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Why Does Idaho Senator Chuck Winder Hate Marijuana So Much?


compassionate idaho senator chuck winder medical marijuanaOn Friday I posted an article about Idaho Senator Chuck Winder introducing legislation that would block medical marijuana from EVER being allowed in Idaho. Luckily, hardworking activists showed up at the first hearing to voice their opposition and it seems to have slowed the process. Had those hardworking activists like Lindsey Rinehart not been there, this bill could have been fully approved, and who knows what the fallout would have been, inside and outside of Idaho. Below is some more information about what happened, and information about how to fight this:

What: PROTEST against Chuck Winder’s presentation of RS 21862 and 21872 to PERMANENTLY ban Marijuana in Idaho, regardless its application– meaning recreational, spiritual, or MEDICAL.


THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT FROM THE HEARING: <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/6Q1ZqdKGEfU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here is Senator Winder’s contact information~ Senator Winder phone number is 208 322 1307 and his email is c.winder@senate.idaho.gov Call his office and tell him to take back this language immediately.
Where: Idaho State Capitol Building, Room WW55

Why: Our State Elected Officials are supposed to represent us, Idahoans, and make our wishes and demands know and attempt to see them effected. Chuck Winder has no business attempting to ban marijuana in Idaho, since a 2010 Clear Research Poll showed 74% of Idahoans polled to be supportive of medical marijuana legalization, and there is a healthy percentage of us who would see it legalized entirely.

Our neighbors in Washington have spoken up and made responsible marijuana possession legal, as did Colorado. Many cities across the nation have decriminalized marijuana possession and use, or made it ‘lowest priority’– HAILEY, IDAHO being one of them. With 18 states allowing medical marijuana, and multiple states preparing to introduce legislation to legalize it in the coming year, it is absolutely a step backward for Mr. Winder to introduce this bill.

If you’re tired of waiting for Idaho to catch up with modern medical scientific research that proves marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and a better medicine than most currently legal prescription medications, if you’re tired of being considered a criminal because you choose to use a plant, if you don’t want to see your children fighting the same battle we are now, SHOW UP tomorrow and SPEAK UP for your right to choose!! BRING A SIGN AND LET OUR REPRESENTATIVES KNOW THAT IDAHO SUPPORTS MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION!!!

State Affairs
M, W, F, 8:00 am, Room WW55
Secretary: Twyla Melton
Email: sstaf@senate.idaho.gov
Phone: 332-1326

Curt McKenzie (R) E-mail Additional Information
District 13
412 W. Franklin St., Boise, 83702
Bus (208) 344-4379
FAX (208) 331-2150

Bart M. Davis (R) E-mail Additional Information
Majority Leader
District 33
2638 Bellin Circle, Idaho Falls, 83402
Home (208) 529-4993
Bus (208) 522-8100
FAX (208) 522-1334

Russell M. Fulcher (R) E-mail Additional Information
Majority Caucus Chair
District 22
P.O. Box 1166, Meridian, 83680-1166
Bus (208) 332-1340
FAX (208) 332-1422

Brent Hill (R) E-mail Additional Information
President Pro Tempore
District 34
1010 S. 2nd E., Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-7495

Chuck Winder (R) E-mail Additional Information
Assistant Majority Leader
District 20
5528 N. Ebbetts Ave., Boise, 83713
Home (208) 853-9090

Patti Anne Lodge (R) E-mail Additional Information
District 11
P.O. Box 96, Huston, 83630
Home (208) 459-7158

Jeff C. Siddoway (R) E-mail Additional Information
District 35
1764 E. 1200 N., Terreton, 83450
Home (208) 663-4585
FAX (208) 663-4428

Michelle Stennett (D) E-mail Additional Information
Minority Leader
District 26
P.O. Box 475, Ketchum, 83340
Home (208) 726-8106

Elliot Werk (D) E-mail Additional Information
Assistant Minority Leader
District 17
6810 Randolph Dr., Boise, 83709

What REALLY happened:

Today there were two RS’s introduced in the Senate Affairs Committee.  They were RS 21862 and 21872.  One is to permanently ban marijuana from Idaho, in all forms.  One is to demand that the Federal Government enforce it’s law that it’s already enforcing to crack down Federally.  Here is the audio from the hearing with the transcription.  Please look and listen.  This does NOT add up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q1ZqdKGEfU
We went to the hearing today to oppose the legislation.  There were several people there for comment.  It went to committee because there were too many of us to take comment from at that hearing.

