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What State Has The Best Marijuana?


jack the ripper strainI recently posted a question on my Facebook page, ‘what state has the best marijuana?’ As I expected, there were a lot of comments, and they seem to keep coming in. It is a question that can be debated forever with virtually no chance of everyone reaching a consensus. People love to brag about their state’s marijuana quality, especially out West. I know we have a lot of pride in our marijuana here in Oregon.

In the 90’s I purchased a lot of marijuana from Washington State, and of course from Oregon. That was back when most of the growers I knew grew for quality, not quantity. That has changed a bit with a lot of mass produced marijuana flooding the market in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as most growers would rather have a ton of decent marijuana versus a pound of the finest marijuana it seems like. However, there are still some supreme nuggets from the Pacific Northwest if you know where to look.

I have been to the Cannabis Cups in Denver a couple of times, and the Cups in California, and was lucky enough to receive samples of the top entries. I will say, they were very, very good. But I was happier to get home to my stash in Oregon, for what it’s worth. There’s just something about the Jack the Ripper strain via Southern Oregon that I find irresistible. Oregon is home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, and home to legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, and countless other world class marijuana geniuses. I always point out that there is a reason that Jack Herer called Oregon his home.

With that being said, I obviously haven’t smoked all the marijuana everywhere, so maybe I am just having a classic case of hometown pride! So I put the question out to TWB readers – what state has the best marijuana? And  why? It can be flower or concentrates. Include strain names if you would like.


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  1. He ain’t the only one selling weed, plus the weather for marijuana growing is way better down here it’s always raining up north. Maybe in the lame ass farms grow good weed just maybe

  2. LOL Wiz be grabbin from Berner who’s from the The Bay. You know who also cops from Bern? Uncle Snoop.

  3. Trojandynasty on

    Lol I highly doubt that, we don’t take shit from no gay area, or lame ass farmer people, tell me why when wiz and all the rappers come to Cali they hit LA first lol ask Sosa where he get his weed from

  4. Fuck southern California shit weed its all about norcal outdoor grown fuck your shitty southern cal weed you guys get all your good outdoor shit from us lmao ??

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit north Carolina to sample their strains.. heard it’s the best

  6. Michael Goodwin on

    I imagine you can get your hands on fire in most California cities north or south. I like many others prefer the Norcal scene.

  7. Trojandynasty on

    Lol NorCal… Fuck Northern California.. Southern California has California’s best pot brooooo

  8. Michael Goodwin on

    Being from Sacramento California aka a NorCal native makes my decision seem obvious. However I have spent months with family in both southern and northern Oregon. I honestly dont have a single fav. My number one is both Cali&Ore. I’m sure Wash and Co have some rope as well as the rest of Merica. At the end of the day the west is the Og of herb in cost, availabiltity and overallfire with the east left in awe.

  9. I flew over Colorado and thought it VERY nice. Got my gals almost dry. The one whose pic I posted I dried really fast ’cause I was worried ’bout mold then had it tested. A little over 161/2 thc. The other 19 grew like regular king’s kush and the test on them should be ’round 19% but won’t be ready for ‘nuther two weeks. Sorry Ashle’ I don’t have any extra “units” but plenty frosty smoke if you get to Northern CA. I live up by Oregon. Though my gals all got very large (from being in the ground a YEAR) it was not worth the extra work and expense to take them clear through last winter so imma start them in April or May next year. Have been doing this harvest all by myself so busy day and night. For another month.

    I have heard the best weed is BC weed. Best I ever had I grew in Seattle.

  10. Where is the best place to relocate Colorado or California? I drive trucks I’m from south ga, tired of a lot of racism. Criminal/driving record is clean! I just would love to move away, like mom tells me move where it’s legal. Dad always telling me stop being a mama boy get the titty out your mouth. I want to move where I could buy from any1 that grows indoor and me buy whole sale 2-3units?

  11. This is what I’ve got in the ground in Northern CA. Northern. That is, 30 miles south of the Oregon border County of Siskiyou. Gonna get cold so harvest in just a few days.

  12. Fantastic! I happen to have a few planted sideways now but did not know why it was recommended. Just did it ’cause I got lonely right after finishing last years’ harvest and, as stated, started my (78) little gals outside after sprouting inside but in the back COLD room, on DEC 7th. The sideways gals did not get as big but the calyxs are all huge; like tops. Thanks. I have a theory that, as my gals are almost in suspended animation at 3/4 clear, the THC could be fuller as they go all milky, hopefully, by the next full moon.

  13. You could of had 3 harvest by that time. Yes your right weed can do what ever you want with in the vegetative part. Once you start budding it you got x amount of time till it’s ready. It funny my buddy grow blueberry and strawberry cough in Humboldt. Dude grows his plants sideways . they grow to be 30 feet long and because he grows it sideways all The buds are head buds.

  14. Weed does whatever you tell it to if you have the write equipment. I “planted them” outdoors with lights DEC. 7th last year. If anythink the opinion could be “you planted them way too” early. I did. Worked harder than I needed to ’cause I have not gained that much over waiting ’til, say, May to get started. They are hecka juicy and very big.

