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What Is UK Cannabis Activist Group ‘CLEAR’?


CLEARCLEAR Cannabis Law Reform Organization

Since The Weed Blog is based out of the United States, we focus mainly on marijuana reform in the United States. However, as our traffic overseas grows, we will try to meet the demand to bring news and information from your area. One group that is fighting very hard to bring cannabis reform to the UK is CLEAR. Here is some information from CLEAR’s website:

Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA). We are registered on the Great Britain register for England, Scotland and Wales and on the Northern Ireland register. We have declared that we intend to contest UK general elections and also the combined region of the South West and Gibraltar at European Parliamentary elections.

For the purposes of the PPERA, Peter Reynolds is the party leader and nominating officer, Janice Wells is the party treasurer.

CLEAR has adopted the Electoral Commission’s model financial scheme which demonstrates how we will comply with the legal requirements of party and election finances under PPERA. The CLEAR financial scheme is reproduced in full here.

Equal Opportunities

We believe it is essential to CLEAR’s principles, productivity, and efficacy to enable activists of all backgrounds to reach their full potential by encouraging an environment that is inclusive to all. To this end, and within the framework and spirit of the law, we are committed to achieving and maintaining a support and activist base which broadly reflects the community at large.

CLEAR whole-heartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, disability, age, religious belief, sexual orientation or marital status. We welcome people who support cannabis law reform from whatever cultural, ethnic or political backgrounds, be they cannabis users or not.

We believe that it is in CLEAR’s best interests and of all those who work as part of it, to attract, retain and develop a diverse pool of activists and supporters. Every possible step will be taken to ensure that individuals are treated equally and fairly, and members are invited to raise concerns with us if they feel an infringement to this policy has been made. Members found to be in violation of the CLEAR equal opportunities policy will face suspension and ultimately expulsion form the party.


CLEAR’s constitution is reproduced in full here.


These are the members of the Executive Committee.

Peter Reynolds was elected leader of CLEAR in February 2011. Aged 54 and a professional writer all his life, Peter lives on the Dorset coast with his two dogs, an overworked computer and an overflowing in tray. More information is available at his personal website: www.peter-reynolds.co.uk

Mark Palmer has been a long time supporter of cannabis law reform, involved from the very beginning of the LCA. He is now Acting Deputy Leader and involved in events organising and promotion.

Derek Williams — Long time law reform activist with UKCIA, now CLEAR website editor

Jan Wells is the treasurer and secretary of CLEAR and is responsible for all membership administration and finance. She is a lecturer in I.T. and now lives near Redhill in Surrey with her partner, two children and a dog.

Greg de Hoedt, aka Cure Ukay, is well known through his podcasts and CannabisCureTV. He is now in charge of all CLEAR’s multimedia activities

CLEAR committee meeting minutes:

27th November 2011

11th September 2011

18th May 2011

11th March 2011 (LCA)


Fellowship of the party is the highest honour. See here for a current list of fellows.


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  • 8thColour

    To find out the truth about Peter Reynolds check out http://www.peter-reynolds-watch.com/

  • Dr Hemp

    Peter Reynolds gets sacked from CLEAR

    official video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPRTW-eZg_4

  • Lem


    link fixed. :)

  • Glynwilliams68
  • obnoxious nutter

    How so?, it would be satirical if I were a hippy perhaps but I’m not, you however are as your use of that term indicates an ignorant troll.

  • 00

    Ben please behave yourself and don’t be so rude to our American cousins and their well informed site by calling it a “gutter” as this place is far from a gutter in my opinion.I find it hard to believe that you have found no evidence of Mr Reynolds misgivings when Lem has linkeed all of his brainfarts for everyone to see.
    Factual and recorded events that are in the cyberverse  so you’re assumption and false accusation of this being a hate campaign construed by a few is poppycock and it does you no favours Ben and makes you look a bit inane.
    My comment about cyber brownshirts is apt because you have a dictator who is a racist and a megalomaniac who surrounds himself with a group of similarly minded individuals who bully and threaten people into keeping quiet as was tried even yesterday when GruppenFuhrer Reynolds under his Jack Herer monocle threatened Lem.
    Next we go on the heavy censorship and misinformation that Mr Reynolds like to practice which would put the Stazzi to shame and woe betide anyone who say’s different as Mr Reynolds usually threatens to give you’re details to the police as he has done to several medi grower’s I know.

    Jim Alekson from the medicine wheel and his buddy Victor Hamilton where all involved in the establishing of the BMCR which was Peter Reynolds attempts to swindle people into giving them their details under false pretenses, and when Peter was found out he responded by calling people derogatory names and threatening to inform the police of their medi grows unless they kept quiet.

    Not very becoming of someone who claims to represent medical/recreational cannabis users is it?


  • Lem

    I just tell the truth Bengt.

    That is all that is required.

    Those with open eyes will see it: those whose eyes are closed will dream whatever vivid dreams they wish to dream, until reality comes crashing down upon them; as it surely will.

    Wherever CLEAR lies are spread, somebody will be there to place the truth in the open. That is, until Peter Reynolds steps down, or agrees to an independently verified leadership vote.

    Have a good day dude.

  • Billy Gartside

    Bengt get your head out of your ass.Peter Reynolds impersonated a Doctor-“Dr.Carla Margam”-on Facebook.No one legitimate would do that.He’s a crook,a fraudster, a bully and a conman.If you believe another word that he says I’ve got a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge I’d like to sell you.