The Chairman at one point asked a question along the lines of almost implying that it was a joke. As he said something like, “do you expect this to get far in committee?” That’s a loose quote. We had activists there signed up to speak, including myself, and they had people speaking For those laws signed up as well. They looked shocked that we were there. Our new petition comes back from the Idaho AG with recommendations no later than Tuesday. We feel that this is a knee jerk response to our petition.

We have contacted the Idaho ACLU.

Had we Not been there, this would have been voted through to print without committee and would have gone straight to the Floor for a vote. We wouldn’t have had a chance. I know it sounds backwards, but in this One case, it going to committee was better than what Would have happened. We have a chance to fight back now.

I called the secretary for this committee and she said that we need to watch the legislative page for when the next committee is. She said we will probably get about 2 days notice. We need this to be standing room only and in our favor. Supposedly The Association of Idaho Cities was the organization that put forth the one just for Idaho.

We will need this meeting to be PACKED and it will be very short notice.  Please e-mail me at lindseyrinehart@compassionateidaho.org to have your phone number placed on a Text list for when this goes to committee.  We Need as many supporters of medical marijuana there as possible.


Senator McKenzie: Committee, we now have RS 21682 and RS 21872. And Senator Winder if you want to present those, I can go ahead right from there, if you prefer, take them in either order.
Senator Winder: Thank you Mr. Chairman, I’ll just go with presenting to show us here, starting with 21862. Just a brief background, this issue was brought to me by the Idaho Association of Cities. Obviously, there’s lots of issues going on around states like Washington, Oregon, Colorado, as regarding the legalization of Marijuana. And, this was an effort on behalf of The Assocation of Idaho Cities to make a statement. Some people think it’s a change in the law. Its not really a change in the law, it’s a statement.
The next one, which is RS 21872 is just a join memorial that gets sent on to the President, the Federal Government, the Congressional Delegation, Congress, asking them to enforce federal laws. As you know, there’s some conflict going on across the country with some states supposedly legalizing state level marijuana, but not allowing Federal Law, so its an effort on behalf of the cities to say, “please help us enforce the federal law.”
I’d be glad to answer any questions, and this is a request to print.
Senator McKenzie: Senator, if we print these, would this be a request to come back to the committee, or have them go directly to the floor? And, the reason I ask is that there are a few that have signed up to testify. Both some in support, and some against.
If it was going to come back, I’d probably prefer to allow them to address it and typically they don’t come back. I don’t know if you have a preference.
Senator Winder: I don’t have any objection if it’s the will of the committee.
Senator McKenzie: I defer to the committee.
We could take the testimony of the people who are here today, and proceed as we normally do. Or, we could bring it back.
Senator Hill: Mr. Chairman, just a comment I guess. I should have thought out my comment before I took the microphone.
If there are that many people that have interest in testifying, and there are people for and against.
I might recommend that we have it come back to committee, cause there may be other people out there that a feeling that didn’t know there was an RS here. Because it really isn’t, you know, publisized that way. So, from that standpoint I might suggest to the Chairman that we have it come back for that purpose.
Senator McKenzie: I’ve got some nods. It looks like that may be the preference of the committee to have them come back so we can take testimony following a print hearing.
Senator McKenzie: It looks like we got about 8 or 9 signed up who are interested in this. If you have questions for audience members, there are people with interest on both sides of this.
Senator Fulcher
Senator Fulcher: Mr. Chairman, I don’t know if you need a formal motion or not, but based on where I think the committee is, I’ll just make the motion. I move that we print RS 21862 and 21872 with the intent of those coming to committee for a full hearing.
Sen. McKenzie: Motion by Senator Fulcher.
Seconded by Senator Siddoway.
That they would come back for hearing before the committee.
Is there discussion?
All in favor, say aye
All Opposed?
The Ayes have it


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  • Choom Gang

    Oh, I wish I could go to that meeting. I already have my one, two, three, and five minute speeches written out.

  • MedicineWoman

    What is he invested in? Follow the money!

    • anon

      Thank you Casey Cole for telling us who Chuck Winder’s major donors are..!