  15. Jesus Christ you left them sit for like waaaaaaaaaay toooooooo long. I honestly don’t believe you because after a certain point The plants turn into hermaphadites and they stop producing thc like 2 weeks after their peek

  16. Doubt it. The only places you can get thunder Fuck from is Alaska ,no cal ,and some growers in appalation . in no cal and app there are a hand full that have the real strain. The ones you order from the stores is atf x afgani. Real atf looks like shitty red hair crappy buds but it has white dots in the shape of half moons or c’s. It is also in The mid 30s% for thc. My boy grows it in se ohio on top of a mountain. You can’t physically hit it more then twice. He took a batch out to Cali and it tested 38% thc off a head bud. The white dots are tiny lite flowers

  17. Gee why jest hatefull? Greenhouse Seeds are very hard workers in the industry. You screwing Greenhouse Seeds or jest George Cervantes? Bet he agrees with me.

  18. Thanks jdub. I’m 25 miles south of the Oregon border ’bout the middle of the state of CA. and these gals were sprouted in a cold room then moved outdoors in a small glass house with lights to keep them warm the week after I harvested last year ’round Thanksgiving so been in the ground nearly a year now; since DEC. 7th. BIG girls now.

  19. That’s what ppl don’t get about growing. Growing indoors is better then growing outdoors unless you live in a perfict climate . plus the ppl in no Cali and se ohio have been growing way longer. It’s funny because I get mendo buds and co buds from the same person. If you would put the mendo up against the co its no comparison. The mendo is mid and the co is top shelf and the mendo is so much better the the co buds it’s not even funny. The top shelf from mendo is bionic

  20. Plus your suppose to be so smart then 1 why the hell are you asking me 2 why the hell didnt you plan your harvest 3 why the Hell are you growing that stupid strain 4 you are suppose to be non violent Then why do you talk crazy to ppl 4 no reason 5 if your so smart then why haven’t you bought the George cervants ultimate grow guid from high times ? I can keep going but announcing to the world this or that with out prof is deffentaly a sign of a dumb arse

  21. im a MENSA member sweetie. Toe tally non-violent. You answered though so could you give me one more: My Greenhouse Seeds Kings Kush is sitting in nearly neutral ‘causa duh cold but is surviving nicely in my greenhouse with a 1,000 watt and a 400 watt grow light mostly for warmth. They have partly cloudy trichs; no amber. Will they keep piling up the THC?

  22. Naw Alaskan thunder f×÷k has tiny flowers on it and it wasn’t a boy. Lol silly Billy. You couldn’t hit it more then 2 times. You don’t get high off male plants stupid

  23. Look me up Facebook Cleo Ortiz I can grow purple and Girl Scout cookies that just looking at it gets you stoned LOL I’m from San Jose California here in the Bay Area to the valley Modesto Stockton Manteca hands down we have the best marijuana anywhere this year I grew some purple diamond Girl Scout cookies absolutely fucking destroys you we have multiple strands in the Bay Area but the purple and the Girl Scout cookies most definitely beat anyone’s weed anywhere THE END..

  24. bunch of fucking dip shits out there LOL how can anybody argue Bay Area Northern California have the best marijuana hands down with the purples and the Girl Scout cookies so fucking powerful just looking at the WEED gets you stoned LOL but seriously no shit Ohio wear whatever the fuck Boston Massachusetts seriously everybody out there wants to be California any way shape and form and hands down Northern California has the best weed

  25. For sure. My neighbors at the summer hookahville this year had some amazing ah. We smoked a bowl of that and some ak47 i had. I had to go check into my hotel room and i felt like i was flooting all the way

  26. Southwest ohio also has killer chronic cause I’m the one to grow it lmfao had some bomb ass amnesia haze this year yielded almost half a pound

  27. I hope you realize how retarded you truly are, I don’t care how many lights you have for your garden you will never compare to the sun. Outdoor is ten times better!!

  28. Someone is a little butt-hurt, as far as I’m concerned I’ll move in next door and you ain’t gonna do a damn thing about it!!

  29. Dude have you had any golden triangle personal out door. I had kali mist 5 times from my Cali medical connect and it was amazing. I go to a festival in ohio called hookahville. One time I was walking back to my camp site and I saw a hippie chick on the side of the bath with a bud the size of her head. She was breaking off buds selling them to other hippies. I asker her” what is that?” she said ” Kali mist. This was suppose to be personal but my boy friend got busted on the way here. So I’m selling it to get him out.” I told her I wanted to buy an eighth and that she could use my scale and my tent to break her bud down for sale. That stuff was so strong it was crazy. You hit it twice and you we’re s!#÷ faced 4 8 hrs. Way better then the Kali mist I had from the stores. They were the same genetics but no comparison at all.
    There was a show on discovery about weed . the guy grew in golden triangle no cal. He got his royal kush he grew out doors tested for the first time. The guy at the lab says the average royal kush they test in Cali is around 8 to 9 % the. His royal was 28 %. He only sold to medical patents .

  30. The best weed is grown out doors on top of mountains. The top shelf that come out of no cal/so or and se ohio/ne Tenn/ w wv is the best in the world. The ppl who grow the best weed don’t go to cannabis cups or sell there stuff to stores. They sell to friends , medical patients , at dead shows ,and cannabis fests.

