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Why Don’t Politicians Recognize That Most Americans Want Marijuana Reform?


politicans marijuana legalizationI just read an article about how even though public opinion is clearly in favor of marijuana reform, marijuana is ‘almost always a negative with politicians.’ Is there any other public policy issue in America where there is so much support, yet politicians refuse to recognize that support? I can’t think of any. There are no doubt issues that politicians ignore, but do they have overwhelming support like marijuana reform? Why do politicians get away with this?

There is a reason provided in the Oregonian article:

“It’s still a political risk,” said Adam Davis, whose Portland-based firm of Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall frequently conducts polls and focus groups on public policy.

“I think elected officials are held to a higher standard,” Davis added. “They’re paid with tax dollars and people feel they should be doing their job with a clear head.”

So elected officials are held to a higher standard…and they should be doing their jobs with a clear head…Can I take that to assume that no politicians consume alcohol? How many fundraisers and other events do they attend where they drink wine or other forms of alcohol? I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that they consume alcohol on numerous occasions, while on the clock considering they are always on the clock. Marijuana is undoubtedly safer than alcohol, so I fail to see how this is a valid reason. If a politician consumes marijuana they get pushed out of office. Yet if they get smashed on booze every night there’s no issue. Why?

The fact of the matter is a lot of politicians accept money from opponents of the marijuana industry. Pharmaceutical companies, alcohol companies, law enforcement lobbyists, prison lobbyists, just about anyone who has ever worked with Kevin Sabet – they all fund marijuana prohibition. So it’s not about what the public thinks, or doing what is right, it’s about doing what makes politicians money.

There is one great equalizing weapon that marijuana supporters have to get around the reefer madness coalition that most politicians are a part of – the initiative process. Colorado and Washington politicians didn’t legalize marijuana. Average citizens who were tired of the political minority determining the marijuana laws that they had to live by took matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, not all states have the initiative process. But enough do that if they all passed marijuana legalization initiatives the rest of the states would follow suit. So get active, and don’t let out of touch politicians keep marijuana prohibition in place just so they can line their own pockets.


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  1. it works in the other direction too. State aid means you can’t get medical MJ help unless you can pay for the doctor, meds yourself so its a no-go

  2. I agree brother, I use to like him but his anti potness has persuaded me otherwise! I would love to have a 1 on 1 with, he doesn’t realize that legalizing would mark him into the history book as the man who saved America! One day when hemp has revolutionized medicine and our economy he would be praised as the saviour! But he’s just as close minded as the rest of em! Vote for Jesse Ventura in 2016 and watch how quickly things change!

  3. I think that the fact that it’s illegal despite the overwhelming support for legalization is a testament to how corrupt our government truly is! Cannabis oil cures cancer! They don’t care though, we just need to stand up as one nation and disobey!

  4. Darrell Kilgore on

    Politicians held to a “higher standard” ,from what I have seen of late politicians have no standards at all,in decency or anything else.

  5. What hemp and marijuana threatens are old entrenched industries with huge washington lobbies. It will shake up the economy and hurt entrenched big business which is what is needed, The economy is stagnating and has been for a long time.

  6. Actually yes Hemp and marijuana according to the government will destroy the economy. I can’t see how. It would make more paper and cotton like fibers. Basically it would prevent pollution and make thousands if not millions of jobs. But everything that helps toooooo much is bad according to every politician.

  7. Your summary of the Obama presidency is spot-on. Unless you object, I would like to repost it elsewhere.

  8. Ineligible for any kind of federal aid, including housing. I wonder if it applies to the ability to get Obamacare?