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What Is An Eighth Of Marijuana?


eighth of weedThis Is One Of The Most Basic Questions In The Marijuana Culture

A very interesting thing happened to me today. I was minding my own business riding the city bus (my car is broke down) and I overheard some old ladies talking about medical marijuana. If I had to guess, the ladies were into their 70’s. I read that there are more and more senior citizens consuming medical marijuana everyday, but this was the first time that I saw it in real life. They were so open about it, talking about how none of ‘marijuana now days’ makes sense.

The older looking of the two sweet old ladies was talking about how much medical marijuana costs. You could tell 40+ years ago that she had some great times smoking marijuana in the late 1960’s, because she spoke of marijuana memories so fondly. She said back in her day, she would pay five bucks and get a ‘big old bag full!’ (exclamation added to mimic her enthusiasm). But nowadays, it costs 40 to 50 dollars for an ‘eighth’ and she doesn’t know what that means but it ‘sure doesn’t seem like much.’ That’s when I realized, there are still people out there that don’t know what an ‘eighth’ of marijuana is! I thought just you rookies had this kind of question, not senior citizens. Mind Blowing.

So as a public service announcement to any old ladies, young rookies, newbies, wannabies, or anyone else that has been sleeping under a rock and doesn’t know what an eighth of marijuana is, here is my breakdown. Everything in the marijuana sales industry is based off of the pound. If you are breaking it down by the kilo, you are dealing with the wrong people and the wrong caliber of marijuana! A pound consists of 16 ounces. An ounce is a little over 28 grams, but for rounding purposes, the industry standard is 28 grams per ounce. An ounce is broken up into 8 equal increments of 3.5 grams, hence the ‘eighth.’ Why it was divided into eighths, as opposed to sevenths, I have no idea. Back in the day it seems like everything was measured by the unofficial standard of a ‘lid’ and somewhere it evolved into the gram system.

To those out there that this information is new for, be advised, the ‘forty sack’ and an eighth are not necessarily the same thing. They can be, but not always. Most lowest level marijuana dealers, medical or recreational, mainly sell ‘dubs’ and eighths. A dub is 20 dollars worth of marijuana, and is different for every area. 20 bucks will get you over 2 grams in most parts of Oregon, but only gets you 1 gram in Las Vegas (if you’re lucky!) A forty sack will be two dubs put together, so you can see how it differs from an eighth, which is always 3.5 grams. If it’s not 3.5 grams, than you have been shorted, unless it’s over, at which point congratulations!

P.S. – I apologize to people that this seems such a simple concept and therefore doesn’t necessitate an explanation, but just think of the little old ladies out there. They need to learn somehow!


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  1. They need to have edibles at every dispensary everyday. I have Interstitial cystitis and endometriosis and edibles alleviate my pain better than every pain killer… Obviously I’ve been on many of them. Drinking should be illegal if pot is… Seriously omg it cracks me up! I see 24 yrs old girls with beer bellies. Pregnant looking is the beer belly look… Not sexy or safe. I just want to eat a dang THC muffin, be pain free and and a great night sleep. But that is asking for far to much I guess. They want us to be on worse drugs, if they can’t legalize pot. They just need to find a way for them.. The government to get a nice paycheck out of it.

  2. Careful with the ‘name calling.’ :-) I am one of the little ol’ ladies but my story is different. Never had POT/cannabis. Do not like the taste, smell, etc. BUT it is the ONLY thing keeping me alive. Was re-diagnosed in 2010. Changed diet, more exercise (walked 500 miles the Camino de Santiago.) But, had been ‘roped’ in to do chemo or ‘I’d be in a very dangerous position’. So. I got scared and had 1 round (16) plus 2 chemo’s. They gave me terrible side effects: Blood clots, BSB (small bowel syndrome) worst pain!! Nausea. Vomiting, depression. THEN they stopped working. ALL that misery, ALL that MONEY for NOTHING except higher cancer count!! AND PAIN! THEN I found ‘Tears of Phoenix.” Since I am on SS ONLY, I can’t afford an additional $1200.00 a month to keep alive. Sold everything already. (Ins pays $5000.00 for ONE chemo!) Making the oil myself now. (There’s the little ol’ ‘Winemaker. :-) Could you PLEASE tell me, if EVERCLEAR is enough Proof to ‘cook’ the buds? ( I got a bad batch not too long ago, where they did NOT make the most important step and BURN the alcohol OFF. When THAT hit my stomach, I thought I’d die. NO fun at all. For any info how to better do this oil, I’d be extremely grateful.

  3. Reading a lot of these comments made me laugh. I live in Cali and we get some of the best shit you can get. I’ve tried “medical” stuff from all across the country, nice when you travel and have friends in high places. Nothing, besides Washington and Oregon, even comes close to the stuff that we get here. Sure you can get an 8th from a shop here from anywhere from $15 to $70 but you sacrifice quality the cheaper you go. For the kind of bud I smoke, usually only P.R. I pay $50 for a 4 gram 8th. I love getting my friends from the East Coast and Midwest high with mine cuz they trip out

  4. las vegas isnt that bad there getting low on prices i personally havent paid for a $40 8th for a while max is $25 now but thats if youu find thoses good connects

  5. Out here in Massachusetts, g is 5 dime 10…for commercial bud… But medical headies is 40 an 1/8..20 a gram

  6. Tommy Edwards on

    Everybody wants to talk shit. It depends on where you are too. I live next to a major city massive amounts come through here so it is cheap. Though I no longer Coc. is the same way used to be $100 a G. I have lived in many states and the price has varied. I have seen a 1/4 of crap go for $50 on the east coast. Yes it is reg. I have smoked the Dro. over rated and overpriced. It is better in some ways but not all. I have been smoking for 33 yrs. I know what I am buying and what it is. I am far from uneducated in the subject

  7. Brendan Walsh on

    Our nice dealers in Ireland are charging $70 for an ‘eight’ but some where in the conversion to metric your lucky to get 3 grammes, though the 18-29 year bracket are only getting 2.5 grammes for their ‘eight’ ! and a lot of these boys won’t sell you an oz! the world is mad

  8. We still get pretty good commercial here in texas for 50 an oz and 150 for a QP but I still like this new ass kicker stuff. Payin $100 for a quarter oz.

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