise before but I smoked before bed on Sunday and am a daily user. 57 hours?

    Thc is fat soluble so it stores in your fat cells. More fat = longer to cleanse. Not sure if any of this matters for oral tests but it will for blood and urine.

    Worse case for urine test is to drink literally 1.5 gallons of water and take a multi vitamin and hour before. You will essentially be urinating water. Vitamin will add color, but creatin won’t be ther so if it’s sent to a lab you will need to retest.

    But f–k em. 420. Good luck to all and myself…

  256. just stay clean 24 hours or more and brush your whole mouth under tongue and all. Then when you take it don’t ever out it under your tongue just the tip

  257. Drink plenty of green tea like it’s going out of style. It will help purge the metabolites that create the positive test result. Sweat as much as you can and get your metabolism cranked up to “burn ” off metabolites. Try to eat high fiber foods to internally cleanse. Easy with fats and sugars as they will slow metabolism. Pray ( why not eh!). Chill out Smoke a jay and hope for the best. Wait scratch that last one.

  258. hey is anyone here that can help me with a pre employment mouth swab test for Lowes?
    I am concerned and i need some positive advice to beat this test…My test is tomorrow at 11 and i am a regular smoker. I smoke about a gram a day for about ten years now. Last night i took about two hits and this morning i took one around 9 am. I have a full 24 hours before the test and will not smoke until after. Do you feel this is enough time and is there anything i can do to make sure i pass? Any and all info is greatly appreciated, I really need this job!

  259. Itchy & Scatchy on

    I passed. I smoke every day. and smoked 8 hours before the test.(i read in bunch of places 6-12 hours time frame for it) i didnt abuse my mouth. or gargle peroxide. i brush every day with whitening toothpaste, apparently has peroxide in it. i also use mouth wash(20% alcohol). i did brush like 3 more times than normal the day before. and twice before i left. also read it can depend on the test, so give it a few days as most people say. results may vary, im thin 160lb male, and drink water usually as opposed to juice or soda

  260. I just passed my oral test and got the job and I smoke all day everyday they tell you to put it on your tongue but put it under your tongue

  261. I had my employee do a random test on me I smoked like that morning. I wet a piece of toy letter paper real good left it in my mouth put the stick directly on it. Haven’t got the test back yet but what do you think my chances are. Help

  262. You’ve got piss tezt mixed up with a saliva test bruh. I smoke heavyweight everyday alot and passed in 25 hours of sobriety. Don’t try to confuse others with your misunderstanding.

  263. no doubt I think you’ll be fine but for precautions scrub your mouth clean. Peroxide works but hey I’m a heavy toker and I passed after 25 hours clean you’d be fine. I can’t stress this enough plus the test I took was sent to lab and most sensitive ones they make.

  264. no problem! really excited for you I started my new job and it’s really nice so far. I did the same thing, peroxide listerine and it worked plus 25-26 hours clean after a big joint bong and bowl.

  265. Hi There – I’m 39 and have been smoking heavily since 17 years of age. i weight about 98 KG. Luckily got advanced warning of a saliva drug test 2 weeks in advance. Stopped smoking, brushed teeth thoroughly twice every day, mouth wash with Savocol antiseptic mouth wash twice a day until my mouth burned. Tested myself with a kit i got on eBay after 6 days and tested clean. 5 days later took the test at work and passed with no problems. The test was performed by a proper pathology lab team. The test they made me take looked much more advanced than the one i took myself so was a little nervous…Regardless i tested clean. Yay! So overall hadn’t smoke for 11 days and took extra care of my mouth. Not sure if this helps anyone as generally you wouldn’t get that much notice but still that’s my story. If you work in a big office check the meeting room calendars!

  266. I passed in 42 hours!!! on

    First off I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to write about their experiences. It helps when you see other people with the same problem and their story/solutions that worked for them. Let me start by saying IF YOU HAVE A SWAB TEST SIT BACK AND RELAX ITS TRULY THE EASIEST TO PASS!!! I am a heavy smoker, i stopped smoking on Mon @ 6pm and had a swab test on Wed @ 12pm whats that like 42 hours. In those 42 hours I used peroxide and listerine. I brushed my teeth really good cheeks and all. Basically did a deep clean on my mouth washed everywhere!!! Went in and passed it!!!

  267. HELP!!!!!!!!! I just found out I have saliva test tomorrow at 10 a.m. nd I just smoked what do I do

  268. I just took saliva test (Wednesday) I never smoke but last Sunday( week and 3 days)I took two hits of marijuana.. Do u think I will pass?

  269. BigHomieSmokeAlot on

    I use strips to code my gums and cheeks. I wash my mouth out with peroxide and mouth wash every hour.I took both with me to jod site. Wash mouth out a few more times and pop in a couple of strips.I made sure to leave my wallet and I.D in the car.It just gave me a chance to wash out again before testing.

  270. Nice! I got job orientation after a 26 hour sober period they gave me a oratect III the most accurate one and boom I passed after brushing like I usually do plus like you I always drink water

  271. I just did a marijuana saliva test after I was stopped by the police. I was shaking, and I was 100% sure that I was going to get caught and loose my driver’s license for three years. I had smoked 4-6 weed joints 24 hours prior. I FCKING passed! It was a surreal surprise as I had already lost all hope when waiting 8 minutes for the computer to analyze my saliva.
    Maybe I passed because I drink 3-4 liters of water a day, and brushed my teeth like I usually do. As a habit, I always casually run water between my teeth with my mouth closed when I’m sitting in front of my desk at work – maybe that did it for me.

  272. I just took a oral drug test 30 minutes ago and I smoked a bowl last night.
    Let’s see if I pass lol

  273. Same here, I quit for a week did the peroxide n stuff even put pennies in my mouth(dirty ass ones) got my result today, I was positive… It was a. Blue dot oraleze.. Not a test on site went to the lab…

  274. Hey all so this is my story of what i went threw with this “saliva test” i took for my FIRST time ever. I been a consistent smoker since around 18 i would say till now i am 21 i was freaking when i heard i had to take a saliva test. Thinking this was a hair molecule test but it wasn’t thankfully and i was relieved to read that it was actually much easier to pass. Usually i would get my brother to pee for me in a bottle and i would take care of my problems that way. I stopped 25 hours and 45 minutes prior to the test, i smoked a joint a bong and a bowl before quitting successfully on wednesday at 12-12:30 pm. I had to go in on friday and i told the man 12 but i just smoked exactly on 12 so i told him i had something that came up and id be in later. So i show up a few hours past 12 bringing me to a full 25+ hours of clean without bud, i took a few steps prior to all this though. I am a naturally skinny male kinda tall and i drink water on a daily basis very often i scrub my gums as well with my toothbrush and floss everynight (this is just my history). The night before i brushed multiple times with peroxide after brushing with regular toothpaste and taking a travel size listerine (alcohol free) swished it under my tongue on my cheeks all around really where i couldn’t brush as much. Took peroxide brushed up with that really well starting at 1:45 pm then again 1:50 pm then again 1:55 pm then again 1:58 pm right before leaving (its right down the road where i went) alls i took with was water. I go in and i sit down after checking with the man i wait about 10 minutes he shows back up we go into the office. Another 5 minutes passes or so talking he whips out the bag rips it open and its a odd looking flashdrive kinda looking thing with a Styrofoam kinda tip in a way i was worried cuz i thought it’d be a swab but anyway. I took it how he asked i did it my self my mouth felt completely clear he told me to come back in for orientation its been 2 days exactly since i took it no call nothing so i assume the best I swore he said he was gonna send it to a lab but he aaid nothing about giving me a call if he hears anything from the test, If anything changes i will post updates!

  275. Ciara Raven Blaze on

    they should be fine if they don’t smoke regularly until after the swab test. a few hits in a single smoking session shouldn’t completely wreck your friend’s chances.

  276. Conderened friend on

    A friend of mine is trying to get a job the problem is that they know that they will have to take a mouth swab drug test or one where they put that stick in your mouth and you have to keep it against your cheek well they’re freaking out because all of the friends around them smoke and they said they keep getting that urge to do it like alcoholics around a person who used to drink so my question is if they haven’t smoked for two weeks cuz they are trying not to smoke for a whole month and if they hit whatever it is a couple times and then don’t smoke for another 2 weeks will they still be ok for the mouth swab

  277. Sabrina A Sampson on

    I have a drug test later today at 1:30pm. And I haven’t smoked for 48 hrs…I have tried the stuff people have said On here.. Do u think I will pass ..
    I will keep everyone updated on this ..wish me luck and send ur prayers my way

  278. So, I have a mouth swab test at 4:30 and I think I might not pass it. Ummmm…. Lots of listerine? H E L P

  279. I smoke on a Sunday, and its been a week and a day since then, will i get caught with the saliva test?

  280. I just found this today as well. And, I wouldn’t consider u a bad person for having a smoke, as should no one else. It should be our choice what goes into our bodies, not what society/Government deems ok. Anyway, good luck in the future.