  31. No cal / so or and se ohio/ne ten/ w wv are the best climates in the states to grow weed. The best weed is grown out doors . so logically the best weed comes from those two places and then it would be places where weed is legal or has medical .

  32. The good from there is grown in so east ohio/n east Tenn/ west wv. It is the same latitude as no cal/so or

  33. Right . I had real Alaskan thunder f$!# at hookahville in Ohio. It had half circles of tiny white flowers on it. You couldn’t physically hit it more then 2 times. It hit you like a ton of bricks right away and didn’t even start to kick in for 15 mins. Then you were shit faced for 8 hrs

  34. Alaskan has some of the strongest weed in the world. They just don’t have the selection of different strains like in Cali or ohio. I went to a head fest 10 mins from columbus oh and you will find better weed there then in any store in co

  35. Sounds like you been to Cleveland. I had real Alaskan thunder that had tiny flowers on it and you couldn’t hit it more then 2 time even if your life depended on it. The top shelf in ohio and the top shelf from no cal / so or is the best in the world. Both are decriminalize markets . in ohio you can possess 200 gs and its a 250 fine. That’s not an illegal market. You should see what The growers are doing with the co strains. My buddy brought a zip of banana kush back and seeds from co. The buds he grow smoke at least twice as hard as the top shelf buds from co

  36. Ohio and Cali and no 1 and 2 in the states. The middle of the state of ohio is dead head country. They get all there weed from the east coast’s version of no cal/so or area in ten and wv

  37. Organic sungrown on

    Do not move to Oregon. We have no more room for all of you transplants looking to take advantage of our state. Stop moving here and advocating that other people do so. Yes it’s an amazing place to live, has a great climate, great cannabis, etc. we are very proud of these things and always have been. It wasn’t until very recently that Oregon became such a trendy locale to move to, and it is very bizarre and unwelcome to us native Oregonians whose family’s have been here for generations. Come and visit by all means, we welcome that! Just don’t move here! You are literally making it so that native Oregonians can’t afford the ever increasing rental and housing costs caused by everyone and their brother moving here. You are ruining our state. It’s too late for you. Find a different place. Oregon is taken, believe it or not. You will not be welcomed by ANY native Oregonians, and may be treated outright hostile by some. Especially where a lot of us live, in cannabis country. There’s only so much land to go around, and guess what, we were born here.

  38. I am an experienced grower and have been growing my same great strain for. Appx 35 yrs. I have my strain and Oregon, California, south Dakota and over in maine. I found that the majority of my strains including my legendary r13. Maine has a great climate. This yr has been one of my best yrs. We only got two little rains in am and Sun everyday! My plants usually always finish by October and it just seems the trics get way more constantly swollen with more Amber trics then I ever got in “yumbolt”.

  39. Check this out guys. You can grow good greens anywhere. There’s a desire that exists amongst all pot heads to have,find,& smoke the finest greens. . . You gotta give it up to the east coast for their desiel. And Hawaii,. Good ol’ Hawaiian bud yum!!!
    But California, Washington,Colorado & Oregon seems to have the best. Not in that order but they have the dank…

  40. You need to visit Cali or colorado. Ohio buds aren’t anywhere near the best. Its average weed not “The best”.

  41. Shane Schroeder on

    I tell people that too and they always scoff at me like it isn’t possible Lol. Alaska has some of the most potent weed I’ve ever smoked. Has a lot to do with who you know though. You can be around the best weed on the planet, but if you don’t know anyone to get it from then you’re probably getting something far less desirable.

  42. Idaho will surprise you with it’s quality of weed. Especially up north. Less than 100 miles from Canada and Washington and not too far from Oregon, it is hard to get bad weed up here. Not saying it is the best but nothing is bad.

  43. Having lived in Ohio and now on the Cali border, the main difference is price!! Max $200 an Oz here whereas it was close to $400 back there. Man, are the nutes different out here? I know the growers back home were very serious growers. All organic, killer compost mixes, maybe some ‘name brand’ top soil (like Fox Farms) are available everywhere. And, I’m pretty sure High Times still lists Meigs County Ohio as one of the best places in the country for great weed. Now, that said, I can’t find ‘bad’ weed out here. Back there, there were times when ‘bunk’ HAD to do… not out here!

  44. dude just cuz you live in Ohio or from Ohio doesn’t mean you have the best weed. you obviously have not been to California or Colorado right now Colorado has the best weed. Maybe even past California. I swear to god I laughed for about 5 minutes when I read that you said Ohio… I’ve been to Ohio many times bro that s**** garbage

  45. Haha your so funny u obviously have never been to Colorado or California everything in Ohio has to be black market you don’t have the same nutrients or products but you can get your hands on so just cuz you live in Ohio doesn’t mean you have the best marijuana

  46. Ohio has that good bud… I would most definitely say ohio… Especially from the kent/ portage county area definitely has some of the best shit, I’ve had stuff from Cali. Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, and Texas shit from out west… But ohio, and Michigan have some of the best shit… Especially when death Star came up in ohio, we had that dank shit around for a while…. Hands down, OHIO

  47. I’d say 100% the west coast states. California, Oregon, and Washington definitely have the best bud. But as for the east coast, you can find some really good shit in Pennsylvania. Some of the best stuff I ever smoked came from there.

