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XJ-13 Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


XJ-13 marijuana strainXJ-13 Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

Whenever one of the Jack Herer strains (in this case, J1) are used to breed, the result is always superior. XJ-13 is a classic hybrid marijuana strain, that is useful in helping a wide variety of symptoms and ailments. The XJ-13 buds are dense, almost neon-green in color, and infested with tri-chromes. XJ-13 gives off a sour, danky, and earthy scent. When smoked, XJ-13  hits instantly and powerfully, making it a favorite among cannabis patients in medical marijuana states.

“Best strain to smoke during the day.” – Lucid420

Check out the XJ-13 marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about XJ-13, and how XJ-13  affects various ailments.

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XJ-13 marijuana strain


XJ-13 marijuana strain


XJ-13 marijuana strain


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  • robert l gibson

    Bongstar420… stop pretending your an “insider” who knows the real deal. 1st off XJ-13 is not sedating at all… 90% of plants fall undr its just a name. XJ-13 is definetlu worthy of its name and recognition as one of the best day time smokes.

  • jessicahughs

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  • Bongstar420

    Its just a name. An associate of mine has a no-namer that is comparable to this one but it is prettier looking (because it is from the White family), somewhat sedating, half as tall, and has a faster production time. I’m willing to bet this stuff would sell more at a higher price because of the branding and not due to a special quality it has. Its that way with most chronic and other products for that matter. The funny thing is that I don’t even like the Jack Herer variety. It tastes like soap, and it baffles me that people would elect this variety as a world favorite- SOAP! It’s potency might have been a legitimate claim to fame 20 years ago, but no longer. Heck, I have been given free seeds that were better than Herer IMO. The only reason I would grow Jack Herer or anything like it would be due to market demand being inelastic for that variety.