  281. boy, wish I had read this page before going in to my drug test. I have smoked for many years but less as of late. I went in for an additional interview and of course had my fake urine all ready. I was self employed for many years and was not up to date on drug testing methods or I wouldn’t have had those two hits an hour before I went in. I guessing that means I’l fail. just because I smoke weed once in a while to get high does not make me a bad person. i am diabetic and can’t drink alcohol so I don’t see the harm. it seems unfair in a state where recreational weed is legal that this would be a problem. oh well, armed with this new infomation I should not have the problem in the future, thank you all for your comments.

  282. So I’m going to try to get a job today at Lowes. They do a swab test. I smoke daily and have been for at least 10 to 12 years. I failed a swab test at the local publix, they sprang on me, a few weeks ago. Publix called and said they were gonna send out the background check and to look for a call in 3 or 4 days. The next morning they call and say be in for a drug test in an hour. Of course I was like, well f***. I had just smoked a couple hours before they called. I went in armed with fake piss, as I have used many many times in the past. But nope its a swab test, and I failed it. For someone who has smoked for the amount of time I have, have any chance to pass a swab test in a few days? Even if every precaution is used that was mentioned on this page? Whether I get an answer or not I will update if anyone is curious how it turns out. Wish me luck lol.

  283. ok so in reddit code, TIFU. possibly.

    So I’m putting this on here and ill try and give updates of what happens going forward with this situation I’m now in. my roomates work nights and smoke when they get off work, and i had smoked about 6:30-7:00 AM, as i thought i was going to use fake piss anyways. I went get a job at a warehouse and i was armed with said fake piss in a bottle. I get there and they tell me that theres a swab drug test. SO, i got to my car and told them i forgot my cell phone, where i drank and swigged a whole bunch of tea. when i come back in, they said don’t drink any liquids or candy or gum within ten minutes of the test, so somewhere around 8-10 minutes before we all went in the room (it was a group) to test ourselves, i spat a bunch and drank some water in the bathroom sink, no one else was in there nor did anyone see me in my car. Anyways, so we get the test, and i kinda got freaked out, and i put it backwards as much as i could, without the lady seeing, and clamped it in between my teeth instead of putting it in my cheek. it didn’t get really saturated with my saliva, and after ten minutes we had to put them into a tube with liquid. So she goes on to say don’t touch the liquid inside these tubes at it will void the sample, so I put my finger in it, trying to sabotage the whole thing so i can go home and quit for a few days, take the test again when they call me and say it was inconclusive. I’m wagering that A) swigging the water and tea right before, not fully sticking it in my cheek, and the fact i put my finger into the liquid, i think I’m just going to have to go back and retest, but again, ill update and let you guys know, maybe i passed?! who knows. !?

  284. dude that makes no sense that they told you they need a few days to get the results! the test takes like three minutes, if that, and then they just tell you if u failed or passed…

  285. BigHomieSmokeAlot on

    I have a swab test at 4:30 right now its 1:21 I haven’t smoked since 5 o’clock this morning I’ve been rinsing and brushing my mouth and teeth I recently had moxacillin for wisdom tooth removal I crush the pills up and put them in water and rinse my mouth out thoroughly after brushing and rinsing with Listerine do you think I will pass my drug test today

  286. UPDATE: I took my swab test today after roughly 60hrs since last smoke, and passed! I did a lot of research on different tips and tricks, but here is what I did:

    Brushed my teeth/cheeks/gums rigorously 3-4 times/day both days prior to test
    After, used Scope mouthwash for about 20 seconds
    Then used water/hydrogen peroxide mixture and gargled/swished (5-6 times/day)
    Spent 1 day frequently spitting into a cup to force my glands to produce new saliva
    On the morning of the test, repeated all of these steps twice before going in
    Minutes before the test, chewed and ate roughly 7-10 altoids.

    **Please note, if your drug test is going to be testing for alcohol, you may not want to use an alcoholic mouthwash 12hours or less before your test because it might show as positive due to the mouthwash.

    I’m not sure if some of these steps were useful at all, but the point is – I PASSED! In under 72 hours! I also purchased 2 at-home saliva tests and tested the night before around 9pm (precisely 48hrs since last smoke) and then again in the morning before I left. Both showed up as negative. :) Good luck guys!

  287. I have been a heavy pot smoker for years. For the last month I haven’t smoked very much. I have to take a saliva test in the morning. It has been 84 hours since I smoked any and it was only a few joints. Should I pass

  288. Jacob Gonzalez on

    I have been smoking for about 4 years straight now every single day and i have my swab test on Monday in 4 days do you think I will pass if I don’t smoke for 4 days?

  289. Theresa Evangalina Cruz on

    If it’s a piss test all u have to but is purified water pills at Wal-Mart and take them 30 min before UR test and ur clean

  290. So I got called this morning (Wednesday) for a drug test for employment on Friday morning. She said the drug test is “just a lollipop,” which indicates to me that it is some form of saliva drug test. Have you ever heard of this type of test? And if I stop smoking now (last smoked Tuesday night, so it would give me a full 48 hour window without smoking) do you think I have a good chance of passing? Please note, I’m a very heavy smoker – I smoke daily most of the time and have for months.

    Thank you!

  291. So i have a drug and Alcohol test with Amazon tomorrow morning, i only had a bong yesterday and nothing today. does anyone have any recommendations for what to do before the test?

  292. Just to keep this post updated I also just PASSED the swab I was caught by surprise about two weeks ago I turned in an app and boom almost as if it were entrapment was asked to take an interview I had people with me waiting for me in the car thankfully… I asked if I could come back in a half hour (I don’t know about you but I handle pressure better if I smoke, just sayin….) smoked before my interview got the job following day I was told I needed to take a swab test the night before and had no idea what the fuck it was until this site gave me somewhat of an idea on how you could “POSSIBLY” pass, I smoked about three hours before I had to go in this is how I passed, I read on here hydrogen peroxide works well me the skeptic I am brought some with me in the car before I went in I swished some in my mouth before that I grabbed a cup of purified water a slowly drank it and grabbed another cup and constantly spit in it then I would drink more to get the old saliva out and renew it with clean water, I also ate the green life savers and caked the walls of my mouth with them, when I took the test I was able to do it myself so I placed it in between my teeth trying not to touch my tongue or gums but the renewed water that has mints and peroxide….. if you scrape your mouth with it you’re more than likely to fail because it is easy to bleed and your test will detect it so don’t do that…. but thanks.

  293. Yes it only stay in ur system. For a day just rinse ur mouth with mouthwash before and chew gum while u do it

  294. So i stopped smoking on friday (4 days ago) have been drinking helllla water (4 bottles reg. 16.9 oz) , cranberry juice (2 containers 64 fl oz) and gaint ass jar of pickes along with the pickle juice (ive tried everything) do you think it’ll come out positive for weed ? the results wont be in for a couple days and im not sure if i should be worried. they had me take a swab test should i not worry?(x

  295. Joe E Dangerously on

    Why wouldn’t they? They get you high, right? So there’s clearly THC going into your system.

  296. Joe E Dangerously on

    Don’t be sorry. It’s not true. This person is clearly trolling. Though I do believe they legitimately don’t know how to use question marks versus periods, so they’re obviously either not very bright or is trying to speak a language they can’t yet handle.

    His/her dad died of a marijuana-induced heart attack. You cannot believe this is for real.

  297. Joe E Dangerously on

    Coming from someone who can’t figure out proper use of periods versus question marks I don’t really think this holds much water. This is not particle physics, brother. Questions end with question marks. This (“?”) is a question mark. You see that symbol with the large curve on top with a small vertical line under it and a dot below that? That is a question mark. It’s also the symbol that ended the sentence after the one in which I gave you the example. Also, It’s “one’s,” not “ones.” You’re trying to use a possessive. When you add an “S” to the word “one” it pluralizes it. That means more than the single “one.” But when you add the apostrophe (like a floating comma) you’re indicating that the “ambition” to which you refer belongs to the “one.”

