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Win A Free Marijuana Grinder


Do you want to win a free marijuana grinder? Of course you do, why wouldn’t you? Anyone and everyone should have a marijuana grinder in their life, whether it’s to prepare marijuana for a vaporizer, to break up marijuana for a joint, or to get maximum hits out of your bong or pipe.

Space Grinders is running a Facebook giveaway contest and they are giving away three Space Case 4 Piece Titanium Medium grinders as see below.

space case grinder

I use my grinder daily, even though it’s not nearly as awesome as the ones being given away in this contest. The people that win these particular grinders will be very lucky indeed! It’s very easy to enter, just ‘like’ Space Grinders on Facebook. The contest runs four weeks, ending November 9th, 2013. At that point they will choose three random entries who will each win a grinder.

Want more details? Click here.

space grinders


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  • royalegrinders

    Ahh, well we are nowhere near as huge as space case but we’ll be giving away some grinders here coming up on our twitter and Instagram. @royalegrinders Insta : royalegrinders or check us out at http://www.royalegrinders dot com / azn . We really hope this isn’t spam, we are just starting out and want people to at least see our beautiful grinders! love, Royale….

  • painkills2

    Sorry, I don’t have a grinder, let alone one that is sticking. And I wash/clean all my marijuana tools, except for the zig zags of course.

  • 0.o

    It’s called taking 2 minutes of your day to wash them. Everything gets dirty once in a while, your claim of your grinder not sticking is idiotic. Send me one and I’ll pay for it if I can’t manage to get it too caked and unusable within a week.

  • juniorspencer

    Do get to us via juniorspencer10@gmail.com or text (425) 835-3408 if you need good medical marijuana for your health

  • painkills2

    Do you know where I can find a pair of non-stick scissors? Or is this a myth?

  • 0.o

    I use scissors mate. Get on my level. I know how business works you don’t need to explain it.

  • clai

    when grinding, some of the terpines come off(the things with the most thc in them), leaving very many still on the plant. Still smokeable, still plenty good

  • painkills2

    Nothing’s free. You know that. :)

  • smokeyy

    hope its free

  • rellik

    Been “liked”a loooooong time! Remember the long time “likers” too!

  • Alex Legg

    Yes, Please ^_^

  • painkills2

    After you make the keif, you still smoke what’s left of the bud? After you’ve taken the THC out? Color me confused.

  • Robbin Reiersen

    u smoke everything in the end anyway ;-)

  • Robbin Reiersen

    its about the quality and function above the materials. a plastic grinder costs 5-10 euro right? well they cost 0.001 euro to make! so a “real” functional grinder made of materials worth 1/4 of the end price doesent seem to bad now does it? whos the dumb f**k now?

  • Robbin Reiersen

    Grow! Grow! GROW! Thats how u make back the money! Now she just need a grinder to smoke it all!!

  • martin

    want ! :)

  • P-A.L.

    Want! :)

  • painkills2

    101000101010001010 THE MATRIX IS CALLING YOU
    However, if you want to win the prize, you have to do the clicking.

  • tammy osburn

    I never had 1 so I need 1 and I love this but I don’t have the money for 1 of them please help me out and let me win one… thank you for the chance to win one.


  • painkills2

    If you get your own grinder, you don’t have to go back to the husband. Don’t know what to do about the money. Invest in Twitter IPO?

  • Never had one need one bad never won anything either so it might be something new lol!!!


    Left my grinder and money when and where I left my husband. I need both but you could help me out with the grinder.

  • Belinda Ann Reed

    my grinder is 20 i would love to win a new one

  • 0.o

    $85 for a 4 piece grinder…. Titanium isn’t even thaaat expensive… this is just a rip off for dumb fucking stoners.

  • mark
  • painkills2

    It’s 2011 where I’m at… where u at? :-)

  • Loco Johnny

    Lol, this must be an old copy & paste spam, check out the date “2011”

  • painkills2

    When you use a grinder, do the CBDs get carried along with the THC into the kief? When you grind the bud, aren’t you grinding out a lot of the healthy CBDs?

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  • Bocaj Htims

    I want!! I have been using scissors since my last grinder went MIA

  • Deni Steta

    I need this :D

  • Egoobs

    I love the black thats sweet!!

  • Michellie

    Mine got takin sure need a new one

  • Stew

    Awesome!! So need one.

  • :)