  48. You have to be shitting me.. I am from Sacramento and every state along the coast (Washington state, oregon, and california) blow southern bud out of the water. I lived in Alabama for 2 years and nobody there knows anything about strands or growing, and you guys sell for 20 a G.. I laughed when I first heard that.. Southern weed is practically dirt that that is old California bud.. Get off that bammer, your stupid if you think a bunch of states that are against weed grow the best weed, there is some southern logic for you

  49. ^dont let this guy from monroe turn you off to MI’s weed it really is AMAZING. And if your not in an area like monroe with a bunch of inbred fucked up people you can def get a zip of 25% ^ for 185 from the right dude

  50. BC is known for good bud… being canadian I can tell you canada’s weed for the most part is shit to the U.S.. sry

  51. Yeah I gotta say, I come from MI where if you know the right person, you’ll get knocked out cold. The only other buds I’ve smoked in the U.S that even compare to my hometown pot came from Oregon and Southern Cali. I’ve been living in Black Mountain NC for about 2 months now and everything I’ve smoked has been shitty…..

  52. Hailing originally and born and raised, I would have to say Central NY has the best for bud and I cannot explain the great quality held up North. BubbaFunk, AZ,many forms of Kush, and hazes just to name a few have been abundant for years. I have heard through the rumor mill, that CNY is held next to S.Cali for having the best bud. I will note, Ohio’s Deathstar is a very nice smoke and very high quality found out here. One of my top 5 strains for Deathstar

  53. Honestly here in California would be the best place . We have the right weather year round and you can buy an ounce of some dank buds for about 50 bucks. There’s so much weed out here well at least where I’m from ( Sanger , California ) so people are basically selling an abundant ammount of dank weed for cheap because of the vastness here . I also happen to be a farmer myself , not just a smoker so I know what I’m talking about ! But enjoy your weed wherever you are cause in the end , its just weed.

  54. This kore guy is an idiot, or lives in a shitty town. We give or best meds to the patients. There’s plenty to go around! Why would we horde the best weed for ourselves. I could never smoke it all.
    Must suck to live where kore lives.

    That’s why Oregon is the best!

  55. I say Montana. You have to find the right provider but we have been farmers here for generations. And understanding how plants grown is our lively good out here :)

  56. To compare any weed got at a shop or from someone else to real home grown is like comparing indoor to outdoor. The best weed is grown by people that smoke it and no one at “shops” ever sees it! There is no one state that has the “best” weed. And who is to say what is best anyway? This article is a waste of internet space.

  57. I’d say Oregon and Washington are pretty much tied for the best. And we have by far the lowest prices for it here too.

  58. In my eye Denver has the best bud. Its pretty much everywhere and I have never ran into shit weed while living in denver. You can grow good pot anywhere! The best question is can you consistently find good pot. And Denver is that place.

  59. BAHAHAHAHA!! I guess if you’ve never had anything else you dont no nothing else. I like how you think just because the seeds( you name no strains) comes from a certain part of the world its going to automatically be super dank bud. you have no idea what you are talking about and can tell you have never actually grown or smoked weed out side your own state, but im SUUUURE you’ll say you’ve had a friend of a friends uncle who knows a guys cousin who got some weed from cali or colorado or Oregon and you”ll say it wasn’t nothing compared to your south carolina grown super Vietnam kush. LMFAO you people crack me up!

  60. 100% agree, I read one of his “strain reviews” (LOL) the other and literally the entire thing is ” X is a high yeile with a short flower time and fruity smells in flower” then some random 1 sentence quote about how it makes you feel from some other guy, and that was the review.

    As far as this piece goes, no one state has the best weed, ive had weed in florida that was just avg everyday no name “dro” that has been better that a lot of the medical strains here in denver where I live now, its all based on conditions the grower, the strain, etc

  61. jesus.. someone else needs to write informative articles on weed. Johnny, you are the bunk!

  62. this is another stupid article, johnny. the best weed is always grown by people who don’t sell it to anyone. What a crock to say that any state has better weed than another!

  63. Canadas weed sucks. People in Oregon compare Canadian weed to Mexican. The guy that says north Carolina has the best weed? That’s a fucking joke. The post about South East Kentucky, and Tennessee having great outdoor, no you don’t, and outdoor weed, I don’t even smoke outdoor, that crap is for blasting, and people who are not trueconnoisseurs. Outdoor will never compete with indoor, NEVER!Jamaican weed is crap. You think some jungle dweller, 3rd worlder, that has no resources is going to grow the best? Just by throwing some seeds in the ground and watering? That’s a fucking joke. Got loads of bud from nor cal, and when that shit goes up against the herb I pull from Oregon it gets beat everytime by a landslide. At last years Seattle cana cup, I didn’t see any bud that could beat the dank i carry in Oregon. You can find alot of phenomenal flower on the west coast no doubt, but if you want to smoke the top of the top shelf. You will find it in Oregon City, Oregon. We did pull 1st place at the Portland cana cup this year. There is alot of non top shelf in oregon as well, but if you know the true salty Oregon weed God’s, and smoke the dank that rolls out of these grow rooms, you will have a spiritual awakening! And on top of that, it is half the price.