    …So how about you grow up instead and learn how to communicate like a literate adult? You do of course have the ambition to do that, right? You don’t need to write perfectly. Mistakes are fine. I make them all the time. But simple things like question marks are not hard to sort out. You really should get your crap together here if you ever want anyone to take you seriously.

  298. Joe E Dangerously on

    Absolutely. They’re not testing for the resin on the surface of your mouth. They’re testing for what’s inside your system. Brownies get you high so they put THC in your bodily fluids.

  299. Joe E Dangerously on

    After a month there will be no metabolites in your saliva. Even the most sensitive test will turn up nothing because it’s just not there anymore. It’s in your urine (just maybe not at detectable levels) but not saliva. You’re fine. 100%.

  300. Joe E Dangerously on

    Fortunately the answers are not a mystery because it’s been studied for a while. So here’s why you failed. When you smoke a decent amount frequently the metabolites build up in your system and it takes more time for them to pass. They also don’t leave your system at a reliable rate. It’s not like some medications where the drug will leave your system in so many hours per milligram. Many drugs will enter your system and be there for a certain amount of time regardless of how much you take. But THC is different. It builds up levels in the bloodstream that take longer and longer the more you have in there. It makes sense if you think about it. More of your blood includes THC, etc. and so you need more water and time to bring your body chemistry back to normal. And on top of that it can take longer to metabolize for some. So there’s no magic formula here. You might just need to take more time to clean yourself out next time you need to be tested.

    Anyway, I hope that helps.

  301. Yeah they totally give something that ruins lives to kids with cancer because the U.S. is totally that fucked up and cruel. (Btw im being a sarcastic asshole)

  302. Joe E Dangerously on

    I’m reasonably confident you will. If not please let us know along with how much you smoke and how regularly so we can take that info into account but everything I know about the test says I think you will.

  303. So I’ve been clean for a week, I drink alot of water on a daily basis and just did the saliva test, will I pass?

  304. To be safe, use some Listerine mouth wash right before you take the test. Also drink a Dr. Pepper before you go in to take it…worked for me twice.

  305. Kim Kline McPherson on

    Did u pass? I think I will be getting one this week. Smoked today. Not going to do anymore until after this test is over.

  306. Disagree indefinitely. I’m sorry for your losses and good luck in finding out as to what caused all your unfortunate circumstances.

  307. Manuel Manny Cabrera on

    I’ve been clean for about a month & 3 days I’m safe to take a cotton swab test & be comfortable knowing I passed right? Need a lil help if some one or anyone can share some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

  308. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I’m sorry for your loss, but you’re obviously a moron anyways. Marijuana is responsible for 0 deaths per year. I am almost 24 and have been a daily smoker for 13 years, yes I started when I was 10, and my girl friend is straight edge. No issues there, more for me. I have a stable, high paying job with many other job offers on the table. I have a world record set for my work ethic, in the Guinness book of records. I do no other “drugs” and I don’t drink. I even had a contract with the military and had to take the Asvab and scored in the 98th percentile. Your statements are invalid.

  309. I have a brother that could have been a pro athlete, a best friend dead, a dad passing from a heart attack. All caused by or linked to marijuana. Have you ever seen a family beat up your father and mother. Marijuana, is a gateway drug and your not aware it can breakup families and cause loss of life. Marijuana, is for people trying to escape the problems they can’t deal with. And at the end of the day, the drug robs folks of who they could be in life.

  310. Kim Kline McPherson on

    U apparently have no idea Wth your saying. I have so much more energy when I smoke compared to when I don’t. The good old saying Get r done goes into effect.

  311. Kim Kline McPherson on

    I have been smoking for over 30 years. I must say that I am a more open person to ideas and thoughts than before. Testing for marijuana is against our rights as humans and should be abolished.

  312. yeah youre deff wrong with that statement. It does not destroy lives, at all. and ruin your brain?? no.

  313. I didn’t realize that I would get drug tested on my first interview. They hired me on spot so tested me on spot. This happened about an hour ago. I smoked last night, drank about a half a bottle of coke. I brushed my teeth both last night and this morning, rinsed with water. Drank some coffee before the interview, ate some oatmeal, and ate an organic mint. So I’m not so sure if I passed. Hopefully I did, but I’ll let you all know as soon as they call to tell me what went through (or if I get no call and wind up going in just fine.)

  314. I have a mouth swab test tomorrow and I smoked last night at 10pm do you think I will pass

  315. I’m about to try high voltage detox mouthwash, I have a swab test tomorrow at 12. I’m trying to wait 24hrs with no smoke. Ill let y’all know if I passed.

  316. I passed the one they don’t send to the lab. I had problems with the other one. My cheek dried up and when I pulled it out it had some blood on it. She said to put it on my to understand instead. It finally activated. Would the blood make it test positive. I was 36 hrs clean did peroxide a ton for more than that.

  317. Got popped with a random swab at work. 17 to 17.5 hours clean. Did my usual before work. Vigorous brushing with oral B… Teeth, gums, tongue. I use Colgate optic white with peroxide. Then rinsed with Listerine. Had a cup of coffee later had a citrus energy drink at work. Had a big chew in my lip. I’m not a regular tobacco chewer either. Just occasionally at work sometimes. Got called for a random. Anyway before the test I managed some Listerine strips, til it burned. and 2 sticks of spearmint gum vigorously for 15 min. Or so before meeting my boss. I’m assuming that the thc test is not a super high powered one. As I’ve never heard of anyone dirty for pot at work. Usually just dope. And a lot of people there smoke weed I believe. Anyway I cut it a little to close for comfort this time. Nervous, Hoping for the best.

  318. Why ruin your brain with pot. The drug destroys lives and robs ones ambition. Grow-up and deal with the real world vs Hoku tunnel.

  319. Hello so just wondering did you pass? My daughter has her first job interview tomorrow and she pled yesterday so I’m nervous about it

  320. Bho smoker I need to pass a drug sliva test been smoking for 8 months straight let me know if u pass

  321. Qvette Justaboutmine Sally on

    If i havent smoked since Thursday morning and have been brushing my gums and gargleing mouth wash and chewing mint gum, can I pass a swab test now? I need expert help.

  322. I haven’t heard yet, the thing is they assume you will pass. Gave me a start date, gave me my schedule and took a pic for my badge. So either I will hear nothing or them calling telling me I didn’t pass. Either way I will let you know as soon as I do.

  323. i’ve been a consistent smoker for a year and i stopped 3 days and i failed the drug test at a warehouse job. Im not trying to psych anyone, that’s actually why i’m on the forum to look for answers. But that was my experience.

  324. $40-$50 depending on if its on sale or not. I have a bottle waiting for the next drug test I get. It’s hard though. You need to drink the whole bottle, then fill it up with water and drink all of that. Then continue to drink water and pee until your test. You’ll pee a ton. and possibly get diarrhea. I had to do this all on a lunch break because they surprised me with it when I got to work that day. At 10:00am I found out I had a test at 2PM. I drank the cleanse at 12 and then went back to work and continued to drink a TON of water. It was awful, and I nearly threw up multiple times. Not from taste or anything, but you’re gonna be FULL to your neck with fluid. Then again, you probably won’t have to do it like I did it. It’ll work up to 5 hours before your test I believe.

  325. I took that stuff about two hours before my test, (I smoke copious amounts of weed every day) and I passed. My urine was really neon colored but if anyone asked, I just drank an energy drink.

  326. Ok so I just took a mouth swab test for a job. I quit smoking for 26 hours. I am a daily wax/bho smoker. I have been smoking since 15 and I’m 31 now. I rinsed with listerine and peroxide for 30 mins straight before the test and also chewed gum up until the text. I will let you know if I pass…God willing

  327. Only certain shifts drug test they should of gave u a paper with the shifts n which shift drug tests

  328. So I have a interview today and I smoked last night , but it’s a mouth swob how do I pass ?

  329. Yea rinse your mouth real good with peroxide and mouthwash at least 10 times before your interview and drink something icy and eat a donut bout 30 min before and u will pass!!! i passed a swab test 24 hours of no smoking and i did all the things i just said im a everyday smoker and im thick through so it works

  330. So I smoked last night. And I hav to go to ups tomorrow at 6am and I’m not sure if they are going to drug test me or not. And if they do drug test me it should be the mouth swab one. Should I be able to pass If I don’t smoke today??