      JR SIMPLOT CO$2,000.00
      BLUE CROSS OF IDAHO$1,500.00
      WINNING FOR IDAHO$1,500.00
      IDAHO FARM BUREAU$1,000.00
      MICRON TECHNOLOGY$1,000.00
      IDAHO POWER$1,000.00
      NOBLE, ALLEN T$1,000.00
      MAIMEN, JEFF & ERIKA$559.00
      TAYLOR, JESSE D$500.00
      MELALEUCA INC$500.00
      U S ECOLOGY INC$500.00
      BASSFORD, DAVID E$500.00
      IDAHO POWER CO$500.00
      AVISTA CORP$500.00
      INTRALOT INC$400.00
      SNAKE RIVER SUGAR$250.00
      BNSF RAILWAY$250.00
      PHILLIPS, RICHARD M$250.00
      FERY, PATRICIA A$250.00
      M3 EAGLE LLC$250.00
      BUTZIER, DAVID R$250.00
      TWO JINN INC$250.00
      BENTON & ASSOCIATES$250.00
      BLOMBERG, PAUL$250.00
      HILL, BRENT$250.00
      KEEN, J LAMONT$200.00
      DENTAL PAC$200.00
      MAY, RANDY W OR MARY L$200.00
      CHETWOOD, L H$200.00
      HARMON, ROBERT E$200.00
      CRAIG & ASSOCIATES$200.00
      KISSLER, JAMES A$200.00
      STEIN, KEITH D$200.00
      FLETCHER, GARY$200.00
      OLBERDING, DARWIN J$150.00
      WONG, COL BRUCE S$100.00
      BLACKABY, MICHAEL$100.00
      DEWEERD, TAMMY L$100.00
      DONOVAN, WALTER J$100.00
      CILEK, JEFF$100.00
      REYNOLDS, D KEITH$100.00
      BATT, PHILLIP E$100.00
      HARTUNG, MARY L$100.00
      NEUHOFF, PHILLIP S$100.00
      BENTON, LARRY$100.00
      SIMPLOT, ESTHER$100.00
      PALFREYMAN, DAVID L$100.00
      STREET, PAUL S$100.00
      IDAHO LAND FUND$100.00
      RAISBACK, THOMAS$100.00
      COPPLE, E DON$100.00
      RODEN, WILLIAM C$100.00
      WELLS FARGO$100.00
      NORBY, SUSAN L$100.00
      ZIONS BANK CORP$100.00

  • Guest

    If they succeed in pushing this through, I say let’s organize a boycott of Idaho.

  • Matthew Cunningham

    People of the Cannabis Culture need to run for every office From Dog Catcher to Governor

  • Thank you Johnny! Please write your comments to Senator Winder and the Committee!

  • way to go johnny! keep on spreading the news!!!!!!!!!

  • Earnest H

    Senator Winder is right and the bill should be passed. To support marijuana use in any form except a very narrow medical application, you must be (A) Brain Dead, (B) Addicted or (C) a typical low information individual.
    If you need pain medications that bad, there are other drugs to provide relief under medical supervision. If your condition is that bad and you work, you have become a liabilty and should find a way to leave work until cured or get on to pain management with something safer. There are over 400 chemicals in a marijuana smoke affecting all parts of the body and brain. It should never be allowed in any workplace, public area or on roadways and never accessible to the youth of our country. Cigarettes are a 20:1 certainty of being a carcinogen, do you want to add more by hooking more via smoking a product with more health hazards. Medicinal marijuana and all its 400-plus chemical cocktail elements is a totally bad actor and should never be allowed in the workplace even if legal in that State.

    The particulate phase (tar) constituents of marijuana and tobacco smoke are also generally similar, with the major exception that marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and scores of other llIC-like (cannabinoid) compounds not found in tobacco, while tobacco tar contains nicotine not found in marijuana.

    With regard to the carcinogenic potential of marijuana, it is noteworthy that the tar phase of marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogenic compounds contained in tobacco smoke, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benz[a]pyrene, which was recently identified as a key factor promoting human lung cancer… Preliminary findings suggest that marijuana smoke activates cytochrome P4501A1, the enzyme that
    converts polycyclic hydrocarbons, such as benz[a]pyrene, into active carcinogens.”

    It is simply stupid for you folks to want to harm the population at large with “recreational” mind-bending, mellowing junk like this chemical cocktail, marijuana. THERE IS NO UP-SIDE TO ITS USE across the board. If you want to go out to the backcountry and get stoned after parking or stay inside your home, fine. The rest of us and the kids don’t need a needlessly more hazardous envirnoment.

