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White Urkle Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


White Urkle Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The White Urkle marijuana strain is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid. The White Urkle marijuana strain is a cross between the Purple Urkle strain and the Reversed White strain. The White Urkle strain has a medium yield and flowers in 55-65 days. Most harvests will turn purple. The White Urkle marijuana strain is great for pain, stress, sleep, nauseau, headaches, and depression.

“White Urkle is a great strain for high pain, stress, and overall relaxation. It’s very potent and can put you into a deep couch lock if you sit or lay down to relax. It’s a a sweet tasting bud with a fruity / tropical smelling aroma and has heavy trichomes covered across the buds. The buds are generally darker green with lots of purple.” – Lucid420

Check out the White Urkle marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about White Urkle,  and how White Urkle affects various ailments.

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white urkle marijuana strain


white urkle marijuana strain


white urkle marijuana strain


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  1. “White Urkle ( Purple Urkle X The White)

    The Famed Purple Urkle clone was hit with Reversed White male to
    create a full figured plant thats very stout. She is going to
    bring a fruity fragrance along with the color. Expect
    most phenos to turn purple.

    Sativa 50% – 50% Indica

    Flowering Time 55-65 days

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