  331. okay so I passed!!!! yes!!! I did EVERYTHING from the Listerine to the peroxide….annnd even ate a piece of mint chocolate. not sure tho if that helped too but yep…I passed…you did too right?

  332. Da queen.

    U good. Just follow the same steps I did-and you are in the clear. U could even smoke again Saturday before 5. (wouldn’t risk it though). I passed surprisingly.

    Good luck !

    -twig killa

  333. Yooo. Okay so I passed. it was approximately 49 hours since my last toke. I didn’t do anything special really. I didn’t workout to get a sweat..didn’t drink a ton of water.

    The only thing I did for peace of mind was I brushed like normal (tounge, cheeks mainly).

    i used mouthwash the day of the test..and swished my mouth with hydrogen peroxide the morning of. I also sucked on altoids (like prob 7) on the drive there.

    I read 24 hours u should be fine..but for me I was able to wait 48 hours.. Da queen.. I think you will pass.. don’t smoke anymore in the mean time! Cause your for sure in the clear (cause thats like 72 hours, u could prob smoke sat before 5 if u wanted to risk it)

    .. i wish i could have kept my passed DT to frame or scrap book haha.

    Good luck to all! Fuck drug tests. But honestly the mouth test I don’t mind..thats more like employyers making sure your not a huuuggeee stoner, and the test seems to mainly focus on hard drug use.

    THC 48 hours ur in the clear. As goes for hard drugs- i mean…. your kinda fucked honestly. It takes a minute to get out of your system.

  334. Please do….cause i have one coming up on monday 11/02/15 but i have until 5pm to get it done….i just finished my last blunt as of now…..so do you think ill be straight before 5?

  335. So I thought I would post my results. I’ve been smoking every day for 7 years now. I will be taking an instant result mouth swab test Friday. Last toke was Wednesday 9:00am. It will have been 49 hours. I will post my results tomorrow because apparently no body actually posts their results on here…

  336. the kind you just stick in your mouth and hold 5 minutes. Checks for 15 drugs. Results pretty fast.

  337. i Smoked Monday the 26th Around 9:30pm And Had a Interview today the 28th at 10am and i did what everybody said on here brush thoroughly used mouth wash and peroxide the night before the test and the day of. mind you i brushed and used mouthwash thoroughly monday night too soo hopefully everything went well ill let yall know the results!! also it was the swab test that has a blue stick

  338. I learned a lot of good stuff on here and I passed! Hydrogen peroxide, Listerine total care, Extra long lasting gum. Love’n life and able to buy a pizza on a Tuesday night!!!!

  339. i had a saliva test done last week. i medicate with cannabis multiple times daily. i smoked the night before the test and didnt smoke the day of the test. i brushed my teeth hourly the night before and swished with listerine a few times before bed. i woke up and brushed my teeth again and swished with listerine. i bought a pack of those listerine strips and kept using those while in the waiting room. i passed with flying colors. hopefully this will give some of you some confidence in passing. good luck and maybe there will come a time when nature is no longer criminalized. peace

  340. I dabbed fat 30 minutes before my test. I studied hard for the urine test, had a container strapped to my leg. Walked In. They informed me about the swab test and handed me the tester to plop in my mouh. Oh shit. I said oh well im gonna fail with pride. In it goes. 5 min go by and I barely have enough saliva to get the entire test wet. Im so fuckin high at this point. The lady grabs my test inspects it. Says ok. Clean all across. Lmao fuck yeah. Study high, take the test high, get high scores

  341. whatwhatinthebutt on

    littlefawn, check out north korea, its really the land of the free.. your the kind of americans that gives america a bad rep. fuck outta herre.

  342. Aaron Kaydahzinne on

    I smoked yesterday Sunday The 24th, about 4:00 pm.. & i have a job interview tomorrow morning & i know for sure they are going to give me a saliva drug test so I’ve been drinking a lot of water to keep me hydrated & brushing my teeth & using mouth wash more than i usually do so hopefully i get the job..! Because Smoking weed & snowboarding are the two best things to do especially if you are getting paid for it at the same time! ill let you all know if i passed or not..

  343. and thats after smoking every day for 10 years straight. im no amateur and if yall wanna make that money youll listen.

  344. my dude, theres this stuff at gnc that actually works. ive done it 4 times and it completely flushes everything. smoked friday night, passed a urine test monday. ive got 5 or 6 friends in the union that have passed a 50 panel test using it as well. its called herbal clean qcarbo32 maximum strength cleansing formula. it comes in tropical flavored or grape flavored.

  345. Fuck america Joe1909.
    I do agree though, do what you have to do to get the job, I’m currently on day 3 without smoking but sure as hell when i get out of the interview I’m getting high as a kite lol.
    But I am an american citizen, i fucking hate it and would like to leave but then again america doesn’t really give you the opportunity to do so, so your argument is pointless.

    Land of the free my ass, more like the land of the poisoned and the land of the sheep.

  346. Someone please help answer my question im in dire need I took a swab test today out of random choice and I smoked the other night 27 hours prior , I took a urine test because of how scared I was and I passed it . Am I okay with the swab test than ?

  347. So I had a random swab test taken today and I smoked wendsday night. It’s been over 24 hours but I’m still sketched out . I bought a piss test and passed. Should I be okay with the swab test ?

  348. thatprettymothafucka . on


  349. I smoked 6 days prior to taking a very random saliva test. I’m still a little worried. I brushed and all but didn’t floss (uhg gross I know) the morning before the interview and once I got there, offered a job and BAM! saliva test. So chance Are still good? Without flossing? … I’ll update on the results. Eeek.

  350. In Colorado (where it is legal for adults) and as a medicinal user too, you could sue their asses of for even asking for that swab test. They have no legal grounds to test you at all. No more right than they would have to insist you “test clean” for morphine, Lyrica, etc.

  351. The USA is pretty much the only place in the world that forces people to piss in a cup to keep their jobs. Everywhere else people KNOW it is the job of a manger to pay attention to their employees and see if they are doing the job. If you can’t tell, then they ARE doing the job yo hired them for.

    I have lived in more than one nation and the USA is the only place anyone ever drug tested (and in the computer field they SAY they will, but nobody ever did – they’d lose all their best people.

  352. Smoked at 9:30 last night found out at about 12pm today that I’d have to take a test af about 7pm.. Been brushing and rinsing about every 30-45 minutes. When I take test, I’ll post results. By the time I take the test it’ll have been approximately 22 hours since last hit and 7-8 hours since the first brush and rinse.

  353. nazi workplace? Weed is illegal employers don’t want their employees doing illegal things. Sure you have right to live your life how you desire outside the workplace just like they have the right to fire you for it

  354. Honest to everything, half of you guys/girls give weed a bad name. 3 days tops – no fancy anything and you’re fine (to those wondering if they will pass if they smoked a week to a month.

  355. I was suprised this morning with a saliva test when the lady walked out the room I took it out my mouth put it in her coffee still had some of my saliva on it I think I will pass?

  356. I smoked last nigh and got hit wit a surprise oral drug tejst.. I brushed my teeth and use proxide as usual b 4 I went.. What r my chances

  357. I have a drug test in the morning @ 10 am. I smoked @ about 11 pm. I came in the house, brushed my teeth. Rinsed with peroxide, after I ate some cake to try to change my mouth’s atmosphere. I ate some raisin bran & I plan on brushing & swishing peroxide in the morn before I leave. What are my chances of passing?

  358. Revolution [is my] Name on

    Stellar dude! I passed mine as well. Washed with biotene like all damn day. But I also took nearly 48 hours off. 42 to be exact. Also threw some oil pulls in there as well figuring as thc is lipid soluble and coconut oil is chalked full of em.

  359. Please help!!! I am a faithful ever day smoker & I need to pass a saliva test next Tuesday!!!! I really need this job y’all. Someone help

  360. I last smoked 44 hours before my swab test for fred meyer in oregon, I drank some Yogi super antioxidants green tea. Help will I pass? How long does thc really stay in saliva?

  361. Wilsonthevolleyball on

    You must be a smoker yourself……Or why are you here or even doing a search about it if your not??

  362. Good slave. I on the other hand have a right to live my life how I desire outside of some nazi workplace that interferes with my right to property and happiness. I’ve passed every drug test I’ve taken and I still practice my right to consciousness exploration and paying my bills.