  64. North Carolina has the Best and most Potent Marijuana. We have been growing marijuana in the South for a long time, much of it is mixed with seeds brought back from Viet Nam, and stuff brought from Jamaica. Marijuana will practically grow anywhere in the South, fields, woods, and it doesn’t need much help, just a little fertilizer, and a southern exposure all day full sunlight, we grow trees down South son!

  65. Neil Carpenter on

    Michiganja. We grow indoors, because we have to because of the cold. We have a lot of cold, so we grow indoors all the time, that means, we have lots of practice, and it shows.

  66. Also There is a reason the southeast out produces all you fuckers because we have been growing since the end of Prohibition en masse cause moonshine wasn’t paying the bills anymore

  67. The south east by far Tennessee and Kentucky grow the best outdoor because the weather here is perfect I quit smoking about a year ago but I got shit shipped from Oregon Washington and Cali just outta curiosity what they could do out west outside and doesnt touch what comes from home

  68. Where in wa I live In yelm and always lookin to try new buds hmu if your close to my area and have deals

  69. Washington state has by for some of the best weed strains you will ever find if you know the right people to talk to and places to go

  70. chronicpainhelp on

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  71. This is such a dumb discussion! You can grow good weed anywhere and bad weed anywhere. If you are talking about growing outdoors that is different….I live in Oregon and have sampled outdoor pot from everywhere. Usually areas that grow good wine also grow really good weed like northern northern Cali…a lot of it coming from there though is mass produced for export and isnt that good. Hawaii BY FAR has the best outdoor weed of anywhere…though it usually is a bit more expensive than you would find in Colorodo, Washington, Cali, Oregon, etc. It adapts to the unique climates of the state and over generations the plants take on very distinct characteristics. For indoor grown weed though it is probably a tie between California, Colorodo, Oregon, and Washington….West coast has been tinkering with genes and techniques for decades and Colorodo is kind of the up and comer with a lot of the new-age growing and high tech stuff going on so Colorodo may surpass the others soon enough in that regard…but overall they are pretty the same. Well except for parts of Cali…you can still find tons of swhage in cali! I have been looking for swhag in Oregon and Washington for years to roll blunts with but have never found any! Anyone claiming the best weed is somewhere in the Southeast….well you are retarded.

  72. This guy is actually right lol! I know this and I’m from texas lol! Oregon is a little more stingy with their weed but it is the best! There is some good stuff in Cali too though

  73. Dude this blog is bullshit , ur just saying Oregon cuz ur from there , get the fuck outta here with ur weak as Oregon bammer

  74. British Columbia , Canada is know around the world for the best weed. I know it’s not a state but had to throw it in there.

  75. Ohio got the best growers!!!! Best strains that no one an I mean no one has bc they keep it in ohio no need to show our stuff off till weready put our state on map. I curently live an grow Iin colorado had all the straibs u hltalked about but does not compair to what the ohio state puts out there. Death star is just one that was relases awhile ago. O H I O

  76. Zimbo just bcuz you tax people $15 for a .5 doesn’t make it the best. That means they are dumb. I don’t wanna say Illinois grows the best bud, but with 80 and 55 crossing in Joliet anything that’s getting moved state to state comes through there eventually so I’d have to say Illinois does because we get it all..

  77. I have lived in Florida most my life. Went to Pacific Northwest for couple years. Was able to try many strains. Including “Cotten candy” and really good bubble hash. Still feel Florida has better/ it’s hard to find any that isn’t outstanding(even without those crazy titles)

  78. Oregon does have some very fine smoke, I was just talking about that the other day in the comparison to Southern California marijuana. Oregon marijuana is a definite cut above the rest…

  79. Just be shear numbers of quality growers and with their history of growing (even despite all the Charlie Brown), California has to automatically be the winner in this. I’m proud of the nugs we grow in Wisconsin, but as far as variety, availability, and quality, California bud wins every time.

  80. monroe michigan 500 a zip of the stupidest weed you’ll lay your eyes on… ppl out here buying .5 for 15

  81. That kind of question is impossible to determine, the criteria for such determination would be vast, for example THC content, smell, taste, and of course the different versions of highs, it’s just too many variables for someone to say “I have the best”. You might have the best you’ve ever had but to someone else the experience might be entirely different.

  82. And some shoreline and blueberry oh it was so beatuful and smelled like it came from heaven

  83. One time I smoked some orange kush I got here at my hometown in Houston and it WS the best I ever smoked and it was beautiful and ever since that one time I got it in 2006 there has never been any bud around after that that was as good

  84. Coming from some one who lived in florida most his life, and now lives in oregon, I promise you ciarra – you have absolutely no idea lol. It is a different world out here.

  85. donaldopeoples on

    I’ve crisscrossed this great land from Bangor all the way to the mighty shores of Maine, and I’m here to tell you that one thing is for sure…..