  • Lem


    You must have missed this. Thanks for giving me an excuse to post it again though.

    Quite why a non-UK national, who doesn’t live in the UK, is taking such a deep and personal interest in UK politics is beyond me.

    Can you please explain which bits, in your opinion, are lies?

    You have a nice day too dude.

  • Bengt

    I just want to say one last thing before i leave this gutter. I have looked into what Jayelle Farmer, Lem and 00 has been raving about. And i can’t find anything that support what they say. For me this is just a personal vendetta started by one or two people and the rest is following, which is quite amusing actually regarding to 00 comments about brownshirts. It is 99% lies and accusations about something that never happened, then there is some story about Peter being in some business with the US. But no where is the proof. The only real thing i see here is the petition, so that is CLEAR at least, you want Peter off, but why no one can see, because you are not telling the truth. So keep at it, drag your own life in the gutter but i will not join you. Have a nice day and seriously take care, for what it is worth. 

  • Bengt

     So i never talked to Peter, i didn’t need to. I was on some other sites among them UKCIA, and there you were, with 00 and some other, it is very CLEAR to me now that all you do is spreading lies and trying to ruin a very successful campaign that CLEAR is. Why i have no idea, i think and from what i read the answer lays in that some one got offended by Peter, he can be harsh at times and this is what can follow.  Btw i entered that link into google with cache: in front of it and read the page and comments, i could not see anything wrong with what Peter commented, he had been stalked and slandered for weeks, by this women and others, he should have reacted even harsher  after all that time. I am glad he didn’t. I don’t agree with the name calling and i will never do that, but i understand the situation. Now why you would try to disrupt this campaign i do not know either, but i have some suggestions in my head. You might be lobbying alcohol/tobacco/pharmacy, you might be thugs, maybe some MC gang that want all your business been left alone, or as said Peter might have stepped on your toe and now you are out for revenge. Either way i will not fall for it. You are no activist, you are measly filled with hatred and should really try to find some peace of mind for your own good. Oh and by the way, just to ease up your work load, this isn’t debatable, if you reply to it that’s your problem, i’m done with you and will not waste any more energy or time with you.

  • 00

    Peter you’re assumption of the facts is typical of you’re skewed sense of right and wrong as is the use of “lambasted” but it is all there for people to read and make their own minds up.

    Unlike the Stazzi inspired site that you run which is very unCLEAR about eveything.

    Cmon Petey have the minerals to debate with me on an open forum without hiding behind Elmo accounts?

    Sorry whats that? You wont? Why is that? Is it because I have found you out or is it because like most bullies you are a coward sir.

  • Stonedtilldeath

    He said he was not english? after you lambasted him he then revealed he was using a translator?

  • Yep, I blogged the story last Monday 20th.

    Peter Reynolds’s Connection with Big Pharmahttp://www.campaign.mondialvillage.com/Peter-Reynolds-connection-with-Big-Pharma

    Updated on Feb 22.

  • Bertiegriffin1

    It would seem you have been found out to be yet another “dodgy politician” with wealth and power daydreams.Couldn’t you have come up with your own party rather than blackening the cannabis cause with your deranged racist meanderings and diatribe, Your delete/ban/block/insult/threaten tactics used on people(often ill medi-users) who happen to rightly disagree with you are without doubt most un democratic for a so-called political party and smells of dictatorship and maybe even fascism, but then again should that really surprise anyone who have read your blogs and know your vile opinions? I think not…..  

  • Bertiegriffin1

     Support from an EDL supporter,surely that should be enough to condemn any political party (except perhaps the BNP/BFP as these are already there) to political toxic waste ground category .Oh sorry I almost forgot Clear have the racist,bigoted “leader” Peter Reynolds to thank for this support and lets not forget the support he gets from U.S “big pharma” The Medicine Wheel, It would seem his motives have been found out methinks

  • This is the true picture of CLEAR – Peter Reynolds has allowed this blatant commercial exploitation of the UK cannabis campaign:

    Steve Elliott: “Corporation Aims To Co-Opt Medical Marijuana, Make Billions” – Toke of the Town


    “Remember the name Jim Alekson, from above? He’s the principal in the patch company, and heads up many intriguingly related business ventures.

    Here he is playing politics with a friendly article. Touting the jobs to be created by the medical marijuana industry, Medicine Wheel has been blogging up the UK cannabis movement, engaging in friendly chats on a UK forum, and Alekson got his blog reposted on the official website of single-issue, pro-cannabis UK political party CLEAR (formerly Cannabis Law Reform).

    CLEAR leader Peter Reynolds appeared on the scene only recently, taking over the party with a massive vote of nearly 40 members, and changing its name and direction, while censoring and even ousting anyone who questioned his policies.”

    Please sign the Petition: “Peter Reynolds: Resign as leader of the UK political party CLEAR” 


  • 00

    That is typical of you Peter and I hope Anonymous fuck you over properly.


  • 00

    No Peter he said “he wasnt from an English speaking country and he used a translator” so that isnt the case unless he tells as many porkies as you that is?


  • Stonedtilldeath

    maybe he’s Welsh or Scottish or from N/Ireland. use it or lose it buddy.