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What Weed Title Do You Use?


stoner balloon art alienLately, I have received some messages, comments, and e-mails asking that I no longer refer to myself as an ‘educated stoner.’ Some people feel that it only perpetuates the stereotype of a mindless loser, sitting in their parent’s basement, sucking down bammer bong hits. I think that the term ‘stoner’ fits this description, but an ‘educated stoner’ is someone that lives in their own home, pays their own bills, and knows that there is more to the marijuana movement than just consuming marijuana.

I will probably always refer to myself as an ‘educated stoner.’ I think it is the most accurate title for me, a person that consumes marijuana regularly, yet doesn’t meet the stereotypes perpetuated by conservative members of society. ‘Educated stoners’ are under the influence, yet above the ignorance, and fighting for legalization on the front lines.

When I was in high school, everyone called me ‘stoner’ or ‘pothead’. I think even a couple of my teachers called me that on occasion. I wasn’t offended at the time, and I’m still not offended when people call me that now. But then again, I don’t know of too many people from Oregon that care about those semantics as much.

Are you offended by the word stoner or pothead? If so, what you prefer people call you, if anything at all? I want a title that captures my love for consuming marijuana, my love for marijuana education, my love for marijuana activism, and my love for showing law enforcement that if they try to F with me, they will realize really fast that I am their worst nightmare. So I pose the question to the readers, ‘What title do you like for yourself, and why?’ Who knows, maybe I will have to switch up my title if I see something that I like!!!


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  1. Usually names describing people end in an, ist, er, sooo cannabibban? Marijuanian? Herbist? Let me take a good puff I will see where this goes

  2. I call myself, when I am lucky; “high”. As far as how I explain or refer to myself as a pot smoker….hmmmm, I guess “Active Marijuana Advocate” would be the one I use most….or just the usual “pot smoker”.

  3. My friends and I used to get annoyed with the names pothead and stoner, so we would call ourselves Cannabis Connoisseurs.

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