  86. CALIFORNIA BY FAR……i’ve smoked weed in many different states and 12 different countries….California top shelf OG’s from dispensaries destroy even Amsterdam

  87. Hawaii, been smoking CA shatter for years and drop everything when Hawaiian outdoor comes around

  88. ill ship no more than a oz to a customer the first time… and then more if you’re trustworthy!!!!! i sale each oz at a whopping discount of 250.oo for 28 grams….. everything is cheap and very discreet…. i double seal and wrap again…. i used to train drug dogs so i use my own dog to see if he can smell anything…. it is shipped media mail that way it doesn’t go thru x ray machines…. when you email me everything is kept confidential!! i like repeat customers so please don’t screw me over… any questions then just ask hydrosales@hushmail.com only reply to my email…. not on here

  89. now i hear that. and honestly i smoke better than what they got in the dispensaries as i have a friend who keeps the choicest before donating to the dispensary.
    since we all like weed i thought i would pass this bong cleaning link to you all. it is reusable and cleans without scrubbing or shaking at all. http://420KushClean.com

    if you didn’t grow up in cali around pot you would not know it, but the (elite cuts) hidden in Cali can easily pull 25% THC or more. theses cuts stay pretty well locked down and hard to obtain, if you were to live in southern cali. progressive options nursery has “Tahoe” & “Chem (D cut)” grow them out then come post what you think

    i just bought a new Sheldon Black bong today and i finally have to say i found the perfect cleaner. i know everyone trys alcohol and salt but it seems to get messy and leaves resin in hard to reach areas. then i found grunge off. been using it for 4 years until today… i just found Kush Clean and i cannot believe how much better and faster it is than grunge off. i love this reusable cleaner than clean my bong for my lazy ass. now im gonna take my sheldon and hit this bowl of OG and well lets just say i know i got the 1 hitter quitter. :) i will never use anything other than Kush Clean again!

  91. Best smoke I ever had was while stationed in Hawaii. It was smooth , nice aroma , and lasted a few hours. When smoked up , you still had the motivation to do something and stayed focused. Primo …….the kind bra

  92. I live in so cal. And I’ve been out of this state and every where I went was boo boo to what I get from the medical dispensaries in los ganjales.

  93. I’ve smoked a lot of weed in a lot of different state and a lot of different kinds of weed and I would have to say that Michigan offer ssome of the finest NUGGETRY there is out there

  94. I was raised in raised in Denver, had my medical card for 3 years, and now currently live in San Diego. I have have been here 3 years and have thried a lot all up and down the coast and through Oregon. As a grower I can say to you that Colorado by far surpasses any state in quality of Cannabis. It is noticeable enough that it prompted my research, and here is what I found..
    CO is a very arid state, and obviously high altitude; 5280ft at the base of the mountains. This closely resembles the climates we see the entire INDICA genetic stemming from the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Asia. Here’s how it works.. The tricromes we see on weed are the plants attempt to retain and store water. So guess what. If you grow in an arid, dry climate, the plant naturally produces more of what it needs to survive. In this case its all the cannabanoids we like in those nice little trikes covering our buds. Not to mention that despite some late harvest storms, as far as outdoor growing goes, CO has almost as many days of sun as Florida, the Sunny State… Summit County, in the mountains of CO by Keystone, has the most sun of any US County.
    This is my opinion of course, but it is backed with science and numerous first hand experiences as an avid smoker and grower.

  95. I guess it also depends on if its imported or home grown I have acquired some good weed here in texas a few times it may have been brought back from another state who knows? not me.all I know is that it was good. all i cann get now is dirt weed

  96. Sounds like you all need a vacation to HAWAII !!! That tropical sun , volcanic soil and gentle trade wind rain showers make the stoniest, most DELICIOUS “pakalolo” !!! Aloooooooha !

  97. I am from Pueblo Colorado, the home of weed. Colorado is known for its dank dank weed. Today people claim its all a battle between Calli, Washington && my home state. Colorado.

  98. Oregon DOES have the best medical marijuana in the world!
    Some strains are absolutely incredible,like BCD (Blue City Diesel),which has a Rhubarb taste with a hint of roses…OR Vortex,a Sativa that has a pronounced Lemon flavor,again with a hint of rose….There are plenty of old favorites available and new crosses every season…
    Oregon Medical Marijuana Program members are growing MEDICINE with care and love and an eye to QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS not profit…Resulting in the finest medical cannabis in the world….Sure there are other legalized states,but we have a good long head start and will be awfully hard to catch….I do hope they TRY though…The more medicinally dedicated growers there are,the quicker strains improve!
    I personally have been in the program over 10 yrs and recommend medical marijuana for a variety of ailments…Now we just need to break through all the government anti-mmj lies ,hype and bigotry and work towards federal legalization…..Prohibition has ruined ENOUGH lives…

  99. oregon is the best you’re an idiot i’f you don’t know its number one(; no joke

