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What Is ‘The Lake County Citizens For Responsible Regulations’?


Purple NugThe Lake County Citizens For Responsible Regulations Is Fighting For Medical Marijuana Reform

Lake County Citizens for Responsible Regulations is a group formed in response to the very flawed ordinance passed by the Lake County Board of Supervisors in regards to the cultivation of medical marijuana. Our goal is to replace this poorly crafted ordinance with sound, rational, reasonable regulation that allows Lake County to benefit as a community from the Compassionate Use Act.

Lake County Citizens for Responsible Regulations is sponsoring a referendum to overturn the irresponsible, poorly-crafted, medical marijuana cultivation zoning ordinance, 2960, passed by the Lake County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011. We need to gather the 2,115 valid voter signatures by November 9th to qualify our referendum for the ballot and block the city ordinance.

We oppose the medical marijuana cultivation ordinance, 2960, passed by the board of supervisor meeting on Tuesday, October 11th at 10:30am. This ordinance is so badly flawed that it is in opposition to both the spirit and the letter of the Compassionate Use Act, passed by California voters over 15 years ago. It does not meet the needs of the patients or the general community, and would negatively impact the economy, the health and the safety of Lake County residents. In fact it puts our citizens’ safety in question and leaves our county open for the cost of lawsuits that will more than likely be lost by the county.

Lake County Citizens for Responsible Regulations, together with Lake County Green Farmers Association, have created an initiative for medical marijuana cultivation meets the needs of patients, caregivers and the general community. We believe that medical marijuana cultivation can be done in such a manner that is environmentally sustainable, beneficial to the local economy and respectful of the community at large, and that our initiative provides the framework for this to occur.

Our goal is to qualify the Citizens for Responsible Regulation Cultivation Initiative for the June, 2012 ballot.

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