  363. Your very rude and don’t come on here if your just going to be negative towards the rest of the people on here, this is obviously not a site or blog you should be looking into if your so against others and there choices. Please leave your nasty comments to yourself and not on here, this is a blog to help people not to get them more nervous and anxious , because after I read your message I felt an feel your judging people that aren’t or hasn’t tjudged anyone on here negatively…..

  364. No one is fucked up for smoking grass never said that most of the people on here care more about partying then a job i like weed but i need a paycheck more then a joint

  365. Revolution [is my] Name on

    Did you get your results yet? I’m taking one on Monday and don’t know how long to quit for.

  366. Hahahaha I took one like two days ago, and I had smoked a blunt the night before lol lets hope I pass with ya buddy :) :)

  367. Some people need it. You gunna tell a ptsd patient they are fucking up by smoking the weed that makes it possible for them sleep at night?

  368. La'Dawn C Reynolds on

    I did the same 730 am 10/15 test 2pm today. Using the peroxide Biotene mix with altoids and listerine strips. Pray Ill pass

  369. You know i how i pass a drug test by not smoking weed i like weed as much as the next guy but i am an adult and i have bills to pay and grocery’s to buy i don’t fuck around with things that can get me fired

  370. I passed! Less than a day, about 22-23 hrs from last toke. These are very bud friendly tests.

  371. That’s what happened to me. I’m waiting on my results. I got my call at 2pm to come in the next day at 930am. Did the whole brush and rinse ritual.. Let me know how you did..

  372. last smoked yesterday bout 2pm and got a call to come take a swab 930am today. I stopped as soon as they called and started the brushing, listerine, and peroxide ritual. This morning before leaving I brushed 3 times rinsed with peroxide and then listerine. Put a few listerine strips in my cheeks, under tongue and roof of my mouth. Rinsed with biotene then listerine in parking lot and with listerine in bathroom. 2 min later I took swab. Honestly what are my chances being I’m a daily smoker 15 years..
    Any help is appreciated..

  373. I have been smoking for 10+ years every day. I got an interview at Safeway and they do a mouth swab test on the spot. Stopped smoking as soon as I got a call for an interview, had about 48 hours between my last smoke and my test and I passed. They used a qtip style swab that I had to hold in my cheek for 10 minutes, then they placed it in a little vile of fluid waited a couple minutes..told me I passed and I was hired. This was an instant test..no sending to a lab or anything. Mind you I smoke large amounts on the daily…snaps, dabs, etc.
    I was nervous so I did brush, floss, and use extra listerine…my mouth almost felt raw but I passed.

    Now I smoked today around noon and got called for an interview tomorrow at noon right after I smoked…I’m a little more nervous for this time around but i guess I’ll see when I get there.

  374. Y’all are awesome.. We’re all just trynna have our cake and eat it too. Love my pot smoker friends! ✌?️

  375. Sally skellington on

    My question about the oral test is i take codine for pain and once in awhile i have to borrow from someone does the rinse work for opiates as well or just pot

  376. I last smoked yesterday bout 2pm and got a call to come take a swab 930am today. I stopped as soon as they called and started the brushing, listerine, and peroxide ritual. This morning before leaving I brushed 3 times rinsed with peroxide and then listerine. Put a few listerine strips in my cheeks, under tongue and roof of my mouth. Rinsed with biotene then listerine in parking lot and with listerine in bathroom. 2 min later I took swab. Honestly what are my chances being I’m a daily smoker 15 years..
    Any help is appreciated..

  377. Colorado medicinal user here going to give the best explanation of my procedures for a swab test. The test was sent to the lab and I will know for sure if I got the job by the end of the week in which I will update this post. Of course the best way to pass is to not smoke at all, but as a medicinal user this was not an option.
    1.Took my last “dab” out of a bong 23 hours before my swab test.
    2. Night before test: brush teeth thoroughly, rinse with Listerine brand mouthwash. Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% diluted with water, rinse with Listerine again. Repeated this twice before bed.
    3. Woke up brushed teeth well. Ate a decent breakfast with 2 cups of coffee. Repeated method from night before twice before going to test.
    4. In parking lot I rinsed with Listerine one last time for about 3 minutes and put in two pieces of gum.
    5. Inside the place the paperwork took longer than expected, so I was tested about 45 min from my last rinse. I chewed roughly 6 pieces of gum until she told me to spit it out.
    6. My specific test was a blue stick with a piece of foam on the end. She told me to hold it in the corner of my mouth, in the same place, for 10 minutes. I took out the stick and she placed it in some fluid and sent it through fed ex.

    This is exactly how my experience went! It wasn’t my first swab test either, but it was the first I was worried about. Will update with results asap.

  378. Subtext isn’t something they test for with the swabs. They would have to specifically test for bupenopherine and it’s an expensive test so most tests don’t automatically include testing for subs. I’ve taken over 20 urine tests and they were even sent to a lab and never failed for subs and I have a daily prescription. My boyfriend is on DOC and he get both swab and piss tested and he uses 8 MG a day of subutex and never a failed test. Your good!

  379. BrittBrittRoss on

    Passed 20 hours after I last smoked… the saliva test is a weed smoker’s friend lol

  380. BrittBrittRoss on

    Errbody chill!!! Peroxide & brushing profusely definitely works for the saliva test…I’ve been smoking forever, smoked last night at around 11…brushed like a maniac this AM, followed by rinsing thoroughly with plain peroxide for approximately 5 mins (I couldn’t take it any longer, it was irritating my gums). I repeated this at lunch (noon)…& ate a ton of mint life savers…I repeated it again at the testing spot (in the restroom in the lobby, before I signed in for testing) rinsed, jammed two more lifesavers in my mouth, in the back, between my teeth & gums. My test (@2pm, 10 minutes after my last brush & rinse) went perfectly! I got the job y’all! So glad I listened to @NewYorkNative84…you don’t need anything fancy to pass this test!

  381. I smoked yesterday around 4pm 10/8 and took an oral swab around 10:45am I brushed my entire mouth (teeth, tounge, gums, and cheeks) and rinsed with mouth wash after. Do you think I’ll pass? Cutting it close :/

  382. I have a swab test tomorrow at 10:00am, and I just smoked rn, do you think I’ll pass?

  383. I have a interview Friday at 10:30 I smoked Earlier today around 2:30… Do you think I will pass???

  384. In case someone actually decides to answer, he is about 6ft, maybe 6ft 1, ate normally during the non smoking period (which for him is mostly fast food and chips), but he is skinny, about 150-160 lbs. He was more active than normal during the 4 days, walking the dogs alot to keep himself busy while not smoking. he is normally a pretty heavy user, multiple bowls a day, but he did quit on and off for the last week and a half. He stopped smoking Thursday the 24th and didn’t smoke again until 27th and 28th (small amount both days), before breaking again until the 30th (when he smoked less than 1 bowl) then not smoking again until after his test on the 5th.

  385. Haven’t burned it since sept 10th 6pm, took a test this morning Oct 6 at 10am. I’ll update when I get the results.

  386. Thank you! Brushed and rinsed with peroxide in the car on the way to the interview and passed

  387. My boyfriend took a swab test yesterday (10/5) a little after 9. Last day he smoked was the 30th in the late night/early morning of the 1st. He practiced good oral hygiene in between, brushing his teeth several times a day and using mouth wash each time (the pre-brush kind and the after brush kind). He also drank lots of liquids. The morning of the test, he brushed his teeth (again using pre-brush and post brush mouth wash). On the way to the interview, he drank a kickstart (soda type energy drink). When he arrived at the location, he used mouth wash one more time (the pre-brush kind because it has hydrogen peroxide in it) and popped a few Altoids for fresh breath. Provided he passed the drug test he will have the job. Do you think he passed? I’m super nervous about it as he really needs the job! I will update if we hear anything, as long as he doesn’t hear anything, he starts on the 12th…

  388. I haven’t smoked since September 20th & took a swab test yesterday at 3 o’clock Oct 5th, go you think I’ll pass?????

  389. Tedpearlsalot on

    I smoked on sunday around 2pm and had my test around 7pm on monday i brushed vigorosly and gargled with mouthwash and poroxide but my worry is the time between my last wash and my test was about 5 hours do to the long wait. Would the thc build back up because i hear everybpdy sayong wash ypur mouth about 30 minutes after your test

  390. Kelsy Maloney on

    My boyfriend just smoked a whole bunch of dabs and he has a swab test in the morning for a job so u think if he stops now he might pass. He’s drinking lots of water and already brushed his teeth like 4 times.

