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What Is Marijuana Kief?


KiefWhat is Kief Exactly? Looking Inside The Bottom Grinder Compartment

Ever wonder what that powdery stuff called kief is in the bottom of your grinder?

Maybe you know it’s called kief, but do you know what this stuff actually is?

Kief or keef is the small crystals on top of the marijuana bud and is commonly sprinkled on top of marijuana in bowls, bongs, blunts and joints due to its high THC potency. One thing that is certain about kief is that it has higher levels of THC than just marijuana alone.

It also comes from the Arabic word kayf meaning well-being or pleasure .

The only way to collect kief is to use a grinder. Most grinders are split into four sections with the very bottom layer used to collect the substance. You can see in the diagram below that the it falls through the grinded marijuana section and into the bottom compartment.

Shaking or banging the grinder when marijuana is in the grinded marijuana section can be very effective at shaking some extra kief into the bottom compartment because of the net that is separating the two.

Almost all marijuana grinders have multiple compartments that can be screwed off and are manufactured into a small metal circular device that looks similar to a hockey puck. The top layers of a grinder shred the marijuana into a shake-like mixture, and the bottom layers store the marijuana and collect kief.

Marijuana is commonly broken up and rolled into a joint or blunt. But when broken-up with your hands you are actually losing valuable product, which can stick to your fingers due to finger oil. If, however, the marijuana is broken-up with a grinder, the valuable kief that you would have lost will be safely stored at the bottom.

For those who like to smoke as little as possible to minimize health risks and still want the desirable effects of marijuana, smoking or consuming it may be the best option. Because it is concentrated THC (the main mind-altering chemical in marijuana) you need to smoke very little to obtain the desired effects.

Kief is also commonly made from the “trash” of a cannabis marijuana plant consisting of leaves and misshapen buds. Instead of using a grinder, it can be collected by rubbing leaves and buds over a stainless steel mesh screen; however, using a grinder is much easier. You can use your grinder to grind up cannabis leaves as well as bud to produce it in the bottom compartment.



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  1. I’m curious, does anyone know the cancer fighting abilities of kief, because that’s important to me, as a patient.

  2. notwell 1986 to present day on

    i putsa full 20 in my grinder and grind and shake the shit outa it.. I lv my thc’s :)

  3. Nothing helps more in the collection of kief from a little grinder than a small paint brush and a small piece of glass. A small brush is key for the nooks where tapping fails to dislodge the kief and the glass gives you a clean area to collect it on. Make sure you store airtight and in a dark container. Also, watch out grinding buds and leaf too much; else the kief will not be as pure as it should or could be. Kief is more of a novelty though. It is tedious to collect, tedious to press and then seldom stays pressed and doesn’t really smoke very well. Considering this, it is better to just make hash or tincture. Of course, tincturing is where it is at. Reference Rick Simpson of Phoenix Tears and his movie called Run From the Cure (available for free on youtube and elsewhere).

  4. Excellent piece, being just a regular buddah head I was wondering what kief was last month and sought it out. They sell kief in some of dispensaries here, that’s how I became aware of it.

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