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Willie Nelson Talking About Marijuana On The ‘Today’ Show


Willie Nelson Talks About Marijuana With Matt Lauer On The ‘Today’ Show

Willie Nelson always tells it like it is. Below is video footage from the ‘Today’ show, with Willie Nelson telling Matt Lauer about his new book, his marijuana use, and how he’s never experienced any side effects from using marijuana.


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  • CaptCosmo

    No side effect?? What about a big smile?? Doesn’t that count?? I lived in Evergreen, Colo. and shared several joints with him. He used to hang out at a local bar, the Bear Creek Tavern when he was in town.

  • Im like Willy been smoking for around 40yrs still haven’t seen any side effects and im 52yrs old and in better health than most men half my age

  • If marijuana is bad for you, why isn’t Willie a slobbering, droopy-eyed, mental case?

  • g.miller
  • Only good can come from normalizing cannabis use. Stay on the road Willie.