  391. Had an interview at 9 am, smoked while doing my make up, brushed my teeth, chewed some gum, passed the swab…

  392. How soon do I know the results of an oral drug test. Took one this morning when would I know if I passed

  393. Michael Poole on

    OK I’m done with 20 guys asking if their going to pass and only 1 guy who actually already did. I smoked just under 48 hours before my test maybe 46 for the guys who want specifics. All I did was brush twice a day and use some Listerine. The secret weapon though was some hyrodgen peroxide. I did a 50|50 mix in water and swished. BTW I did pass my drug test and it was from Kroger. Now I only know that works because I did it, but I read a bunch of articles the day before my test in paranoia. I read one where a guy says he thought the test would be piss. Walked in with fake piss and had to swab on the spot. Said he only brushed flossed and rinsed like normal the night before and passed with under 12 hours on his belt. If your not smoking for days because your scared don’t be. If your worried and smart enough to look here your smart enough to get your mouth clean in any amount of time.

  394. Theundyingshitstorm on

    Hey everyone so I’m taking a swab test tomorrow at noon I smoked this morning around 9 I have been smoking every day over the past 2 months. I am currently brushing my teeth once every 4 hours as well as using an antigengivitis mouth wash every 4 hours…I’m going to buy a can of Copenhagen wintergreen and dip most of that in the next day…I am also taking niacin tablets 2 today and then one more 30 minutes before the test …if this works y’all will be the first to know…wish me luck..and for the love of God keep smoking that reefer

  395. I smoked about 12 hours prior to my test. I brushed my teeth real good and rinsed with peroxide the night before. Did the same thing in the morning and used mouth wash. My mouth was real dry when I took the test and did not get much saliva on it. Do you think that I will pass?

  396. Sabrina Mullins Riggs on

    I need to pass a weed saliva screen in 48/72 hrs and the screen WILL be sent to a lab how can I make sure I pass it???

  397. Sabrina Mullins Riggs on

    my question will I pass a weed screen with a mouth swab in 48/72hrs but the test will be sent to a lab what can I do to make sure I pass?

  398. Okay so I smoked at around 1 am took a couple of hits from a blunt shared between 3 people took the test the following afternoon around 3 it was a mouth swab flat and was told to put it on my tongue I chewed gum and used listerine strips and brushed throughly before sleep and that morning I’m awaiting results now . I basically had like a 2 hour timing idk if I passed or failed but orientation is Saturday I haven’t got a call back about a fail hey I’m just gonna cross my fingers and pray

  399. smoked this morning at 11 and every day since 2014. had to take an oral test at 3. thought it was going to be a piss test (had the wizz kit all ready to go). well i passed it. these oral tests must be a fucking joke. I’m pleased more companies are turning to them.

  400. Jessica Westbrook Ganaway on

    You’re obviously a misguided and slightly uneducated troll I must say! medical marijuana is most definitely smoke as well as administer in various other forms! perhaps it would be wise to step up your knowledge on the subject before you decide to continue being a hate monger!

  401. Jessica Westbrook Ganaway on

    I smoked at 8 am have been smoking daily for a month now. I thought I was going to be taking a urine screen boy was I surprised! they only gave me 10 minutes to make it to the testing site so I googled how to pass a saliva test it brought me to this page brushing with peroxide extremely well check thems and under tongue was the option that I chose to use since I thought smelling like mouthwash would be obviously bogus… long story short got the job! I took the swab test at 10:30

  402. Nova Doll U hit the Nail on the Head with ur Post!!! I can’t stand Judgmental HATERS! ????Why come in here & Start Controversy Unless Their Life is so LAME that they have nothing else to do, but put Others Down! PEACE✌✌✌?

  403. Malachi The Messenger on

    Bruh I’m like a once a week weed smoker ( But it’s grade A) ….And It just so happened the day after I smoked and after a wake n bake I got called in for a job interview and was told to take a piss test within 24 hours so I was like “fuckkkkk!” So I decided to go to GNC and the guy reccomended ( not directly tho lol) that I buy and drink one of those carbo drinks that are supposed to clean your system out because it was a popular choice among customers ….So I decided to take his word for it…So I drank it when I got home ; however when I read online I saw people said you should drink it a few hours before the test…So once again I said “fuckkkkk!” …Lol but I refused to give up because I needed this job bad. I spent the rest of the day drinking water constantly and then drink caffeinated tea all night to stay up ( it was a bonus that it helped me stay up too ) I continued this until an hour b4 da test ; then I took a vitamin B12 because I read online that it helps get your piss back yellow ; then I headed out for the test. I got there and pissed; and guess what lol? My piss still looked clear enough to drink! So again I said to myself “fuckkkkk” However I did manage to use the midstream of my piss only; I did this because I read online that you shouldn’t use the first bit of piss that comes out or the last bit because that’s where the highest concentration of THC is located; so I figured maybe I still had a chance… Still tho I was worried my clear piss would tip the inspector off…I was told by the test administrator that my employer would call me if I passed; and if I didn’t hear back from them I didn’t pass… So then I waited; and soon enough 2 weeks went by and I was certain I had lost a decent paying job ( emphasis on decent lol) because of my love and slight addiction to marijuana ( something in which I never let impair my judgment and use simply for stress relief in my downtime) and it just felt so unfair..Because I just thought to myself “if people who make 5 times my pay can drink in their spare time; why can’t I smoke?”…Anyways soon enough 3 more days went by and I got a call…And guess who it was? My sought out job!!! All I could say and outloud this time was “FUCK YESSSSS!!!!” lol. Another victory for stoners over the system lol!!! BEST 50 BUCKS I EVER SPENT WORTH EVEY PENNY; I COMPLETLY RECOMMEND IT!!! And I start tomorrow!!! Wish me luck guys!!! ;) And I hope this helps!!!

  404. Ray Future Marine on

    Hi Guys my name is Ray so tommarow i have A mouth Swab drug test for a job last time i smoked was 1 month ago do you think i will pass?

  405. Krystal Kontzamanis on

    Obviously you don’t have your life together enough considering you’re Wasteing your time commenting this, its their lives how they choose to live it is THEIR problem, not yours. Name calling isnt the answer if anything it makes you look moronic in my eyes.

  406. i was pulled over and tested, i had smoked around 8-9 hours before and it came up clean you should be fine. i have the problem with not knowing what test they are going to give me… one person said swab and another said urine…

  407. It was exactly a day n a half…they have different swab tests of course you know that my test was the one that’s like a thermometer with a little broom brush on the end not the q-tip with the q-tips they have the advantage of swabbing all around your mouth in the nooks and crannies but honestly in my opinion I don’t think that matters because that peroxide kills all germs and I did peroxide rent 3 to 4 times probably 10 minutes before I took the test

  408. I agree wit Nova… everyone that comes to this site comes with good intention so what we like to smoke I feel that there’s nothing wrong with what you do it’s how you do it in my opinion let me say that again IN MY OPINION! And for that matter it all depends on where your mental level is at, so in other words if you choose to view it that way that’s your opinion as well….. if this website is a way for all of us to come together positively and help one another then let us do us! And it just so happens that if marijuana is the root of this positive energy so be it…

  409. Eric Dilemma- Red Mitchell on

    I have a good job lined up with a saliva test in the morn i dont smoke daily anymore but i have smoked lately but by the way you guys post i should be good within 24 to 48n hours. Wish me luck i will see tomorrow what they say. peace

  410. I have Multiple Sclerosis and know many people who have MS and use weed for spastic issues and others. I don’t, but only because it doesn’t help me.. I have no problem with it being used for these problems, because I can relate.

  411. Wow. Denial much. Marijuana has many benefits. As someone who suffers from debilitating anxiety, it definitely benefits me much more than taking mind numbing pills

  412. Lol yes I know.. I’m saying why would you gargle literally right before you take it as your breath won’t scent of hey i just gargled listerine.

  413. What the hell am I reading on

    And remember you guys can be offended and argue this or that and whatever but the bottom line is its still a class 1 illegal substance with no known medical benefits(regardless of if they can isolate cbd for medical use, medical use not smoking use), and that’s the way it’s going to be seen in the eyes of who ever is testing you, do the smart thing and take a break and get your job then worry about smoking once your set up and back on your feet

  414. What the hell am I reading on

    Damn you guys really can’t quit smoking for a few days? Everyone here comes across as straight up junkies, oh wait what am I saying its “only weed” get your life together people, and if you think they need a drug test or you have to be high or smell like weed for them to know your a smoker then your moronic.