  100. Ask any seedbank owner in Amsterdam what they think and they will tell you the truth. Hawaii has bud that the general public will never have access to so it will never be known like all of the other typical commercialized strains that people are used to smoking throughout the US. People in Amsterdam who grow professionally, own and operate seed banks will take vacations to Hawaii specifically because they will tell you themselves how there is no other place “on earth” that has an environment with the kind of volcanic soils and over all perfect cannabis growing weather like Hawaii does… Humboldt is the best you will find on the mainland and Hawaii is considered by professional growers “around the world” to have the finest quality on earth period no debate here folks sorry! And the strains you will never know of,,, the Hawaiian people don’t let anyone outside of their own family have access to their ancient strains anyways and is kept on a very private level specifically to keep these sacred strains out of the hands of greedy seed bank companies who think that giving cannabis a fancy name makes it the best there is. Hawaii knows they have the best and do not want something that sacred to be used and abused like a flavor or name just as all other strains that have been over bred. Hawaii also only grows “Land Race Strains” so go figure that people… Probably don’t even know what a Land Race strain is!!! But who cares as long as you are convinced in your wittle head that your state has the best weed that is all that matters right??? After traveling to 43 states, living and growing in Humboldt and big island Hawaii, it becomes blatantly obvious from experience which state produces the best bud and it is Hawaii!!! What is strange to me is why this isn’t common sense to other people… What, do you think Cheech was bullshitting in Up In Smoke after smoking the Maui Wowie and stating that he has “never smoked anything like that in my life before man”.??? Come on folks,,, this fact has been known since the early 60’s for Gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  101. dbchemproductionsWaSt on

    Project Pimp Checkin from Washington State i like quailty buds and verity in the last year ive tired over about 275 different kinda strands and im a medical mmj patient but smoke on what ya smoke on and keep 420 spirit always

  102. MedicalMattAK on

    Most likely a Sativa or Haze. Males actually are very potent too…mostly just the leaves. When breeding you most pick a potent male for breeding HIGH GRADE SEEDS.

  103. MedicalMattAK on

    What about Alaska ? We have had our program on the books since 1975. Its on NORML website.

  104. no samples yet so i guess it’s time to get my traveling shoes and walking cane……see ya soon. 1st stop, Colorado.

  105. MedicalMattAK on

    I have had some great stuff from Northern Cali…but just because you live in California does NOT mean that is where the best is. I have had herb in Amsterdam, California, Oregon, Seattle, Denver, Spain, Wisconsin… I cant remember …where was the best from ?? Oh yea it depends on the seeds and the grower. Clones work but I like fresh genes.

  106. MedicalMattAK on

    I was born and raised in Fort Lupton and NOW I live in Alaska. WOW what a difference. The snowboarding is better but longer and colder Winters = more time in the Garden !!

  107. Vern Phillips “Cali Hash King” …Phillips RX Concentrates.. (Sacramento, CA) so lucky to have him in Northern Cali.. Oil Love<3

  108. funny because so many people make hash from the leaves. and butter and the list goes on and on and on.

  109. It’s true! Afghanistan is the best place for quality weed and opium. It’s now the top supplier of marijuana and opium.

  110. rasta_princess on

    Oregon… I’ve been everywhere and I’m from ks. Oregon gets my vote!!

  111. some time smoke on

    It is dug in deep and placed , the gradual heat/warmth from the earth completes the process .

  112. some time smoke on

    Well , It comes in different colors , brown and green is inferior , very dark and black is good , Another high quality is called ”garda ” (dust) in local language ,and it has to be prepared before consuming ie a drop of water and then on flame and rubbing it , avery high quality would not even require prep ,it would give oil even by simply rubbing/working it . Smoking raw garda (un-prep) is usually not recommended ,high would be too good but has some health problems .

  113. Indica and its hybrids is for meatheads ─ gimme’ any one of the old hazes (Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Sth. Indian Sativa hybrid) with that magic, cerebral high!

  114. Idk…Washington State grows the kind! Plus we can smoke it anywhere, I think except Colorado, we’re the only state that can…

  115. The Real Mrs.420 on

    Definitely Cali. We set the standard for Great Buds! We got the weather, the activists, the hippies and lets face it folks; hippies grow great pot! We have the best dispensaries for those who have medical recommendations.

  116. Norcal Danny on

    Oh and viviansdad, I can show many pics of my crops and strains to back up my words and statements… can you ? Lets start another group choice/debate ?? I am no pro but I do VERY well every year. Would love to put my girls against yours on the old “Peter Meter” lol hahahaha ! Still got Maui Wowie buds from 2012 that are WAY over an ounce each. Thats after I smoked and sold my Favorites.

  117. Norcal Danny on

    viviansdad is an ass. lacking in a basic understanding of math or marijauna. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing my friends !

  118. Norcal Danny on

    that would be 3/10ths of one percent my friend………. not 30%. and I have had tested buds from Oaksterdam days that tested at 27% THC so as to impossible well………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  119. Norcal Danny on

    tell em brudda ! doing LA Conf. as well as purple OG, Girl Scout Cookies and 5150 this year in Great Nor Cal !!

  120. Really? I never would have guessed that burying hash in fresh goat skin for months was part of the process! Back in the 70’s, I had some very dark Afghan hash that came in round, pressed bricks. It was quite amazing.