    Bravo for Idaho legislators.

    • anon

      big pharma solves everything, eh? sure, but it’s perfectly “acceptable” to be on a job and under the influence of OxyContin though; because it’s “prescribed” by a D-O-C-T-O-R…ha ha!, you funny. Read the Mayo Clinic report, please. Perhaps cognitive dissonance ~See: Leon Festinger’s “When Prophecy Fails” (1956)…Nice ‘try’ post though Chuck ;)

    • Guest

      Bravo Idaho senators for advancing the Nanny State position and trying to tell the constituency which plants they can and cannot possess! Regardless of whether or not you approve of marijuana use, the fact remains that A) alcohol is exponentially more harmful, yet it’s legal, rendering this objection moot; B) a majority of the population supports LESS enforcement of marijuana laws, not more; and C) proposing a measure to ask that the Federal government do what the Federal government is already doing is ridiculously redundant and wasteful.

      You lose on every point, Earnest. And I bet your big comeback will be to call me a pothead. Brilliant.

    • Chelsea Evans

      I’m hoping that you are a troll because your statements are not factual in the slightest.

    • Guest

      The real hazard to both children and adults is not the cannabis plant itself, but the environment created by forcing it into the black market. Whether or not cannabis is harmful to the body (it’s typically more helpful than harmful) you need to realize that people want it. People aren’t going to stop wanting it. Why do you think the number of people using it are constantly rising simultaneously with the amount of force being used to fight it? People want it because it makes them feel good or they feel the can benefit from it in some way. I’m 19 years old. I’ve seen what goes on in the schools. I have seen what teenagers and children are getting into. I have seen why this happens and how it all happens.
      When you outlaw something that the majority of people want, it doesn’t make them stop wanting it. That just makes them have to go to an illegal market to get it. In illegal or “black” markets

    • Coty Ternes

      The real hazard to both children and adults is not the cannabis plant itself, but the environment created by forcing it into the illegal markets. Whether or not cannabis is harmful to the body (it’s typically more helpful than harmful) you need to realize that people want it. People aren’t going to stop wanting it. Why do you think the number of people using it are constantly rising simultaneously with the amount of force being used to fight it? People want it because it makes them feel good or they feel the can benefit from it in some way. I’m 19 years old. I’ve seen what goes on in the schools. I have seen what teenagers and children are getting into. I have seen why this happens and how it all happens.
      When you outlaw something that the majority of people want, it doesn’t make them stop wanting it. That just makes them have to go to an illegal market to get it. In illegal or “black” markets things are unpredictable and often times dangerous. When you don’t have the ability to have the law and the justice system to keep people from not screwing people over the people in the business have to take it into their own hands. This then puts dangerous and often times unstable people into the business deal. Then you have people who are willing to break numerous laws making transactions with adults and minors alike.
      You are literally forcing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to have to make their business transactions with possible murderers.

      Answer me this,
      Would you rather have your children smoke a plant, or would you rather have them smoke a plant given to them by a killer? Chances are they’re going to smoke the plant either way. It’s been proven that prohibition doesn’t work. Please go back to failtown you ignorant troll.

    • Chelsea Evans

      I am 21 and I was on what seems like most antidepressants/anxiolytics/antipsychotics from age 4-17. I’ve had several near death experiences due to their side effects. Age 5-Ritalin. Knew nothing of death. Tried to strangle self with blinds cord. Age 16-abilify+wellbutrin: lack of appetite, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, difficulty swallowing (made food taste like cardboard. What I got down came back up. And fast), tardive dyskinesia, insomnia– could not sleep but also couldn’t really sleep either, extrapyramidal disorder, dystonia-like. I had to be admitted because nobody knew what was going on. To put it bluntly I owe a very observant male nurse my life. Cannabis can replace my pharmaceutical medication. Just who do you think you are implying that I should continue the pills currently depleting my appetite next to nothing? Who do you think you are to suggest that I keep killing my liver in lieu of munchies and a healthy state of mind? You really think those doctors knew what they were doing, filling my body with a concoction of hazardous man-made poison? You really ought to do more research and not be a mockingbird of someone who is not doing this in the best interest (s) of The People. Not only is it small-minded, but a dangerous thing to be spreading lies. Shame on you. I deserve to live and live sanely without anxiety, depression, and OCD (impulsive thoughts). Shame on you, Mr. Earnest.