  415. Hey y’all….@NEWYORKNATIVE 84… your remedies worked like a charm….thank you so much….. I smoked the day before yesterday and just took my mouth swab today just a few minutes ago and I am glad to say I got the job so whoever is going through this at the moment please listen to New York native he’s knows what he’s talking about I did peroxide brush teeth and mouth rinse all three of them and it works for me I didn’t necessarily do it for 30 minutes but I did it throughout the day I went through about a half a bottle of Listerine and a half a bottle of peroxide did both of those before I came in and it worked like a charm again thank you New York native

  416. Jerome Taylormade Bullard on

    No you are fine they ask you to put it under your tongue so they can collect more saliva but it won’t alter the test at all

  417. I had to take drug swab tests today and I took some percocet but my allergies was had me going through it today but when theyttold me to put it under my tongue I was already chewing the benadryl so I keep it on top will it come back crazy cause I didn’t have the swab under my tongue please help if anyone knows about this

  418. Just curious I took a cple of hits last night Wednesday at 9pm and got a random drug test at 11 am Thursday do u think I passed very nervous.

  419. Your chances are good. these tests are not as effective as a urinalysis and tend to focus more on very recent use, not whether or not you used 10 days ago. Realistically, they are seeing how often you do it, now whether or not you do it. That is my view.

    Make sure you brush your teeth and mouth well before the test and literally take a swig of mouthwash before you go in to take the test (spit it out, of course).

    I have a friend that is a MAJOR doper and smoked 6 hours before going in and passed (either it was the brushing and the mouthwash or a faulty test, altogether. Hope this helps.

  420. at this point, all you can do is stop smoking for today until after the test.
    Between now and then, brush your teeth and mouth well and use mouthwash. repeat this process before you go in to take the test and literally use mouthwash right before walking in to take the test. Your chances will be good 80/20.

  421. its crazy but I think these saliva tests are meant to see if you use drugs daily and constantly. Not if you last used weed three weeks ago or cocaine two days ago.

  422. make sure you brush your teeth and gums and mouth well and also use mouthwash literally before you go in to take the test

  423. So, I smoked yesterday around 10pm and I have a saliva test for a job interview tomorrow at noon.
    What are the chances of me passing?

  424. I always act like im on my “flow” just so they will look away and use your pants as a shield to pour pee and leave cup in pants until u can safely discard

  425. Im going to get drug tested @jerseycity 595 newark ave jersey city nj and i was wondering if anyone lives near by and had probation; do u know what type of test it is, is it pee or swab ? Im a girl; my probation officer is a guy and if i have a piss test i got someone to give me theres but do u think he would tell someone to come with me to the bathroom or they cant come in with you, ive heard they cant come in with you just have to door open

  426. No offense but maybe you should lay off the hard shit if you got kids, then you don’t have to worryàà

  427. I took two hits of crack saturday and one line of brown sunday and today monday cps got called on me and took saliva test will i pass


  429. did u pass? im anxious to know because I smoked yesterday {sunday} and have a drug test for interview Friday im wondering if im gonna be good if I don’t smoke anymore

  430. So I smoked yesterday and last night, I woke up and brushed my teeth as well as I do any other day and they mouth swabbed me for probation today around 1pm. Think I passed?
    I barely put the swab in my saliva so fingers crossed!

  431. I smoked today my test is tuesday in the morning so ima completely stop monday n eat the ice will i be good ?

  432. Hey i never took one of these saliva drug test before i thought i was goin to take a piss test but ended up doin a saliva drug test last time i smoked was two days ago but only a half a blunt not even but i didn’t do anything i just read jus brushed my teeth nd mouthwash do you think i passed plz get back at me

  433. Just took mine this morning, followed your guide waiting to hear back I think the last time I actually did anything was about 2 weeks again and it just one bowl hit… Will let you know but just wanted to say to thanks.

  434. Nanette l Smith on

    I failed a urine test on Sept 4th. Had been in a closed room with a heavy pot smoker. I will have a saliva test today and have not smoked or been around it since the 4th. What are the chances of passing? Thank you.

  435. Just took my test a few hours ago. I’m nervous. Last I smoked was all day Saturday into early Sunday around 3 or 4 a.m. Didn’t smoke anymore Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. My test was today at around 10:00 a.m. My routine was yesterday I brushed three times. Used the rest of my mouth wash and used peroxide 4 times. Drunk a soda on the way there and chewed gum. You all think I’m good?

  436. Ok so I’ve been smoking for years and I got put on probation for a drug charge so I get drug tested I cleaned up for a year or so and I went on a huge weed binge haha I can’t think of binging on weed really but I smoke a ounce in 3 day but I stopped two days ago and I have a mouth swab tomorrow am I ok or am I fucked and should leave the country haha I’m so nervous I have 8 years on my head and I’m still making jokes please help

  437. I took a saliva drug test today around 2 i haven’t smoked since sunday night. Do u think i passed?….hopefully i did..really would like a response plz.

  438. NewYorkNative84 on

    Lol. Really ? At 6 weeks you can pass a puss test and surely a saliva rest. They’re only good up to 24 hours after. You’re good. You quit that long ago and still paranoid ? Lol. Chill bro

  439. NewYorkNative84 on

    Okay guys. Trick number one. Peroxide. Get peroxide , fill your mouth with it , and swieh it around until you feel it foaming and tingling in your mouth (which takes about 10-12 minutes ) at that point, spit out and repeat twice more before testing. Overall the process is about 30 minutes if you desire to be completely thorough and yes I’ve passed like this. I smoked that morning , went to a temp agency , left for lunch and bought peroxide. Rinsed my mouth out a few times and bam passed !

    Trick number two listerine! Get some in your mouth , swish it around until it burns so much you can’t tolerate it. Be sure to life your tongue and all during the process. Do this two or three times before hand to ensure passing. I’m trying this one as we speak !

  440. Hey Jay! I have smoked off & on since High School & I just turned 51. My beloved brother passed away & I smoked some when I was there. I suffer from chronic back pain & have been in pain management & had to sign a form… well I tested positive on a urine test awhile back & yesterday this new dr assistant said if I show positive again they will help me but no pain meds just injections. Ugh…… I had my birthday last week & I didn’t smoke! I think it was about 2-3 weeks I didn’t smoke. They put this thing under my tounge instead of a urine test. Oh man… ? I hope I pass but I’m really scared I will fail. I had never had them do it this way. My pain sucks real bad. My meds help some but I still hurt. I don’t want to get cut off from my meds & I don’t want a bad referral if I end up moving home. I’ve been thinking about moving cuz my dad isn’t doing real well & I think I need to be there. Only have my big sis & dad left! I’m going through alot right now. My husband gets mad instead of caring, kind & understanding about my pain. So… I’m just scared about the under the tongue test. Every one is really nice at the pain mgt place but….. this new guy made me super nervous. My primary doc is pro marajunia but I signed a form & I don’t want my pain mgt doc to loose his license or anything! & I don’t want a bad referral or for them to cut me off of the pain medication. I guess I shouldn’t smoke but… I did & I do sometimes. It really does help me but I signed that form! Ugh!!!! Not legal here in TX yet. I’m worried about that test. Never had it done like that. I hope I pass. Thank You for sharing your story & this site! I sure appreciate you! Peace & God Bless you!

  441. Hi i have been smoking for about a year now. It has helped with my frequent panic attacks and allowed me to come off some daily meds that i was being prescribed. Last tuesday i had an interview for publix and was given a mouth swab test. But as much as i regret it, i slipped up after my grandmother’s funeral and smoked a small bong. It was about 34 hours before my test. I brush my teeth and washed with peroxide 2 times a day and i washed with peroxide about 20 minutes before my test. Im stressing out waiting for the results. If anyone has any advice or experience that would help me ease my mind it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  442. I smoked 4 hours ago i have tô go in tomorro morning at 7 for a swab test ivê been brushing my teeth a lot and with peroxide. You guys think ill be able tô pass?

