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What Makes Some Marijuana Strains Turn Purple?


purple urkle marijuana strainI will never forget the first time I saw purple marijuana. A girl I used to hangout with when I was a teenager told me that she had some Purple Kush, and that I had to smoke it with her. She kept it in a non-see-through jar, and I vividly remember when she pulled out a nug, my mind was blown. I had never seen purple marijuana prior to that, and to be honest, I was skeptical that it would actually be purple until I seen it. But sure enough, the nug was dark purple, smelled like a Cypress Hill concert, and was sparkling with trichome glory.

Purple marijuana strains are highly desirable in my circle of friends. I get asked all the time if I know where to find purple marijuana, and I also get asked all the time what makes the marijuana purple. Below is a good explanation from our friends at Sensi Seeds:

For many years, the only purple varieties of cannabis were those that had been grown outdoors and subjected to cold conditions. Many strains of cannabis purple to some extent when exposed to cold; now, selective breeding programs have yielded cannabis genetics that are purple even in normal environmental conditions.

Anthocyanins are a group of around 400 water-soluble pigment molecules that due to their structure and biosynthesis are classed as flavonoids, and appear red, purple or blue according to their pH (in acidic pH levels they appear more red, in neutral conditions purple, and in alkaline more blue). Flavonoids are generally yellow in appearance, hence their name, which is etymologically derived from the Latin for “yellow”, flavus, and does not indicate any association with flavour. In fact, flavonoids are usually extremely bitter, and are generally associated with pigmentation.

Next time you are smoking a purple strain with a friend, feel free to explain to them why the marijuana is purple. You will look like a marijuana expert!


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  1. I grew some strawberry cough, among other strains. The S.C. only turned purple on one side. Like a line was drawn down the middle of the plants. Other strains turned purple throughout, others did not. After weeks of watching and wondering, the only conclusion I could come to was moonlight. The S.C. turned purple on the side the moon shined on and remained green on the other. None of the other strains reacted like this. Is this common for the strain? Haven’t found much explaining this effect. Has anyone else encountered this?

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    My experiences put aside, I remember the first time I smoked purple weed. It was me and my friend. I just copped a eighth and when I opened the bag, it reeked. I once left half an ounce in my jeans with my dads laundry and the clothes smelled “herbal fresh” after but the way purple made me feel that ass whooping didn’t hurt a bit.

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  17. Well, from what I understand both hermaphroditization (if I may use the term!?) and purpling of the flowers occur due to the same conditions: COLD! And stress in general. But the stress is likely the cold in these instances.

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  22. In my experience…. purple came from a hermy plant. It was a delicious hermy plant once the seeds were sifted out. But that’s not why it purp’ed. I have found that a method to purp was to starve the plant in its final weeks. I would grow less in the veg stage and feed it it a fert that was low in N, but high in P and Ph. This causes it to use a great amount of potasium that it had stored, and when it gets drained it changes to a purplish color inside the buds when you break it open. Its basically like an indicator that it needs nutrients, but you want to starve it and flush in the last couple weeks to get good results… or so I found…. others may disagree.

    My god, that method produced the most delicious weed I’ve ever smoked… so I really didnt care that it hermied… I cloned the shit out of it, and smoked it all! so good….. it came from a bag seed… some kind of kush that was not nearly as good as after I had grown it. all gone now…… shooulda kept some hermy seeds…. or maybe I did??? hmm……

  23. I was told the plant was running low on nitrogen, so it turned purple. Also many a time I have seen dyed purple buds. But as far as smoking purple I found it registers much faster than good THC ( “ooh yeah I’m high!” ) but is super stressy. Good thing it lasts (the stress) like a day and not a lifetime as in cigarettes. Of course am only a person am certainly not all right, if at all.

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  24. From what I have found the purple color while caused by low temps can also be forced from a great deal of indica strains by lowering Phosphorus intake in the last few weeks of flowering and it will cause a colour change towards purple.

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  26. Well, there is a lot of hype right now for “purple” Cannabis, due in some part to media / rap music, and because it’s the cool new thing. The bottom line is genetics + environment. Most “purple” genetics has been just about stabilized enough that with the right environment (like cold and ph) it will produce Grade A medical Cannabis. It’s a nice fun variety to have :) but it can just as easily be grown poorly and just be bad purple regs. One cool thing about Cannabis, it’s definitely not boring lol! As soon as we get one new thing stabilized, another wow fun new thing pops up. I’ve been watching closely as some breeding companies are working on Black and Red strains!

  27. I grew some Holly Grail Kush and half the plants came out with purple leaves and purple buds.

  28. Back in the 70’s I lived in Hawaii and had bought a pound of really good Columbian. I took the seeds and when I planted them, 1 in every 5 came up purple. Purple buds, some purple leaves and purple streaks up the stem. I took seeds from THOSE plants and ALL the second generation plants were purple buds ! The shit was absolutely paralytic… Take ONE hit off the joint and 20 minutes later you look down at this joint that went out in your hand and say “Huh ? What happened ?” . I thought “Now THIS stuff will be HUGE someday when it’s finally legal !”. Absolutely scary gorgeous and stoney as hell ! Problem is, I got SO STONED I lost all the seeds ! SHIT !

  29. “…selective breeding programs have yielded cannabis genetics that are purple even in normal environmental conditions.”

    At what cost? Has purple bud lost some strength in the process?

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