      • *Edit (stupid swype) and an addition: with side effects of Abilify–could not sleep or stay awake. When I had a sleep study then they said I had quite an overactive REM cycle, not realizing it actually is a bad thing. I generally do have a bit of an overactive REM cycle, but what they meant was I was technically not awake very much even though I was still making attempts to function like a normal person… And clearly failed. I’d love to not have to worry about messed up side effects. Usually pharmaceutical companies can legally get away with only listing 1/5 of adverse side effects. ONE FIFTH. I would like to not have liver failure by age 45. I’d like to know what is going into my own body. I’d like to not be on a medication that could potentially deplete my motor skills, or make it so I lose nearly 20lbs (happened w/ ability & wellbutrin due to not being able to swallow, not having enough energy to eat or to, you know, be completely conscious), make me have abnormal muscle spasms, make my arms/legs/head feel so heavy that they are close to not functional. You do not understand the danger you are provoking by being so ignorant. Especially since ignorance is highly contagious amongst sheeple who believe that the government has the real power. The People need to speak up. Several crucial historical/political figures clearly state that the government is a service to the people. Thomas Jefferson himself said, “It is to secure the rights that we resort to government at all.” Just some food for thought.

    • OK, so; I read this response and couldn’t help but respond. I laughed out loud when I read your response, Ernest. Your ideas are so misconstrued it is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, take a look at this article (and the posts that follow it) and educated yourself on how harmful marijuana smoke ISN’T.


      Now, let”s consider the effects of the body and brain. Science has proven that cannabinoid HU210 actually REGENERATES cells. This is an interesting concept eh? I take the statement of how it makes people stupid rather person because I am in college for the 4th time (since changing my career path), and each time I have been in college I have carried a 4.0 GPA. Oh, and I started smoking pot when I was 12, and I am now 32. This common misconception is all based on the mainstream info passed through the media and fictional television shows. The problem with society, whether someone smokes pot or not, is that AMERICAN’S ARE LAZY! This point is well proven by you Ernest, because you didn’t even put forth the effort to adequately research what you were saying. People get lazy, not from “getting stoned”, but because they don’t motivate themselves in the area of personal growth. The brain is kind of like a cell phone plan that doesn’t have rollover minutes. Use it or lose it. If we don’t continue to use our brain, nurture it and always feed it new knowledge; then the likeliness of slowly losing the knowledge we already have is that much higher.

      You stated ” If your condition is that bad and you work, you have become a liabilty and should find a way to leave work until cured or get on to pain management with something safer.” Wow…so, as a person who has Multiple Sclerosis, I am horribly offended by this statement. First off, I continue to work because I have to! I do not depend on anyone else (or the government) to take care of me because I have an illness. Also, God clearly states in the Bible that if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. Now, after I go to work and get home to relax, there are many times I am in rather severe pain from pushing my body to the physical limits that this disease has created. So, your solution is that I should go with a “safer” alternative. Just what is that? Vicodin? Percocet? Morphine? Oxycontin? If you really believe that these are safer alternatives…you are out of your mind! These drugs create physical damage to the body that you don”t always hear about. They cause cardiac damage, liver damage, kidney damage…oh the list goes on and on. Not to mention the severe addiction factor. The withdrawals from narcotic pain medications are worse even than heroin. Don’t believe me? Do your research! Try talking to people that have gone through it! Here is another link for you to check out.


      You mentioned the environmental factors…oh please! What do you do when a good portion of the state is on fire in the summer time? Oh, that’s just trees, weeds and grass burning, right? Guess what…marijuana is natural too. What about the factories that we have in the valley that emit toxins into our environment in huge volume? Oh, but those factories are good for creating jobs and producing something that Idaho can use and export. Guess what! Cannabis doesn’t need processed in a factory….just harvested, dried and to the consumer. And guess what else! This creates jobs and more tax revenue: as well as money for product export (if hemp were legalized as well). How about the people that have older model cars that are exempt from emissions testing? Should they be prosecuted?

      So, basically…you support keeping marijuana illegal just because that is what mainstream has taught you. Well, here is some sobering news for you to chew on. Marijuana is never going to go away….so people who smoke are still going to smoke. So, instead of using it as a tool to boost economic growth, you want marijuana to remain illegal so your tax dollars support non-violent (ultimately harmless) individuals that are being held in county jails and state and federal prisons. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing that your taxes go to more important things like youth education, environmental upkeep or even state highway maintenance?