  443. Kim PhatBaby Goodman on

    Dame makes me feel like I’m done with this job I thought I could’ve had too! Definitely can’t blame nobody but myself but dame! It’s been 48hrs for me before the swab test and I didn’t try any remedies because I didn’t know I was going to be tested. Not that quick anyway and not at that moment!:( it’s definitely not worth it but I’ve been crossing my fingers and toes

  444. Kim PhatBaby Goodman on

    Hello. Kind of similar question but a little different. Ok today I went on an interview and I was swabbed on the spot? I haven’t smoked weed in about 48 hours prior to this & not because of this, because I never knew it was going to happen! But reading all the drink plenty of water and mouthwash before hand..I didn’t do those steps! (Didn’t know about them until today, when its to late) my question is could I possibly still pass the swab test?

  445. Wassup people I got a swab test tommorrow at 10am I was told like 4hrs ago.. I haven’t smoked since 7ish last nightt should I be good

  446. I recently started a job at a very popular grocery store, and they do mouth swabs. I stopped smoking 3 days before my interview, and after my interview and drug test i went back to smoking. Well, today was my first day and they surprised me with another fucking drug test. I smoked at 9 pm last night and my drug test was at 4 pm today. how fucked am i?

  447. Worked for me :D it’s crazy people are failing, they’re definitely not using enough peroxide!

  448. Be honest, did you rinse with peroxide? I just got a great job and this forum helped me so it sucks this happened. Were you around smokers? A lot of people got good results!

  449. Jeana James Webb on

    Hi yes, can u please tell me what a saliva masker is??? It’ll be greatly appreciated! ? Thank you in advance…. P.S. “Magnum brand”???

  450. All you gotta do is pause for a day brush and rinse the hell outta your teeth n mouth along with the sides of your cheeks use Listerine peroxide n finish rinse with water chew gum pass test keep smokin

  451. I just did a mouth swab and I smoke 6 hours before and passed it by putting the swab under my tongue

  452. It’s been 6weeks n a day now since I smoked a blunt,so my question is..Is that long enough for my system to be clean to go take the salvia test….really don’t wanna miss this job opportunity so be honest please and thanks….

  453. MuffinTop Bob on

    Smoked last night bout 11pm and got a surprise mouth test this morning at noon…so 13 hours ago i was high as hell and drunk…ill let everyone know how it goes

  454. James Chamberland on

    ok. I smoke weed everyday, but I only smoke about 4-5 tokes a day. I have a swab test on Friday. Last time I smoked was about 10pm last night. I have been brushing teeth regularly(all my life), gargling with Listerine, and pounding cranberry juice…………should I be worried??

  455. God bless brother. I’m an occasional smoker. Love it, but employers make it difficult. Needed this job to help move to Washington state. I Smoked about a week ago and had to take a saliva test today. I Was kinda worried but thanks to this site, I feel better now. You’re right. This stuff is insane. Guy can’t even smoke a joint. Thanks for doing what you do. Peace

  456. A lot if these commenters are FAKE!!! Don’t believe them or their stories. Just go click on their profiles. They have ONE comment and it just so happens to be on this thread. Gtfoh, I know y’all are a bunch of weed heads, but use your brain.

  457. MrDisrespectful on

    Bullshit!!! I stopped smoking for a week before I had to do a swab test and I just took one and failed!!! Idk what type of test everyone else is taking on this thread, but the one I just took came up positive for thc. My best advice for you all is to just stop smoking for that month. I wish I did, now I just missed out on a great job opportunity all cause I wanted to get high. Def not worth it…

  458. All I did was brush as normal and I had an altoid 30min before the test. Nothing to it really. Just stop smoking for at least 5 days

  459. I have a saliva test next week and yes I am really worried about it. I will defiantly try the suggestions on what to do… Fingers crossed!

  460. Hey guys, I’m going for an important job interview today. Stopped by heavy cycle for two days just to pass this swab test. I’ve rinsed with peroxide and brushed twice a day. Doing it once more before I leave, I’ll let you know the results as soon as I get em….stay lifted!

  461. I had a swab that they gave me in the interview to brush my cheek and hold it between my cheek and gums. I smoked maybe 3 hours prior to said interview, before I left I rinsed once with listerine, then hydrogen peroxide, then listerine again, brushed my tongue and top of mouth, and chewed gum on my way there. I passed.

  462. The lasdy gave me the test I asked for water.. saved some water and soaked up the mouth swub hopefully I pass

  463. Charles Hackler on

    I got a mouth swab test today in a couple of hours. Last time I smoked was Monday and that was 2 joints. I been mouthwashing and brushing my teeth daily. You think I will pass?

  464. Oi! !! Fuck off you judgmental prick! There are many random drug screenings! And people like to fucking smoke!

  465. I smoked about 20 hours before an unexpected mouth swab test. I smoke a bowl a day. I brushed my teeth right before work (about 6 hours before the test) and had been chewing gum the whole time (about 5 & 1/2 hours) Will I pass?

  466. Okay folks just passed the oral drug test today. I smoke @ least 2 blunts a day. Sometimes more. And have been since I was about 15yrs old. My orientation was today on a Monday. I stopped smoking last week Wednesday. I also rinsed my mouth out with peroxide @ least twice a day followed by Listerine also flossing along with brushing top of mouth and tounge. Then the day of before I got to job site. I juggled Listerine till I got there. Even after 30min- hour later took the test. Soaked the little swab up with plenty of Sylvia and I passed it.

  467. yes I just went to a job that does that they made me sign all kinds of shit saying I knew about it and then didn’t test me they said probable cause was the only reason they would test after I hired on but after working there I don’t think they even do that

  468. Do companies say they have pre-employment drug screening, but never actually do? In other words, do they use it as a scare tactic for cannabis smokers?

  469. How about you idiots just stay clean long enough to pass it instead of worry, then end up failing because you can’t be smart about an adult situation. It’s not that hard to go a week two weeks long without smoking pot.

  470. I gotta take one for employment in 2 days any suggestions from someone who has actually tried it ??

  471. Trust me ur fine it’s out in less than 12 hours I do them all the time and do swabs once a week never ever had a problem FACT

  472. I have a mouth swab test tomorrow. I have not smoked anything today! I am brushing my teeth starting at about 6 p.m. off and on until tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted

  473. I snorted a key line of cocaine at nine am..i have a mouth swab st eleven am tomorrow..will I pass

  474. Ethan Logann Williams on

    Would like to know the same basically Cuz I smoke wax daily allday that’s it and need to no for swab test how long I need to stop and brush and shyt for

  475. Courtney Cruse on

    I got offered a job at a gym today, I smoke wax and weed almost everyday. The last time I smoked was wax last night, my swab test is scheduled for next Monday. What can I do to prepare for this? Any tips will help!

  476. Had to take a saliva test today 8/10/15 last time I smoked was Wednesday 8/5/15. I’m a heavy smoker….about a quarter to a half oz a day. Passed no problem!

  477. That’s good to hear. I’ve been employed by them for seasonal and now i have a chance to be there full time but i went to a concert and i could smell it. I have a high metabolism. I have it on monday i stopped thursday night. I sweated alot on Saturday trying to flush out the toxins. The seasonal one i smoke two days before stilled passed. You think i should be good? Its been about 90 plus hours since the intake.

  478. I stop smoking Sunday took the swab test Thursday morning i brush my teeth between the time but didn’t use no mouthwash also had no gum that day you think i pass?

  479. Hey I had an interview today at Kroger and I knew I had to so the mouth swab test I smoke but I didn’t smoke as much at all for the past few days I know at least 24 hrs before anywas please help!!!! The same morning i brushed my teeth and gums garggled mouth wash and even hydron porixed I really need this Job!!!!

  480. Smoked more than 24 hours before, brushed thoroughly, rinsed with Listerine, and chewed gum…. Verdict FAIL. Good luck with that.

  481. You’re good took a swab test literally 5 hours after sub and still didn’t show up, bup doesn’t show on normal swab tests

  482. Sorry guys but I had a saliva drug test for weed so I googled how to pass a saliva drug test for weed in 24 hours and eventually I read a few times to buy listerine mouth wash and just before the test I rinsed my mouth with the listerine for 5 minutes to the sting stopped then repeated the listerine for another 5 minutes but still failed the test for weed?

  483. Hey I smoked weed Thursday night and I have a saliva drug test Monday morning, you think I will pass?

  484. Interested party on

    Anyone know about marijauna tincture
    Taken 5ml morning n night to help with neurological pain
    How long befor it wouldn’t show up on test

  485. maryjane2015 on

    I’m jumping a plane and going on a Denver bender when this probation ends! or maybe Holland…