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Which States Recognize Out Of State Medical Marijuana Cards/Patients?


medical marijuana travel out of stateAlmost half of the states in America have legalized medical marijuana, and that doesn’t include states that have passed CBD-only legislation. More and more states are looking into legalizing medical marijuana every year, and in states that have already legalized, there are more and more people becoming medical marijuana patients.

Most medical marijuana states do not recognize out of state medical marijuana cards/patents. They require that the person be a citizen of that state, and have a valid medical marijuana designation in that state. But there are a handful of states that recognize out of state patients. This is important to know if you are traveling and want to stay legally protected. Below are states that you can travel to that recognize out of state cards:

Arizona – this state honors out of state cards, but doesn’t allow out of state patients to make purchases at dispensaries. You will have to bring your own from home.

Maine - Maine accepts other states’ medical cards and patients can purchase in-state. The patient has to have their home-state doc, complete a Maine form (which they get from Maine DHHS), and then bring the home-state ID or DL, home-state certification, and ME cert filled out by the home-state doc to a dispensary. It’s a lot of hoop jumping, but Maine purchases are allowed at dispensaries if all the hoop jumping is completed.

Michigan – Michigan recognizes medical marijuana patients from other states, and has dispensaries. However the dispensaries are not licensed at the state level, and some will sell to out of state patients while others will not.

Nevada – Nevada recognizes out of state patients, but only if they have a valid ID in the state that the card was issued. Nevada is about to roll out dispensaries (there is currently only one in Sparks as of this post) which will sell to out of state patients that fit the previously mentioned criteria.

New Hampshire – New Hampshire doesn’t have dispensaries yet, but does honor out of state cards.

Rhode Island – this state recognizes out of state patients, but only for the conditions allowed according to Rhode Island law. I don’t know how that is exactly enforced, but I’d only travel there with medical marijuana if I also had my doctor notes showing that I have a qualifying condition according to Rhode Island law. Short of that, you may be running the risk of getting busted.

Oregon – Oregon is a bit unique in the medical marijuana policy world, in that it does not recognize out of state cards, but it does allow non-Oregon citizens to get cards while they are here. The card is only valid in Oregon, states listed above, and is at the center of the debate in Nevada where the medical marijuana law has the license and card provision.

Every other state either doesn’t have medical marijuana legalized at the state level, or doesn’t recognize out of state cardholders. Hopefully this information helps, and I wish you safe travels!



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  1. JenniferCorra on

    You cannot obtain an Oregon OMMP Card if you are not a registered resident of the state.

  2. Oh fucking horse shit. Don’t try the race baiting crap you fucktard. We have dick head law enforcement yes but the people here in Wyoming are great and we aren’t “straight out of deliverance”. Why don’t YOU just stay the fuck out of our state.

  3. curiouscouple2013 on

    how would you go about doing that we are curious we are about to aquire our medical card here in Colorado. we are flying to California in August.

  4. Can’t believe everything you read on the internet if it was legal you would need a notarized copy from your doctor on letterhead stating your symptoms treatment plan and how long you been a patient.

  5. New Hampshire does not honor other states medical marijuana cards I got arrested vehicles siezed and charge with transportation of narcotics

  6. Washington doesn’t accept out of state medical cards but if you are over 21 then u can have up to an ounce and can purchase it at a recreational store

  7. Sanfransailor on


  8. Benjamin Gelassen on

    The state of Maine does allow qualified out of state patients to purchase from a dispensary in Maine during their visit. If you read the Rules Governing the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program you will find that the State of Maine accepts visiting qualifying patients. If they have their home jurisdiction certification, their home jurisdiction state ID or driver’s license along with a valid Maine State Certification then they can go to a Maine state dispensary.


  9. Where are you California? How come I don’t see your state on the list? I thought prop 215 was the magic cure all. The attitudes among some Californians is “why legalize, 215 when anyone can get medical access?” Here’s the answer for the some of the delusional 215 pie in the sky advocates: California does not recognize reciprocity. Point blank. But the good news is, unlike medical marijuana, if you need Oxycontin, you can be an out of state resident and use it to your hearts content.Thanks California, but no thanks. P.S: California please stop dragging your feet on adult use legalization, be the leader that you used to be.

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