      Kudos to you, Ernest…for speaking your mind and making a complete fool of yourself with knowledge that you pretend to have. If you can find a credible source of information that proves that marijuana is more harmful than the products that are legal today (prescription narcotics, alcohol and tobacco), I promise you I will reevaluate my position on being a advocate for the complete legalization of cannabis. Until then, reading the posts of people who display their ignorance so proudly is thoroughly entertaining.

      • Rhonda, I Would have commented more but you said pretty much that everything that needed said. Thank you!

    • Your whole first paragraph is generalizations and name calling, therefor unimportant.

      To address the rest only takes two links:

      Other medications ARE Harmful and cause HUGE ranges of side effects! Congrats to you to not have a horrible illness and not know this!! That means Research http://lmgtfy.com/?q=precription+pill+overdose+rates+by+year

      CANNABIS DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER IT CURES IT!! Shame on you for not researching before running your mouth on something you Clearly uneducated on!

      Also, another problem that you aren’t even talking Industrial Hemp here. You don’t even mention it. Either you don’t know what it is, or you don’t realize that this would effect it too, OR YOU have special interests in Oil, Paper, Fibers, Pharma, Prisons, etc. Do you even KNOW what Industrial Hemp is?? It doesn’t get anyone high but can throw us Forward economically. I bet that Mitch McConnel is your guy. Look up what HE says on it. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Mitch+McConnel+%2B+Industrial+Hemp

      Hopefully facts and science prevail with you Sir, otherwise that position might get incredibly uncomfortable. I can’t imagine having your head up your ass feel that great.

    • Also, see Everyone else comments that tell you more FACT. I suggest Rhonda Bushong’s as a start.

  • pizzed off

    Isn’t this the same thing Iowa Governor Branstad is trying to do? Even after the Iowa Pharmacy Board (which holds the authority) voted unanimously last year to reschedule MJ to schedule II.

  • Thank you for shining light on this and your kindness. :)

  • The Spirit of truth was with the people of Idaho to prevent Big Brother from forcing his will upon you behind your back. Prohibitionists lied everyday since 1937, and they continue to capitalize on the greatest offense by law against the American people, the Constitution, and GOD. Beware and don’t close your eyes for a second, Prohibitionists do not know fairness, integrity, compassion. The People of Michigan approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008, and the Republican Govenor, his Attorney General, and the stacked Supreme Court of Michigan have since conspired to diminish every freedom and right of the medical marijuana patient. Evil hearts presume good people to be stupid because they do not resort to evil to get their way. Keep up the good, vigilant work in your State, and someday we will vote out all the destroyers of common sense and liberty in our religious worship, in our medicine choices, and our recreation. Smoke em out, and vote them out!


    • Chelsea Evans

      What about email? Without going through a gov’t site?

      • He only has the one that I know of. I think if I was an ass like that I would hide my contact information too!

  • dear earnest,propaganda from 40-50 years ago? please both harvard and berkley and a multitude of other schools here and abroad have done studies on a mutitude ailments such as chrons ,ms,glaucoma,asthma,cancer,ptsd,chronic pain and the list goes on and on. the american medical association,american nurses association,veterns adminstration and this list also goes on and on .the only thing stupid is to continue on the same path .imprisioning the population has not stopped cannabis use ?prohibition fails everytime? all we have created was a enormus prison sysyem a enormus mexican drug cartel,mass murders,broken homes,and millions of deaths created by the prohibition of this really amazing plant ! this plant the same plant is mentioned in the bible a multitude of times? the truth hurts if you would do a little research you would find the times are a changing and science dont lie!so good luck telling these DRs that they are wrong ,that their patient is alive because of something else? get over it you have been lied to !!!!!since 1974 our goverment has known that cannabis shrinks tumors by 70 %? wtf and then ole tricky dick seals the findings ?it takes 30 YEARS to get them open? so keep on believing in santa gov and i will believe in the truth! GOOD DAY

  • mabia

    A medical assistant on the [Rapid Process Improvement Workshop] team noted many people with
    the flu are asymptomatic, which meant Virginia Mason staff members could unknowingly spread
    the flu to vulnerable patients. During a team discussion she asked, “If the patient really
    came first, shouldn’t everyone at Virginia Mason get a flu shot?”