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Where Is The Best Place To Hide Marijuana In Your Vehicle?


It is a very bad idea to drive under the influence of marijuana. You run the risk of getting a DUII, which can cost thousands of dollars when all is said and done, result in the loss of your driving privilege, and potentially lead to forced rehab. Even driving with marijuana in your car can be risky, especially in states with ultra harsh marijuana laws. However, all marijuana veterans have had to do it at one point or another. Below is a video that I came across on YouTube that was made by a former police officer. In the video, he provides tips on where to (and where not to) store marijuana in a vehicle so that it reduces the chances of an officer finding it. Enjoy:


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  1. Best way to hide your weed in the car is to put it in the gas tank. i know it sounds crazy but it works. when stop to put gas in the car you see house you open it and it has that space around the gas take, well just put it in the corner and close it and go about your day. if you get stopped they would never think to look there and make it from the bud mans house to your crib with no problem!

  2. Look up BMF, it took years to find Stashes in their cars after possession , Police had to get original car blueprints from GM just to find them.

  3. All I can say is avoid Texas. They pull you over for no reason (even if you’re driving the speed limit and not changing lanes very often), and they interrogate you for at least an hour on the side of the road while the dog unit is en route. It’s very intimidating. Whenever I drive through texas, I keep my stash in a jar right next to me so I can eat it if I get blue-lighted. Texas cops also operate in unmarked cars–and the type of vehicles you’d never expect police to drive like small toyotas and hyundai hatchbacks. Texas state troopers aren’t taking any crap, so be careful.

  4. While I won’t advise anyone on how to travel with stash in the car, I just want to remind people that if you do get into an unfortunate encounter with the cops, don’t let fear override your will to defend your constitutional rights. Don’t let them search your car just because they want to. Tell them “not without a search warrant”. If your worst nightmare comes true and you do get popped, then just shut the hell up and let your lawyer do the talking. The cops are not your friends, they arrested you, remember? Are you going to trust them to give you a “break?”. Stand up for your constitutional rights, because no one else will do it for you. The freedom you save may be your own. (Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, and this is not intended as legal advice).

  5. Vehicles are the worst place to smoke weed. Also, small air tight containers can fool dogs. I had a sniffer stand right next to me in the LV airport. He didn’t do crap. I stored my weed in Bic pen shell. I even gave one to my friend that was traveling and he forgot to remove it from his suitcase. He went to South America and back and then realized he was holding for the whole trip. Could have been a disaster!

  6. Driving is NOT a privilege but rather as a living being you have the unalienable RIGHT to travel without having to pay a system to keep you in chains…. this is an old video with outdated information.

  7. If you assume the cops and K-9’s don’t know where to look in a vehicle to find a stash you’re seriously kidding yourself.

  8. Thanks Johnny, interesting video. Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to travel with stash in humidors–once it’s taxed and regulated coast to coast.

  9. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    I disagree, this is a great catch Johnny. As you know, I live in such a state, where a friend was arrested (no BS I wouldn’t have believed it unless I’d seen his court record) a 3 mm. stem, a single seed, and a shiny clean pipe with no residue and no screen (he got 30 days and lost his job). So, I would simply add that if your car is smoked in, for God’s sake keep it spick and span clean. I think this officer is speaking from his experience and if he saw a bag of Gummi Cannaworms, a plate of cookies, or brownies he would not call in the canine unit. Still, I would display them home style, on a Saran wrap covered paper plate. Presentation is everything. Certain state lines have a canine unit on permanent duty, so if you can find an officer to divulge how to make larger amounts happen; I would appreciate it as I have heard some people have dual residencies and stop in Nebraska’s wastelands to change their plates. These hero’s are risking a lot to serve the shortages in some states as well as bring Charlottes Web to families in Iowa where that oil (and only that oil) can be given to epileptic children. Still, transporting the oil into Iowa is a federal offence leaving dead children and desperate parents. See what I get to deal with, that is our governor at work being compassionate. He writes laws into stone that have no prayer of working, even for children and babies.

  10. Baked not so goods on

    Cookies or brownies are the worst way to get caught with Marijuana. The way the policpolice determine how much Marijuana someone has is they weigh the substance and because they cannor separate the Marijuana from the brownie they simply weigh the whole thing. There are stories of people getting caught with a couple brownies and this translated to close to a pound of “Marijuana”.

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