  121. Mike Anderson on

    OK. Maine is a very close 2nd. But the #1 state is Rhode Island. Good things come in small packages…

  122. Maine of course. Largest county east of the Mississippi with fewer than 5 people per square mile. Long history guerrilla growing and has the 2nd oldest MMJ program, after CA ,in the nation. Maine has favored the Caregiver business model over the Dispensary model. It allows for the best of the best to win out. If you want regs or junk buy from a dispensary.

  123. How about your state?! Today (May 21st, 2013) you can download a FREE
    copy of Medical Marijuana: The Top 10 Supplements from Amazon. Take
    your plants to the next level, and then YOUR state will have the best! http://amzn.to/18Xdilm

  124. I will volunteer to help with making this decision. Please contact me with a small samples and I will get back to ya sometime soon.

  125. Some time smoke on

    These places are gifted ,inferior quality grow by itself on road sides and open places , No one smoke it but very less .Actual Hash is specially been grown here for centuries in fields (some special seed/variety , then plucked and buried in fresh goat skin for months ,then taken out and smoked , and it is not expensive , for hundred dollars about 300 gms ,even if one smoke day and night ,it would last for a month . Europeans are missing the actual stuff .

  126. Oh yea, dumb-ass, thc can be found throughout the plant depending on strain. Stems, leaves, seeds, etc.

  127. the number: 0.3 percent means 30% thc which is almost impossible. Maybe you meant 0.03%? Huge diff in the math. Stay in school and quit trying to act like you know more than others.

  128. If you have a vague feeling you have been to Maine,you have.Our mind twisting,thought smashing,memory pureeing,weed only doe’s this to people from away.

  129. funny considering thc is only like less than 0.3 percent thc.. buds produce thc not leaves

  130. from oregon? lmfao yea right…no spot anywhere holds a candle to cali’s flame…we got the dank and the dank comes from us…subfool has watered down f3 wannabe’s come out here where we got the real o.g the real erkle..the real trainwreck, bullrider, l.a con, the list goes on and on…theres a reason cali has the name it does and anyone whose been here will tell you..when it comes to the fire..cali is where its at..hands down

  131. I have smoked plenty of 2 hit and 3 hit 2 to 3 hour great highs. That one time i was getting higher hours latter after smoking. It just kept kicking in. Never had any do me that way before or since. No marijuana is the only thing i smoke.

  132. Duncan20903 on

    Johnny Green what kind of a trick question is that? Of course the answer is that you can grow the best cannabis just about anywhere. So that makes the correct answer to your question “all 50 of them” and D.C. too.

    I apologize. But when I was in high school in the late 1970s the other students laughed at an ridiculed me because I very much wanted to grow my own. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the assertion, “give up. It isn’t even possible to grow good pot in Northern Virginia!” I guess I got the last laugh.

  133. Guy who smokes decent herb on

    You must smoke really terrible weed if that was the best you’ve ever smoked. That sounds awful, the THC wouldn’t even be available if you smoked it a day after cutting. I actually do want to know wtf else you’re smoking…

  134. chuck banks jr on

    Grape ape and nyc desiel here in DC. I’m impressed but always ready …

  135. such an unfair ? how could anybody rip on a stick of maui wowie or some mantanuska thunderfu#k? and coloradical bud has been pretty good!

  136. I have never known what,or where my bud came from,and i have been smoking for 20 years,but i can tell you about the best i have ever smoked.

    I planted 4 plants some years back in the woods in Mississippi from bag seed. It was a summer with very little rain, and the plants were far from my house, so i went and watered them less then i thought i should, i also kept them cut short out of fear someone would see them.

    I ran out of bud and could not find any on the street, so me and my friend decided to go pull the plants up and smoke it, i was nervous about them anyway. so we puled up 4 plants about knee high,none had flowers only fan leaves, but the leaves had crystals all over the edges thick like they had been dipped in sugar .

    We take it it home( i was not expecting to feel it) i put it in the oven to dry and thought i had over dried it. We ended up with one fat dry joint. 5 hours after we had smoked it i was higher then when we smoked it. Best i have ever had.

    I tried to figure out why it was so good seeing how it was only the fan leaves. Maybe the lack of rain? The Mississippi soil? Any ideas?

  137. the best weed come from the growers who can select the right plant and let it go until it ripens…

  138. If you want to figure out where the best weed comes from, it has to be the states where it can be grown under the most controlled conditions, in my opinion. Not controlled in terms of regulation, but controlled in terms of a community liberalized enough to be able to grow weed, do it right, and not worry about harassment. When consulting a normal cannabis user, they can not truly tell you where the best weed comes from. This is because, in most cases, they have no idea where it is coming from, and will most likely ultimately say whatever state they get it from. As far as I am concerned, I have gotten the best weed and concentrates from what I have been told was Cali growers. The best weed can come from anywhere, though. Due to growing conditions and every other factor, I feel it does not matter which state one may be in, but the company one surrounds themselves with in terms of the quality of their cannabis.

  139. Williams wonder? :-) I said it on your FB I will say it here… southern Oregon has the best. This year at the high times cannabis cup everyone we shared with loved the stuff from Southern Oregon the BEST!

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