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Win A Free G Pen


Win A Free G Pen Kit At WeedFreebies.Com

A site that gives away free marijuana stuff is our 420 network friends at WeedFreebies.Com. It’s only for California residents, but I still look at the site to see what hot item they are giving away today. It’s the weed nerd in me what can I say. Below is the freebie of the day, and how WeedFreebies works:

G Pen

Each day at 11:20 am and 4:20 pm PDT a new Freebie is posted to the site with a giant green arcade button.

Each registered user on the site gets to click on that button at most 5 times.

The button has a built-in click display that shows the status of your clicks.

means your click went through and didn’t win

means your click won

means your click didn’t go through.

The person who clicks on the button on exactly the 420th time for AM contests or 420th for PM contests, wins!

You are only allowed to win once per household every four weeks.

This contest is limited to California medical marijuana patients only!

What are you doing reading this? Go play!


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    “Bob Marley isn’t my name. I don’t even know my name yet.” Bob Marley, brainyquote.com

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    The funny thing is , My name is Johnnie Green. Haha

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  • Sweet!! I have been eye ballin the g pen. Wrap her up and send her on down my way :)